Record of Chaos

Chapter 19: Looting plan

   Gouzhu has been in the Jade Palace for more than a year and has never gone out. Although this mountain is rich in food and clothing, only the most necessary items are allocated. Some essential things for thieves, such as night clothes, are really nowhere to buy. Fortunately, he was prepared.

   He didn’t want to go back to his old business, he just thought these things were really useful. Night clothes can not only hide their figure in the dark, but more importantly, they can hide their identity.

If a person is wearing a Taoist robe and holding a saber commonly used by outer disciples to commit a crime, even if he is covering his face, from the headscarf to the square shoes, from the hilt to the accessories on the waist, the folds and the color on the clothes, all remind this. The person’s real body.

   But as long as you put on a night gown, it is seamless. The method of this dress is also very simple. Take an old robe and cut off the hem, then dye it black with ink. The cut rags were also dyed black, and two holes were made to reveal the eyes, which was a perfect night outfit.

   Ink is a must for the disciples of the outer gate of Cuiyu Palace to learn to write and literate, and they can be collected at the sundries room of the outer gate.

   Gouzhu finished the vote without causing any movement at all. He Cangshi and others collectively lay in the Huichunyuan for more than a month. They could guess that it was a hooker, but there was no evidence and they did not dare to retaliate privately. Who knows whether Mu Mu and Song Ruhai will go crazy again?

   They didn’t even publicize the incident, after all, this is not a glorious deed. The gossip people pretended to be caring and asked why they were all injured and three were burned. They unified their caliber and said that they encountered a fierce fire spirit beast while hunting in the wild.

   Everyone sighed for a while. The fire-type spirit beast was a treasure that hadn’t been seen around the Jade Palace for more than ten years.

   He Cangshi and the five members of the five yards did not have much belongings. Many poor people and poor people will be assigned together when they are assigned by the Wu Yuan. The Wu Yuan of He Cangshi falls into this category.

   Gouzhu turned them all over, and finally found only two immortal lotus. There were only about 200 pure Yang Dan in the immortal lotus.

   Each person in the second-level Wuyuan has to pay thirty-two pure Yang Pills every month, so this savings is actually not much. What’s worse, apart from these, they didn’t even have a magic weapon.

   Gouzhu did not follow their sword. The saber in the outer courtyard of the Jade Palace is also a magic weapon, but at least it needs to be built to the four foundations, and it needs to be “planted” before it can be activated.

  This product is strictly prohibited from outflow and trading. Each saber has a secret “Sword Record”, which records the masters of this sword. Once in the rivers and lakes, Jade Palace will hold accountable. Gouzhu took this away and was just asking for trouble.

  The debt of their Wu Yuan has been paid off successfully. But Gouzhu hoped to replace the two immortal lotuses with pure Yang Dan. With their current poverty-stricken condition, Immortal Lotus is not needed.

   These two immortal lotuses can be exchanged for one thousand pure Yang Dan. The money is enough to exchange for two marrow pill and three foundation pill.

  The fat cow is the pinnacle of foundation building, and it doesn’t make sense for her to wash the marrow again. But if one Jidan goes down, it can also directly jump into the double peak state.

   Wood and Gouzhu can both take one marrow washing and one foundation building, and they can both break through the triple. In this way, they will become a first-level wuyuan with two base-building triple disciples, much better than the second-rate Tianjiao like Kakura Shi. After all, Kakura Shichi and the others are already the second-level Wuyuan.

   The first-level wuyuan of the two Zhuji triplex disciples is not unprecedented in the outer courtyard, but it is enough to squeeze into the top ten among more than 300 first-level wuyuan.

   As for the underworld orchid that Yu Lian Ling gave him, he has not been idle. He planted three underworld orchids in the sparsely populated mountains, and every day he reclaimed the spiritual energy absorbed by the underworld orchids and returned to alchemy.

   He thought he would be able to produce three more pure Yang Pills every day. But the result was beyond his expectation. The pill produced by the spiritual energy absorbed by the underworld orchid is completely different from the pure sun pill.

   Pure Yang Dan is bright red, crystal clear like agate, although slightly heavier than Ji Dan, but not heavy, it has a natural warmth in the hand.

   And the three strange Dans he produces every day are pure black, without any reflection on the surface, like a black hole, which makes people think that they are dazzling.

   This thing is held in the palm of the hand, and it feels as heavy as a steel ball, especially the hand feels cold, completely different from the pure Yang Dan.

“What is this?”

   I don’t even know Song Ruhai. In fact, Song Ruhai had a lot of knowledge, but he was a layman for elixirs.

   He has eaten a lot of Dans himself, and they were all brought to the door by someone at home, and then the maid poured water, and his father personally supervised him to take it. There are all kinds of colors, maybe there is this black Dan, but even if he has seen it, he can’t remember it now.

   Even Song Ruhai didn’t know it, and it was even more impossible for others in the Wuyuan to know. Gouzhu didn’t explain the origin of these things, but everyone naturally thought that they got it from Gouzhu robbing Song Ruhai and the others.

  Since it was the stolen property from the robbery, of course it would be difficult to take it out and ask people everywhere to ask what it was. But everyone intuitively understood that this thing must be valuable, and even if it doesn’t help, it won’t be less than the price of a pure Yang Pill.

   “Although I don’t know what these things are,” Song Ruhai said, “but I have a way to realize these things and two other immortals.”

The Wu Yuan, which has been in the Jade Palace for less than a year, is called the “Introductory Wu Yuan”. The disciples of the Wu Yuan in the Jade Palace must listen to various teachings, receive various precepts, practice swords and refine pure Yang Dan. Wait, don’t go out.

