Record of Chaos

Chapter 25: Fight with the tiger

   Although he is too weak in spirit, he is agile. When the thing is safely in the bag, the other party can only grab it if he wants it. After all, this is the Xuanshi of the Song family. It is really a fight between the two parties. The dealer doesn’t look good on the face, and someone will stop it.

The young man in Jinyi also changed his complexion. He was about to make a move, but saw that although Gouzhu’s hand grabbed it quickly, the target was not the semi-scorched seed, but the immortal lotus with 10,000 pure Yang Dan. . He couldn’t help but sneered:

   “Count you acquaintance.”

  Unexpectedly, before he finished his words, Gouzhu’s outstretched hand folded in the air, and touched the ground, the scorched seed had disappeared, but the fairy lotus was still there.

   The young man seemed to be taken aback, but in a blink of an eye there was another cold snort: “Looking for death!”

He was about to make a move. The silk-clothed old man next to him had moved to the side of Gouzhu, his right palm stretched out like lightning, and his palm instantly became bright red with five fingers, carrying a hot wind, turning his palm into grasping. Grab Gouzhu by the shoulder.

   The young man stopped shooting. No one has ever dared to take what he wants on the spot in front of him. Look at the scrawny and wretched disciple of the Cuiyu Palace in front of you. He was surrendered when he fought with him.

   This person is indeed a little clever, and even when he reached out his hand, he made a fake move to deceive him. But clever people often die on their cleverness.

   The old man next to him is so much higher than the other, there is no difference between killing him and trampling an ant. Even if you add a total of nine Xiaoqiang from the Jade Palace, the ending will not change the slightest.

   As long as the pig’s shoulder joints are removed and the palm is loosened, the seed will naturally fall out of his palm.

  The old man who flashed over seemed to have a cover all over his body, which closed off the coercion of Zhen Qi, and Gouzhu couldn’t feel his realm at all.

   The old man’s only real energy surging in his palm, like a fire, the heat wave is pressing. If this grabbing caught his shoulders and Li Huo’s true energy entered his body, there would be internal injuries, and it would not have occurred at the time, but the consequences would be endless. Hook Zhu would probably not be able to cultivate in his life.

   The old man didn’t want to severely wound him on the spot and set up revenge with Jade Palace, but he didn’t want to let him go easily. It is best to leave him with a vicious internal wound, so that he can be used for life but with misery.

   But the old man’s fingers were half a foot away from him, but he suddenly felt that his forearm was restrained by a strong force.

   This inexplicable force is like a python, entwining the old man’s arm. He violently grabbed it, and when he reached an inch from the hook pig, he couldn’t move it.

   “What kind of magic is this, this person…” The old man was a little dumbfounded, unable to believe the facts in front of him, “Can this person hide his strength? Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

   The thin young man in front of him was completely transparent. His divine consciousness swept across the opponent’s body, only the strength of the first layer of the foundation, and there was no magic in it.

   In fact, if Lian Ling’s Asura was still in his body, even if Asura could hide himself, the old man would be able to find subtle abnormalities in the hook pig’s body.

   But Xiu Luolan is not in his body at this moment. Instead, he entangled the old man’s right hand.

  ”Does he have any secret method that can protect his body with powerful true energy, and I can’t even feel the ingredients of true energy?” The old man was terrified. Everything that loses logic is the easiest to panic.

   At this time, he suddenly realized that it was not some kind of true energy that was wrapping his arm, but a real thing. In the seemingly empty space, there is a tough entity, but he can’t see it!

   He has not encountered such a dangerous situation in years. Some invisibility, illusion, etc. in the arena, some belong to Yin and Yang escape technique, and some belong to spirit technique. In most cases, he is not afraid of it.

   The general mysterious technique is activated, no matter how hidden, it is impossible to avoid the fluctuation of true energy. Qi moves with the spirit, and with the power of his spiritual consciousness, it is impossible to be completely unaware of the fluctuation of the opponent’s true Qi and the existence of the spiritual consciousness.

   But Lian Ling’s invisibility technique is Shu Luolan’s natural instinct, and it doesn’t need to be inspired by True Qi. So when she stood aside calmly and didn’t take action, the old man’s consciousness really couldn’t feel her.

She released Xiuloran’s hand from her palm, and Aoki Zhenqi in her body had no choice but to move, but at this time the old man carried the red fire claws and attacked the hook pig. His heart was all on the hook pig. When he encountered obstacles, he thought it was the other party’s body guard. Qi, did not expect that there is a hidden peerless master next to him.

   Waiting for him to feel a strong Aoki innocent aura in front of him, Lian Ling’s Shu Luolan hand has disappeared instantly, retracting his body. She went into silence again, her spirit and spirit all subsided. It was like sinking into the ocean, disappearing again.

