Record of Chaos

Chapter 31: breakthrough!

   The teeth on his fingertips can rotate, and they rotate violently like a drill in the hands of a shoe repairer. The wooden defensive wall is too thick, he must speed up and never be disturbed by others.

   “You are not my opponent at all.”

  He coldly declared to everyone next to him, “As long as you don’t take action and leave quickly, you can all live. Otherwise, all die!”

   “That’s not necessarily…” Gou Zhu’s face was a little pale, and the wound on his chest was bleeding, but he didn’t care.

   He threw it away, and a pale yellow pill flew into Wu Xia’s hands.

   “Feed this pill to Fat Cow, you drag her away and send the letter.”

   Wu Xia nodded, stuffed the pill into the fat cow’s mouth, and dragged her away, although she was really heavy…

   That is a Zhujidan.

Gou Zhu listened to Lian Ling once said that the foundation building pill allows the monks at the first layer of foundation building to quickly break through the first layer to reach the second peak of the foundation building. In this process, there will be an explosion of pure Yang Zhen containing as many as 100 pure Yang Dan gas.

   During the breakthrough, these true qi will strongly urge the blood in the body, prompting rapid healing of any injury. If the breakthrough is successful, the fat cow’s injury will be completely restored!

   Wu Xia finally sent a message with the sound transmission jade slip.

   At the same time, in the outer courtyard of the Cuiyu Palace.

   There is a mansion built in a cave in the outer courtyard, which is not a tree house. It is located under a small peak beside the Wuyuan Forest in the outer courtyard.

   This is the cave house of Huo Yun, the elder of the Foreign Academy, named Shui Si Cave. In the cave, there are springs and water dripping continuously, forming waterfalls and gurgling water that can be seen everywhere in the cave.

   The moisture in this kind of hole is so heavy that most people simply cannot bear it. But Elder Huo and his disciples are here at ease. This is related to the “Mizuki Zhenqi” they cultivated.

   Huo Yun and Biluo Saint Lian Ling came from the same Wuyuan, and he is in charge of the outer court, the elder of the outer court of Cuiyu Palace.

   The stall in the outer courtyard often annoys him. You should know that Lazard who eats and drinks for more than 8,000 people is all taken care of by his outer courtyard, and he is a veritable nanny.

   Finally, it was not quiet until late at night. Occasionally, panic-stricken outer disciples send messages for help, most of which are involved in disputes.

   “Lian Ping is here…”

   “Please come.”

   During the recent period, the number of visitors to his water silk cave suddenly increased. And most of the people who came were bigwigs from all sides. As soon as the front foot of the elder of the Rejuvenation Institute left, Lianping, the guardian of Danyang Pavilion, came back.

The reason everyone is tacitly aware is that the annual ranking battle of the Outer Court is about to start, and it is Huo Yun, the elder of the Outer Court, who presides over the ranking battle. Take care of it.

   Whenever I saw her, Huo Yun felt that even he was going to be a lot younger.

   A green gauze that is as light as a cloud, covering the slender and slender body like nothing. Lian Ping tied her black hair to the right, tied with a purple streamer. Passing by the wind, bringing a ray of fragrance.

   There was a mischievous smile on his flawless white jade face. In Ming Ru Qiushui’s eyes, there is a playful cunning. This is the difference between Lian Ping and her sister. Abandoning this young agility, Lian Ping’s face also carried Huo Yun’s impression of her sister Lian Ling.

   He was originally from the same Wuyuan as Lian Ling, and it is impossible for him to be totally unimpressed with Lian Ling, this stunning senior sister. It’s just that Lian Ling has a cold personality and is indulging in cultivating alone, never intending to find an aisle companion. Of course, the brothers of Wu Yuan couldn’t bear to rebel against her wish, they all pressed this admiration to the bottom of their hearts.

  Occasionally seeing Lian Ling’s shadow but more lively Lian Ping, he would feel that he was influenced by this young woman full of agility, and a trace of vitality appeared in his heart again.

  Lianping naturally went to the Three Treasures Hall without incident. She also smiled and took out a list of disciples in the outer courtyard that she cared for, and then sat in the waiting room in the water silk cave to enjoy tea.

   “Has Shishu Huo been free recently?”

   Huo Yun was startled. I’m so busy every day, you little girl doesn’t ask how busy I am, but asks if I am free? What a foolish little fairy.

“How can this outer courtyard be more leisurely than Danyang Pavilion?” As soon as Huo Yun’s voice fell, a blue-clothed disciple hurried over and said to Huo Yun: “The call for help from Qingyang Town is the second tonight. Time again.”

