Record of Chaos

Chapter 24: Lei Xuan wood species

  On his stall was a pair of various seeds. This person is obviously from a sect that specializes in planting elixir. Not long after he started, he was forced by the sect’s money like the outer disciples of Jade Jade Palace. He took some of his own “private goods” and sold them. Look, there are good things there.”

  Lingcao Lingmu is a must for cultivating immortals and alchemy. For example, Pure Yang Pill and Xuan Yin Pill are formed by absorbing pure yang and pure yin’s zhenqi by the spiritual wax secreted by the wax wood.

   some plant seeds can even be directly refined into magic weapons. For example, Lian Ling taught him the orchid species of the underworld. However, such seeds are extremely rare, and it is impossible to obtain them without great opportunities.

   These lingcao ling woods are no different from ordinary plants. They are born in suitable water and soil, and grow by absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. There is nothing surprising. It’s a pity that the Xuanmen monk’s children have been digging for years, and the wild ones have long been scoured, and the rest are in places that humans can’t reach.

   The continuous production depends on wood sects like Cuiyu Palace. There is a Baicao Garden in the Jade Palace, which is responsible for planting vegetation. This is also a compulsory course for Jade Jade Palace. Gouzhu knows more than magic weapons.

   was spread flat on the rags on the ground, and he could recognize three or four of the seeds, most of which were low-grade plants that were easy to plant. It’s no wonder that the door here is not too bad. Gouzhu will of course not pay for it. These things are exchanged for pure Yang Dan in the Jade Palace for an internal price, which is much cheaper than the outside.

   “Is there any good things…”

   “Look at the charred thing in the upper right corner.” Lian Ling stretched out a slender white jade hand. Her mouth did not move, and her voice naturally sounded in Gouzhu’s mind. “That is the seed of Xuan Tiemu.”

   “Although Xuan Tiemu is not cheap, isn’t it available in the Jade Palace?” Gouzhu didn’t speak, because he could communicate with Lian Ling only through thoughts because of the puppet witch art. Even he knew this thing, and he also disliked being burned by fire for nothing. Ninety percent would be a dead species and worthless.

“Xuan Tiemu is very common. But this seed was scorched in half, and it seems to have been struck by lightning. The world rarely knows that the Xuan Tiemu species that has been struck by lightning has a possibility of becoming Thunder Xuanmu. This is not ordinary. Products…”

“Eldest sister, who knows if the half burnt is caused by thunder?” Gouzhu felt like she had practiced too much in the wooden escape technique, and even her brain was stunned. “If he roasted it as a chestnut, it burned half of it. Only when I found out that it’s not just buying a waste? And even if it’s a lightning strike, it’s only possible, and it doesn’t feel worth it.

   “This is a bet.”

   “Bet?” This makes Gouzhu a little itchy. One of his hobbies is stealing and the other is gambling. But he never went to the casino. In such a place, no matter how much money he stole, he had to lose it back obediently in the end.

  He bet on the silver in the fat pigs’ purse. The bet is won, the wallet is in hand, and the income is quite good. The bet was lost, the wallet was opened, and there were few copper plates inside. Before starting, no one can go and take a look at other people’s purse, and whoever chooses to start depends on experience.

“how much is this?”

“The market price of black iron wood species is about three thousand pure Yang Dan.” This young man did not look like a veteran in business. When the business came to the door, his eyes were very nervous. “It’s a pity that this one has been burned by the fire. If you live, I’ll give you a discount. “He seems a little bit unspeakable, but he swallows cruelly, “Two thousand five hundred!” After he said that, he seemed to think that the lion had spoken a little bit too much.

   “Your seed was burned by fire. Did you accidentally burn it?” Gouzhu asked seemingly casually, but actually wanted to find out the truth.

   “It’s not. When I got it, it was already half black, and I didn’t know how it was black.”

   Gouzhu looked at his eyes, not like lying. In fact, it seems that this young boy has never been involved in the world. Ninety-nine percent of him does not know the special value of the black iron wood species that has been struck by lightning. Otherwise, he would not give a discount, but a price start. Just now even Ling said that only a few people in the world knew about this. Gouzhu believed him for a while.

   But two thousand five hundred… this is still a bit too expensive. Even if it is the best black iron wood species, the internal price of the Jade Palace is about two thousand pure Yang Dan.

   “Brother…” Gouzhu waved Song Ruhai over, and then stretched out a hand, “Two thousand five hundred.”

   “So many!” Song Ruhai looked at the direction of his fingers in surprise, “You want to buy this half-baked chestnut?”

   “Well, believe me, it can’t be wrong.”

   In their Wuyuan, Mu was just an honest hunter, and Fat Cow was born as a scholar. Song Ruhai has a bit of experience, but most of the time he grew up in a rich family. You can stretch out your clothes and open your mouth. If you let him manage the food and clothing by himself, it is difficult for a strong man. Only Gouzhu seemed to understand everything, and was well informed and flexible. So even though Song Ruhai of their Wu Yuan is the boss, they have also developed the habit of “believing” this guy.

   Song Ruhai took out the money a little bit reluctantly, and suddenly felt that Xianhe was empty. After all, this was the first amount of money he “earned” independently after he left the Song family, and it hurts more than before.

   The young stall owner’s eyes lit up, and he took the pile of pure Yang Dan, carefully put it in his arms, and his tone of excitement was a little distorted: “Okay, things are yours.”

   Gouzhu immediately went to get the charred “chestnut” on the rag. But his right hand stretched out into the air, and when he was half a foot away, he touched his other hand and grabbed his wrist halfway.

   “This fellow Taoist is in no rush.”

