Record of Chaos

Chapter 16: conflict

   “A little thing, is it going to be a big fight?” Song Ruhai found the atmosphere a little strange. After he arrived at the Jade Palace, he had seen a lot of disputes between Wu Yuan. But most of them met in a duel in the sect, and everyone watched. He would have to do some shopping when he met in the wilderness, he never thought.

   Of course, he didn’t think about it, it’s not that there was nothing, but what happened in the wilderness, he naturally couldn’t see it. He Cangshi has done a lot of this kind of thing.

   Some wu yards have life and death grievances, and they don’t want to be bound by the rules of the house. They will also meet in the field. The sects also turn a blind eye to this, so every year the outer disciples are killed and injured.

“That’s not enough.” Gakura smiled, but his face didn’t seem to be suitable for smiling by nature. He smiled stiffly, “You break your arm, and I will let you go. If we come to do it, just More than one arm, I will cut you into sticks.”

   The other two have no background, and the only thing Kakura is worried about is the Song family. However, even if Song Ruhai had broken his arm, he could continue with the broken arm, except that his arm could not move within a year. Such a small hatred against the Song family will not come to Cuiyu Palace for revenge.

   Song Ruhai was already in the dual realm of foundation building before he started, and he threatened his status as a prince. Taking this opportunity to waste his time for a year, why not do it.

   As for the rules of the outer courtyard, this barren countryside does not apply at all.

   Fat Cow and Mu Mu were both dumbfounded, thinking that each other was joking. Song Ruhai has some experience in the world, and can roughly guess He Cangshi’s thoughts. His face became dignified, and he said to Kakurashi, “Don’t do anything too extreme. The rabbit bites when it is anxious.” Then he looked back and winked at the fat cow and wood.

   Gakura snorted coldly, as if saying “You bite me”. In the current situation, the opponent is a dismembered house, originally there were only four people. Coupled with the fact that they don’t know where to end, they are five against three.

   They have one base building triple, three base building doubles, only one base builds one peak, and the other side has the same base except Song Ruhai.

   Even if the hook pig suddenly appeared, his kind of early fish belly can be completely ignored.

   This kind of strength comparison is their crush on each other. If he still thinks that the other rabbits can counterattack, that would be a fool.

   Just as He Cangshi coldly snorted, Song Ruhai suddenly drew his sword, and the thunder rushed to He Cangshi. At the same time, the giant bow in Muko’s hand lightly lifted, and an arrow flew straight to He Cangshi’s thigh.

   “Don’t keep your hands!” Song Ruhai couldn’t help but roar. Wood’s arrow was obviously left, and he didn’t want to hurt the opponent’s life. But Song Ruhai knew better than anyone that the surname He was a disciple of Tianjiao of Zhuji Sanzhong, and this kind of feather arrow could not hurt him at all. Put him to death directly, maybe it will hurt him. If he is merciful, he will be the one who is unlucky.

   In addition to an arrow from the wood, the fat cow also leaped forward, like a round ball of meat, hitting it straight.

   Song Ruhai’s plan is for the three of them to fight together to stop Kakura Mi and take him hostage. The remaining four people voted for the rat avoidance device, perhaps the crisis resolved itself.

   Gakura Mi is worthy of being a disciple of Mie Zhuji. Seeing the three besiege, he did not panic. In the sea of ​​qi, Zhen Qi was lucky, his figure was erratic, and he turned slightly, already avoiding the howling bamboo arrows. When Song Ruhai’s sword edge arrived, his figure was already sideways.

   Song Ruhai’s sword will kill, it is extremely powerful, but it goes too far. Not only can it not change direction, but it can’t even hold his feet, so he can only continue forward and the door opens wide. He Cangshi’s Qi sea was raging, and the infuriating energy of the triple foundation building was all gathered in the palm of his hand, and he pushed it out with one palm, just pushing Song Ruhai’s ribs.

   Just hearing a click, Song Ruhai felt at least two broken ribs. What’s more terrible is that this pure Yang Qi entered the body, and the chest seemed to be tumbling, the flames scorched the heart, and the body couldn’t stand up. It flew out to one side and bumped into a big tree before stopping.

   There was a stench in his mouth at this time, his stomach shrank, and he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

   Song Ruhai burned with anger, he was so old in Song’s family, even if he violated the family law, no one would dare to put such a heavy hand on him!