   “Don’t you let them get me back right away?”

   “It seems that they did not leave, and then they met the monster.”

   “Monster? In Qingyang Town?” Huo Yun’s heart moved, but when he changed his mind, he felt deceived. The Qingxiao Mountain Range stretches for more than 3,000 miles. It is not surprising that there are spirit beasts and monsters in some inaccessible deep mountain forests, but how could it appear in Qingyang Town? That’s an important business route, and humans have lived there for thousands of years. The appearance of monsters in Qingyang Town is as ridiculous as the appearance of wild tigers wandering on the streets of Houtucheng…

   “Show me the jade slip, go down.” Huo Yun took the jade slip and waved his disciple down.

   I heard that there are monsters in Qingyang Town, and even Ping was a little moved. But the news was too shocking, and it was sent by a few disciples from the outer courtyard. These disciples in the outer courtyard have little experience in the arena and often make a fuss when rushing outside. I’m afraid it’s not surprising that strange beasts are monsters.

   “Are there any images?” she asked.

   Huo Yun stroked the jade slip and felt the message once. He did not see any images of monsters, but saw a wounded female disciple.

“I didn’t see the monster beast, but someone was injured.” Huo Yun sighed, “These guys are really worried. I will ask the Huichunyuan to send a medical disciple over to see, but whether it can save his life depends on good luck. Up.”

   “Oh? So serious?” Lian Ping wanted to pass Yujian, and she recognized the injured fat baby girl at a glance. It was Murongqing who was in the same family as Song Ruhai and Mu Mu.

   The recruitment of Song Ruhai and Mu Mu is the result of her manipulation behind the scenes. Song Clan Family has always had a good relationship with the elders of Cuiyu Palace Xingtang. Xingtang’s strength in the Jade Palace has always been deeply ingrained, making Lian Ping a headache. Especially after sister and master Lian Ling disappeared.

   Song Ruhai is just a collateral disciple in the Song family, and he doesn’t take them seriously. Lian Ping deliberately recruited Song Ruhai, and it was a wedge between the Xingtang group and the Song family, and it might be of great use in the future.

   As for wood, he is an innate tree, with unlimited potential in the future.

   Although this female disciple Murongqing is fat, she is meticulous in studying and practicing martial arts. She also likes this female disciple from the bottom of her heart. Only through Huo Yun’s behind-the-scenes manipulation, she divides them into a Wuyuan.

   As for Gouzhu… he was a disciple recruited by Chen Xuanfang. And the date he entered the Jade Jade Palace happened to be the day when his sister Lian Ling and Chen Xuanfang disappeared together. This guy seemed simple, but she was the only clue to her sister’s whereabouts. She has always focused on “caring for” this person. He was specially placed in the same courtyard as Song Ruhai and Mutou, just for the convenience of monitoring his every move.

   But they are not on the list of caretakers for the Outer Court Ranking Tournament that Lian Ping brought.

   The competition in this ranking battle is extremely fierce. In Lian Ping’s mind, Song Ruhai, the Wu Yuan, is still too weak. After one or two years of experience, and after they have discovered their potential, it is not too late to fight for the third or even fourth level of the ranks. The ranking battle of the five houses is carried out in different levels, and only competitions between the five houses of the same level.

   She didn’t expect that this Wu Yuan could cause her trouble the first time she came out.

   “Uncle Master doesn’t need to notify Huichunyuan,” Lian Ping waved her hand, and then put the jade slip into her Bi Lianpei, “I will solve it at this time.” She got up and said goodbye.

   “This year’s ranking battle of the first-level outer courtyard, the first name has already been booked?” Having reached the door, Lian Ping suddenly looked back and asked.

   “Of course,” Huo Yun scratched his head, “Apart from the defiant boy named Tang, who else? He is Gu Wentian’s nephew, and his talent is more than that of Gu Wentian’s metamorphosis.”

   “Tang Su, the pride of the sky?” Lian Ping muttered. The strength of this true disciple Gu Wentian was also quite jealous for her.

On the other hand, in Qingyang Town, when the two girls left, Mu Fei did not stop him. He promised a lot of money. As long as anyone didn’t stop him from killing the tree emperor, he didn’t intend to have any trouble with them. What’s more, all his mind and vitality were spent on this expendable “Spinfang Kill”.

   This trick is designed to deal with indestructible defenses, and requires a lot of energy and patience.

