Record of Chaos

Chapter 17: Punch to the flesh

   Xiantian tree body is the treasure that monk Mu Dun dreamed of, but it was so rare that it was almost forgotten.

   After an orion in Mumu District, there is no foundation. If it wasn’t for a coincidence that an inner disciple discovered the innate tree hidden in his bloodline, he would naturally not be recruited into the Jade Palace to become an outer disciple.

  Many wood escape masters have spent their entire lives, hoping to integrate their bodies with certain plants in order to achieve immortality. But there are few successful ones. Biluo Saint Lian Ling can merge with Shu Luolan, which is already a legend in the legend.

   The physique of wood is real wood, which is innate and does not need to be fused! The flesh and blood of his whole body can be transformed into a kind of tough dark mahogany at any time under the urging of the true energy.

  General monks control zhenqi, the most difficult thing is zhenqi out of the body. For example, He Cangshi’s palm wind and sword qi, if there is no true qi out of the body, it will be no different from the brute force of a mortal.

   But once the zhenqi is out of the body, no matter how subtle the control is, it will inevitably lose part of it between the heavens and the earth, and its power will also be discounted.

   People who have an innate tree body, Zhen Qi directly converts flesh and blood into wood in the body, without having to get out of the body at all, so they take advantage of it.

  At the beginning, the Wu Yuan was assigned, who should be assigned with whom, not completely random, but the result of various forces struggling.

   For example, if you don’t give him a powerful bodyguard like Song Ruhai, if he suffers a loss in the battle of Wuyuan, the Song family will not survive.

   But if he is matched with the martial art Tianjiao, he himself is already a second layer of foundation, so this Wuyuan may have the grand occasion of the double Tianjiao, and other forces will not be satisfied. The Jade Palace is not exclusively sponsored by the Song family.

   Mumu looks inconspicuous and has no background, but in fact, a hidden character with innate magical powers is perfect.

   Since the strong hand is assisted, it is necessary to equip another fish belly to balance the strength.

   “This person is a fiendish root, a black disciple, I don’t know how to get in, it’s him!” Gouzhu, a unique fish belly, immediately became the only choice.

   So the wonderful combination of Song Ruhai, Muju, and Gouzhu was formed.

   Except for Song Ruhai alone, this combination looks like a fish belly, which is useless. No wonder He Cang can underestimate the enemy. But this can only be said that he is still too tender after all, and he underestimated the intertwined forces behind these rich disciples.

   In addition to strength, the depth of knowledge is also crucial. If Kakura can anticipate this level, then this will not happen at all. But now, it’s too late to regret.

   “Shuangfengguaner!” Wood roared, and two giant wooden fists the size of a coconut, one on the left and the other, hit He Cangshi’s left and right ears. He was completely unprepared for this move. Because of the distance between the two of them, the normal arm length could not be reached at all.

   But after the wood body is woodized, the length of the arms will be extended as much as you want. When Kakura realized this, two strong winds of pure external force had already poured into his ears, and a pair of giant fists were less than an inch away from his face.

   It’s too late to dodge. Gakura Shiyun picked up the body protection innocence, and then he felt a violent buzzing in his ears…

   On the other side, two men and one woman had just bullied themselves to Song Ruhai’s front, but a giant appeared out of thin air in front of them.

   This is a giant cauldron as high as one person. The flames in the cauldron burned the entire cauldron to red. Especially the part of the tripod body, like a piece of bright red charcoal, emits a dazzling red light, and the heat waves spread over it.

   The three of them were all stunned. They were about to retreat. Suddenly, Song Ruhai yelled: “Shen Huo Cao, move!”

   With the sound of “moving”, the giant tripod moved forward out of thin air at a swift and violent speed. The three of them couldn’t dodge, and they were all hit in the chest. As soon as the Taoist robe on his chest touched the fiery red sacred cauldron, green smoke appeared and turned into ashes. Then the flesh and skin touched it, making a sizzling sound, and a smell of roasted meat floated in the air.

   Accompanied by the terrible screams of the three people, the fire continued unabated, but slammed forward violently. They didn’t know how many ribs had been broken. Then Huo Ting stopped, and the three of them flew backward ten steps away, all vomiting blood, and their chests were scorched.

   Song Ruhai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stood up slowly. When he left the Song family and came to the Cuiyu Palace, although he said, “You don’t need a penny from the Song family outside,” he never said that he would not use the Song family’s life-saving magic weapon.

   It’s just that even this thing can be forced out, Kakura Mi and the others are indeed too cruel.

   Song Ruhai glanced at Zha Fei and Fat Niu who were battling swordsmanship, and seeing that both of them were using authentic cloud-piercing swordsmanship, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

   Cloud-piercing swordsmanship is both offensive and defensive, simple and easy to use. It is the most suitable swordsmanship for beginners. One of the compulsory subjects for the disciples of the outer gate of Cuiyu Palace. This swordsmanship doesn’t pay much attention to sword qi, it pays attention to move and release qi.

