Record of Chaos

Chapter 26: See brother in adversity

  Except for Wuxia, although the other brothers are a little strange that Hook Zhu can push back their opponents, they still think that the old man is just bragging.

   Everyone is the same family but also adjacent to the Wuyuan, and they know each other’s strengths. Gouzhu has some advantages in light work, but nothing else.

   But everyone is very excited, enjoying the feeling of being happy and enmity for the first time.

   Only Gouzhu knows how hot this kind of child is. If I knew this, he didn’t want to give him away.

   “They went back and asked someone to go. They will come to us soon, we have to hurry up!”

   “How did you force him back?” Song Ruhai asked.

“I didn’t do anything!” Gouzhu certainly couldn’t expose Lian Ling’s existence, “I don’t know why he suddenly retreated, what might he be worrying about? Just now, I couldn’t feel the realm of Lihuo on his paws. But at least it is the level of Dan!”

   Song Ruhai’s face turned pale. Among the more than 80 true disciples in the Jade Palace, there are only about forty who conjured alchemy. The cultivator of pill formation can already use no magic weapon, and the true energy can directly activate the supernatural powers, and the strength is not a bit higher than that of the cultivator who builds the foundation.

   Now the highest realm of these two wu courtyards is a double peak of foundation construction. The strength comparison is the difference between clouds and mud. Even if all the nine lives are not struggling to death, I am afraid that they will not hurt a single hair.

   “Do you dare to provoke such a master?” Song Ruhai didn’t quite believe it. It is not an exaggeration to describe him as a cowardly brother as “coward as a mouse”. Why did you eat leopard gall tonight?

   “I don’t know!” Gouzhu said with a helpless expression, “How can I feel it when I am so high in realm? Only when he makes a move can I feel the anger on his fingers. Isn’t it too late?”

   Song Ruhai could not help sweating on his head. According to what he said, Gouzhu had already died once in the instant of this flashing stone. It’s just that the other party didn’t know the reason and decided to postpone the execution.

   Could it be that this is the Xuanshi of the Song family, for fear that it will save the face of the Song family?

   It’s a matter of life and death, Gouzhu didn’t hide it. Except for Lian Ling’s matter, he told all the other details, including the value of the Lei Xuanmu seeds, the estimate of the opponent’s strength, and the lips he heard. He told everyone and everyone.

   For this group of fledgling young people, the thrill of running through the rivers and lakes instantly turned into a chill in their hearts. Everyone knows what the threat of a pill formation master means.

   And this is not in the Jade Palace. The sectarian struggle is victorious, and there are rules and disciplines. As long as you don’t annoy the big brothers in the palace, you will suffer a little bit of flesh and blood at most, and you will not worry about your life. But the masters in the arena, who would take your door rules seriously?

   Everyone was terrified and was silent for a while, Song Ruhai said:

   “Use the sound transmission jade slip and the outer courtyard for help!”

   Song Ruhai thought about seeking shelter from Xuanshi. However, this Xuanshi was opened by the people of the Song family’s family. He and Nagato had a deep grievance, and the other party was waiting for him to die.

   Someone immediately took out the sound transmission jade slip. When the outer disciples of the Cuiyu Palace ask for leave to go out, they will receive this kind of sound transmission jade slips in the outer courtyard that can be transmitted directly to the duty room of the outer courtyard. If you encounter danger, you can notify the outer court to send someone to rescue.

   Of course, notification is notification, and it’s another matter if anyone will come. The outer disciples who went out of the Cuiyu Palace ranged from hundreds to thousands, and the misfortunes were different. There are limited masters in the outer courtyard, and they may not be able to manage them.

   And from Cuiyu Palace to Qingyang Town, there are more than 100 miles. If you want to get there quickly, I’m afraid I can only send a pill formation disciple Yufeng to fly.

   There are not many Jie Dan disciples working in the outer courtyard. It is really hard to say whether they have time to come because of the troubles caused by a few first-level courtyards.

   Everyone spread the information and waited for a while. In the end, two words appeared on the jade slip:

   “Quick return.”

   Everyone’s heart sank suddenly. Since let us go back quickly, it means that the Outer Court will not send people to rescue. All of them are shrouded in the haze of death.

   “Since the outer courtyard allows us to return quickly, let’s ride back overnight!” someone said.

   “Night is no better than daytime. What if you are ambushed? Let’s wait until dawn. There are people coming and going on official roads, so I think they dare not how about us.”

   These people were divided into two groups, one group wanted to drive overnight, and the other group felt that the night road was too dangerous. While the two factions were in a quarrel, they gradually spread their grievances on the person who caused the trouble:

   “They are all idiots like Gouzhu, you don’t have the ability to grab something with others.”

   “He caused trouble alone, why should we be buried with so many people?”

