Record of Chaos

Chapter 32: Saint awakening

   He gave up the killing of Rotary Fang that exhausted his vitality and blood. Under the harassment of the innocent disciples of the jade palace around him, he has never been able to penetrate the tree emperor’s defense wall. A transparent liquid flowed out of the eyes of his palm. This liquid turned into a transparent rope when it encountered the air, surrounding the tree king and turning into a white cocoon.

   This kind of transparent rope emits a charming scent, which humans call a scented incense, which can make most creatures fall asleep in this scent, but there is no harm.

   As more ropes are entangled, this cocoon is not getting bigger, but getting smaller and smaller. This kind of rope also has the power to escape. Usually Mu Fei also uses them as his own fairy lotus.

   His move doesn’t have any powerful attack power, but it allows him to take the tree king away.

   He jumped onto the roof of the inn and looked at the dilapidated wooden house.

   This is where he lost. Several foundation-building cultivators blocked his action of killing kings. I am afraid he will never forget this in the future.

   Two huge horizontal branches on the left and right grew out of his back. Branches grew on the branches and regenerated leaves. They were densely packed and gradually became a pair of huge wings spreading out to two feet wide.

   He slapped his wings lightly, and a strong wind rose on the ground, causing many tiles to fly around the roof that was already shabby.

   He was about to spread his wings and fly, but he looked up and saw a fiery fire in the sky like a blazing sun.

   “Old monster, you want to leave after you catch someone?” There was a cold snort from the ground. Song Ruhai struggled to stand up even though his body was scorched and the corners of his mouth were bleeding. After all, this fire cauldron was his own magic weapon. Although the impact was heavy when it hit him, his manipulation of the magic weapon reduced the damage in time, and the burn was not that serious.

   just fell from the second floor. He fainted for a while, and it took him a while to wake up. When he woke up, he happened to see that in the half-broken inn, Mu Fei had wrapped the wood into a large cocoon, and then jumped onto the roof to display the wooden wings, and was about to fly away. He immediately evoked the Shenhuo Cauldron, buckled directly on the monster’s head, and covered him with a big hot pot.

   The temperature of this flame is extremely high, enough to melt the profound iron. To change the usual time, Mu Fei has some ways to block it. But when he was flying, his defense was the weakest. Once flying away from the ground, there is no supplement from the earth’s air. And the pair of wooden wings are made of countless light branches and leaves, which are extremely flammable. If it burns, it will hurt him greatly. There was nothing else in his hand that could stop the fire, and in desperation, he lifted the big cocoon in his hand and threw it forward, which quickly enlarged.

   Those white silky ropes would burn in fire and instantly turned to ashes. This giant lump fell to the ground like a falling star, and with a bang, it smashed a big hole in the ground.


   Song Ruhai hurried to the smoking pit. He had no choice but to use the Shenhuo Cauldron to block the tree monster. He never expected that the other party would lift the wood to block the fire from the Shenhuo Cauldron.

   Mu Fei saved the wooden wings, flew lower, and landed quietly. As soon as his body shape turned, he immediately soared, and in the blink of an eye he has become a towering tree tens of feet high. He stretched out a huge hand, grabbed it into the air, and pinched the fiery red Shenhuo Cauldron in his hand. The giant cauldron that was as tall as a person was not at all large in his hand, it was the size of a small wine glass.

   “You all go to death!” He let out a low growl in tree language. This dull noise, like the strange sound of wood chips scratching each other, makes people uncomfortable. All the sleeping residents in Qingyang Town were awakened. But no one came out to watch the excitement. Instead, they hid silently in the already prepared basement.

   Although Qingyang Xuan City is the territory of the Song family, they did not ask about the battles that took place in towns other than Xuan City. It’s not once or twice that Xuanmen fights have occurred in this town. There have been people who came out to watch the excitement before, but the good deeds are already dead.

   Along with the roar, Mu Fei threw out the Shenhuo Cauldron in his hand and hit Song Ruhai, Gouzhu and others. These humans aroused his anger time and time again, just for an irrelevant “brother.” He couldn’t understand these human behaviors, and at the same time he was angry with repeated frustration.

   His inner hatred for these humans has surpassed his desire to complete the mission and return safely. It doesn’t matter whether the identity is exposed or the pursuit of human monks is caused.

  As long as these human beings can be taught, and his angry hatred can be released, he can do anything!

“Shen Huo Ding, take it!” Just when the fire was less than ten feet above his head, Gou Zhu felt that his hair was about to catch fire. Song Ruhai finally finished reading the formula, and the Huo Ding on top of his head disappeared in an instant. A smoke-smelling heat wave in the air continued to surge down, but the violent impact was gone, just like being in a hot shower from head to toe. But if Song Ruhai is half a second late, this group of people will have to be smashed into meatloaf.

