Record of Chaos

Chapter 37: 0: mouths

   Although the guards are powerful, they don’t want to catch anyone who wants to catch them. Otherwise, the guards will arrest people everywhere. Wouldn’t the other sects become the soft persimmons of the five major sects?

   In this case, these subordinate sects would have torn up the contract long ago.

   Although the world’s Xuanmen authentic sects are all trained from these five major sects, each has good strength and exists independently. Except for respecting the sect as the teacher, and the provocation of a powerful force requires the sect to come forward, there is not much relationship with the sect.

   “Evidence?” The thin and tall man seemed a little surprised, “Didn’t this little brother just give it to me?” He pointed to the palm of his hand, which meant the Lei Xuan wood species that was just given to him by the hook pig.

   Gouzhu suddenly felt a sap on the head.

   This means that what he bought with a lot of money himself was falsely accused of theft, but he took the initiative to give it to others to settle the matter, but was used by these guards as evidence of the theft and confession?

   On the other hand, if he hadn’t taken it out just now, and killed him, these guys would have no evidence to take him away!

   Gouzhu and the other brothers and sisters are almost furious. After all, Song Ruhai is a businessman, and he can still restrain his temper and explain slowly:

“Even though my brother took out this seed, he still can’t prove that it was stolen. This thing was indeed bought by my brother with 2,500 Pure Yang Pills. All of us brothers can. testify.”

   “Haha,” a short one of the guards couldn’t help but laughed, “I haven’t seen a group of thieves yet, and they testify to their own people.”

   “You…” The wood was already so hot, it was about to rush up, and was stopped by Song Ruhai.

   Gouzhu pressed his anger and said, “I bought this seed from a Confucian disciple named Hong Ruye.”

   I didn’t expect the other party to laugh again, but it’s not that they couldn’t help laughing.

   Confucian disciples, almost all of them are thick soil nobles, they are called Yao people. The word Yao is relative to “Turen”.

   This group of people living in the Middle-earth Plain of Shenzhou, Dongsheng is often referred to as the Middle-earth people. Later, they established the thick-earth dynasty under the name of “tu”. However, the nobles of the Hou Tu Dynasty considered themselves to be human beings, so they called themselves Yao people, which meant that they were not ordinary Tu people, but natives above them.

   Whether it is Confucianism or Yao people, they regard princes and generals as expensive and merchants as cheap. Moreover, the opposite relationship between Confucianism and Xuanmen is well known.

   Now Gouzhu said that a Confucian disciple went to Xuanshi to sell things… This is almost the same as saying that a relative of the emperor went to the street to beg for food. Of course, these guards couldn’t help laughing, and thought, these little thieves couldn’t tell even the simplest lies.

   The thin and tall leader seemed to have a good temper. He asked quietly, “I don’t know where this Hong Ru is now?”

“This…” Gouzhu couldn’t help being speechless. The guy strayed when he saw the bad situation and asked the ghost to ask the **** and he didn’t know where he was. After a while, he was frustrated and said angrily: “He sold this seed and left immediately. Up.”

   “That is, no one can testify?”

   “But what I said is the truth!”

   “Okay,” the tall and thin man took a little longer, “Since this little brother bought it with money, why did he take the initiative to take it out?”

   “This…” Gou Zhu suddenly found that what he was telling was all the truth, but every word was buckling a bigger pot of shit.

   He can’t say that because he is afraid of being beaten up, he took the initiative to surrender and calm down.

“I think you guys should come with us.” Seeing that Gouzhu seemed to be very tired of his own lies, this tall man smiled slightly, this kind of tried to free himself from guilt but even the simplest lies He has seen many stupid thief who is not round.

   Gouzhu was a little dumbfounded.

   He could make up a lie and his face would not change color and his heart would not beat, but at this time, no matter how he said the truth, it turned out to be full of flaws, which made him unable to understand for a while.

“In fact, apart from the Lei Xuanmu matter,” the thin taller added with a smile, “We also received reports of monsters appearing in Qingyang Town. This night the monsters were killed and Qingyang Town suffered more than 100 casualties. But you just appear here, shouldn’t you be involved with the monster race.”

   This person’s words can be regarded as a naked threat-it means that when we came here, not only the trivial matter of the theft of the Lei Xuan wood species, but also the major event of the monster destroying Qingyang Town. You don’t recognize the small things, you can, then don’t blame me for putting the big things together on your heads.

   “It’s a fart, you won’t come to the rescue when we and the monster beast are desperate, you are here when the monster runs away!”

  ”Oh?” This man heard the word “Desperately”, and a trace of contempt appeared on his face. How could he not believe that these young disciples, who were no more than the three-tiered foundation, could fight a monster.

   But he is also used to these young people who like to brag and so on.