Although he touched the opponent’s blood, the pain caused by the defensive breakdown also stimulated the growth of the opponent’s tree-that layer of wooden shield suddenly more than doubled, although the thickened wooden shield could not reduce his Li Ya pushed out of the body, but it greatly increased his resistance to move forward.

   “Let’s go, boy, this is the last time I warn you.”

   There is only one tree hand left behind him, which is the one that just attacked the hook pig’s chest. On the five sharp teeth, there are still scarlet blood stains, and the eye in the palm glanced at the hook pig with disdain.

   But Gouzhu did not return!

  He put the two pill that he had prepared in his palm, washing the marrow and building the second pill into his mouth together.

   These two pills give a completely different feeling. The marrow pill is as cold as snow and sharp as a knife. One into the abdomen. As if swallowing thousands of sharp blades, these sharp blades travel along with the meridians, seeming to cut the whole body with thousands of swords.

   And building Jidan, it is a group of refined pure Yang Zhenqi, once in the body, the whole body burns like a fire.

   Two Dans are in one, Gouzhu really feels like he is in a sea of ​​flames!

   His whole body meridians, like countless magma pouring up, reached the top of an extinct volcano that had been cold and silent for thousands of years, and the hard rock was making a “cracking” popping sound.

   Gouzhu took advantage of the momentum and drew his sword, and the sword pierced the back of the opponent.

   “Stupid human beings, why—”

   Mu Fei was furious.

   He couldn’t understand the behavior of this human being whose strength was so different from his own. He was about to kill the tree emperor, but these humans harassed him time and time again, this kind of obsession, Jane was frantic.

   His tree hand grabbed back and grabbed this powerful sword. As a result, the progress of Rotating Fang had to be slowed down again.

   The sword of Cuiyu Palace is not iron or copper, but wood, which is made of black iron wood. Black iron wood is tough and sharp, which is very similar to black iron, hence its name. This kind of wood-made sword is not as sharp as the profound iron, but it is slightly lighter and adds a bit more flexibility.

Mu Fei grabbed the blade of the sword and twisted it forcefully. Unexpectedly, the sword was not twisted by him, but was twisted into a bow shape. He flicked his hand, and the sword made a faint sound and plunged into the wooden pillar in the corner of the room. In just an instant, Mu Fei’s tree hand had pierced the young man’s heart!

   “Why human beings are always so stupid…”

   He didn’t stop because of this, but picked it up in the opponent’s heart, feeling the last few beats, and caught the opponent in front of him.

   “You are stupid.” Gouzhu made a slight noise in his throat, “He is my brother!”

   “Brother, what is this brother?” A trace of doubt appeared in Mu Fei’s heart. In the demon world, there are brothers among the tree people, but they are all brothers competing for living space and resources. Brother is the first one to send you to hell. Apart from this are the other races, and finally the alien. If it were not for the common patriarch or tree emperor, it would be impossible for them to fight side by side. But these humans are so stupid that they are willing to die for their so-called brothers.

   Without brothers, wouldn’t it be possible to occupy more of the love of the elders?

   Without brothers, don’t you have more heavenly sunlight and land water sources?

   Why do you desperately protect your brother?

   Mu Fei suddenly felt that the person’s heart he had grasped didn’t seem to stop beating.

   “How is this possible, is it hell!”

   His five-finger teeth had clearly pierced the opponent’s heart, but he clearly felt that the heart beat became more and more intense.

   Could it be that the other party has some secret method that can not die physically!

His five fingers were surrounded by pure yang zhenqi, and this power, like a volcanic eruption, came out of his wounds. The spirit that made up his body’s material seemed to be excited by this incomparable energy and was going crazy Earthquake and reorganization.

   Although his attack caused a heavy blow to the opponent, it also seemed to just hit him through. It is as if the icy rocks clogged in the crater were suddenly cracked open, endless lava surging out…

   “Unreasonable! He is breaking through…”

   Even if it is just building a foundation, there is a thick barrier between the first and the second, and the second and the third. Xiushui Pill can clear the passage of True Qi, but it has no effect on these barriers.

   To build the base Dan, that is, when building the first heavy, played a role in helping to break through this barrier. Its principle is also extremely simple. It instantly releases pure Yang Zhenqi containing as many as 100 pure Yang pills, completely reorganizing the user’s body, and forcibly breaking through barriers!

   Although it is said that this pill is of great help to a successful breakthrough, the process of this breakthrough has to be completed by oneself after all. Especially for a difficult household like Gouzhu, even if the power of a hundred Pure Yang Pills madly impacts, to be honest, it may not really make a breakthrough.

