Record of Chaos

Chapter 29: Stupid human

   Each of these things is like a palm, with five green fingers growing on it. The tips of the fingers are extremely sharp, transparent like crystal, and exude a cold luster different from the fingers. But what was even more frightening was that in the palm of the five fingers, there was a vivid eye staring at him.

   Being stared at by so many eyes at once, Gouzhu felt quite uncomfortable.

   “What’s the matter?” Such a loud noise finally made Muko woke up. He sat up and rubbed his eyes half asleep. Gouzhu really wants to scold you for sleeping like a pig.

   “Go to hell!” Mu Fei let out a low growl. This sentence he used was an old tree clan saying, to Gouzhu, it was just a meaningless low buzzing sound. But for Mu Mu, he understood the meaning of this sentence inexplicably, and the fear in his heart suddenly flooded his heart.

   Unlike humans who master language and supernatural powers through learning, the language and divine power of the tree tribe are born in the blood, and the humans with the “innate tree body” of this blood can naturally understand the language of the tree tribe.

This monster exudes a kind of power similar to the Aoki zhenqi cultivated in the Jade Jade Palace, but it is not. That kind of power is completely emitted from the blood, just like the impulse and anger that the mortal’s blood rushes out when the mortal is angry same.

   This kind of breath is so strong that it condenses into a substance around him. He began to emit a luminous green mist from all over his body. This mist coiled like a snake, constantly flowing around his strange body, and quickly gathered at the fingertips of his two tree hands.

   Although he was extremely contemptuous of the opponent’s strength, he was really angered by the “monster beast” that Gouzhu shouted.

   When the tree demon was born, they belonged to the grade of a strange beast. With the growth of bloodline power, to his level, it is indeed comparable to the monster beast.

   But the difference is that the monster beast is a beast with no cultivating body, and he is a tree monster with a human body from birth. The difference between him and monsters is the same as the difference between humans and dogs!

   For any monster, the word “beast” is the biggest insult.

   “Sura blood technique, the killing of five teeth!”

   Mumu heard the last kill word, but Gouzhu still heard a buzzing sound. The length of the two tree hands skyrocketed, and the fingertips of the five fingers pierced the air with a green light, making a sharp howling sound, forming two green rays in the air.

   Mu Fei did not care about the opponent’s forward and backward attack. He wanted to kill the little Taoist priest of the innate tree body as soon as possible, but also killed the sneak attacker behind him, so he attacked at the same time. For him with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, there is no difference between front and back.

   “Boss, your tripod!” Gouzhu’s eyes flashed with despair.

   He knew that everything he did now was useless. He had to hide and couldn’t bear it. He could only pin his hopes on the boss Song Ruhai. If Song Ruhai could not understand his meaning in time, he would undoubtedly die.

   The power of the five rays of light, he estimated that there was nothing to stop him except Song Ruhai’s broken tripod within a radius of fifty miles.

   Song Ruhai has not actually fallen asleep, with ears erected alertly on the bed. It’s just that his cultivation is really limited, and he can’t feel Mu Fei’s attack on the wood, but he suddenly jumped up when he heard the loud noise of the water tank and the cries of the hook pig.


   There was a loud noise.

   Mu Fei suddenly felt that his five fingers had hit an extremely heavy piece of metal. In fact, his nails can be cut into mud when facing ordinary iron, but when encountering this…

   In his palm, he saw a behemoth, as tall as a person, a black bronze cauldron engraved with animal patterns. In fact, even the profound bronze might not be able to stop his five-finger teeth, but his teeth were just about to pierce the giant cauldron, suddenly the metal became hot instantly, and then the whole body turned red!

   The five sharp fingertips on Mufei’s tree hand are not nails, but his teeth.

   His tree body is a strange combination, eyes grow on the palm of his hand, and teeth grow on the tips of his fingers-he does not have nails.

The body of each tree clan is the result of innate blood inheritance. The body of each tree clan is very different. This ensures the tree clan’s rich and diverse adaptability. Of course, some of these different body structures are extremely powerful, and some are Weak to be eliminated by the tribe.

   These five-finger fangs are one of the most powerful weapons in his body, and they are the foundation of his foothold in the tribe.

   He doesn’t believe that these human races who have built a foundation can have any way to stop it. But the guy with the innate tree body has already woken up, and his tree body will definitely awaken, and it may be aroused.