  Practicing the simple cloud-piercing sword skills to the level of proficiency, not only can strengthen the body’s true energy, but also use these ingenious sword skills to fight against the powerful enemy’s true energy. It is suitable for disciples who use the weak to fight against the strong, and build the foundation below the triple level.

   On top of the triple base building, full of true energy, you can practice swords that are sharper and more ferocious. So He Cangshi doesn’t need to wear the cloud sword.

  Although Cha Fei is a double foundation, and his true energy is stronger than that of a fat cow, but they use the cloud-piercing sword to play, this advantage is much weaker. But she didn’t care. After all, she has been practicing this swordsmanship for more than two years, and she believes that every move is very proficient, far better than those of the first-level Wuyuan.

  Fai Niu tried several tricks with her, and gradually discovered that, I don’t know why, this person’s swordsmanship turned out to be full of flaws…

   For example, a peregrine falcon in the cloud is called a peregrine falcon, which is called a peregrine falcon. Fat Bull remembers every detail of the sword art clearly. The key to this blow is not killing, but defense.

   So the tactics said: “Thirty percent of the divine sense condenses the sword tip, and seventy percent of the divine sense protects the side. “Because the weak enemy is strong, it can only be the needle hidden in the cotton. The tricks are vague, like a cloud covering one’s body, making a strong enemy afraid to act rashly. The sword in the hand, looking for opportunities at any time, surprises, and attacks it is the so-called “passing through the clouds.”

   But this attack is still based on defense. Once there is a change in the middle, the sword in his hand also changes. In the sword spectrum of the piercing sword technique, various changes are extremely complicated and cited one by one. This is also a last resort method of weak versus strong.

   Most of the outer disciples don’t have time or the intention to write down these changes one by one. They will only practice repeatedly, and they will be extremely proficient in the twenty-four tricks of Chuanyunjian. The sword move is too familiar, and it becomes a beautiful movement like a dance, but forgot that the original design of the sword move came from the sword light.

   Only fat cows are different. She is the kind of meticulous idiot who can’t miss a word. So Chuanyun Jianpu she can recite it backwards. In her usual practice, she strictly followed the notes of the ancestors on the sword book, step by step, and practiced all the changes.

   Although she spent ten times more time and energy than ordinary people, she hated less when she used the book. The two sides used Cloud Piercing Swords to check the flaws in Feijian’s moves, and there was nowhere to hide in her eyes.

   Chafei fought her a few strokes, and suddenly felt in the way. Every time one of his moves has not been exhausted, his opponent will attack his weakness in a tricky way. This was just a test at first, and soon became extremely arrogant. As soon as she started, the other party had already arrogantly interrupted her plan, forcing herself to be in a hurry.

   She was extremely angry, but the opponent was just a first-level disciple of the Wuyuan courtyard, and he was clearly using the cloud-piercing swordsmanship. What kind of tricks did she take the lead?

   But she didn’t expect Fat Cow to understand the second kind of swordsmanship except for Wearing Cloud Sword. If she changes to swordsmanship, or slashes without a brain, she will rely on the aura of the two layers of foundation to overwhelm the opponent.

   But she was burned with anger, UU reading www. didn’t think about how to get rid of the predicament at all. Instead, it madly used twenty-four tricks to pass through the clouds in anger, like a beast in a quagmire.

   “Fat cow, she is not your opponent, don’t be merciful, and leave a lesson for her!” Song Ruhai understood clearly.

  After a few trials, the opponent has struggled. The fat cow sword flies, and the cloud-piercing sword technique makes it vivid. Thinking of the insult this woman had made to herself before, she also said coldly:

   “Such a lame swordsmanship, I am embarrassed to come out and discover treasures!” After she finished speaking, she had reached the edge of her sword, and she pierced Zhafei’s left shoulder with a sword.

   The sword enters the flesh, it feels completely different from dancing a sword in the air. A wave of blood suddenly penetrated into her nostrils. Fat Cow’s sword could not help but feel a little soft. She glanced at Song Ruhai, her face was very ugly.

   “If it is them that wins,” Song Ruhai shook his left hand, “My left and right have been cut off.”

   The fat cow gritted his teeth and pulled out forcefully, Cha Fei screamed, and blood rushed out from his left shoulder.

   Song Ruhai glared at her, made a gesture of drawing a sword, and said one word: “Go!”

   Cha Fei flushed, but he couldn’t attack. Murong Qing is enough to crush her with one sword, and with Song Ruhai, she must leave her life here. What’s more, her left shoulder was pierced, causing great pain, and half of her body was weak. With tears in her eyes, her hand covering the wound, she turned her head and ran into the dark dense forest alone.

   But the worst is Kakura Mi.

   He was pressed against the ground by the wood and could not move. Mu Mu punched left and right punches, and every punch he yelled:

   “Return my bow!”

or it could be:

   “Fuck you mother!”

   “Blow your head!”

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