Record of Chaos

Chapter 3: Green Dragon's Poisonous Scheme

   Chen Xuanfang hurriedly explained with a smile: “This is my newly recruited disciple. I haven’t seen the great world before. I was so excited that I was speechless when I met the master master. I also asked the uncle to not be offended.”

   “Bring back to cultivate good students.”

   The saint said these words quietly, without stopping, she took two steps, then suddenly looked back at the hook pig who was a little dumbfounded, and her eyes flashed by, ice clear as water.

   “Is this seeing me off?” Gouzhu thought. His thoughts have not yet dissipated, and the saint has already brought a group of female disciples around, floating away.

   The lingering sound lingers, a quiet fragrance stays in the air for a long time.

   But after hooking the pig, he didn’t get any chance again.

   Seven turns around, climbing high and low, not knowing how far they have gone, they were taken to a deep valley. It is only thirty steps wide, and there is a rapid stream in the middle. The ground was wet, covered with moss and weeds, and there were cliffs on both sides.

   There is a huge crack on one of the sides. A white waterfall rushes down the crack and rushes on the rock at the bottom of the valley. Thousands of years of scouring have washed the rock wall slippery, and the sound of water is deafening.

   This water is called Qinglongxian, which comes from the spring on the main peak of Cuiyu Peak. This valley is called Dragon Skeleton Valley. Although it is directly below Cuiyu Peak, there is no way to go. It is an extremely remote location.

   Except at noon, there is no sunshine at all on weekdays, and the humidity is deep, so few people come. Chen Xuanfang looked at the sky, it was already dusk, and it would be dark soon.

   He let the two sit on the ground, and took out two weird chains in his hands like a trick. The chain is black and is one foot long. It has two locks on one end, a key in one lock hole, and a small black ball on the other end.

   He buckled the lock buckle on the ankles of the two of them, all his left and right feet were locked, and then inserted the key into the lock hole and turned the lock and pulled out. Then he triumphantly looked at the two foolproof butt-tickets, and meditated at ease, as if waiting for something.

   The small black ball didn’t seem to be the size of a fist, but Gouzhu tried to move it with his feet, but it didn’t even move. It didn’t even roll.

   In fact, not only is the black ball very heavy, but the lock and chain on the ankle are also made of the same material, which is equally heavy. Both legs of the hook pig are stuck in an indestructible iron ring like this.

   He is not unfamiliar with this thing. In his early years of stealing, he heard Master say that some thieves were caught stealing things from the immortals, but they were locked by the immortals with a seemingly small but heavy black fetter called “mortal shackles.”

  Actually, the material of mortal shackles is the mysterious iron used by the mysterious door to build weapons. It is extremely heavy and strong, but it can only be used to copy mortals.

   Chen Xuanfang just waited until dark. Gouzhu dared not say anything, but asked a few words to the eye. Chen Xuanfang said that this was just a basic test for the beginner disciple, so he didn’t dare to ask any more, desperately trying to learn the “Master”, sitting cross-legged, but it was a pity that both feet were handcuffed and unable to move.

   It’s getting dark, and I can’t see my fingers in the canyon. But the ears are still full of rumbling water, and the air is full of water splashing and flying Mercury.

   Chen Xuanfang lit an oil lamp, and the dim light suddenly faltered, illuminating the three dark shadows who came here quietly.

   Gouzhu took a closer look, and found that these three people were just one tall, one short, one thin, plus the fat man Chen Xuanfang, they were all tall, short, fat and thin. But Gouzhu could only see the shadows all the time, not his appearance.

   When they approached, they discovered that all three of them were all in black, with their heads tightly wrapped, only two eyes were exposed. The thin man among them glanced at the Gouzhu and the cross-eyed sitting on the ground, seemingly taken aback.

   Chen Xuanfang smiled peacefully, and said: “Two live medicines are dying, it’s all right.”

The thin man took a close look at the mortal shackles on the feet of the two of them. He seemed relieved. He walked over and said to Chen Xuanfang: “You said you want three elders, we are all together. But the ugly words are the first, with Biluo’s I am afraid that the combination of the eight elders is not her opponent, not to mention the three plus you as a half-hearted man! The boss said that you have a perfect plan, but I don’t believe it.”

   “Don’t worry! The open spear is invincible, can’t you still shoot it?”

“If there is a way to think about it, the boss would have done it a long time ago. Can you wait for a woman to hold the position of the head for thirty years? Depending on what you mean, do you want to poison or not? This wicked woman is extremely vigilant and guarded. If you go out without drinking or eating, you will bring everything you use. Living in the Danyang Pavilion at the top of the mountain, you can drink the rootless water from the sky, grow your own spirit fruit for food, and do not touch the fireworks in the world. There are many restrictions around Danyang Pavilion, you can’t even enter. Go, let alone poisoning! Even if you can really poison it, it’s useless. The **** is proficient in medicine and pharmacology, and has the power to smell the medicine and know the prescription. Before your poison is poisoned, she will smell it!”

   The skinny elder gritted his teeth when he spoke, and seemed to have a deep hatred with Bi Luo. Usually he is extremely depressed in doing things in the Jade Palace, and only in this deserted deep valley, coupled with the rumbling of the green dragon’s saliva, which almost covers up all other voices, can he freely complain about the shrewdness of this woman.