   The red fire old man was shocked again. This Aoki true energy is undoubtedly the line of the Jade Palace, but it definitely does not come from this newbie fish belly kid. There was an invisible master at Cuiyu Palace, and if the opponent did not make a move, he would not be able to perceive the opponent’s existence, let alone know his own depth.

   He has also been in the world for many years, and it is not that he has not encountered such a hot hand. If the other party is good at hiding, the best way is to never stop as soon as you get started. The fluctuating spirit and energy during the fight will constantly expose the other’s existence, so it doesn’t matter whether the eyes can see or not.

   But he can’t do this now. His mission is to protect his master. If he gets into a fight, who will guarantee the safety of the young master? Who knows if there are other masters ambushing the Jade Palace?

   He retreated decisively, stood in front of the Jin Yi boy, and unfolded his spiritual consciousness. Although he can’t see the hidden opponent, he can feel it no matter whether the opponent is walking or making a move.

   Jinyi boy was stunned. The old man is the biggest trump card in his hand, and he retreats with only one move in the face of a heavy fish belly? And also turned into a cowering look?

   Facing the master’s anger, the old man moved his lips slightly, but made no sound. He used lip language:

   “The opponent has a master lurking beside him. The young master has a body of ten thousand gold, and the old slave dare not lose a single bit in death.”

   The boy’s eyes widened, obviously unhappy in his heart. He also replied with his lips: “Is it all right? My ten thousand fire thunder cover, what is missing is a thunder mysterious tree, you can’t even find a seed for so many years! Finally, I have such good luck. Here, you can’t even get a few foundation-building cultivators?”

   Hearing this sentence, the old man also felt helpless. This Lei Xuanmu is no better than ordinary heavenly materials. If he just grows off the beaten track, even if it’s a sea of ​​fire, he will go for his master.

   Xuan Tiemu is everywhere, but lightning strikes can be met but not sought. He once ordered people to plant large tracts of mysterious iron wood in the thunderous area in summer, and waited for five years. As a result, he did not wait for a lightning strike on the treetops, let alone hit the seeds.

   But this time, with the power of his divine consciousness forcibly entering this semi-focused black iron wood seed, he already felt a clear thunderous air from it. There is nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort to run into it. He didn’t expect to encounter it on the road of this microservice southern tour.

  After years of hard work, of course he will not give up.

“Jiangnan is not in the Central Plains, but the domain of King Yun. If you make things bigger now, it won’t be good to expose the young master’s identity. But don’t worry, since the things are already here, they are threatening and lure. right opportunity.”

   “I don’t like night long dreams.”

   “Don’t worry, the young master retreats first, let the old slaves gather the staff, be prepared, and get the things before dawn tomorrow morning.”

   What they did not expect is that lip language is also one of the compulsory courses when hooking a pig as a thief!

  Lip language is not a special language, and it is no different from ordinary speech, except that there is no vent in the throat and no sound, only the lips move slightly.

   Anyone who understands lip language only needs to look at the other person’s lips to know what was said. People who do not understand lip language will never notice such subtle movements.

   Some master thieves can “eave” to other people’s conversations from a distance. He relies on his eyesight, and when he sees other people’s lips moving, he knows what the other person is saying. No matter how noisy the environment is, it has no effect at all.

   “What kind of dude is this, so reluctant…” Gouzhu thought to himself, really entangled whether this hot seed should be or not.

   He was about to discuss with Lian Ling, but UU reading found that the saint had disappeared and returned to his neck to fall asleep again.

   “Encouraged me to cause trouble, and she went into hiding…”

   Once Ling fell asleep, Gouzhu didn’t know how to wake her up.

   In a blink of an eye, the old man, the young man, and a few strong men around them, together with the 10,000 pure Yang Pill purses on the ground, disappeared.

   Everyone in the Jade Palace around, it is inevitable that there is a burst of enthusiasm in their hearts.

   Sure enough, the name of the famous sect of Jade Palace is not covered. Such a seemingly aggressive opponent, unexpectedly retreat with only one move!

   “This old trash man said he knew the palace lord?”

   “Scare people. Don’t fool people by bragging too much.”

   “I was almost frightened. I knew that, so I just gave him a sword just now to let him know how good I am wearing the cloud sword.”

   “The Cloud Piercing Sword is only an introduction to swordsmanship.

   Wu Xia rarely said a word, but stared at Gouzhu with wide eyes. This person’s understanding is very different from her previous understanding.

   Before, she just used this person as a temporary shield. He has an excellent memory, it is just an accidental natural skill, this kind of thing does not appeal to her at all. If it’s inherently useful, it’s better to be like Song Ruhai, tall and in the wind…

   But at this moment, under the strong pressure of the opponent, Gouzhu was able to smoothly walk the mysterious iron wood seeds on the ground. The courage at this moment really shocked her.

   This may not only be courage, but heroism! None of the fellow brothers in the circle dared to show off at that time. The wretched image of Gouzhu suddenly became a lot taller.

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