Record of Chaos

Chapter 38: Guaofeng

   This kind of fairy shackle tied everyone’s hands behind his back, and then a long chain was attached to the handcuffs, and the other end of the chain was held in the hands of a guard.

   A palm-sized object appeared on the thin and tall hand instantly, and he threw it into the air. Suddenly this thing expanded sharply and turned into a huge crane with wings spread over three or four feet.

However, this crane is not as agile as a real crane. It seems very rigid, but like a giant puppet. It spreads its wings in the air, and the wind blows under the wings. The force is great. Wherever it goes, the strong wind blows the trees. Mud and gravel flying all over the floor.

   This turned out to be a huge flying magic weapon.

   Gouzhu’s first thought was that this thing was worth tens of thousands of pure Yang Dan.

   rode the giant crane across the low altitude, seven guards jumped up, the tall and thin one sat on the crane’s neck to control, and the other six stood on a pair of wings. The wings of the giant crane looked like a thin wooden board, shaky, but a few people stood on it as if walking on the ground, not panicking at all.

  Unlucky are the five suspects in the Jade Palace. Naturally, they couldn’t jump on the giant crane, which was specially made for the seven people.

   There was a violent aura surging throughout the giant crane, and it rose straight up in an instant.

   Gouzhu and their five brothers were pulled by the chains attached to their backs, dragged a few steps on the ground, and forcibly “flyed”. Hook pig’s hands are locked behind his back. With this violent pull, a pair of arms almost fell apart.

   I really don’t know what will happen to the fat cow… She is the heaviest. The two female disciples were also a bit spineless. Wu Xia was so wronged that she cried for a while, but now she was hung in the air, but she didn’t say a word, the same goes for Fat Cow.

   Although the posture is awkward, this is the first time that Gouzhu has flew up.

   Flight is not allowed near Cuiyu Palace, but at the edge of the no-fly zone of Cuiyu Palace, there are some peaks dedicated to take-off. Hook pig has also seen such a huge flying magic weapon, flying off the top like a big bird, but he has never experienced it personally.

   Every time he stood on the top of the mountain, there was an extremely empty space in front of him. He will spontaneously step out like a bird, the desire to leap into this huge space.

   But Xuanmen monks can only use their own supernatural powers to use wind to fly.

   The process of crossing from foundation building to virtual pill is called Dan Jie.

  How difficult is it to form pills? Given the size of the Jade Palace, among nearly 10,000 disciples, only 50 or 60 people have successfully formed a pill.

   A monk who doesn’t have a pill to fly can only rely on flying magic weapons. The flying magic weapon is not only extremely expensive, but also requires the consumption of pure Yang Pill to fly, which is many times more expensive than renting a horse.

   Flying magic weapons can be said to be a kind of huge money-eating monsters. The average outer disciple cannot afford to consume unless they are already huge wealth.

   By this time the sky was almost bright.

The wooden cranes of the patrol agents soared up, and Qingyang Town under the faint morning light turned into a small chessboard on the edge of the dark mountains undulating like waves.

Hooked pig felt that his whole body was covered by the strong wind, and the wind was getting cold rapidly, and soon his face was covered with frost. Fortunately, although the true energy in his body was still suppressed by the immortal fetters, it was still able to survive. The body barely resisted the cold, not hurting Zhenyuan.

   But even with the innocent body guard, he was shaking with cold. After being replaced by a mortal, he was already frozen to death. But the scenery in front of him was so peaceful and elegant that he suffocated him.

   They have leapt to the cloud. The Oriental Red Sun was born, with auspicious light, dyeing half of the sky into a faint golden color. The usual weird cloud turned into a huge white plain before my eyes.

   It’s just that there are all kinds of strange ups and downs on this plain.

   Gouzhu felt that he was almost surrounded by pure Yang spirit energy in the air, but no one would want to fly into the air to practice, because the pure Yang energy consumed by flying would far exceed the amount of breath.

   It is stated in the “Shen Men Zhu Tian Lun” that the sky has twenty-eight layers.

   Now their height is estimated to have reached the first heaven-four heavens and kings. It’s just that they haven’t crossed the heavenly gate, they are separated from the heavenly people in time and space. The day when the sun rises and sets the same as the ordinary people in the human world, to the heavens, the feeling is as long as the fifty years of mankind.

   Therefore, the speed of the heavenly people here is more than 18,000 times faster than that of the mortals. Even if they meet the heavenly people here, they will only feel that it is some illusory streamer in the sky. For the immortals, the air in the human world is just their soil, and these mortals are hard rocks under the soil. There is simply no intersection between the two parties.

   Flying over this white plain like suet, Gouzhu noticed a series of black spots in front. These black spots are getting closer and closer, turning into a series of black islands out of the suet-like sea.

   These are actually the peaks of the Qingxiao Mountain Range.