   In fact, even the powerful trees in their tribe, there are not many that can really withstand the frontal blow of his Five Tooth Kill.

   Although his finger teeth were sharp, they couldn’t withstand such a sudden change in temperature. Suddenly he bite into a bite of hot charcoal, and he couldn’t help but let go.

   The situation on the other side is not good, he grabbed a piece of tough and heavy wood with the five-tooth kill that grabbed the opponent’s chest. There was a sound of cracking a whole piece of wood.

   “What a hard wooden shield!”

   Every tree clan has a wooden shield, which is their basic defense. When the human heart of this congenital tree is threatened, the tree is naturally aroused, and the skin on the chest is raised with thick wood. This wood is hard, Mu Fei has never seen it in the tribe.

   “What kind of blood does this guy inherit?”

His fingertips pierced this extremely thick wooden shield, but the wood continued to grow, so much so that he had grabbed most of his palm, but was still trapped in this wood, and the opponent seemed to have even a blood stain. Not caught!

   As for his other eye, he was still staring at the red-mouthed Kanae. With this bit of stuff, he wants to kill people, it seems that he is not so fast.

   “Huh, shameless human! It’s just a good magic weapon.”

He wrinkled his brows and continued to divide his mind into two uses, turning his claws into palms, his palms stormed, and he gently pushed on the red fire cauldron. I don’t know how much force this push has. The fire cauldron that looks like a load is actually It was retreated like a kite and flew backwards.

   Song Ruhai couldn’t control it at all. He was hit by the fire cauldron, and the cauldron with the people smashed the wooden wall on the second floor of the inn and flew straight out.

   Without the big tripod’s interference, Mu Fei turned his head to deal with this extremely heavy wooden shield, his five fingers were deeply caught in the skin at the heart of the wood. If the wood is an ordinary human body, with his grasp, the sharp five-claw teeth have already penetrated the protection of the ribs and took out the opponent’s heart.

But the whole body of the wood has been lignified. The skin and flesh of his whole body have been transformed into a dark purple wood. The whole body has more than doubled, but he is still a little ignorant by his appearance. He is not actively transforming. May not have this ability yet.

   Mu Mu was only stimulated with the potential of the tree body when he was threatened with his life.

   Mu Fei has never seen such a tree.

  When in the demon world, the relationship between the tree monsters was different from that of humans. The tree monster’s biggest enemy is not a foreign race, but his own family—every inch of land and every sunshine must fight desperately with other tree monsters, so he has battled many tree bodies.

   But it is the first time that Mu Fei has encountered such a pure, tough tree with almost no impurities. This body is pure weight and strength, without any skill, and without using any magical powers, but UU Reading blocked his “Five Teeth Kill” severe blow.

   If he hadn’t attacked both directions at the same time just now, he would spend all his blood on this opponent, or he could really pierce this defensive wall with one move.

   That’s why he pushed away the big tripod with one move. Now for him, all the disturbances around must be cleared one by one. He must take back all the other tree hands and concentrate all the blood energy of the whole body into the hand of this tree that is tightly grasping into the wooden body, so that it is possible to completely kill the opponent. Fortunately, the opponent is firmly grasped by him. Completely immobile.

   Although the Shenhuo Cauldron was pushed away, the disciple of the Jade Palace who attacked him with a water tank was still aside, and two female disciples with swords appeared. Mu Fei felt a little annoyed.

   “There are only some personal grievances between Dao Mu and I,” Mu Fei said calmly.

   Mu Mu, like him, has the surname Mu. He Wanyi betrayed this name to him, “This matter has nothing to do with others. It’s better not to interfere with you fellow Taoists.”

   Although Mu Fei is strong, he is not a monster of recklessness. His thoughts made him see the situation more clearly. If the few people who are in the way next to him can retreat, things will be much easier for him tonight.

   Of course he knew that these guys were brothers and sisters from the same Wuyuan, but he couldn’t figure out why they had to die with him. For a tree, if the tree next to it dies, won’t it get more sunlight and more space above and below ground?

   “You two, go and pass the letter with jade slips…” Gouzhu completely ignored the threats from the other party. He wanted to run, but he knew that he would die if he ran the wood: “Don’t talk about danger, just say there is a monster here! It’s half dead, and there are few people who can’t take it. Let the people in the outer courtyard come quickly!”

   As he spoke, he had already leaped forward recklessly while holding the sword.

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