Record of Chaos

Chapter 21: He Wan 1's plot

   He Wanyi shook his figure and disappeared from the bed, hiding behind the entrance door. Zha Fei quickly pulled the quilt to cover his chest, which was exposed in the air.

   The door creaked and opened. The one who came in was really big white. He recovered from his severe injury and his face was still a little pale, but after lying in the Rejuvenation Center for nearly a month, he was obviously going to be boring to crazy.

   As soon as he entered the door, he felt a strange smell floating in the air. Zha Fei was lying on the wooden bed in front of him. The bed was in chaos, not at all as neat as before. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes drifted, and her shoulders were exposed in the gap between the thin silk quilt and the pillow. He was still wondering, Zha Fei asked first:

   “Isn’t it three days before you leave the hospital? Why did you come back. Is your injury all right?”

   Bai Bai did not answer at all. His sensitive heart had obviously sensed something, his face became cold, he walked to the bed, and suddenly lifted the quilt:

   “What are you doing? Why didn’t you wear clothes?” You must know that he and Zha Fei have been married for half a year, and have never seen her sleeping naked. Moreover, it was more than an hour after three strokes at this time, and it did not arrive at noon. It was not time to sleep at all. No matter how stupid he is, he understands something.

   “Ah…” Cha Fei screamed while covering his chest. It wasn’t because of the sudden **** that she saw He Wanyi behind the door and didn’t take the opportunity to slip out the door. Instead, she came silently behind the big man, put her hands together in the middle, and pressed Bai. The big temples on the left and right.

   They have a foundation with seven peaks, a foundation with a peak, and their strength is completely disproportionate. The big Bai didn’t notice anyone behind him, he only felt that there was a surge of true energy from the temples on both sides, straight into the dantian, and then violently hit his meridians. He suddenly became dark, unable to stand, and lost consciousness in confusion.

   Cha Fei screamed, but He Wanyi ignored her. A woman is such an idiot. There was nothing wrong with her. If she screamed and called someone, wouldn’t something happen? Fortunately, these Wuyuan tree houses have restricted soundproofing, so she can call them at will.

   He Wan squatted down and carefully probed Bai Changsheng’s breath and pulse, both of which had stopped. His violent force entered the body from the temples, directly causing the opponent’s brainstem hemorrhage, and his heartbeat and breathing would be suspended. He carefully lifted Bai Changsheng and put it on the futon in the quiet room in the tree house, and let him do it cross-legged.

   “You…you killed him?” Cha Fei was flushed just now, now she has turned pale because of shock and fear. What Bai Changsheng said was that she was also the Taoist companion who shared her bed. Although she was very dissatisfied with this Taoist companion, she suddenly became a corpse, which was still terrifying to her.

“Don’t worry!” He Wanyi returned to the bed and held the terrified little beauty in his arms to comfort him for a while, “Bai Changsheng was eager to practice qigong after he recovered from a serious injury, so he died. This method of death, There are dozens of them in the outer courtyard a year. Who has time to check you? I still have something to do with Xingtang. Later I will call a disciple of Xingtang to check it. After reading it, I will close the case. The clothes were put on, the room was cleaned up, and I said that I saw your Taoist companion died in the quiet room as soon as I came back, and there is nothing else to say.”

   After finishing talking, he gave Cha Fei a light pinch on his face, and then he dressed himself.

   “Bai Changsheng is dead, isn’t it a good thing?” He smiled strangely, “Your Taoist companion is dead, there will be no Taoist companion. From now on, you can just be my Taoist companion.”

   “I want to be beautiful!” Zha Fei squinted her eyes, and sighed, “Go dream!” She said the truth. She had long been determined to be her Taoist companion, at least the true disciple started. It can’t be too ugly, or too old…

   He Wanyi treated this as a woman’s hypocrisy, he smiled, and opened the door. After half an hour, the Xingtang disciple he arranged came over. Since then, Bai Changsheng, the outer disciple, was removed from the list of outer disciples. Everything was seamless and under his control.

   The death of the outer disciple is usually not notified by the Cuiyu Palace. Therefore, few people in the outer courtyard knew about such a big event, and Song Ruhai and others knew nothing about it. Zha Fei, the only one who knows the truth, certainly didn’t dare to speak up.

   Until the evening, He Wanyi put on a casual dress, walked out of the top of the hanging door, all the way to Qingshi Street.

   In addition to inn restaurants, shops selling all kinds of incense candles, and fake Xuanmen artifacts that are not used for farts, there are also some antique and strange stone shops on Qingshi Street, which occasionally visits by collectors.

   No one will notice a small shop in the corner, full of ornaments made after simple carvings of various tree roots and bark. Although this kind of thing has a unique flavor, no one is interested in collecting a few pieces of silver. It can be seen from the showcase covered with dust and even spider webs.

