Record of Chaos

Chapter 18: Take advantage of the fire

   Fist hit He’s face. Although He has a body protector of Zhen Qi, the two fists of the wood are already two wooden hammers, so it is not easy to carry them. He has a blue nose and a swollen face, not a human shape, and there are few teeth left.

   At this time, he can no longer care about the resentment, and he deeply regrets that he should not provoke this evil star. But it was too late. Not only did his ears keep humming, he didn’t know what the other party was swearing at all, and his mouth was also bloody, he wanted to ask for mercy, but he couldn’t say anything.

There is only a heavy punch of wood, one punch and one punch on the face, it feels like a huge clock is struck, it feels very clear, every sound makes his whole mind buzzing, as if even the brain is going to be shaken out .

   Song Ruhai glanced aside, and said to the runaway wood: “If you continue to hit like this, the surname He will die. Your bow is worth a few dollars. I will buy you a real good bow when I look back.”

   Mu Mu finally stopped his fist. Furiously, this kid still had a trace of conscience. In case the surname He is killed, it is indeed a bit too much to pay a life for a bow.

   Song Ruhai kicked the half-dead Kakura Mi. This guy has a black nose and swollen face. He is not human, but he is obviously alive. Song Ruhai snorted: “Don’t roll? Don’t roll again.”

   Although Kakura can’t hear what he is saying, he understands that this is a way for him to survive. He struggled twice, rolled over, then staggered up and fled into the dense forest.

   This is not the first time he has been beaten, nor is it the first time he has been beaten so badly. When I was young, I was doing farm work at home, and I was a little lazy, and he might be beaten by his father. His father has no tendency to violence, but the old man is a very persistent farmer.

   The old man believes that every sweat gets a reward. The reason why their family is poor is because of not working hard enough.

   But those who are rich, they carry cages and walk the birds every day, do nothing, and lead a good life. This is not because the world is unfair, but because they have suffered enough in their previous lives and put in enough effort, but they don’t have the same merit to ascend to the heavens, so they stay in the human world to enjoy.

   And farmers like the He family, without the accumulation of previous lives, can only improve their lives bit by bit by working hard and meticulously farming in this life. Even if the efforts in this life cannot be rewarded in this life, it must be beneficial to one’s own life in the future.

   As for those who try to be lazy, whether they live a luxurious life in this life or not, they will inevitably fall in the next life. Although it may not necessarily fall into hell, it is a minimum to squander the merits and fall into the animal realm.

   Therefore, when He’s father saw him lazily on the ridge, he always beaten him hard, so that he could overcome the evil of depravity in advance, so as to avoid the difficulty of turning over in the next life.

   Kakura Mi was beaten up like this, and in the past two years, he felt the pain has come to nothing. Sure enough, his father’s lesson was right, hard work can be exchanged for the sweetness of the future, so he magically became a disciple of the fairy.

   He continued to cultivate with the hard work of ordinary Xuanmen disciples a hundredfold, in exchange for two years of building the foundation and triple realm, which attracted the attention of the elders of the Outer Sect Dean, received various attention, and finally became a recognized Tianjiao among his peers. So that he could trample those giants and dudes under his feet.

   If it weren’t for the perverted encounter of wood!

   Maybe this is God’s warning of his arrogance. He progressed too quickly and smoothly. Suffer a little loss, and there will be opportunities to rise in the future.

   Relying on innate physique like wood, and family background like Song Ruhai, although they can run wild for a while, they can never compare to him who has no talent and no background, and everything depends on himself. They-those who rely on external forces to be proud and arrogant, they will eventually continue to fall, until the abyss of hell, never to come out.

   And he, Kakura Mi, will sooner or later use his own efforts to cultivate into immortality and jump out of samsara. Of course, before that, he will personally defeat the wood and peel his innate tree body from his physical body…

   Kakura Mizuno writhed all kinds of thoughts in his mind, while walking staggeringly on the dark mountain road. The zhenqi in his body was squandered in the beating of the wood, the bones on his body seemed to fall apart, and his head and face were even more numb.

   He must walk fast and go to the Rejuvenation Hospital to heal his injuries. Otherwise, there will be any sequelae and endless troubles.

   At this moment, a group of dark figures flashed lightly on the roadside trees. A cold dagger was placed on his neck.


   Kakura’s lips were swollen like sausages, and of course he couldn’t speak clearly. How could he not think that there would be robbers on this deserted mountain?

   The other party was dressed in black, he couldn’t even see his hair, and only two dark eyes appeared on his face. Only the short sword in his hand is white. This sword is only half a foot long, and the whole body is like snow, it touches icy cold, not like metal, but like some kind of stone, exuding a very subtle smell of garlic. This smell is very unusual, it is a poisonous sword in all likelihood.

  If it was normal, Kakura would have taken action to subdue the robbers, but now he can only lament that his life is wrong. The other party did not answer his question, and he dared not ask again. He has never seen such an all-black costume in the Jade Palace. Could it be an invasion by foreign enemies?

   If you are an external enemy, you may grab him as a tongue, or you may kill him directly. Thinking of this, Kakura’s heart was even more frightened, too scared to move.

   But the man in black did not kill him. UU reading saw that he was not moving, so he freed a hand to touch his Taoist robe. I have touched all the places where I can hide things all over my body. I have a proficient technique. I quickly found a bunch of things, and all the worthless ones were thrown on the ground. Finally, the man in black raised his fairy lotus, shook it in front of him, and then made an erasing gesture with his hand.

   “What?” He Kura was taken aback, and thought to himself, “What kind of robber is this that allowed me to wipe the soul of Xianhe? He even knows this?”

   He Kakura hasn’t done it yet, the other party’s weird dagger has been attached to his neck, and he rubs it gently on his neck like a cat. The feeling that something that I knew was the sharp edge of a poisonous sword rubbed gently on my neck was more trembling than cutting my throat directly.

   “Okay, I see…”

   He Cangshi tearfully wiped away the soul from the fairy lotus. It’s nothing more than being beaten up by someone, and there will be robbers on the way back, and he is still a robber who knows how to manipulate Xianhe! He spent more than two years in the Cuiyu Palace with the old-age pension money he saved from his hard work and frugality.

   The man held the fairy lotus in his hand, and apparently explored the divine consciousness into the fairy lotus to check. There was indeed no soul imprint on the fairy lotus, and there was no restriction in the space.

   His face, which was tightly wrapped in the black cloth, lifted up, and through the black cloth Kakura Mi seemed to see a triumphant smile. Then he stood tall, jumped into a nearby tree, and then disappeared into the dark night.

   “This skill, is it hook pig?!”

   Gakura suddenly became a little awake. But what about hooking pigs? He is now covered in wounds, but he can’t beat him, and Longfeng is diving into a shrimp scene!

  What he didn’t know was that the other four people in their Wuyuan, including two women, were touched by this guy all over their bodies…

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