Record of Chaos

Chapter 23: upstart

   Although the pure yang pill and the Xuanyin pill have one yang and one yin, they both absorb the yin and yang qi from the world’s most original source, but the content is completely different.

   A Profound Yin Pill requires at least one inner disciple’s ten days of condensing energy to be refined, and the price of trading with Pure Yang Pill is one to one hundred. The old man said ninety-five and ninety-eight, the missing fraction is the tap of the vendor’s transaction.

   Song Ruhai thought, they had nearly a hundred Profound Yin Pills in their hands, wouldn’t it be worth nearly 10,000! Isn’t this making a fortune? Knowing that the robbery He Cang can actually get so much, he was not afraid to expose his sacred fire cauldron, and ransack him if he finds fault!

   is even more surprised by the hook pig. He didn’t expect to cry for being poor with Saint Biluo, and the method she taught increased his speed of making money by a hundredfold. If this is the case, why doesn’t Jade Jade Palace simply have a Netherland Orchid in hand, and why do these people work hard to practice Pure Yang Pill?

What Gouzhu didn’t know was that no matter what method was used to refine alchemy, it would still absorb Cuiyu Peak’s heaven and earth energy. If the Cuiyu Palace had an underworld orchid in hand, Cuiyu Peak would have been absorbed into a lifeless mountain, and I am afraid it would not be able to recover in a hundred years.

   He made three Profound Yin Pills every day, so the pure Yang Pills that other outer disciples of Jade Palace could make were naturally less than 300. Heaven and earth are inherently constant, if you eat more, others will naturally have to eat less. However, he ate more by himself, and they were all on their heads, and others hadn’t noticed it yet.

   Although Xuan Yin Dan can also be used directly, it would be too conspicuous to take it to the Jade Palace and hand it in, so they decided to exchange all of these into pure Yang Dan.

   Such a big fortune should not be exposed, Song Ruhai carefully divided more than 90 pill into four parts, each took one, and each went to find a higher-priced booth to exchange it. Even so, each person exchanged thousands of Pure Yang Pills, and the bulging purse also attracted the attention of many people, which made Gouzhu feel very bad. Where there are many people, there must be a thief. He is used to looking at other people’s pockets, and never thought that he would become another’s target.

   “You and Mu Mu will imprint these two immortal lotuses with your soul breath,” Gouzhu said to Song Ruhai, “Then we put all the pure Yang Dan in the immortal lotus. You and Mu Mu are one and half of them, which is the safest.”

   Song Ruhai nodded, this is indeed a good idea. He has a Shenhuo cauldron, and wood has an innate wood body. Even if they encounter opponents with three or four foundations, they may not be unable to hold it. Moreover, the person of Wood is extremely stable. Let him look at the wallet, and he will regard it as more important than his life.

   With the money, I easily bought the three Zhuji Dan and two Xisui Dan that Gouzhu wanted. Song Ruhai didn’t know where Gouzhu learned it from, but he believed that Gouzhu was well informed. And he also grew up taking pills, so he doesn’t reject this shortcut. Now that there are nearly 10,000 Pure Yang Pills in hand, he spent five or six hundred, it was drizzle, and it didn’t feel at all.

   The rest is the view treasure. Gouzhu looked at it, but never made a move. Because of the magic weapon, he couldn’t see any mystery from his eyes. When the seller saw their disciples who built the foundation and the second layer, they didn’t even bother to talk about it. Gouzhu also asked about the price. The cheapest one actually had two to three thousand pure Yang Dan, and the higher one was hundreds of thousands.

   “Magic weapon, do you understand?” he asked Song Ruhai. Song Ruhai could control something as powerful as the Shenhuo Ding, how much should he understand?

   “No.” Song Ruhai shook his head. To understand the power of a magic weapon, he needs to enter the magic weapon with divine consciousness to detect it. But with the power of his dual divine consciousness, trying to enter the magic weapon is like hitting a wall, unless he can brand his soul breath on the magic weapon. But this kind of magic weapon usually has the seller’s soul imprint, and he will not be allowed to try it casually.

   Many outside Tianjiao have magic weapons, but they usually don’t buy them by themselves, but the masters in the background erase the original soul breath on the magic weapons before giving them. If they buy by themselves, inspection is the biggest trouble. Of course, the sellers will blow up the sky, but only who uses it will know how.

   This thing can’t stop a girl like Wu Xia. As long as she sees something beautiful and likes, she wants it. No inspection at all. She ran around and got a crystal white bead, which she hung on her chest as a necklace.

   “Pretty, Brother Gou…” She pointed to her chest triumphantly to show Gouzhu.

   Gouzhu glanced, and couldn’t help swallowing. I thought to myself that the beads are hard to see, but the **** are really beautiful. I was really unhappy when I was holding my hands, if I could touch them.

   “What’s the use of this thing?”

   “This is a shield bead. It is said that the white shield bead can block any strong blow from the foundation-building disciples.”