   “Sura blood technique, the root **** the world!”

   Numerous fibrous roots emerged from the ground and covered the ground for several miles. At first glance it looks like a crop sprouted in one place. But these fibrous roots entangled everyone like a snake, and Gouzhu immediately felt that he had been **** by the five flowers and was completely immobile.

   Immediately grew sharp thorns like thorns on the roots, piercing into every skin on his body and deep into the flesh and blood. The fear throughout the body is more terrifying than pain.

   “I will absorb your physical body immediately and become a part of my tree!” He switched to Middle-earth.

   Only the feeling of these people trembling and dying in fear can make up for his frustration this night.

   His fibrous roots spread everywhere, entangled the four disciples of the Jade Palace, the tree emperor, and many people in Qingyang Town who were panicked.

   It is not easy to completely absorb the Emperor. That **** wooden shield, he couldn’t crack it if he didn’t exert all his strength. But here, the various harassments of several loyal humans beside the tree emperor made him powerful and unable to use it.

   But if these Xuanmen Zhuji disciples were absorbed, and the hundreds of mortals in Qingyang Town, Mu Fei felt that it was more than enough. The taste of directly absorbing human flesh and blood qi, especially the true qi in the Xuanmen disciple’s body, is much stronger than that of ordinary human beings.

   Gouzhu clearly felt that his true energy and vitality were being lost mercilessly, and the rate of loss was accelerating. Even in the peak state, it is impossible for him to break free of these tough roots, not to mention that he is already severely injured and weak.

   “Just go to die like this…” Gouzhu’s consciousness gradually faded, but when he thought of the death word, he suddenly cheered up again, “If I die, wouldn’t that woman also have to die?”


   “I have spent a lot of time to compete with the old man in red fire. Now the state is far from the peak, it is really difficult to deal with this tree monster.”|

   Gouzhu’s mind once again sounded the voice of the Saintess of Biluo. He was so excited that he almost screamed at once.

“Hey, eldest sister, always try it if it is difficult or not. Are you waiting for us to die together? Let’s take a one-day trip to Huangquan? My life is worth a few dollars. You have been an immortal for so many years, so willing to die. Up?”

   Suddenly, Gou Zhu realized that he could actually see the existence of the saint in his consciousness. He had never experienced such a state before.

   Gouzhu stabilized his mind and forcibly stabilized the few remaining infuriating energy.

   This is a unique world, surrounded by a vast night, half of the ground is a fairyland-like jade palace, and the other half is the mundane land Qingshijie, as if he had seen it in a dream.

   There is a ruined wall on Qingshi Street. It is a half-broken tile house with a straw mat and a dilapidated clay pot beside the pillow. What’s hidden in the clay pot is naturally his savings from the first half of his life, and those tens of taels of silver.

   But this dilapidated place is in the core area of ​​the whole earth, and it is heavily wrapped by various enlarged and distorted strange objects around it. Gouzhu understood that after all, this was the place where his master raised him and was the most important secret place in his heart.

   It’s just that now it’s different from what I remember. UU reading www.uukanshu. On the straw mat of com, there was a large group of green vines entwined unexpectedly. The white body of Biluo Saint Lian Ling sat on his broken straw mat, surrounded by these green vines. Only a black hair hanging down like a waterfall and a piece of white and round naked shoulders appeared in the gap.

   A faint cyan vitality is permeated around the group of plants, and it seems that he is still drawing strength in his sea of ​​knowledge.

   This world is different from the past.

  The black clouds in the sky rolled, like ten thousand horses galloping, and the violent wind whistling the world.

   What’s more terrifying is that among the chaotic black clouds, there are countless huge snake-tail-like monsters hanging down. These things seem to be constantly absorbing the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, and everything in the world is becoming more and more illusory in the precariousness.

   “Did I see my Sea of ​​Consciousness?” Gouzhu heard that after the Xu Pill was completed, the monks would be able to go in and out of the Sea of ​​Consciousness to refine the Golden Pill, which was called the Zifu Realm.

“The Sea of ​​Consciousness belongs to you, but the person who sees the Sea of ​​Consciousness is not you, but me.” Lian Ling, who was sitting cross-legged, interrupted him. , Flying around her in the air like a dragon. She stood up, took her right hand as the blade, and cut her left hand vein. A cold light flashed, and a bloodstain appeared on her snow-white jade wrist. Then there was a stream of hot blood pouring from the bloodstain.

   She shook her hand, and suddenly the hot blood scattered around herself in a circle. The blood, like oil, ignites when it hits the ground, raising a cyan flame.

   As the blood gushed out, even Ling’s original snow-white body, even a little bit of blood, no longer existed, and it looked pale. But this pale and morbid state showed a tragic beauty that was beyond description.

   “With so much blood, won’t you die?”

   “If you don’t die, I won’t die.”

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