Record of Chaos

Chapter 34: Mu Fei surrendered

   Song Ruhai and Mu Mu rushed up. The wood is still a tree, and the sword in his hand is just like an axe.

   With a sword down, the roots of the mouth of the bowl were cut in half.

   Wu Xia and Fat Cow came to help. After a breakthrough, Fat Niu has risen to the second peak of the foundation building, and his injuries have almost healed. Everyone hacked at all hands and feet.

   Except for Gouzhu, no one can see Lian Ling, and no one knows what happened to this tree demon. Maybe this tree demon is a monster that cannot be tolerated by the world? Maybe some of his magical techniques have taken him back?

   Control him, take the opportunity to hack him to death!

   Mu Fei felt that his vitality was losing rapidly, and the sharp pain at the root of the tree was rolling endlessly like a sea wave under a strong wind. His contact with the ground is not as good as one percent of normal. It is inevitable to die if this continues.

   As a tree demon, born in the heaven and earth, and died in the heaven and earth, this is indifferent. But he was unwilling to die confused. Why did the simple task of catching turtles in the urn end so tragically?

   He suddenly woke up. Because he has countless counts, and he hasn’t counted that his goal will actually have the blood of the tree king. These irrelevant human beings are desperately fighting for this tree emperor, seemingly stupid and ridiculous, but in fact it is not, this is luck! The life of the tree emperor, since the birth of the heaven and the earth, has been added to the body, this kind of luck is not what a mortal tree like him can understand! No matter how dangerous he is, Heaven and Earth will protect him. Sooner or later, he will have to use this incomparable great fortune to return to the demon world and unify the tree clan! This is also the luck of the entire tree clan! Without it, the tree emperor is not the tree emperor, and the future of the tree clan will no longer exist!

  As stupid as him, in order to please his patriarch, he outrageously decided to punish the tree emperor, and wanted the patriarch to inherit the throne, and he would also earn the glory for the rest of his life. How shockingly short-sighted, ignorant, and ignorant this is! There was a strong regret in his heart.

   The destiny has been set, and if you follow the sky, you will be the wise man. In the desperate situation, he shouted in a low tree language, his voice like a rolling thunder:

   “The sinner should die. I am willing to be loyal to my emperor, and if I am determined not to change, please give me a chance!”

   Although he can’t complete the task here, he can follow the tree king. Although this may never return to the tribe, he will also become the first courtier under the new tree emperor. In the future, the tree emperor will return to the demon world to unify the tree clan, wouldn’t he have such a huge achievement? This is a myriad of times bigger than the ideal of hunting down those innate trees and finding ways to return to the tribe.

  Don’t people live for a hope? Whether he is a person or a tree.

   The sound came into Mu’s ears. There was a sudden throbbing in his heart, who was struggling to swing a sword and cut down a tree. Although strange talks such as “My Emperor” made him confused, this stern cry made him feel compassionate. The bloodline of the tree king was born with a kind heart towards his fellow clan. Probably because of this, this bloodline was respected by the trees as the bloodline of the tree king.

   “You guys stop.”

   “You wood, are you crazy?”

   “Stop! I seem to feel something. He is willing to give up.”

   “You believe it?”

“I believe!”

   Gouzhu stood on the side of the wood. Because he asked Lian Ling’s opinion.

  Lian Ling said that the loyalty of the tree demon is as difficult to change as the stone, let alone the tree emperor. He will never repent of what he vowed to the tree king.

   Tree King? What kind of tree king is the wood? That’s why it attracted such a terrifying monster? And wood is actually the emperor among monsters?

   Such a large amount of content, he still cannot understand for the time being, but he knows the weight of the information. He roughly explained the ins and outs of this monster to Song Ruhai and others.

   “How did you know?” Song Ruhai was very embarrassed. Although he was not seriously injured, his clothes were mostly burned by the Shenhuo Cauldron, almost in a state of unclothed. Now his eyes look at Gouzhu and Mumu are similar to monsters.

   “Of course I don’t know. The monster said it himself.”

   “He said? Why didn’t I hear?”

   “Only wood can understand!”

   After some arguing and entanglement, everyone stopped. Everyone basically agreed with the seemingly absurd facts in front of them, and all agreed that this matter is of great importance and must be resolutely kept secret. As for why this tree demon was suddenly defeated, everyone naturally felt that this was the supernatural power of the “Tree King”. Wood, this weird “innate tree body”, seemed to contain power that he didn’t understand. Maybe it will only be revealed at the moment of life and death? If his innate tree body came from the emperor of the tree clan, it would not be surprising that he used a big move to destroy the tree monster who committed the crime at the moment of life and death.

