Record of Chaos

Chapter 20: The cheating that caused the murder

   Three days ago, I was in the outer courtyard, a second-level courtyard. This Wuyuan tree has grown three branches, one thick and two thin. Of course, this thickness is relative, even the thinnest branch is a thickness that is surrounded by ten people. Inside the branch is an independent big tree hole, surrounded by windows, and a wooden ladder up and down at the door.

   It was hot noon at this time, and bamboo curtains were hung on the doors and windows. You can’t see the inside from the outside. The inside is cool, but you can see it outside.

   There was a sound of ahhhhhhhhhhh in the room, and the air was full of indulgence. After strenuous exercise, the man on the bed felt exhausted, and many annoying things came to his mind.

   “Even to let go of a spirit beast, Gakura Shichi is really useless, so I used to cultivate him like this.”

  Why is this person’s name Wanyi? He is an inner disciple of the Seven Foundations. He is about forty less than 50 grade, and when he looks up, there are horizontal lines on his forehead. Although not too old, his sideburns are already a bit gray.

   In comparison, the woman who was groaning underneath him has icy skin and jade, and the silk is like a waterfall. It’s nice to be young. He couldn’t help being secretly sad.

   That is the spirit beast of the fire system. If you get the beast crystals of the spirit beasts, you can refine them into a 30-year longevity pill. As long as he loses his life for five years, his mixed white hair, several moles on his face that have grown inexplicably, as well as those horizontal lines on his forehead, and increasingly rough skin, can also be improved. not enough.

   Shou Yuan Dan can be used to increase or decrease. For example, taking a 30-year lifespan medicine can increase longevity, that is, maintain the current state of the body, increase one’s lifespan by 30 years, or reduce lifespan by subtracting 30 years from the current lifespan. Let the body retreat and return to the state when he was young, but the cultivation base will not decrease at all.

   If it is used to reduce longevity, it is only used to restore bodily functions and lifespan will not actually be extended. Once the lifespan is exhausted, the body will age rapidly. So longevity is something that most men spend on increasing longevity.

  Only women will spend Shouyuan Pill on life reduction, so that they can always maintain a youthful appearance.

   Cuiyu Peak is the site of the Cuiyu Palace. This site is a treasured geomancy land, with abundant aura, and spirit beasts will naturally be produced. It’s just that a spirit beast was born for at least one or two hundred years, and the disciples of the Jade Palace have been persistently hunting for hundreds of years, so the spirit beasts on the mountain are already rare.

   But spirit beasts are not extinct. Because alien beasts, spirit beasts, and monster beasts are not some independent species, but ordinary beasts absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and grow naturally.

Most of the disciples of the Cuiyu Palace have no worries about food and clothing, and will not kill all the beasts on the mountain. Wuyuan, like Gouzhumu, who is so poor and just happens to be a hunter, is just a few. So there will be spirit beasts constantly appearing in the mountains, but there are not many.

   Although it was said that it was Kakura Shi who encountered this “spirit beast”, He Wanyi had already regarded this spirit beast as his private property. After all, Kakura was discovered and cultivated by him himself. Otherwise, how could this guy add a halo of “Tianjiao”?

   If they hunted spirit beasts, it would be natural that the beast crystals that could increase the lifespan were used to honor him.

  ”In fact, there are no spirit beasts.” A bit of resentment gradually floated on Cha’s blushing cheeks, “We are so miserable this time, not by spirit beasts, but by people.”

“Oh?” He Wanyi frowned, “I said earlier that you shouldn’t mess with those senior wuyuan, these have backstage, some are from Danyang Pavilion, and some are from Rejuvenation Institute, He Cangshi It’s just kind of unknown…”

   “It’s not a senior wuyuan. It’s just a first-level wuyuan! It’s Song Ruhai and the others!”

   “Oh? People from the Song family?” The disciple I cultivated was blown up like this, so what if this background also feels very shameless. However, he is thoughtful, knowing that some hornet’s nests cannot be stabbed.

   However, although the Song family is the big gold master of the Jade Palace, Song Ruhai is not a child of the Song family, and a first-level yard, even dared to ride on his head and shit, which made him feel vaguely angry. But he suddenly felt wrong again:

   “You guys even have a first-level Wuyuan…”

“Humph! Nothing!” Zha Fei stared, his chin was raised, and his face was irritated. “Somehow they are also the second peak of the foundation building, okay, how can you not even beat a single fat girl? But their person named Muju suddenly turned into wood, and his body was as strong as a tree. He punched me and I was distracted. Then I would be hit by that **** fat girl. Stabbed…”

   Cha Fei chattered about the stories she made up. She did not see the scene where Song Ruhai summoned the Shenhuo Ding, but she still remembered how the wood beat He Cangshi. She naturally applied this story to herself, even she herself had to forget that her swordsmanship was not a fat cow’s opponent at all.

