Record of Chaos

Chapter 36: Wrong than Dou'e

   The night is so quiet, it is natural that the good will not come.

   Gouzhu immediately thought of the group of people who had offended Lei Xuanmu in the Xuanshi midnight. They must have found a master to hold the line. Moreover, among these people, there is no such old man and young man who made the fire escape, which means that these people are just leading the battle. There must be something left.

   Now it is impossible for Ling to come out to stop him, he can only rely on himself for life and death.

  Since it’s just a charred chestnut, just give it back to them. What Gouzhu does is to save his life first. Not to mention that he still doesn’t know the value of the thunder mysterious wood seed, even if the thing is a gold diamond, he will take it out without hesitation at this moment.

“These brothers on the road,” Gou Zhu bravely stood up and gave his hands. He didn’t want to implicate his brothers because of this incident. “Is it here to get this seed?” After finishing he stretched out his hand and spread his five fingers. , The thunder xuan wood seed is in his palm.

   Although it was said that it was completely dark and invisible, there were constant electric lights flashing, as if day and night were interlacing, it did not affect the communication between the two groups.

   One of the black shadows looked down at the thing in the palm of the hook pig’s hand, and then nodded to the thin and tall leader, as if to indicate that it was this thing.

   The tall and thin man walked over quietly and stretched out his hand. He has a white handkerchief in his hand. He gently squeezed the seeds in Gouzhu’s hand through the handkerchief and took a closer look. Then, he wrapped the entire seed with a handkerchief, and the space in his hand shook slightly, emitting a ray of light. The seed in his hand and the handkerchief had disappeared, and he was obviously included in the fairy lotus.

   Gouzhu couldn’t help frowning.

   At the Xuanshi before, even though the young man wanted to take this seed very much, he was also willing to trade 10,000 Pure Yang Pills. But now the thin and tall man took the things away, but there was no follow-up action.

   There is no sign of any money.

   After all, it was an old world. Gou Zhu knew in his heart that this kind of situation where the enemy is strong and the weak is completely one-sided, and it is not in Xuanshi.

  The things have been taken away, so it’s not easy to ask the other party to pay! This made him feel as painful as he was being cut, but he couldn’t attack.

   I knew this a long time ago, and I should ignore Lian Ling’s suggestion in Xuanshi. Although I gave up this seed, 10,000 Pure Yang Pills in his hand are much better than now.

   Sure enough, a woman’s suggestion, no matter how powerful a goddess, cannot be easily adopted. It seems that what women do is based on feelings, without considering the consequences.

   The other brothers also watched in a daze at the baby from Gouzhu’s hand being taken away grandiosely. The corners of Song Ruhai’s mouth twitched. He was from a large business background. Although he knew the strength of the Xuanmen arena, he was still not used to seeing this kind of business that was almost an obvious grab.

   Mu Mu seemed to want to attack, but was stopped by Song Ruhai’s eyes.

   Mu Mu also has an unfathomable dryad in his hands. It would be unpredictable if he faced off against this gang of people in clothes. But Song Ruhai knew that the shock that a tree spirit appeared in the human world would have caused more profound disciples of other sects to hunt and kill them, and it would cause endless troubles if they were involved.

   It’s better to be quiet.

   However, what is strange is that these people took the Lei Xuan wood seed, but still stood motionless in the rain, without any intention to leave.

   Gouzhu felt an ominous feeling in his heart.

   “These brothers, it is raining heavily now, do you want to come to avoid the rain?” Gouzhu said with a smile.

   “It’s not necessary,” one of the short ones replied coldly, “Please take off your sabers, sound transmission jade slips, Xianhe and other personal belongings, and come with us.”

   “What?” Gouzhu thought he had heard it wrong. Is this robbery? Is it kidnapping? It was the first time that he encountered such a blatant looting, a tyrannical robber who would even take people away after the looting!

   “We are the Guardian of the Five Elements, you better cooperate obediently!”

   “What patrol agent?” Gouzhu felt confused, but Song Ruhai felt a little nervous, and suddenly felt troublesome, “What’s the proof?”

   The short one took out a small wooden sign and flashed it in his hand. There was just a flash of electric light, and Song Ruhai could see the two words engraved on it: “Xuan Xun”.

   Song Ruhai suddenly felt big.

   The robbers are easy to handle, life and death are critical, the big deal is to let the tree monster out and fight to the death. When encountering the Xuanmen patrol agent, this matter became more and more involved.

   Xuanmen monks have vast magical powers, and some will fall into the grass and become bandits.

  This kind of gangsters are killing people everywhere, and the local government naturally has no choice. The people hate it, and the reputation of Xuanmen will be destroyed. This is unacceptable by the court and the major sects of Xuanmen.

Originally, the Xuanmen was under the unified management of the Ministry of War. Of course, the Ministry of War was capable of destroying the mysterious bandits. However, as today is chaotic, the northern rebellion one after another, and the sea monsters from overseas invade from time to time. , There is no time to go to the people to wipe out the mysterious bandits.