  Sometimes, you can see this sea of ​​clouds on the tops of the peaks near Cuiyu Peak. These places are treasures of feng shui. Because the heaven and the earth are connected, you can absorb a lot of heaven and earth aura without flying.

   The target of these patrol agents was one of the archipelagoes. After flying closer, Gouzhu saw a huge, steep, cliff-cut stone peak in the morning light. On the cliff of Shifeng, bare yellow rocks were exposed, like a large bulging muscle.

   On the top of the mountain, there is a lush, small foothold about half a mile.

From a distance, the series of peaks of the Qingxiao Mountain Range seem to be close together, but when they are close, they are actually very far away, with a distance of tens or even hundreds of miles. These peaks above the clouds are all treasures of geomantic omen, and they naturally have them. Different denominations occupy.

  The dense peaks of Baili to the east are the sphere of influence of the Jade Palace. Cuiyu Peak is among them.

   This Shifeng came out because it was too steep on all sides and inconvenient up and down. The Xuanmen monks had to eat and drink Lazar like mortals before they became immortal bodies. Although there is enough spiritual energy to facilitate cultivation in this place where birds don’t shit, it is very inconvenient to live for a long time.

   What’s more, this is not without a master—this peak is named Guao Peak. It was originally on the edge of the Cui Jade Palace’s sphere of influence, and it should also belong to the Cui Jade Palace’s territory.

   However, under the pretext of constructing the Qingxiao patrol station, the Five Elements Sect quietly occupied this lost treasure land.

   Guao Peak is almost empty, only three or four stone houses connected together on the edge of the cliff. At first glance, these houses were not built by private craftsmen-such a steep mountain, not to mention transporting construction materials, even the craftsmen can hardly climb the mountain. These stone houses were cut and carved by masters of the Xuanmen family using the earth-metal escape technique to hollow out the inside of the rock to build, but it took a lot of effort.

   Although the patrolman is quite powerful, it is also a hard job. In order to attract manpower, as the patrol agent of Qingxiao Patrol Department, the most important benefit is to be able to monopolize this mountain for cultivation. Although the aura of heaven and earth here is not as rich as Qingxiao Dragon Head Cuiyu Peak, it is much stronger than some small sects.

   Although the stone house is not small, the prison occupies more than half of the space. When ordinary mysterious bandits are caught, they will be held in prisons here. There are special mysterious iron shackles in the prison, which contain restrictions to suppress the flow of true energy, which is difficult for ordinary prisoners to break through.

   Even if someone really escapes from the prison and faces a cliff without a path, unless a monk in the Xudan realm can fly against the wind, he can only jump off the cliff.

   There are no mysterious bandits in the Xudan realm, but there are and will not be imprisoned here. The patrol office in this place is too small and can only deal with foundation-level mysterious bandits, alien beasts and spirit beasts. From the beginning of the monster, it is impossible to be held here.

   “The prisoner should register and go to jail.” The tall and thin man named Tang Mingsu, led by him, recovered the wooden crane and took off his clothes. Finally got rid of the dampness all over.

   The dry and refreshing feeling in the stone house made Tang Susu stretch out his arm involuntarily. UU Reading He is tall and slender. After taking off his hat, he reveals a handsome face. His sharp eyes sparkle with a sense of maturity far beyond his age. He is actually very young, but only seventeen years old. It is the genius young man praised by everyone in Yuntian City, known as the “Pride of Yuntian”.

   He was only seventeen years old, and he had actually cultivated to the point where he built the seventh foundation. It can be said that he is a rare Profound Clan pride in the world.

   Like Song Ruhai, he is actually an outer disciple of Cuiyu Palace, and he is also a first-class Wuyuan. However, as soon as he entered the Jade Palace, he was favored by the Xingtang elders and directly accepted as a Xingtang disciple, and then sent to the Five Elements Patrol Office for training.

   The Five Elements Patrol Department is mainly managed by the Five Elements Sect, but its members are selected from the various factions that belong to the Five Elements Sect. Especially this is at the edge of the Jade Palace’s sphere of influence, and it is impossible to disturb the disciples of the Jade Palace.

   When a prisoner is arrested, the first thing is naturally to be registered. But after he came to this patrol station as a palmprint envoy, he found that his men were all old oilers, and sometimes they didn’t follow the rules at all. He had to emphasize it deliberately.

   “Don’t worry!” The short man was impatient, but he also agreed with a smile.

  The other guards all went to their residences to rest. Tang Su looked at the short and fat old Youzi like a dog, leading the five prisoners to the temporary prison. He suddenly remembered that after the prisoners were registered, the first thing to do was to notify the denomination torture hall where the prisoners were located, so that they could come and collect them as soon as possible.

  ”As for notifying the Cuiyu Palace Xingtang,” Tang Su waved to him, “You don’t need to worry about this, I will take care of it.”

   “I see! You are the disciple of the Jade Palace Xingtang, so I need to trouble.” The fat man shook his face impatiently, shaking his head and heading away.

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