   From the second year onwards, the Wu Yuan is called the first grade Wu Yuan, the third year is called the second grade, and so on. One month after the first level of the Wuyuan, as long as there is no debt to Pure Yang Dan, you can go out.

   It’s just that the time to go out for the first-level wuyuan is strictly limited to not more than one month, and you have to ask for leave before you go out, and you have to cancel after you come back. If the return period is delayed without a valid reason, he will be expelled from the division.

   Now their debts have been paid off, and it happens to be the first-degree “full moon”, they can apply for a one-month vacation.

   “There is a mysterious city in Qingyang Town. These immortal lotus and black pills can be exchanged for pure Yang Dan in Xuan City.”

   Gouzhu has lived in Qingshi Street since he can remember. But Qingyang Town is so famous, he has heard of it.

The   Qingxiao Mountain Range is like a long dragon, winding straight to the East China Sea in the northern part of Jinzhou, and Cuiyu Peak is the leader about to enter the sea. Although I couldn’t see the East China Sea from the top of Cuiyu Peak, it was only less than fifty miles away.

  The Gutong River comes from the west and runs along the southern foot of the Qingxiao Mountains directly to the East China Sea. It is an important business road. But Cuiyu Peak is not the end.

Although    Cuiyu Peak is located on the east coast, the coastal area is full of dense reefs, and large ships cannot make it to the shore. From here to the south, crossing the huge bay that the Gutong River rushed out into the sea, more than 300 miles along the way, is the largest port in the entire Middle-Earth, the most prosperous city, that is, Jinyu City, the capital of Jinzhou.

   Cuiyu Palace, and the entire Qingxiao Mountain Range, are a barrier against invasion from the north. However, the Hou Tu dynasty had dominated China hundreds of years ago. Today, to the north of the Qingxiao Mountain Range is Guizhou, where Houtu City, the capital of the Houtu Dynasty, is located. This barrier has temporarily lost its meaning and has instead become an obstacle to traffic between North and South.

   Qingyang Town is west of Cuiyu Peak, south of the east of Qingxiao Mountain Range, and north of Gutong River. Although it is not large, it is also an important business town. It is not surprising that Xuanshi exists there.

   The so-called Xuanshi is a place specially for Xuanmen disciples to trade items in their hands. Different from ordinary commercial markets, the Xuanmen disciples are strong, and they will get angry if they don’t agree. They are not powerful big merchants, and they really dare not do this business. Song Ruhai knew about this place precisely because Qingyang Xuan City was opened by their Song family.

   “A trip to Qingyang from here, at least a hundred miles…” Gouzhu vaguely felt that the cost would not be too low.

   “You forgot that the disciples were out, you can rent horses in the outer courtyard. A horse needs to be mortgaged with ten pure Yang Dan, and the horses will be returned when they come back.”

   Cuiyu Palace rents horses to disciples not to make money, it is purely a matter of face. If a disciple of his own denomination goes out without a horse, what would it look like?

   Four people spent forty Pure Yang Pills and replaced four horses. Although everyone felt a bit of pain, but thought that it would be refunded after returning, and it was nothing. What’s more, those two immortals can be exchanged for a thousand, and they will be a wealthy Wuyuan when they come back.

  The Outer Yard not only rents horses, but also exchanges silver. Whether it is exchanged in or out, it is a pure yang pill, two taels of silver.

  The disciples go out to walk the rivers and lakes, and they need a little bit of entanglement. The Pure Yang Pill is easy to use in the Xuanmen, and few people know it among the people.

   Gouzhu realized at this time that a pure Yang Pill could be exchanged for so much silver, which was far beyond his expectation. It turns out that every day he cultivates, he makes a pure Yang Pill, which is equivalent to earning two or two!

  Light this income, UU reading www.uukanshu. com has gone far beyond ordinary people. No wonder so many people sharpen their heads and want to become fairy disciples.

   Gouzhu even wanted to never go back and live a good life with two or two silvers a day.

   But this is just a fantasy. You must know that he can produce a pure Yang Pill every day, it is not just his own ability, but because of the abundant heaven and earth aura on the Cuiyu Peak. If he randomly changed to a wild mountain to practice alone, he might not be able to condense one in ten and a half months.

   Although there are many famous mountains and rivers in the East Shengshenzhou, the treasures of Fengshui have long been occupied by the major sects. The rest are either in extremely remote and difficult to reach places, or places where humans cannot survive like hell. So it’s easy to cultivate in a famous sect, but it’s harder to practice in a casual way.

   Cuiyu Palace occupies the leader of a large Qingxiao Mountain Range, relying on thousands of outside disciples, can produce tens of millions of pure Yang Dan per year. But most of these pure Yang Pills will be consumed by the inner sect, true disciples, and even the elders, and become their Dao Xing and Shou Yuan, other more advanced pill and magic weapon, and there are very few left.

   In the end, the entire sect’s annual income is about one million taels of silver. Compared with the 10,000 people who have to eat, hundreds of towers and pavilions need to be maintained and repaired, and they are still stretched.

   A big sect is so tight, it is hard to imagine that Gouzhu wants to go out alone.

   What’s more, there is arsenic in his body, and the woman will not spare him easily.

   Gouzhu put away his cranky thoughts. All four of them were dressed in white robes of the jade palace, and all of them were red horses. They left Qingshi Street and went straight to Qingyang Town.

   Three days ago, there was actually a fatal event, but Gouzhu and others knew nothing about it.

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