Record of Chaos

Chapter 22: Genshi in the graveyard

   “Huh, that’s it?” Fat Cow took a look and said to Song Ruhai, “It looks like the slimy Miss Wu!”

   Sure enough, the one who was riding in the middle of the road was waiting for the witch in a light yellow dress. She was staring at the people behind with her beautiful eyes, and when she saw Song Ruhai and others, she waved her hands impatiently. And the remaining three men and one woman in their Wuyuan were all waiting impatiently on the side of the road.

   “I knew that Brother Song would also go to Qingyang Town today, so I specially asked everyone here to wait for you to go together.”

   Wuxia is full of spring breeze. Because He Cangshi and others were seriously injured, she hadn’t harassed her for more than a month. She even vaguely felt that this was the action of Song Ruhai and others. This made her sullen and felt the distance from Song Ruhai, the male god. Closer.

   “You too?” Song Ruhai said casually.

“Our Wuyuan and you started on the same day.” Wu Xia smiled brilliantly, as if talking about some kind of magical fate. “So of course the first-level full moon will be the same day. And next month will be the first-level row. A bit war, who doesn’t want to go to Qingyang Town to try their luck, in case they can find a cheap magic weapon?”

   “Oh.” Song Ruhai gave a simple oh, and then continued to drive.

   All the outer disciples of the Cuiyu Palace have a ranking battle every year, but only between the Wuyuan of the same level. If the more than three hundred first-level quintuplets can rank in the top 50, it will be enough to outsmart the other yards. If it can be ranked in the top five, it will be the group of disciples whom the Outer Academy values ​​the most and will get a lot of benefits.

   But most of these benefits are only known to those who have taken it. Only two were made public. The first is to immediately forgive all debts, and to avoid the payment of pure Yang Dan for one year! This alone was enough to make all the outer disciples who were overwhelmed by debt coveted.

   The second is to enter the Wanbao Pavilion and choose a magic weapon at random. This is an unlimited opportunity. Of course, those who enter are likely to pick up a bargain worth only a hundred pure Yang Pills, but it is much better than an ordinary outer disciple who only has an unplanted magic sword in his hand. What’s more, there is still a possibility of picking a true Profound Sect Treasure, which will traverse the world from then on!

  The ranking battle is different from Tianjiao for disciples with excellent aptitudes by the upper echelons. The rankings give a fair opportunity for competition. In other words, no matter what your qualifications are, as long as your fists are stronger than others, you have the opportunity to get the same benefits.

   So the test of the ranking battle is the overall combat power. Whether you use weapons, magic weapons, magical powers, or resourcefulness, shamelessness, buying with money, or pure luck, as long as you make it to the top five, you are a Tianjiao.

   This kind of Tianjiao is even harder in the Jade Palace than the Tianjiao who was cultivated by He Wanyi. After all, they rely on real ability and real luck.

   Zhuji disciples can’t use magical powers, but if they can obtain a magic weapon before the war, or even buy some talisman or pill, there is hope that they can greatly increase their combat power. Therefore, as soon as the first-level full moon is reached, they will all rush to the nearby Xuanshi by appointment.

   Two wuyuan gangs formed a group of nine people and nine horses. Most of these people wore the white outer door robes of the Jade Jade Palace, with a happy scarf on their heads, and headed straight for Qingyang Town.

   This road is an important official road, and there are many merchants. It is the late summer and early autumn, the blue sky and the white sun, and a safe journey.

   Wu Xia wanted to talk to Song Ruhai, but she was always ignored in gorgeousness, so she talked and laughed happily with Gouzhu. While this little Nizi was laughing with Gouzhu, she glanced at Song Ruhai, thinking that you would just ignore me. I had a very happy chat with others, and let you go to the air.

   Gouzhu is not at all repulsive, he is not a big family, and he has not seen a few beauties before coming to Cuiyu Palace. Wu Xia is of course far behind Lian Ling Lianping and his ilk, but compared to ordinary city girls, it is already as pure as a spring in the mountains.

Wood followed silently behind him. He was invisible like a tree that couldn’t speak. But when he saw the figure of the witch, he was naturally full of unspeakable feelings, as if such a bright and sunny woman was in the team. In the center, the entire team became active, and time passed without knowing it.