   A faltering tung oil lamp was lit in the shop. Sitting quietly under the lamp is an old man with closed eyes, like a wood carving. Even if a guest came in, he was completely motionless, and he didn’t even bother to lift his eyelids. Had it not been for He Wanyi’s early experience, I am afraid he would have regarded him as a piece of wood carving.

   “Old man, don’t pretend to be dead.” He Wanyi snorted, “I have the news you want. Get the money.”

   The man did not reply, one eye only opened a third, and it seemed that he was about to close again.

“First… Heaven…” He Wanyi smiled, and said word by word. When he said the third “tree”, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, and those eyes reflected the flickering lights. Glittering infinite looks. This is natural. He was forced to give up his life in Xiaoyao Jianghu and stay in this place where the birds do not **** all day just to wait for the news. He didn’t even think that he still had a bright future.

   “This is no joke. “This old man seems to have not spoken in a long time, and there is a slight voice in his throat, “You should understand the rules of the rivers and lakes.”

“Nonsense,” He Wanyi smashed his hands, “I’m not a good person, but the monk can’t go to the temple. I can’t get the money. Let me tell you the news first. Although you are great, you never hope to get into the Jade Palace. Without an insider like me, there is nothing you can do. Does the old man want to stay here for another ten years?”

   “Money can be given, but only 10%. The remaining 90% can only be given after the job is done!”

   “10% will do, let me talk about it first. No matter how small a fly is, it is meat.”

   The old man got up and came to the counter, took out a bunch of keys on his waist, opened a lot of locks, and took out a bunch of black beads, the size of a wrist, he counted it carefully again, exactly twenty. These are not rosary beads, but a kind of black pill, just for the convenience of counting, they are strung together with thin lines.

   He Wanyi took this string of black pills into his hands. This thing is heavy and feels cold. You don’t need to look at him to know that this is the real thing. This is equivalent to two thousand pure Yang Pills, and four thousand taels of silver are available. This bit of meat told him that it was not only the size of a fly.

   “That’s it!” He Wan received a pill in his arms, his face was still disdainful. If you get ten CDs, 20,000 pure Yang Dan is actually a lot of wealth. But the human heart is not enough, he has prepared another idea long ago.

“The remaining 18,000 Pure Yang Pills will be given to you after we catch people.” The old man didn’t know, and still reminded him, “But if you don’t catch people, you have to know, this money Not easy to take…”

   He Wanyi smiled slightly and shook his head, “You have absolutely no chance in the Cuiyu Palace. But as long as he leaves the Cuiyu Palace, I will use this jade slip to pass the message to you.”

   The old man was about to grab the jade slip, but he heard He Wanyi say: “But I don’t want the remaining 90%.” Hearing the smell, the old man suddenly raised his head and glared, “Then what do you want?”

   “I know you have a way to take out the tree core from that person… this thing is useless for you, I want it.”

   “Presumptuous!” The old man seemed to be irritated, “This thing can’t be bought with 18,000 Pure Yang Pills! Even if it is given to I am afraid you can’t stand it!”

“Of course I can’t afford it, but some people can.” He Wan shook the jade slip in front of the other party, “Do you want to take the jade slip and wait for the news, or are you waiting here for another ten years? “

   “You!” The old man was full of anger, but he forcibly restrained him. Actually, if you think about it, his task is to get a corpse of that person. As for whether there are tree cores in the corpse, it has nothing to do with him. Only betraying the tree core gave him a natural feeling of betrayal, and he would be irritated. But for the mission that has been waiting for more than ten years, forbearance is worth it.

   He stretched out his hand, stopped for a moment, and caught Yu Jian.

He Wanyi smiled with satisfaction: “Just these few days, I expect they will definitely go to Qingyang Town, you can go to Qingyang Town and wait. Before you set off, you will know who you are going to deal with, and the rest is It’s your own business. Afterwards, the tree core belongs to me.”

  As soon as he finished speaking, he was already hidden in the darkness outside the door. The nucleus of the congenital tree is very useful. It is said that as long as the implanted person manages to implant the body, the implanted person can also obtain the tree, but this is the acquired tree. The old man said rightly that the acquired tree is not something that everyone can bear. He can only sigh with excitement for his unsuccessful pill formation. But if you dedicate the tree core to that person, haha, it would be a piece of cake to promote a true disciple. Once he is promoted to a true disciple and all resources are available, the waste wood will no longer be waste wood.

   Three days later, Song Ruhai and Gouzhu, Muju, and Fat Niu rode the bay red horse just to pass by the same place. It’s just that the wooden shop has been closed and locked. Gouzhu certainly wouldn’t pay attention to this kind of thing. What he saw at a glance was the end of Qingshi Street. At the fork in the post road, there were five identical bay red horses waiting.

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