Record of Chaos

Chapter 28: Tree Clan Purifier

   Of course that person is not the real shopkeeper. He is not even a human being, he is a tree demon blood purifier, from the demon world. His sole mission is to purify the blood of the tree tribe, and eliminate those humans with “innate tree bodies” in the human world.

  Because the innate tree of these people is not a natural gift at all, but the result of the blood spread of the tree demon.

   He only needs a corpse with an innate tree body. Bringing back this corpse, he immediately completed his mission and returned to the tribe.

   So he is only here, he needs to monopolize the credit. Moreover, He Wanyi had already told him clear information that all this group were disciples of the first grade Wuyuan no more than Zhuji Second.

   No matter how many people there are, he can easily win it.

   This old man-he just looks very old. When he took off the old skin on his face and took off the gray wig, he became young.

  The tree clan is very long-lived, even if it is a few hundred years old, it looks like a young man, and it doesn’t need a life-saving pill. If a tree looks very old, it is an old demon for thousands or even thousands of years.

  His name is Mu Fei.

   Wearing a mask and a wig has always made him uncomfortable. But from tonight, it may not be needed anymore.

   The face of a young and mature man with edges and lines appeared in the faint moonlight in the corridor.

   He will leave the human world with the corpse he wants, and no longer need to worry about the pursuit of human monks. Of course he will complete the deal with He Wanyi before that, leaving him the tree core in the corpse.

   Although betraying the tree core is as disgusting as selling his own organs, he is a tree that keeps his promise.

   Three days ago, he had already begun to wait on the official road from Jade Palace. He sat in a small hotel on the roadside, drinking while staring at the people passing by until he saw the people he was waiting for and watched them enter an inn in Qingyang Town.

   took their time to go to Xuanshi and killed all the living people in the inn, including a shopkeeper, two guys and a cook. Kill four mortals without making any sound at all.

   Mu Fei locked their bodies in the account, so even if any guests come again, it is impossible to encounter them.

   Then he sat at the counter patiently waiting for them to come back. It is safest to take the dead of night when they sleep. If you do it in Xuanshi, it is easy to reveal your identity. As soon as his identity as a monster race was revealed, it would inevitably be the endless pursuit and killing of human monks.

   His goal is only the person who has the innate tree body, so the fewer people who can be alarmed, the better. More people were alarmed, and the news reached the Jade Palace. Whether he could leave the human world smoothly was a question.

   He did not expect that these people seemed to be defensive. Someone was watching the night in the corridor on the second floor.

   Although his strength is much higher than that of the opponent, if he rushes to act, he may also be stunned. Once these disciples from the Jade Palace ran away like cockroaches, he might not be able to kill them. So he patiently waited for the opportunity.

   An hour later, the second disciple who watched the night did not guard in the corridor, but lifted himself onto the roof.

   It seems that what they are guarding against is an external attack, and they are not alert to an attack inside the inn. Of course he would not let go of such an opportunity.

   Mufei walked upstairs lightly. His tree is very heavy, enough to crush the entire inn. But his body is extremely light, and he can even fly with wings. Otherwise, how could he be worthy of the word “flying” in the name.

  He walked through the staircase corridor. The wooden building that would squeak in the wind did not make any sound.

   The child with an innate tree body sleeps like mud in the room, and he can even hear a low snoring sound. There was a latch inside the door, but this was not a problem for him.

   In the darkness, branches grew like hands on his body.

   These tree hands extended into the room through the crack of the door, just as flexible as a human hand, and he quickly caught the door latch.

   He pulled the latch open gently, moving so slowly as if it didn’t move at all.

   After a while, the latch opened. His tree hand has entangled the entire door panel. He gently lifted the entire door panel and opened it, making sure that it wouldn’t make any noise.

   After a while, he was already standing in front of the opponent’s bed. He did not make any breathing sound, just like a piece of dead wood, standing quietly in the dark. But his heart couldn’t hold back his excitement.

   He has been waiting for a full ten years, is it finally time to end?

   He seemed to have smelled the hot and humid air in the rainforest and the blazing sunlight above his head.

   The tree hand he gave birth will immediately wrap around the neck of the snoring man on the bed, slowly tightening, and gradually exerting force on his carotid artery, slowly reducing the blood flow through his brain.

   A monk with an innate tree body, even if he encounters a sneak attack, the tree body will be stimulated by a strong stimulus before he is on the verge of extinction. Although this person’s tree is only a larva at most, it is a trouble once it is stimulated.