   Shield beads come in four types: white, yellow, red, and purple. The darker the color, the stronger the attack it can resist. As the last life-saving charm of a mysterious woman, it is indeed very good.

   Gouzhu did not ask how much she spent. Naturally, a beautiful girl like her rarely spends her own money, and it’s probably a gift from Wu Yuan’s senior. I’m afraid she doesn’t know how much she is.

   “It really doesn’t work, I also buy a shield bead.” Gouzhu thought. In the ranking battle, if you can catch the opponent’s full blow, the opponent is likely to run out of true energy and naturally lose. Of course, if he had a shield bead, he would never hang it around his neck like Wuxia. He would hide under his clothes and would never take it out until the opponent made the final blow.

   “Don’t buy shield beads.” He was thinking about this, but there was a beautiful female voice like a gurgling stream in his ears, “There are real good things in this night market, otherwise I wouldn’t feel so obvious.”

   Gouzhu suddenly turned his head, only to realize that Lian Ling didn’t know when he was already standing beside him. Under the lights of the dark night, she was dressed like snow, with green silk like a waterfall, draped diagonally on her shoulders. At first glance, she looked like a female ghost crawling out of a grave. Gouzhu was taken aback and whispered:

   “Are you crazy? In such a crowded place…” Gouzhu almost reflexively took off his Taoist robe and covered her body.

   “It doesn’t matter, no one can see me.” Lian Ling shook his head in still water.

   “What are you doing?” The Gouzhu, who saw the shield bead on his chest just now, seemed to be about to take off his robes. The shaman’s eyes flashed on the side, and his hands covered his chest vigilantly.

   Gouzhu couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, he had to pretend, and said, “It’s a bit uncomfortable, just scratch it.”

   “Hehe, then you scratch slowly, don’t scare me.” Wu Xia ran away with a smile, and went to find someone to show off.

   Even though Wu Xia was next to her just now, she didn’t see Lian Ling at all. The passers-by who came and went by also completely ignored this shocking saint. If it weren’t for her to lean very close to herself, it’s entirely possible for pedestrians to and fro to bump into her. There is obviously a ghost here. What they see is different from themselves?

   “Then why can I see you?”

   “I don’t know. I think it’s because our souls are puppets, witches and witches. This kind of blindfold can only deal with others, and it is not effective for my own soul. I can see myself too.”

   “This invisibility method is really good. Why don’t you teach it to me?” Gouzhu secretly wanted him to know this trick, and what he wanted to steal was not as simple as trying to get things from his pockets? This really made him excited even thinking about it.

“This is Shu Luolan’s innate magical powers. It can be invisible at will, and even the breath and voice can be hidden. But Shu Luolan I have no way to teach you for the time being.” Lian Ling finished speaking, suddenly turned her head, she seemed to see something “It seems that there are still people following us quietly.”

   Gouzhu was surprised. In fact, he also faintly felt that someone was following along the way. It stands to reason that there is a wide road from Cuiyu Palace to Qingyang Town. If someone followed him, he would have discovered or even got rid of it. But he only occasionally felt closely followed. Sometimes he glanced over, and he seemed to be able to see a figure in his surroundings. But he looked at it, but he saw nothing.

“who is it?”

  Lian Ling smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, although this person is a little suspicious of you, it won’t be against you. You don’t have to worry about her.”

  Since even Ling said don’t care, Gouzhu felt strange, but he didn’t bother to think about it. He always didn’t bother to cry when he saw the coffin, and such a stunning master with a graceful figure accompanied him to the night The opportunity was too rare.

“Will Master go shopping for magic treasures on Xuanshi?” Gouzhu said this means that you must be a veteran, and quickly help me find a better baby. Maybe we won a big victory in the ranking battle, five years Dan’s goal is greatly expected.

   There was a strand of messy hair on his forehead that almost covered half of his eyes, and his eyes swept across the market in front of him. Many years ago when she was still young, she was like the little girl named Wu Xia. She fell in love at first sight when she saw beautiful things. No matter how much she spent, she didn’t feel at a loss. But as soon as I got it, I put it in my fairy lotus for ten or eight years, and I didn’t even bother to take it out to take a look. If you look up an old thing by accident, you will feel strange to yourself. How can you spend so much money on such a useless thing?

   But it feels completely different now. Those various things, whether it is crystal clear gems, rough muddy soil, towering trees, or moss on the ground, are all made up of the most basic spirits of this Sao Po world, but the way they are composed It’s not the same. The various things composed of these souls are actually not beautiful or ugly. One thing naturally has a purpose. It’s just that some things are common, and some are rare.

   The reason why she woke up again from her deep sleep was because of a rare thing that attracted her attention. It was as if Xiuloran had met her kind, and her heart throbbed. She had to wake up from her deep sleep and unfold all her spiritual knowledge to find such a thing.

   “I see,” she pointed to a sparsely figured corner. A young man sat there nervously. Even Gou Zhu could tell at a glance that he was just a disciple of the Profound Sect, and his cultivation base was not even enough to build a foundation.

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