   The road over a hundred miles is not bumpy at all. At dusk, many houses appeared on both sides of the road, and Qingyang Town arrived so easily. Song Ruhai found an inn on the side of the road and sent the horses to the stables. A group of hungry people ordered wine and food and had a big meal until dark.

   “Almost, we can go to Xuanshi.” Song Ruhai said.

   “It’s dark now, don’t you want to take a rest?” someone asked.

Wu Xia sneered, and said, “It’s a stranger at first sight and will be slaughtered. The Xuanshi in Qingyang Town, but only opened at night. “In fact, she is also the first time here, but she has done it before she came. After doing homework, I don’t know anything about Xuanshi.

   “Everyone must bring good weapons and hide money. We are crowded, and we should buy our own things, but don’t spread too far, and don’t argue with others.” Song Ruhai ordered one by one. Although the Song family’s Xuanshi is not a black market, he also knows that anyone in Xuanshi may meet, and he doesn’t want to make trouble and go back.

   Qingyang Town has the most inns and restaurants, and there are also many places for renting out warehouses, carriages, and horses. Because this is the most important business way to the Golden State Coast, in addition to the local drama name, most of the staying businessmen are resting.

   Generally, there are curfews in big cities, but not in such towns without walls. Song Ruhai led the people around in various streets and lanes, and it didn’t take long to come to a suburb.

   Gouzhu saw a stone workshop in front of him. When he walked in, it turned out to be a mountainside, densely packed like mahjong tiles, all with tombstones. There were a few lights sparsely lit in several places around, and it was okay that there was no light at all, a little dim light, coupled with the wind and wind, the shadows of the trees fluttered, making people feel creepy.

   “What the **** is this, why come to this cemetery…”

   “Don’t talk nonsense, there are ghosts!”

   Hearing this mumble, Gou Zhu suddenly felt a warmth on his arm, and unknowingly, Wu Xia had already held his hand and pressed against him. In this weather, she was dressed thinly, two layers of tulle lightly covered her body with a faint fragrance, and the outside of the hook pig’s upper arm suddenly felt an unusually soft thing, which made him move in his heart. Song Ruhai, who was at the forefront, said:

“There are the most busy people in this world. If Xuanshi is open on the street, I am afraid that there will be crowds of people, most of them are mortals. They can’t buy things or do business. UU reading www.uukā only has this place, It is a cemetery during the day, and Xuan City is opened at night, so there will be no idlers to harass.”

   Gouzhu suddenly realized. Sure enough, after turning to this hillside, he saw a large vacant lot. There were hundreds of stalls gathered in the vacant lot with many lanterns lit, which was no different from the grocery market in the city. Many people spread their burdens on the spot, spread the things they want to sell on the ground, and sit side by side, waiting for customers to come.

   Seeing the bustling crowd, Gouzhu made his hands itchy. He seems to be born with a habit of stealing, and when he sees many people, he thinks of the instant pleasure of fishing out other people’s pockets. I am already a disciple of mortals who admire immortals, how can I still want to do such a career that everyone despise?

   Only then did he realize that the witchcraft who was still holding his arm tightly just now gave an exclamation and flew to the booth to see those delicate and beautiful little things.

   Soon everyone had dispersed, and Gou Zhu resisted the desire of pickpocketing, and followed Song Ruhai around in the crowd. After all, people who can buy and sell things here should not be ordinary people. If his old problems recur, and he runs into another Chen Xuanfang, he can’t bear it.

   “Teacher, help me see how well this Dan is?”

   Song Ruhai found a booth of a seemingly good old man with the banner of “Pill Exchange” hung on it. He put the kind of black pill that Gouzhu brought in his palm and spread it out in front of the old man. The old man’s eyes lit up, pinched with two fingers, and smelled in front of his nose.

   “A good-quality Profound Yin Pill! If you exchange for a pure Yang Pill, it is not bad if someone else gives you 95, and I can give you 98!”

   Song Ruhai hurriedly raised his palm up, put his fingers away, and took Dan back, ecstatic in his heart. It turns out that this kind of black pill is a Xuanyin pill that the inner disciples often use for trading!

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