Record of Chaos

Chapter 27: Tent full of dead bodies

   Maybe it was too late. There was no one in the dining hall on the first floor, not even a guy on duty. Only an old man sat at the counter, his eyes closed as if he was dozing off. His face was as thin as a withered tree bark, and his hair was gray. Gouzhu knocked on the countertop for a long time, and he didn’t lift his eyes and glance.

   “The shopkeeper, we booked the room first.”

   The man opened his eyelids, and then threw five keys on the counter.

   “Are there any other dishes?” Gouzhu asked. He was a little hungry after running all night. Although he might die at night, he didn’t want to be a starving ghost.

   “No.” The old man didn’t move at all, and the word was almost hummed from his nostrils.

   “When the kitchen is turned off, you can bring some cold, find some leftover cooked meat, and cut a little.”

   The old man seemed to feel very annoying, and pointed his hand to the door: “Love to live, not to stop-go.” He seemed to want to say “get out”, but he felt too much, so he changed to “go”.

   Gouzhu was about to have an attack, but when I thought that the night was dark, it was too troublesome to go out and find another inn at this time, and I had to hold back. The old man also caught their weakness. They had to go upstairs hungry.

   Song Ruhai checked the environment on the second floor. This inn is not big. There are only ten rooms on the second and third floors. Except for one room on the third floor, I don’t know who lives in the other rooms. The other rooms are empty.

   This is because they were originally a group of nine people, so when they came for dinner, they prepaid for nine rooms. The inn was almost covered by them.

   “If someone might come at any time, we must take turns on duty.”

   Fortunately, the five rooms they live in are all on the second floor, separated by thin wooden boards. If someone is on duty, a call can wake everyone up.

   “It is my fault, let me watch the night.”

“The three of us, each one keeps an hour, and the night is over.” Song Ruhai said, “According to age, I will first, after an hour, I will wake up Gouzhu to change, and finally the wood. Wait until dawn. , We will go back to the Jade Palace.”

  The reason why they stay here is to wait for the young man in Jinyi to bring people over so that they have the opportunity to return the mysterious iron wood seed to each other and settle this grievance. But by the day of tomorrow, these people have not come to speak, and there is no point for them to stay here.

   Song Ruhai always said one thing, and Gouzhu didn’t dare to go against it, so he went to sleep in the room. Song Ruhai stood in the corridor. He kept an hour, and it was the third watch, and it was safe. He awoke Gouzhu and went to sleep by himself.

   Gouzhu didn’t plan to wake anyone up. If the other party came, he quietly returned the seeds to them, so that the brothers and sisters would not get involved, that would be the safest.

   “Where will they come from?” Gouzhu thought for a long time, “may not come in through the gate.”

   The night is quiet, and everyone seems to be asleep. It was quiet, and there was only the sound of crickets in the darkness. Gouzhu pushed the window open, and moonlight fell on the sleeping Qingyang Town, almost dead outside. There seemed to be a dog barking in the distance, but it was at least a few miles away.

   “It’s so quiet, if someone comes over, I will definitely hear it.” He jumped to the window, climbed with his hand, and grabbed the eaves. Then he gently turned over and reached the roof.

   This inn is just beside the official road. There is a circle of clearing around. If someone approaches, he can see it clearly from the roof.

   “I’m just sitting here and staring,” he thought to himself, “If they come, I will go straight to negotiate with them.”

   But his biggest problem is that he can’t sit still.

   After sitting for less than a quarter of an hour, his **** started to itch. But this is nothing, just walk around and move your muscles and bones.

   Gouzhu suddenly remembered that when he was a thief, occasionally he would wear night clothes and walk across the roofs of other people’s houses.

   Every time I succeed, I feel that every pore on my body is really comfortable. It feels like I haven’t enjoyed it for a long time.

   It’s a pity that he doesn’t cherish the stolen money, and in a blink of an eye he spent drinking and eating meat with his friends. Otherwise, he would have saved a few hundred taels of silver to lead a comfortable life as a rich man.

   Wanting to have something lustful at your fingertips is like a disease in your bone marrow. After arriving at Cuiyu Palace, he has been holding back for more than a year.

   “The old shopkeeper has such a bad attitude,” Gou Zhu snorted in his heart, “I’ll go and give him a few dollars…”

   He easily climbed the eaves and turned down from the second floor. When he reached the first floor, he opened the window and jumped in gently without making a sound. This was originally what he was good at when he was a thief, and it became even more powerful after practicing light work in the Jade Palace.

   entered the lobby on the first floor, it was really empty inside. Even the old man who was half asleep on the counter was gone. Only the oil lamp is still on.

   Gouzhu fumbled behind the counter, but didn’t find a penny.

   “This old man, really be careful. “It seems that the old man took all the money with him when he left.

   But he can’t stop him as a professional thief. The general inn has a counter not far from the counter, and all the money is kept in it. Of course, the shopkeeper also slept in the counter to watch the night.

   Gouzhu quickly touched the door of the accountant. Strangely, there is a lock on the door of the account!

   He thought the shopkeeper would sleep in the counter. The lock on the door of UU Reading means that there is no one in the room. Where did the shopkeeper go? There are no other rooms on the first floor. Did the shopkeeper go to sleep in the guest room on the second floor?

   This is nothing. Gouzhu suddenly became excited. In his history as a thief, he has never succeeded in looting the account of an inn…

   He pulled out a copper wire. This is used as a bracelet around his wrist. I haven’t left him in more than ten years. In addition to making bracelets, they are occasionally used to unlock locks.

   This kind of ordinary brass lock really can’t stop him. Within a few seconds, the lock was opened. Pushing the door open, he took a deep breath. Sometimes he can smell silver and copper when he enters the cashier.

   “What kind of smell is this?” In the darkness, he couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t smell the money, what he smelled was a strong smell of blood, as if entering the slaughterhouse.

   He took out the fire fold and shook it. This kind of thing is specially issued by the Cuiyu Palace Outer Courtyard for disciples who go out to make fire. It is a small bamboo tube with white phosphorus and flammable straw inside, and the outer door is closed with wax. When using it, use your fingertips to poke off the wax seal and shake it, the white phosphorus will ignite when it meets the air, and the whole bamboo tube will become a small torch.

   Gouzhu took the Huo Zhezi and took a picture around him, almost frightened.

   In a small room less than a few steps wide, four people piled on the ground, old and young, depending on their clothes, they should be the shopkeeper and two guys in this inn, as well as the cook.

   And the old shopkeeper on this ground was obviously not the same person as they came back before and saw the half-sleeping old man sitting behind the counter.

   They were all dead, blood shed all over the place. Gouzhu was standing in a pool of blood, shaking with Huozhezi in his hand.

  If the shopkeeper is dead, who is the half-awake shopkeeper he saw before?

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