   “It’s really impossible to use poison, there is no hope at all,” Chen Xuanfang shook his head repeatedly, “But if it’s spiritism…”

   Even the gushing thin man stayed for a while. Spirituality is the magical power of the soul sect. The Five Elements Sect, where the Soul Sect and the Jade Palace are located, is a feud, and it is a big taboo to use the enemy’s influence to participate in the internal fighting of the sect. If it spreads out, not only will it be difficult to survive within the faction, but the big and small schools of the Five Elements Sect under the World will also regard it as a big enemy, and it will be difficult to have a foothold at that time. Chen Xuanfang saw that everyone was dumbfounded, and quickly took out what was in his bag:

   “This time the disciple went out of the mountain, he went to the Zongmen Five Virtues. This thing was not obtained by me in collusion with the Soul Sect, but by the elder Mu De…”

   What he took out of his bag was a simple iron box, opened the lid, but inside was a stream of clear water, with a gloomy cold glow in the water, other than that, it was colorless and tasteless, just like ordinary white water.

   “Is this… Thousand Year Water Soul?”

“Yes! Biluo lives deep in the Danyang Pavilion. The place is full of restrictions. Even if you are an ancient power, you can’t do your hands and feet without leaving a trace. But if you can reverse the green dragon’s mouth, the water system above it is connected. With Ziyun Hot Spring, no matter how strong the restrictions there are, water leakage will not be prevented…”

   In the Jade Palace, most elders know that Bi Luo has a habit of bathing in the hot spring every night at 3:00. If Thousand-Year Water Soul can really go upstream in this powerful waterfall, it is indeed possible to send some “takeaway” in. Everyone was stunned by such an incredible idea. The thin elder couldn’t help cursing:

   “Chen Xuanfang, the boss read you right! You are really poisonous and cheap! Only people like you can make such a trick!”

   The thin elder sneered and sneered, but Chen Xuanfang didn’t reply, walked up to Gou Zhu and took out a small bag from his arms. He opened it carefully, and inside was a bunch of hair. The hair was beautiful and slightly fragrant, like a woman’s long hair.

   Chen Xuanfang said in a low voice: “Nan Mingyang is fierce, Li Huo rises!” With a pinch of his fingers, his palm suddenly burst into flames, burning the bundle of hair to ashes.

   Then the mantra that he muttered suddenly changed: “The sea of ​​industry is ups and downs, the soul is connected, the curse of the witch, this person is a guide!”

   There was a burst of light in his palm, forming a strange talisman floating in the air. That Fulu looked like a soul character, but it was much more complicated than the soul character, adding many weird radicals, surrounded by two birthday characters.

   Chen Xuanfang continued to mutter: “Human puppet witch curse, knot!” Then he slapped it, and slapped the vain talisman in his palm directly into Gouzhu’s head.

   Gouzhu was already scared to death, and the slap made him feel very soul-stirred.

   Under his sudden shock, he suddenly felt a faint fragrance enter his nostrils. The scent is not strong, slightly floral, but not.

He is not usually sensitive to smells, but his mind is very clear at this time. He remembered that during the day when Chen Xuanfang was taken across a bridge in a large lotus pond, the woman he had seen before had exactly this body. taste.

   His entire spiritual consciousness flew up, flying out of the valley, hovering like a big bird above the Cuiyu Palace and approaching the top of Cuiyu Peak. However, there was an invisible barrier around the top of the peak, which made him smash his head and turn back into his body. UU reading

   Witchcraft is the most common spirit technique. The folk wizards write the birth date of the cursed person on the doll, and use a needle to pierce the doll, hoping that the cursed person will suffer the same damage as the doll.

   Chen Xuanfang didn’t know where to learn this set of human puppet witchcraft. It does not use dolls, but directly replaces them with living ones. The power is countless times greater than that of dolls.

  If Gouzhu and the Puppet Witch Gu of Saint Biluo are formed, as long as he kills Gouzhu immediately, no matter how much magical power the Saint Biluo has, no matter when and where she is, she will definitely die.

   It is a pity that this witchcraft can only be effective against mortals. A giant of the profound sect like Biluo Saintess, with extremely strong soul power, even if he casts a curse in front of him, he would be backlashed, let alone a jade peak and the heavy restraints on the peak.

   But if you add the soul guide made by Thousand Years of Water Soul and you can be surprised, the probability of success will be greatly improved.

  Water is originally a ruthless thing, but all things have an aura. If they get the chance, they will be born in thousands of years, and the soul will be complete in thousands of years, and they will become sentient.

   But this kind of opportunity requires time and place, which is extremely rare. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about the water of sentiment, as long as there is soul, it is already the world’s best product, called the thousand-year water soul.

   But the water soul has soul but no soul, so it cannot be used as the soul guide of witchcraft. The solution is to grab a living person and take out the three souls to infuse them into the thousand-year-old water soul. Although it can’t last for a long time, it can take a while.

   This is why Chen Xuanfang needs to capture two living people and bring them into the valley. One is used to make witch puppets, and the other is used to take souls.

   Chen Xuanfang paid attention to the time precisely in his heart. It was already time E, and it would be too late if he didn’t start. He did not hesitate to put his palm on the heavenly spirit cover of the opposite eye, and said in his mouth:

   “Fazhafazhafazhapu captures the ghosts of the public, eagerly like a law!”

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