   The Xuanmen in the world all originated from the Spirit Source Sect, and the disciples of the Spirit Source Sect first established the Yin Yang Sect and the Soul Sect. Later, the disciples of Yin Yang Sect established the Five Elements Sect and the Extreme Wu Sect. This formed the five sects of Dongsheng Shenzhou Xuanmen. Because these five origins are the longest and the strongest, only they are honored as “Zongmen”.

   These five sects also have successive generations of famous disciples who started their own schools. For example, Cuiyu Palace, a famous disciple of the Five Elements Sect, was founded by Qin Zunyang, a peerless master of Mu Dun, known as the “Houtian Qingdi”, after occupying Cuiyu Peak more than 500 years ago.

   But these forces established by later generations no longer have the strength to compete with the five sects. They only call themselves “sects”. The world sects belong to the five major sects in name. The Cuiyu Palace also belongs to the Five Elements Sect.

   In order to deal with the mysterious bandits and the demons who ran through the world, the mysterious sect mainly divided the five sects and divided the sphere of influence. Then all the denominations under the sect were brought together to sign a contract. Everyone sent out some Xingtang disciples as guards.

  The one led by the Five Elements Sect is called the Five Elements Patroller.

In this way, the patrol agent has become a kind of existence similar to the hunter. Not only is it responsible for destroying the mysterious bandits and subduing the demons, but also has the power to control the activities of the disciples of the mysterious sects within their sphere of influence. They are extremely powerful and offend them. , It also offends the sect, the strength of the five sects is far better than any other sect in the arena, once the crime is convicted, there will be endless troubles.

   Since the Cuiyu Palace belongs to the Five Elements Sect, the Qingxiao Mountain Range where the Cuiyu Palace is located is naturally listed as the patrol range of the Five Elements Guard.

   Qingyang Town’s Xuanshi was opened by the Song family, but the Song family’s business operations such as Xuanshi were also controlled by the five elements guards. So Song Ruhai had heard of these guards and knew how troublesome it was to get them.

   In fact, the focus of the patrolman is not to fight the mysterious bandits and demons, but the factions in the sect to obtain resources to expand the territory and fight against dissidents. Many low-level cultivators are also daring to be angry with these people and can only stay away.

   “I wonder why you patrol agents want to take us a trip?”

   Song Ruhai also doesn’t quite understand that it is not a trivial matter to send out guards to take people. The disciples outside the Cuiyu Palace in a few of them didn’t commit anything. Why did they get the guards?

   “Huh!” The dwarf snorted coldly, “You don’t pretend to be garlic, you know what you do!”

Gouzhu also understands now-he actually encountered an official clerk. You must know that he has been burglarizing on Bluestone Street for so many years, committing no fewer than hundreds of crimes, and has never been caught by an official clerk. After not being a thief for so long, Instead, he fell into the hands of officials?

   At this time, the other guards shook, and a pile of mysterious iron chains appeared in their hands, as if they were about to rush to lock people.

   Song Ruhai is also not polite, and put his hand on the hilt of the sword-let him enter the classroom inexplicably, of course he will not accept it, even if it is a mysterious guard patrol agent, he must act according to the rules.

   “A few more brave boys.”

   “My hand is itchy again today.”

   A few people in clothes sneered. It seems that the more the other party resists arrest, the more happy they are on UU reading Obviously, these young men in jade palace costumes have the highest strength, and they are only at the top of the triple base building, which is completely crushed by them.

   If the opponent is extremely powerful and wants to resist arrest, it is really a big trouble, but this kind of fish belly resists arrest, for them, it is a fun game of cat and mouse abuse.

   The leading thin man waved his hand, and the audience was silent. It was obvious that this thin man was far superior to them and was their immediate superior. Without his permission, no one would dare to make a mistake.

   He raised his head and said slowly, “We received a complaint that someone had stolen from Qingyang Xuan City and stole a Lei Xuan wood.”

As soon as   ’s words fell, the disciples in Cuiyu Palace got fried.


   Gouzhu has led the sheep countless times, but this is the first time he has been framed!

You know, he didn’t “take” things to pay many times in the past. This time he was an unprecedented 2500 pieces of real gold and silver of pure Yang Pill. What is even more rare is that the money is not stolen money, or he The penny and centimeter that he earned by practicing Xuan Yin Pill was his hard-earned money.

   Just this time, he was “framed” as a thief?

  How can he swallow this breath?

   “We bought this kind of money, and they couldn’t get it, so they told us to rake…”

   “It’s too unreasonable!”

   “It’s so shameless!”

Only Song Ruhai is calm. He knows that it is useless to vent his emotions with these guards. “Guards, this is just a side word. If there is no evidence, I am afraid that we can’t be detained? If you want us to assist in the investigation, it is fine. , But we still have to go back to the outer courtyard of Cuiyu Palace first, and wait until the elders of the outer courtyard agree.”

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