   He could only smile awkwardly at this. He didn’t know what happened from the beginning, and he didn’t know it very clearly in the end.

   Mu Fei has recovered. After bowing down again and again, he vowed to follow the tree emperor.

Gouzhu looked at him for a long time. This person is still alone, but after the fierce battle, there are no traces of blood on his body, and the whole body is covered with shocking bloodstains, just like being brutalized with a whip. Smoked hard for most of the night. In fact, this was the scar left by the Green Wood Dragon Snake Technique, and he was almost hanged alive by this terrifying technique.

   Looking up and down the pig for a while, in fact, he wanted to see if he had immortal lotus. After watching for a long time, there was nothing on him except the scars. Even if he had something to carry, it is probably destroyed in the fierce battle. But this kind of powerful old monster shouldn’t be completely without magic weapons, right?

   Don’t take a layer of skin off him, Gouzhu is really unwilling. Because of this idiot monster’s plan to murder the wood, he almost died a little bit! If it hadn’t happened to have bought the medicine in Xuanshi, and happened to break through and recover from the injury, he and the fat cow would definitely die from the stabbing tonight. Fat cattle are even worse. Song Ruhai and Mu Mu are not much better.

   “Tsk tsk,” Gouzhu chuckled deliberately, “You keep saying that you want to talk to your boss. If you don’t give it to you, you can join the group? There are no rules in the world!

   Mu Fei did not raise his eyes to look at him. As a tree clan, he is born with a kind of pride for mankind. Although he was loyal to the tree king, his loyalty was only the blood of the tree king in the half of the wood. For other people besides wood, although he is no longer as indifferent as before, he still has a lukewarm attitude.

   But Gouzhu is not unreasonable. Although he doesn’t understand these “rules of the rivers and lakes” of human beings, since he has expressed his allegiance, he has to show some expressions. He knocked his head at the wood again and said:

   “My emperor, if there is anything criminal officials can do, just speak up. Even if your majesty wants the tree core of the criminal officials, the criminal officials can cut them out and offer them on the spot.”

   Mu Mu was taken aback. Although he doesn’t know what a tree core is, he also knows that it must be a terrible thing. Moreover, he hadn’t been knocked over his head very much when he was born, and he immediately felt that his life was lost, and he quickly pulled Mu Fei up.

   “Forget it if you don’t have money.” Gouzhu rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t you even have a magic weapon? For example, a better profound bow…”

   In fact, any magic weapon can be used. It was only because the old wooden bow was chopped off during the battle with Kakura more than a month ago, and his heart aches so much that Gouzhu thinks of the example of using the bow.

   Magic weapons can be used even by monks in the foundation-building realm. It won’t be long before the Outer Court’s Ranking Tournament, if they have a magic weapon, their hopes of getting a good ranking will greatly increase. But the magic weapon can only be used by the master voluntarily erasing the soul mark. They are afraid of being deceived and they dare not buy. Now a master stands in front of his eyes to show This is a godsend opportunity. How can Gouzhu not let him take out a few magic weapons to “voluntarily” erase his soul mark?

   Mu Fei looked up at his tree emperor. When talking about “bow,” Mu Mu’s eyes showed a hint of excitement. He nodded slightly, and muttered a low tree language in his mouth, and there was a dark yellow light all over his body. Then his body became illusory, shrunk, twisted, the light disappeared, and it twisted into a bow, floating in the air for a moment, and falling into the hands of wood.

   Although I have no magic weapon, I can become a magic weapon to express my loyalty!

   “How are you…”

   Mu Mu was strange, and suddenly felt a low vibration from Mu Gong’s hand. This vibration did not make any sound, but he could naturally understand that these were tree language:

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, although I am temporarily transformed into a wooden bow, my spirit remains the same. If necessary, I can return to my original state at any time. Besides, as a tree clan, appearing in the human world, I am afraid that I will be coveted by human monks. I temporarily disguise as a weapon. , It’s also a lot safer.”

   “Well, then you don’t want to come out for now.” Mumu also replied in tree language. He said that the tree language hardly needs to make a sound, just a shake of his hand. He discovered for the first time that he had such a talent.

The wooden bow made by   Mufei seems to be a thick branch that has never been carved. It is forcibly bent into a bow. The bowstring is made of a kind of tough fiber twisted. The size of this bow is not much different from his original hunting bow, but the weight is countless times heavier. This is more suitable for his current foundation-building monk’s physique. Holding it in his hand, he suddenly felt like he couldn’t put it down.

   Originally only wanted to pick a few magic weapons from him, now he has turned himself into a “magic weapon”, and the hook pig has to be speechless, and he no longer cares about the wooden mess.

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