“The whole body turned into wood?” Why didn’t he care much about the experience of the girl being stabbed before him, but the description of the whole body turned into wood surprised him like lightning in the dark night, “You mean, innate tree? “

   The innate tree body is such a legendary magical thing, you must know that he has cultivated for more than 40 years and has never seen a real body. However, a disciple from the outer courtyard who built the foundation and was able to turn his whole body into wood is by no means a technique or magic weapon. Apart from the legendary innate tree, what else is possible?

“It seems to be some kind of tree body. I seem to have heard Brother He talk about it. Hmph, are you helping us to avenge!” Zha Fei found that this man hadn’t grasped the point at all, and an irritation could not help but surged into his heart, and immediately acted. To push him out of bed.

   “Okay,” He Wanyi smiled, and when he laughed, the lines on his face were more wrinkled like bark, as if he was a teenager. He stretched out a big rough hand and gently stroked the wound on Chafei’s right shoulder with a trace. He didn’t know if he was soothing or wiping oil, “He Cangshi, this stuffed bun takes care of me, but you are mine. Forbidden, how can I be merciful if I can act on you.”

   Cha Fei was still a little bit unequal, she hated seeing this old face full of lines, so she turned her eyes and silently looked at the direction above her head. Actually, she knew she could hook up with the inner disciple. Why did she hurriedly form a Daoist companion with the stupid man in the Tongwu Academy after entering the Jade Palace for less than a year?

   It’s a pity that the girl was pregnant at that time and had no resistance to height. Looking back at that time, she really had no hesitation. Later I learned that she could easily make a big figure like the inner disciple bow down under her skirt with just one look. That being the case, I’m afraid it is impossible to bring down a true disciple.

   Those true disciples have their own mountain caves, as well as their own disciples, almost self-contained. Compared to the Outer Sect Wuyuan, where I have been in the yard for so long, it was really maddening to squeeze a yard with my seniors and hand in pure Yang Pill endlessly.

   True biography disciples are not all described as withered old men. For example, Wentian Taoist Gu Wentian, who seems to be only in his twenties or thirties, has a long stature and a face like a crown jade. He is simply a beautiful man admired by everyone in the Jade Palace. And I have never heard of him having a Daoist…

   In fact, she also tried to get into Wen Tianfeng several times. UU reading just failed.

“You can rest assured about this…” Zha Feipianpian’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted, and she had to return to reality. She glanced at her unsightly, what in case, this guy suddenly became serious, “But Xiantian The matter of the tree body is too important. You must not disclose it to anyone. I will tell the rest of you in the courtyard.”

   “Huh,” Cha Fei hated it when he saw this face, “Okay.” Fortunately, the personal relationship between them is still a secret. As an inner disciple, He Wanyi never dared to disclose this matter. Otherwise, the sect precepts would never spare him. In this way, Cha Fei felt that he still had a lot of time to ride a donkey to find a horse.

   What is hateful is his Taoist companion, the silly and big Bai Changsheng from Tongwuyuan, how would he send it? Dao couples can be together, but what is the **** rule set by the ancestors? Moreover, Bai Dao’s mind is much smaller than his head, and if he is not careful, he will find life and death with himself, which is really a big trouble.

   If it weren’t for Bai Changsheng and He Cangshi who were seriously injured in the Huichunyuan together, He Wanyi would not dare to find her Wuyuan directly to stay and fly with her. But compared to He Wanyi’s inner courtyard, her Wu courtyard is safer.

   Outer Sect disciple’s Wuyuan tree house has strong restrictions. It is soundproofed inside and out, and almost no one can open it except the owner. Nowadays, besides her, only her own Taoist companion, Bai Da, can enter and leave her tree house. And the big one is lying in the Huichunyuan. Because of this, He Wanyi just came back from Yuzhou, and when he heard about it, he rushed into her room impatiently…

   As soon as she thought of this, there was a sound of footsteps coming from the stairs at the door, followed by a wave of fluctuations at the door. Cha Fei’s heart is tight, is it the big one? Didn’t this guy want to live in Huichunyuan for a month? Why are you coming back today?

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