Record of Chaos

Chapter 2: Peerless Saint

   Gouzhu even thought of seeing such a beautiful scenery at this moment, although he died without regret.

   But this feeling is only a moment. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it will take a living to see it. If it is dead, it doesn’t make any sense.

The Taoist let go and said solemnly to the two children: “I am a true disciple of the Jade Palace, is it fun to talk? I said accepting you as disciples, then accepting, and now I am your master. Enter the mountain gate , You all have to behave well for me. If you are not honest, you just cleared the door for the teacher.”

Gouzhu saw that the murderous look in his eyes remained undiminished, and added a weird look. He knew what strategy he was brewing nine out of ten, but now he couldn’t find a way to get out, so he could only take one step and look one step at a time. Pretending to be surprised, thank Shien.

  ’S excitement for the eyes is not pretending at all. From a thief who was inferior to the grassroots, he suddenly transformed himself into a disciple of the Immortal Jade Palace, as if a huge golden pie had fallen from the sky, and he was smashed to the point of nowhere.

   “Congratulations, Uncle Master, for accepting two high disciples!” The head of the guard is an inner disciple. When they met a true disciple like Chen Xuanfang, they couldn’t avoid being flattered.

   Although Chen Xuanfang is a very high-ranking true disciple, he cannot bring outsiders into the mountain gate without authorization. Even if the gatekeeper disciples did not dare to stop him, and the shimmering green guard at the door was restricted, these outsiders could not enter.

   But there is a special thing about true disciples, they are free to accept disciples.

   Take Chen Xuanfang’s two disciples as an example. Only two disciples need to leave a drop of blood each. These two drops of blood are absorbed by the fairy roots of the Cuiyu Palace, and the Gouzhu and the opposite eyes have really become the outer disciples of the Cuiyu Palace. Since he is an outer disciple, he can certainly enter the mountain gate.

   Two drops of blood dripped into the end of the fairy roots, and they burst into two black air!

   This makes the goalkeeper who sincerely want to brag about patting horses feels like they have nowhere to start.

   You need to know the roots and bones of the top grade. There is a colorful atmosphere on the fairy roots. The less the color, the worse the aptitude, the most pure white.

   As for the black qi, this is the root of the fairy tree irritated by someone who accepted a disciple who is completely unsuitable for immortality cultivation.

   In this case, if an inner disciple accepts a disciple, he will be refused to go out. But Chen Xuanfang is a true disciple, and he has the privilege of accepting disciples without restriction. No one can say anything.

   This inner disciple respectfully handed out two black tokens.

   The color of the wooden sign is the color of their roots, and there is no way to hide it.

On the one hand, the disciple congratulated his uncle for accepting the high disciple, and on the other hand, he handed out two rare black cards. He couldn’t help feeling anxious. He was afraid that Chen Xuanfang would be unhappy, and he really didn’t know what to say. He just wanted to silently twitch his own two mouths. son.

   Unexpectedly, Chen Xuanfang did not look at him at all, looked at the sky, and handed the sign to the two new apprentices.

   The black wooden sign is simple and unpretentious, like a piece of wood that has been cut at random, with three seal scripts “Cuiyu Palace” on it, and two rows of strange runes on the bottom.

   Gouzhu is literate, but he doesn’t know the seal script. To him there is no difference between seal script and talisman. But starting with the wooden sign, he knows that his life is already between the thoughts of this master named Chen Xuanfang.

   has lived at the foot of Cuiyu Palace for so many years, and I don’t know how many immortals come and go. He is very clear about the rules of immortals.

   In the Xuanmen, the lives of the outer disciples are like grass mustard. The master has the right to live and kill his disciples. Chen Xuanfang needs two lives tonight. He has his own disciples, but he is reluctant to kill. Killing others may cause trouble.

   So the best way is to temporarily collect two, he can do whatever he likes.

   Gouzhu connected the whole thing together, vaguely knowing his own destiny. But he has no idea how to get out. Fortunately, he has been stealing for many years, and he hasn’t seen the coffin without tears, and his emotions have not collapsed. A pair of shrewd rat eyes still looked up and down, looking for a chance to escape.

   went into the gate of the Jade Palace with each other’s eyes, just like entering the Grand View Garden. They looked at both eyes, and they wanted to paste them together.

   The pavilions and pavilions in the Jade Jade Palace do not seem to be artificially constructed. It seems that they are all kinds of trees that grow automatically under certain mana control.

   Outside the attic, the water is gurgling, the fairy mist is lingering, the flowers are blooming, and the beautiful scenery is beyond words. The male disciples in the Cuiyu Palace are all dressed in silk robes of various colors, and their heads are pierced scarves.

   female disciples are not limited to clothing, all kinds of dresses, such as a hundred flowers, are beautiful. Gouzhu’s eyes straightened, mainly because the women here are really shocking, and the mundane world is completely incomparable.