   He looked up and saw an extremely handsome young man with a crown-like face in front of him. He seemed to be less than 20 years old, dressed in colorful brocade clothes, and an unoffending arrogance appeared on his face. Strong coercion came from his finger bones. Gouzhu couldn’t feel his realm, so he could only shrink his hand. The other party did not make a cruel hand. Seeing that he was about to retreat, the corner of his mouth curled up in a satisfactory arc, and when he saw it, he pulled the ground and released his finger.

   “I have paid all the money, so I’m not in a hurry.” Gouzhu smiled and quickly looked around the situation. The face of this young man in Jinyi was proud, and he looked like an unusual character.

   The five men who followed him, although they all wore ordinary gray valet shorts, did not look like ordinary valet, but looked like a group of strong men brought by the black boss. Moreover, these people look alert, each looking at different directions, it must be a more well-trained feeling for the general gangster.

   But the more terrifying young man was next to an old man wearing silk clothes and holding a pipe, who looked like Mr. Accountant. He has a rickety figure, a withered face, and his gray hair is messy like thatch. But under this turbulent hair, a pair of eyes are like stars in the cold night, shining with a chilling aura.

   Gouzhu quickly winked at Song Ruhai. Song Ruhai understood her heart and beckoned. After a while, Cuiyu Palace were brothers and sisters, a total of nine people, all rushing over, each holding the hilt of their swords, not losing to each other in aura.

   In fact, there is Lian Ling, the palace lord of the Jade Jade Palace, standing next to Gou Zhu. Although she does not know how she has recovered, she is holding her back anyway. However, it is inconvenient for Lian Ling to reveal his identity. If he can not fight, it is better to let the other party retreat.

   There was a slight contempt in the corner of the handsome man’s eyes. He took out a fairy lotus from his sleeve and threw it directly on the stall without looking at the stall owner. He only stared at the mysterious iron wood seed:

   “There are 10,000 Pure Yang Pills here, which is four times the price you bid. This seed belongs to me.” He just waited for the stall owner to nod his head before taking the things and leaving.

   “It’s very inappropriate to respect the driving. “Unexpectedly, the young stall owner did not immediately reach out to pick up the fairy lotus. Instead, he stood up and respectfully performed a Confucian gift.

“Xiaosheng has already received this Dao Master’s money, and that thing is already Dao Master’s. If you really want this, you can give these ten thousand pieces to these Dao Masters and buy them from them. It’s just that this matter has nothing to do with Xiaosheng.”

   After speaking, he sat down again, gently moved the fairy lotus and black iron wood species on the stall out of the rags, then rolled up the baggage, and was about to pack away people.

Gou Zhu heard Lian Ling sighed in his mind: “In these troubled times, the strong is respected, and there is such a person. This person is faithful and straightforward. He doesn’t change his words. He also knows how to respond to the situation and get out in time. Worth it.”

   Businessmen who are generally greedy for money, seeing a purse of 10,000 Pure Yang Pills, have already broken their previous deal.

   But this man is unmoved. He was obviously aware of the difference in strength, and with a simple sentence, he pushed the matter to the bottom, let the two strong fight, and withdrew with the money.

   This ability to adapt to changes, the muddy thief like Gouzhu is also ashamed.

Gouzhu quickly bowed his hand to the man and said, “I am a disciple of the Jade Palace, my name is Chen Gou. I don’t know how my brother is called? “Gouzhu didn’t have a surname, but when he was a thief, the master and the one who captured him in the Jade Palace” Master “Chen Xuanfang is always surnamed Chen, and he also reacted accordingly and gave himself the surname Chen.

The man smiled slightly and said, “I am not a businessman, nor a disciple of the Xuan Men. I am just a Confucian student with a surname like Hong. I studied Confucianism under the teacher Feng Chong of the Confucian Academy of Confucianism in Jinyucheng. The teacher’s birthday is near, and I have to come here Come earn some gift money. Now that the money is in hand, it is inconvenient for UU to read for a long time, so don’t go there. When the Taoist will pass Jinyucheng in the future, you may wish to visit the Confucian Academy.

   After speaking, he respectfully returned the gift and walked away.

“Cough cough”, the silk-clothed old man heard Gouzhu say the three words “Cuiyu Palace” and felt threatening. He coughed twice, “So you are disciples of Cuiyu Palace. The old man and Cuiyu Palace. Palace lord Bi Luo also has a fate, many years have passed, I wonder if your palace lord is still well?”

   The threat of his sentence is even stronger. Especially for the disciples in the surrounding jade palace. Everyone was stunned, thinking that this old man is the same generation as the palace lord! For them, the Lord of the Palace Biluo Saintess, that is simply the existence of high mountains. If the strength of this person and the palace owner can be compared, they are really inferior to the ants.

   But this is totally invalid for Gouzhu. The palace lord is by his side. He said to Lian Ling in his mind: “Do you know this old man?”

   “I don’t know.” Lian Ling has been famous in the arena for more than 30 years. He has fought hundreds of different people. Not everyone she met can remember the looks.

   “What state is he?”


   “So amazing? Then don’t ask for this charred seed.”

  Lian Ling smiled slightly, his chin raised, which seemed to be annoying:

   “You are the disciple of my Biluo Saintess, and you can’t walk sideways on the rivers and lakes. You are weak to be deceived? My Jade Palace in Dongsheng Shenzhou is uncontested, but I have never been afraid of anyone.”

   Gouzhu was taken aback. He was accustomed to seeing Lian Ling’s calm as water expression, but he didn’t expect that behind her there was a heart that refused to give up. Anyway, she was carrying it anyway…

   Regardless of three seven twenty one, Gouzhu directly reached out and grabbed the ground.

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