   But the fatal blow the tree monster gave him finally caused his last strong barrier to collapse instantly.

   Now he feels full of power and energy all over his body, refreshed, and the opponent’s tree hand is driven out of the body by this energy, and the bleeding wound on his chest has instantly healed.

   “Breakthrough is nothing more than building a double foundation…”

   Mu Fei’s mouth despise, but in fact he is quite envious. The tree demon has a very long lifespan, but the price of equality is that it grows very slowly.

   This human breakthrough was not accidental, it was obviously related to the two pills he had just taken. There is no alchemist in the Dryad clan, and they dare not take these human pill, and they don’t know what side effects will be.

   “Unfortunately, no matter how you jump up, you are still dead.” For Mu Fei, the other party has one foundation or two foundations. In fact, there is not much difference. It’s just that the real qi that burst out at the moment the opponent broke through is briefly repelled, but such a violent qi is impossible to stay in a two-layered sea of ​​qi, once the breakthrough is completed, it will immediately be lost in the world. between.

   Mu Fei grabbed the young man by the neck. A breakthrough can indeed recover an extremely serious injury, but it is not completely unlimited. If he unscrewed this person’s head, no matter how much he broke through, it would be impossible to grow another head…

   “That’s not right, the triple peak of the foundation has been built!”

   Mu Fei felt that the strength from the opponent’s rush of innocence had already tripled!

   If you put it in the tree clan, it will be solved by taking two pills for twenty years of cultivation.

   Gouzhu completely ignored him. He patted the opponent’s waist with a light palm, with a sinister smile on his face. Even if I can’t beat you, I have to bite your next piece of meat!

   Mu Fei felt a light blow on his back. The triple strength of this blow to build a foundation is like a worm shaking a tree. Has no effect on him.

   But at this moment, something seemed to burst open in the kid’s hand. A gloomy air spread in the back waist.

   He suddenly felt sore and weak, and the tree hand grasping the opponent’s neck couldn’t help but loosen a little, and he couldn’t get his energy.


He felt a icy cold behind him. It was not the feeling of low temperature when he encountered ice and snow, but a cold for no reason, spreading along his veins in his body inexplicably, and the back waist that was hit by the opponent was already Nothing feels anymore.


That is impossible.

   Various kinds of poisons invented by mankind often only have an effect on the human body. And his tree body can absorb most of the poison, so in the human world, he is almost inviolable.

   Unless someone prepares early, and specially prepares him with poison to deal with the tree body, how is this possible?

   He angrily pushed the hook pig he was holding back. The hook pig’s body immediately flew out, hitting the wooden wall and flying straight out of the inn.

   Gouzhu’s neck is barely intact, but his ribs have been broken several times.

   Fortunately, Mu Fei has no plans to kill is running out.

   Mu Fei’s tree hand eye saw that the area the size of a fist on his back waist turned into a rotten pitch black. On this piece of decayed wood, a weird, beautiful, pure white flower grew out of it.

   “Underworld orchid!”

   In the rain forest of the Demon Realm, deep in the dense forest, where there is no sunshine all day long, and the dark and humid place is full of dead wood and corpses, he has also seen this strange orchid.

   This kind of thing will only grow on the corpses of dead creatures, absorb the remaining vitality, and release the aura of profound yin. Growing it means death, and no tree wants to stick this kind of thing.

   These terrible human beings would actually use such disgusting things as their magic weapon!

   Mu Fei did not hesitate to stretch out a tree hand, his five fingers immediately turned into sharp blades, and he grabbed his waist. There was a creaking sound of wood cracking, and he abruptly picked off the black part of his back waist.

   Sweat beads burst on his head like a human.

   Although the tree body does not bleed, his tree body is connected to the flesh and blood of the human body. For him, it is no different from a human directly cutting off a large piece of flesh.

   But he has no choice. This kind of underworld orchid will continue to absorb his own vitality until only the Qi of Xuan Yin remains in his body. Humans can also use their own true energy to resist, but the tree tribe relies on blood energy. When this kind of alien creature enters the body, it will directly pollute its own blood, and the more you resist it, the faster it will die.

   The strong man broke his wrist, he did not hesitate. He never thought that this kid from building foundation would cause him such a big trouble. It seems that this task is not simple.

  , after all, is to kill a character with great luck like the tree king, how can it be simple!

   “Sura Blood Technique, Cocoon of Wooden Tears!”

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