   If it is to quietly cause him to pass the cerebral ischemia into a coma, and then kill him in an instant, then it will be foolproof. Then he would use a special “tree coffin” to store the corpse, take out the tree core and give it to He Wanyi, and then send the rest to the demon world.

   But when he was about to touch the other person’s neck, a dull wind blew behind him.

   Two tree hands grew out of thin air on his back immediately. These tree hands looked like a thick branch like a forearm, divided into five-forked branches at the end.

   doesn’t need to turn around at all, his tree body is called “Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes”. A tree hand with five branches can grow anywhere on the body. These branches can be rigid or flexible, can change shape at will, and are more flexible than fingers.

   At the “palm” where the five branches are branched, there is a living eye. This eye has extremely keen vision, no different from the eyes on his body.

   So he has a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, and he can see the enemy behind him without turning his head.

   But the price of the tree clan’s keen sense of vision and touch is that their sense of spirit and hearing are very average. Moreover, his attention was all focused on the human beings in the innate tree that he was going to hunt, and he even ignored the movement of the disciple who was on the night.

   He grabbed the flying power with one hand, and in his hand, it turned out to be a huge water tank. It was also full of water. He squeezed hard and there was a loud noise, the water tank shattered, and a flood swept the floor of the room.

   Accompanied by the loud noise was a shout:

   “There are monsters! There are monsters!”

   Of course this person is a hook pig.

After seeing the corpses piled up in the ledger, he wanted to go up to the second floor to wake everyone up and leave this weird place, but he saw that the wooden door had been opened, and the man was standing in front of the wooden bed, obviously getting down. It’s dead.

   Of course he can’t watch him die. In any case, this is also the brother who has spent more than a year with him in Cuiyu Palace. What’s more, when I got into big trouble, people stayed there without even complaining.

   When he was a thief, his master had said to him a long time ago: “The most important thing in Hunjianghu is loyalty. Those brothers who will catch you soon and will not leave you behind, you have to die for them!”

   He was a fate, and he should have died in Chen Xuanfang’s hands more than a year ago. At that time, he died of misfortune, but he survived. Although he had absolutely no strength at that time to keep his brother alive, this matter also became a shadow in his heart.

   This kind of thing cannot happen again.

   He couldn’t feel the strength of this monster, but it was definitely far beyond his imagination. It stood there motionless like a black hole, without any breath of activity coming out.

   Its whole body is like a weird tree, with many branches-like hands growing on its body, and each hand stretches out to the front of the bed. And the wood-like guy who is as numb as wood is still snoring on the bed, it’s almost drunk.

   “What the **** is this…”, Gouzhu thought.

   When the wood becomes a tree, at least it is still a human form. This thing does not seem to know what kind of creature it is. Although he can’t kill, but he must give this guy a threat, and the louder the better. The bigger the trouble, the more people can wake up. And when there is a mess, that’s when you get out of the chaos.

   Give this guy a real blow!

   He immediately thought of the big water tank he had seen in the corridor.

   This kind of water tank is placed around the corner and is prepared by the inn to prevent fires. After filling most of the tank of water, it is impossible for an ordinary mortal to be able to carry But the introductory technique of Cuiyu Palace is not covered after all. It absorbs pure Yang Qi and refines pure Yang Dan day by day As a result, although his sea of ​​air was only initially expanded, it was also much wider than ordinary mortals.

   Even if it was only in the middle of the first layer of the foundation, the pure Yang Qi poured into the meridians of the limbs, and the muscle strength suddenly increased. Although this sudden increase in reliance on true qi was only temporary, at this moment, he raised the big water tank full of water and felt that it was not very laborious. Like a watermelon in his arms, he smashed behind the monster without thinking about it. At the same time, he shouted:

   “There are monsters! There are monsters!”

   For Xuanmen disciples, monster beasts are really good things. To slay them is for the people, and the monsters are full of treasures. A complete corpse of a monster beast is worth at least one hundred thousand pure Yang Pills, and the skull of a monster beast is completely useless to get a large bounty.

   Of course, hunting monsters also requires good strength. At least the Zhuji disciples would not think of it. At least the Xudan realm can consider fighting the monster beast.

   Gouzhu yelled and screamed, hoping that if the pill master hears that there are monsters, there may be a lot of them. This monster will be unlucky whether it is a monster or not.

  If he shouted like this on Xuanshi, it might be really useful, but the inn is relatively open around it, and the rooms in the inn are rounded up by them, except for their own people, there is no other mysterious master.

   “Stupid.” The monster squeezed the huge water tank with one hand and snorted coldly. He didn’t look back, but the flexible hands on his body, like a disturbed snake, turned his head back.

   “Humans like you, ten more will die.”

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