Record of Chaos

Chapter 35: 5: line guards

  Lianling’s Azure Emperor Dragon Snake Technique has long since stopped, but the rain has not stopped. Hook Zhu found that the falling rain was no longer the spiritual rain condensed by Aoki Zhenqi, but ordinary raindrops.

   She was standing in the rain with everyone, but only Gouzhu could see her. In fact, she should be the most injured in this battle.

   “Are you okay?” Gou Zhu felt that even Ling’s body had run out of blood. Now her skin is bloodless, paler than paper.

“If you don’t die, I won’t die.” Lian Ling smiled slightly. She was still in the joy of feeling the way of the golden core, as if she had forgotten the tragic condition of her body, “I will fall asleep again, and I won’t wake up again for the time being, even if It’s as dangerous as this time, and you can’t wake up again. In the future, you have to figure out your own way.”

   Gouzhu showed a trace of shame on his face. He seemed to regard this woman as his life-saving trump card, and even Ling discovered this. She just had to do this because their fate was forcibly linked together.

   “For now? How long is it?”

   “I don’t know.”

   After speaking, her body became illusory, and Gouzhu felt lost in her heart and wanted to hold her back. But her body was like green smoke, and Gouzhu grabbed an empty space with one hand, and her phantom drifted away like smoke in the wind.

   Gouzhu regretted calling her out.

   He has forgotten whether he called her out, he doesn’t seem to have this ability at all.

   But I did deliberately hit the tree monster, hoping that the tree monster would kill him first, forcing Lian Ling to come out-how silly and ridiculous in retrospect.

   I was a man, and he used death to force a woman who was dying to come out desperately, and she was still a woman like Ling Ling who was willing to die for her 10,000 times.

   I am so humble and ridiculous, even if it is to save my brother, what is there to be proud of?

   The only comfort is that Gouzhu feels the green vine in his neck is still there.

   Although life is dim, she is still alive.

   If she dies, then he can never forgive himself forever, and she also said that as long as he does not die, she will not die.

   He must live well. No matter what he is, it doesn’t matter whether he is a thief or a Xuanmen monk. He just wants to be stronger now!

   “You must build a pill within five years!”

   Gouzhu secretly swears in his heart. Although he had sworn this oath many times, it was all to save his life before.

   This time is different.

   I remember Lian Ling said that if he forms a pill, then his true energy can feed Xiu Luolan back. With this kind of infuriating backfeeding, maybe Lian Ling can recover faster, right?

   Although not sure, Gou Zhu faintly felt that every time Lian Ling appeared outside of his body, it would be very exhausted and damaged. This damage needs to be slowly compensated through deep sleep.

   Before the pill formation, never let her come out again!

   If she recovers completely, will she leave forever?

You know, she is the head of the profound sect, the stunning palace lord envied by so many people in the world, if it weren’t for the coincidence of Dragon Skeleton Valley’s distress, how could she be **** with him, a little thief on Bluestone Street. Set together.

   Although this idea is still so far away, it is another kind of melancholy.

   She said that to satisfy her desire, whether it is money or beauty, her jade palace is not lacking. It’s a pity that these things seem to be not so attractive to the current hook pig.

   Gouzhu lowered his head.

   “We have to find a place to take shelter from the rain.” Song Ruhai looked at the dilapidated inn, which might collapse at any time, and wiped the drops of water on his forehead.

   No one knows why, the rain turned into a real torrential rain. The original moonlight disappeared in a blink of an eye, and it was completely dark all around. Only the moment of lightning becomes bright as day.

   There were gales, lightning bursts, and thunder rumbling. The big raindrops fell violently, and there was no dry place on Gouzhu’s body. The rain flowed over his face, blinding his eyes. No matter how you wipe it, it rains endlessly, so it won’t dry.

   “Let’s go back to the inn to avoid the rain!” Wu Xia proposed loudly in the rain. The heavy rain covered her voice and everyone could hardly hear her.

   “No!” Song Ruhai glanced at the dilapidated inn in the gale. Not only the inn, but even the stables behind the house have been ruined. Seeing this dilapidated look, there is no need to think about whether it will leak rain, it may collapse at any time.

   They traveled this time in the midsummer of thunderstorms, and they brought rain gear with their luggage, but they were all put in this inn which was mostly destroyed.

   “Then go under the tree to avoid it?” Wu Xia pointed to the woods not far away. In any case, standing in the mud and raining is not a solution.

   Song Ruhai shook his head repeatedly.

   This girl really grew up in a deep boudoir, she didn’t even know she was easily struck by lightning when she stood under a tree during a thunderstorm.

   “Let’s find another inn, or a family to spend the night,” Song Ruhai made a slightly reasonable suggestion, “I will rent a horse back in the town tomorrow morning.”