“We will naturally continue to investigate the fact that the monster appeared in Qingyang Town. But at the moment, I still ask you to turn in all your belongings and walk with us. If you have anything to say, go to the Qingxiao patrol station and talk slowly. “

   “Take a bear with you!” Wood cursed. At this time, there was a vibration from his wooden bow that only he could perceive, and it was the tree language from Mu Fei, “Should I come out and kill them all?”

   Mu Mu couldn’t make up his mind, and glanced at Song Ruhai. Seeing that he was holding the bow tightly in his hand, Song Ruhai naturally understood the meaning of wood and shook his head repeatedly.

Although stealing is a loss of face, it is not a serious crime after all. According to his understanding of the Xuanmen guard, the guard arrests any Xuanmen monk and detains him for up to one day. The monk must be notified of his denomination, and then the denomination penalty hall will send people. , Lead the prisoner away for punishment.

   So these guards took them away, and even if they were the worst offenders, they were sent by the Cuiyu Palace Xingtang to bring them back to Cuiyu Palace for punishment. Cuiyu Palace has always guarded the shortcomings of its disciples. This kind of punishment for petty theft is nothing more than a few words of admonition by the elder of the Xingtang, and then a month or two of confinement.

If Mu Fei were allowed to release Mu Fei to kill these patrol disciples, it would become a serious crime of slaying patrol guards. Even if it was only a disability, it would be a serious crime for Xuanmen disciples to collude with the demon clan. The lives of the hundreds of mortals must also be counted on them.

   Song Ruhai stared fiercely at Mu Mu’s bow, then shook his head heavily.

   Mu Mu is usually very obedient, and he has a tacit understanding with Song Ruhai, and immediately understood what he meant. He replied to Mu Fei in tree language and said: “Hide you, you are not allowed to come out without my order!”

   “Yes, my sire!” With the loyalty of the tree clan, even if someone burns the bow, Mu Fei will not come out.

   “Let’s bear it first,” Song Ruhai said, “go to the patrol with them for one night. If it is normal, someone from the Cuiyu Palace Xingtang will bring us back to the palace tomorrow.”

   Although the hook pig heart is unwilling, but it can only be so.

   Everyone had no choice but to bite the teeth in their mouths creakingly, and unhappily took out the sword from the Jade Palace and threw it on the ground, but they did not dare to say anything.

Then it was the sound transmission jade slip that was surrendered, and it was the two immortal lotuses of Song Ruhai and Muzhu that made Gouzhu more heartache. Although they had spent several thousand, there were at least five or six thousand pure Yang Dan in them. .

   I don’t know if this group of patrol agents will go wild and pluck their hairs, or they will simply be full of their own pockets.

   Few of the officials he knows about in the arena are clean. These mysterious gate guards didn’t look much better.

   “Damn, I made me anxious to be a thief again…” He secretly vowed in his heart that if these people dared to greet him for money, he would be a thief and ransack the **** patrol.

   The rain stopped at this time, and the guard lighted a torch. Someone counted the items they had thrown on the ground, and after recording them one by one, they asked Gouzhu and others to sign on the record page and put them in a fairy lotus.

   Next is a body search.

   Gouzhu found out that there was still a female cultivator in that person. She was responsible for dealing with fat cows and witch flaws. She touched all over her body to make sure they had no more weapons.

The same goes for The poisonous dagger “Half Chihan”, which was in his arms as a last resort, was touched three or two times. The only luck was that the copper hoop he was carrying was actually made of thin copper wire, tightly attached to his wrist, and was not found, and escaped the disaster.

After    Gouzhu was searched, he immediately felt his knees soft. It was the body search guard who kicked him behind his knee.

This person has four strengths in building the foundation, with sharp foot wind, and the kicking position directly hits the joints. It is particularly tricky. Wherever the hook pig can bear it, he immediately fell into the mud. In another instant, the sole of the person’s shoes had already stepped on him. Face.

   Gouzhu felt that his arms were pulled back and almost broke. With a double click, a pair of cold fairy shackles has already clamped his hands tightly.

   “Get up, kid,” After the handcuffs were handcuffed, the guard kicked him twice on his ass, “I want to pull you up?”

   Gouzhu thief became a criminal for the first time in many years, and it was also the first time he realized that when he threw his weapon out and then honestly took the immortal shackles, he would really become a persimmon that could be kneaded.

   Immortal shackles are not only extremely hard and heavy, but they are also born with a kind of ability to suppress the monk’s way. Gouzhu felt that the true energy in his meridians had been blocked by the breath of the immortal fetters invading the human body, and now he only had the strength of a mortal.

   But he also kept the last hole cards for himself. There are a total of nine underworld orchid seeds in the palm of the hand. Those seeds are as small as dust and have no spiritual fluctuations before they germinate.

   If anyone insists on thinking that he has no resistance at all if he is tortured, he will also teach the other party a profound lesson.

   Wu Xia was already crying. She grew up to this age and was treated as a prisoner for the first time. Putting on these cold handcuffs is already a great humiliation to her.

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