   In the world of profound cultivation, male cultivation originally accounted for the vast majority. However, the head of the Jade Palace is Biluo Saintess, which has also increased the number of female nuns, accounting for one third of the total.

  Xuanmen recruited female disciples, but they would not select them in order of appearance. However, in addition to condensing energy and refining alchemy, the female cultivator of the Profound Clan would also spend a lot of energy on her appearance. It is natural that she is more beautiful than folk women through the treasures of heaven and earth, miraculous medicine, and magical beauty.

   Although these female disciples are beautiful, they can’t help him with his plan of getting out. Thinking of this, Gouzhu couldn’t help but feel a little envious and still ignorant and ignorant, at least he could enjoy the beauty of these female sisters without any worries.

   What if he suddenly rushed out and hugged a female nun’s thigh and cried for help?

   Not to mention whether his behavior was a hooligan or not, any disciple of the Cuiyu Palace who passed by here showed respect and admiration to his “master”.

   He yelled to himself, “This fat guy might want to kill me.” Who believes?

   Besides, the fat man named Chen Xuanfang didn’t kill him, or even said so. Even if these people really believe that Chen Xuanfang brought them to their disadvantage, what about it? Now he is the real disciple of this fat man. It is only natural for the master to be unfavorable to the apprentice. Who can interfere?

   Gouzhu suppressed the strong urge to survive, quietly waiting for the opportunity.

   Chen Xuanfang also seemed to want to shorten the time that might cause trouble, and led them hurriedly through many courtyards. In front of them was a huge lake, which was covered with lotus leaves. The center of the lake was a winding bridge.

   Chen Xuanfang just stretched his feet and stepped on, and he saw a group of colorful female sisters on the opposite side, and he regretted immediately.

   This person hasn’t been walking outside for many years, how could he happen to meet him today!

   But it was too late for him to turn around, so he had to take the two gangsters to greet him.

   just hit the bridge, he lowered his head, folded his fists and bowed:

   “Disciple Chen Xuanfang, pay homage to Master Bi Luo!”

   is actually the head, that is, the legendary Biluo saint?

   Gouzhu looked up, his eyes shook, and he stayed for a while. This time, he was really shocked by the beauty of the woman standing in the center, and suddenly he was fascinated and speechless.

   The woman’s black hair hangs down from her right shoulder, like a waterfall hanging on the Cuiyu Peak. The skin was white with a hint of blush, and it could be broken.

   A pair of bright eyes, like two pools of tranquil water. She wears a moon-white plain coat, a green satin-rimmed jacket, an autumn fragrant ribbon, and a white silk skirt with pale ink paintings. She stands in a pavilion, really swaying like a lotus in the pond.

   Gouzhu only glanced, his eyes seemed to be attracted, he had only one thought in his mind, that is, if he could marry this woman as his wife, it would be no regrets. Before he could have no regrets, Chen Xuanfang had already got up and was about to drag them two past.

   Gouzhu suddenly realized that his chance to survive is here!

He immediately rushed forward two steps and threw himself on his knees at the Biluo saint in the middle. UU read banged his head, and a string of words that he had thought of long ago rushed to his mouth: “Disciple Gouzhu, home There is no one to look after the 70-year-old father. Can the head master let the disciples go down the mountain to take care of the father first, and then come to visit the teacher in a few years…”

   If Gouzhu’s words were spoken, I thought that if the head was a little more humane than Chen Xuanfang, maybe he would be let go. Chen Xuanfang must still be dragged by the opposite eye in his hand, temporarily unable to chase himself.

   As soon as he got out of the mountain, he would dive into the crowd and find a place with many people to hide. A few years later, he would be a hero again!

   As for crossing eyes, it’s not that he doesn’t want to save, but the happy energy that looks like winning the jackpot when he sees the opposite eyes. Even if ten cows pull him away, he can’t move. It’s better to let him stay here and be happy to death. He didn’t die in vain, maybe he could still hold this Chen Xuanfang for a while, making him inseparable.

   But when he reached his mouth, he suddenly felt that a small wind was poked in his back, and the breath of hairspring entered his throat from behind.

   A few simple sentences were stuck in his throat like this, and he was sweating profusely for a long time without saying a word. This Chen Xuanfang actually started in front of the head, it was poisonous and decisive!

Although a dirty, yellow-faced, thin-faced little man stared at him with a wretched gaze for a long time, then suddenly rushed over to kowtow to himself, er, er, screaming, the cold expression of Biluo Saintess still did not change. .

“stand up.”

Although there are only two characters for   , her voice is as soft as water, and it is as deep as a spring.

   As if any man heard such a clear and snowy words, he would spontaneously have a desire to bow under his skirt.

   Gouzhu stayed for a while, almost forgetting the intense murderous shadow behind him.

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