   Wu Xia didn’t know when she squeezed to Gouzhu again, holding his hand, she would tremble with every thunder. On the one hand, it was because of the cold, on the other hand, she was shocked this evening. If she could, she would definitely leaned against Song Ruhai for comfort. But Song Ruhai was cold to her like a piece of iron, but fortunately, there was a hook pig that did not repel her.

   “Are we the scourge here.” Wu Xia looked at the messy inn and surroundings in the vast rain.

   “It’s wrong, it’s not us, it’s the monster under your fellow wooden man.” Gouzhu glanced at the big wooden bow on the back of the wooden body. After this thing became a bow, it became a dead thing, and there was no sound anymore. Gouzhu didn’t even know if he could hear him running on him.

   This makes Gouzhu very upset. Killing so many people and doing such a big thing, he would be fine, and it would become a dead thing and everything would be fine. It seems that these tragic things he did have nothing to do with him and don’t have to bear any responsibility.

   “Damn, you should cut him with a stab, cut the broken bow with two slashes, to see if he will die…” Gouzhu thought so, but he didn’t dare to do it. After all, this monster surrendered. In case he provokes him again, even if Ling is not there, he can’t eat it.

  ”Can’t say the same,” Wu Xia lowered her head as she walked, “If we don’t live here, the boss and the guys in the inn won’t die, and there won’t be this way.”

   “Silly girl, don’t think about it, we didn’t live in the inn at that time, should we lie in a row on the street? What that looks like!” Gou Zhu glanced at the younger sister who was close to him, unable to understand her thinking.

   Just then an electric light flashed, illuminating the sky and the earth.

   By the light, he saw that the witchcraft’s Taoist robe, which was soaked by the heavy rain, seemed to have turned into a completely transparent thin paper, tightly attached to her body. The figure of this little junior girl is not inferior to those high-level senior sisters in the Jade Palace…

   To Song Ruhai’s surprise, no matter how they knocked on the door, the nearby inn, or even ordinary houses, some were dark, some were brightly lit and there were people running in panic, but they resolutely pretended not to open the door.

   These people are terrified. Everyone is afraid of introducing disasters into their homes.

   Whether the monks of the profound gate fight each other or kill the demons, the fire at the gate of the city and the fish in the pond, they have no experience. All they can do is close the door tightly.

   The monsters may break in, of course, but there is also a glimmer of hope. If they don’t break the door, but turn their heads to harm other people, their homes will survive, so the residents of Qingyang Town will not open the door.

   Song Ruhai was helpless, as righteous disciples, they really didn’t have the guts to smash the door in. Finally, five people squeezed to sit under one roof. The eaves are very narrow, only half a person wide. There is a ditch of spring water at the foot. The water in the roof tile cracks rushed down, smashed into the ditch, and splashed huge splashes. A few people squeezed around the wet wall, and didn’t plan to go anywhere else, anyway, the other corners were not much better.

   “Brother, I’m cold.” Wu Xia leaned hard against Gouzhu, as if she wanted to rely on some heating.

   “Resistance!” Gouzhu didn’t have a place to do it himself. He can’t take off his wet clothes and put them on the younger sister. “This kind of torrential rain generally comes fast and goes fast, and it’s gone for at most half an hour. “In fact, he was a little puzzled. The rain was a bit too long.

   There was another flash of electric light, Wu Xia didn’t respond, but Gouzhu’s heart was tight, and his hand was already firmly on the hilt.

   Mumu actually snores again. He can fall asleep even so drenched and squatting in such a place where the whole body can be covered with moss!

   Song Ruhai did not sleep like Gouzhu.

   “Did you see it?” Gouzhu asked in a low voice.

   “Hmm.” Song Ruhai hummed softly, his voice so soft that he didn’t even notice the witches and fat cows around him.

   Every time there is lightning, the whole world is bright. If time can stop at that moment, people will definitely think this is daytime. It’s just that the day was shortened indefinitely and passed by in a flash. Most people don’t notice much at all, but just in this lightning bolt, Gouzhu saw seven dark shadows standing quietly at the end of the road in the distance.

   Gouzhu is willing to think that he is dazzling. When I looked forward to the next lightning, these shadows disappeared.

   But the scary thing is that with every lightning, these seven shadows still exist, and they are getting closer and closer. Until they were ten steps away. The Hook Pig finally saw clearly that these were seven people, all black, wearing a large hat, standing in the rain like impermanence, seven silent coercion permeated the heavy rain, and these five young people who sheltered from the rain People, except for the sleeping wood, were too frightened to speak.

   These are six disciples of the Xuanmen with five foundations, and a stronger, thinner, taller, standing out among the seven, unfathomable to Gou Zhu.

   This triple-foundation divine consciousness, the highest opponent who can judge the strength is the fifth-tier foundation. Going up, he will not be able to perceive it unless the opponent deliberately reveals his strength.

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