   The fat cow is cumbersome and slow to move. He Cangshi slapped Fei Song Ruhai with a palm. She has not yet reached He Cangshi. At this moment, a silver light flashed in front of her eyes, and a sword was shining horizontally in front of her.

  The slender woman with a sword is named Zha Fei. She looked at the fat cow’s fat face and said with a smile: “Fat girl, you are too far from our boss. Your opponent is me, not him.”

   Her eyes are full of sympathy, as if looking at someone who is hopeless. She did this on purpose. She knew that Murong Qing could bear the nickname “Fat Cow” because she was used to it. But she can’t bear the word “fat girl”.

   It only takes two simple words and a look in the eyes to cause a heavy blow to the opponent. Of course she will not let this opportunity pass.

   Fat Niu raised his head, his eyes filled with incredible expression. Someone called her “Fat Girl”?

   “I’ll deal with this guy,” Gakura drew his sword in his hand and pointed to the wood. “What you have left, go and chop Song Ruhai’s left hand.”

   Although he said before that he was going to shave the other person with a stick, it was obviously just bragging. If Song Ruhai had all his hands and feet chopped off, it would not be easy to transport him back, and he would probably die on this mountain.

   In this way, the Song family and him became an endless evil. Although he is arrogant, he is not so inexhaustible.

   Just cut off their left hand. This group of people can still walk. After stopping each other’s bleeding, they will go back embarrassedly with their stumps. They will lie down in the Rejuvenation Courtyard for a month and can only move one hand within a year. Kakura was already imagining their miserable and ridiculous appearance.

   Except for Gakura Mi and Cha Fei, the remaining three went straight to Song Ruhai. Song Ruhai was angry and cursed: “He Tu Baozi, Song Ruhai and you will never die!”

   Gakura Shimi smiled slightly, thinking that I was most afraid of your Song family, and I was not afraid of you alone. The Song family has a lot of business, but it is not enough to come to the Cuiyu Palace for a fight with the younger generation. He stopped entanglement with Song Ruhai, and slashed the wood that was a bit sluggish with a huge bow.

   This sword carries the infuriating spirit of triple-building foundation, and it is unstoppable. There was only a long bow in the wood’s hand, and when it was too late to draw the sword, he had to stretch the huge bow one square horizontally, and at the same time retracted his whole body.

   He Cangshi’s full blow was so sharp, the sword light was like a crescent moon, and only a soft sound, the long bow in the wooden hand had become two pieces.

   In Mu Mu’s heart, this family heritage is so precious that he even wants to touch it when he sleeps. But at this moment, it turned into two paragraphs in front of him, which is the same as directly plucking his heart and flesh.

   “The surname is He, **** you!”

   Mu Mu didn’t even draw his sword at all. With a roar, his fist flew like a gust of gust of wind, and went straight to Kakura Mi’s face. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

   But his strength is only in the mid-term of Chichi Chichi, and the true energy in his body is less than one-third of Kakura Mi. So He Si was not afraid, he raised his left palm and gently stopped the other party with this angry fist.

   Unexpectedly, Mu Mu’s punch was far more powerful than he expected. But what is more terrifying is the hardness of his fist. His fist does not seem to be of flesh and blood, but something hard and water chestnut.

   This punch hit Kakura Mi’s palm so hard that Kakura felt her palm numb, as if her metacarpal bones were about to be shattered. He quickly unloaded his strength backwards, causing his body to become unstable, and he took two steps back to stand firmly.

   Wood’s blow has no real energy, it is purely external. But it also shook his hands for a while. The opponent’s mere base-building fish belly was so sharp that He Kura couldn’t help but become angered, and his heart surged, and he directly pierced the chest of the wood!

“go to hell!”

   “Die your mother!”

   He Kakura pierced the chest with a sword, but he was taken aback. This sword penetration is not like piercing the flesh, as if the tip of the sword encountered some kind of hard barrier. It’s not gold or stone, but a bit like some kind of hard wood.

   He has pierced an inch or so, but nothing more. The obstacle in front was so strong that his sword could no longer move forward.

   He just noticed that Mu’s figure had risen by two heads and his arms had doubled. The fist became the size of a coconut. A white robe that was originally suitable has been stretched open and turned into rags wrapped around his body. The dark red is rough like the flesh of tree bark bursting out of the cracks in the clothes.

   Kakura Mi’s sword point remained stuck in his chest and did not pull out. But the scary thing is that even though the tip of the sword is an inch into the body, there is no blood to see.

   “Innate tree body?” Kakura was dumbfounded, “How is this possible?”

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