“All they want is this seed,” Gouzhu looked very calm at this time, a dead pig not afraid of boiling water. “The seed is on me. I stayed at the inn in Qingyang Town for one night. When they come, everyone will separate. As long as they are not with me, they should be safe…”

   “Unreasonable!” Song Ruhai interrupted him and said, “How do you deal with them alone?”

   “I just give them the seeds.”

   “But if they take something, they may not let you go!”

   Song Ruhai has not only experienced family fights, but also witnessed feuds. He knows that the fights on the rivers and lakes are not as simple as buying and selling. Once you have a grudge with the outside world, many of them end up with cutting grass and roots.

   Gouzhu knows this of course, but he has no fear. Although he didn’t know how to wake Lian Ling, even Ling would die if he died. He did not believe that this woman would not wake up by herself when life and death were at stake!

   Besides, these brothers staying by their side, in fact, really can’t help much.

   “This idea is very good!” Although Song Ruhai was dissatisfied, a senior from the Wuxia Academy immediately agreed, “We will all go back to the Jade Palace, and Senior Brother Gouzhu will stay here and return the seeds to them. This is the best policy.”

   “Yeah, it’s better than being hit by a net.”

   “Go to the stable and get the horse out.”

   “Fart!” Song Ruhai yelled. But he calmed down immediately. The same door was originally the same forest bird, and the catastrophe was about to fly separately. There was nothing wrong with this. It’s just that he has a nameless contempt and dislike for these people that makes him angry.

   “Well, if you want to leave, you go quickly. But Song Ruhai is not a timid person, I will not leave.”

   Song Ruhai’s “Timid and fearful” shook everyone. After all, they are all Xuanmen cultivators. It is the shameful thing to come out to walk in the arena and fear death. Everyone stopped talking and left Xuanshi together and returned to the inn.

   Wu Xia and a few from the Wuyuan House silently led the horse out of the stable, and they were about to go back to the Jade Palace.

   A trace of ominous omen flashed in the heart of Gouzhu.

“You might as well go west. One hundred miles to the west is Yuntian City, which is a big city. They didn’t expect you to flee in the opposite direction and would never intercept them. You stay there for a few days, and return to Cuiyu after the limelight has passed. The palace will do.”

   “Brother Gouzhu, you should take care of yourself.”

   Several senior brothers did not take his words seriously. They were destined to drive late at night, and they were panicked. But walking this familiar road, thinking that the Jade Jade Palace is just ahead, I feel more at ease. If you go farther away, thinking about it, you will find it more unpredictable.

   Gouzhu looked back at the wood and the fat cow. The two had no intention to leave. Forget the wood, the fat cow is a female stream, how can he not want her to stay with her to die.

   “Wood, you take the fat cow to find another inn in the town to hide. It is enough for me and the boss here.”

   “Huh,” Fat Cow glanced at Wu Xia and said, “You think I’m the same as some women. I’m not going.”

   “Who said I’m leaving?” Wu Xia also blinked. She was still hesitating whether to lead the horse and leave with her brothers and sisters in Wuyuan. But when she was provoked by the fat cow, she refused to leave.

   She is a person who decides purely by her feelings.

   has to drive more than a hundred miles in the middle of the and there may be people chasing and killing her, she is very scared. She naturally feels safe to stay in the town, as if there are no ghosts in crowded places. Besides, she can live and die together with a male **** like Song Ruhai.

   “Stop arguing, because there are not too many people to bury me anyway.”

   “Cut, who wants to be buried with you! I won’t go, but I’m not with you!” Wu Xia gave him a white look again, wondering if Song Ruhai would misunderstand her.

   There are so many people who are willing to “wait for death” with him, which is far beyond Gouzhu’s expectation. When he was a thief, apart from the master, those “brothers” who ganged up together on the road, who was not in a catastrophe just slipped away.

   Only the master who raised him is absolutely willing to die for him. It’s a pity that the master disappeared somehow. This has become a vacancy in his life.

   Unexpectedly, after spending a year in the Jade Palace, this vacancy was filled. The whole brothers and sisters of Wuyuan, plus the witch flaw, could live and die with him when he caused a catastrophe. This made him feel a strong warmth.

   He secretly swears in his heart: “As long as I’m still alive, I won’t let you suffer any loss.”

   Unfortunately, he has no strength! The opponent’s strength is unfathomable, but he is just a fish belly in the middle of the first stage. For the first time, he felt sad for his strength.

   He only had to escape for his life before, and he never cared about it. But now when he wants to protect his brothers and sisters, he deeply hates it.

   “If I can escape by chance this time,” Gouzhu couldn’t help clenching his fists, “I must develop the same ability as Lian Ling!”

   Going into the inn, Gouzhu found the atmosphere a bit strange.

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