Record of Chaos

Chapter 4: Human puppet witchcraft

As soon as   ’s words fell, the opposite eyes seemed to hang themselves, a pair of opposite eyes suddenly protruded, the blue veins on the head burst, the tongue came out, and the whole body was stiff, and the breath was gone in a blink of an eye.

   Gouzhu is only a witch puppet, his soul is still in his body. If he died, then the puppet would not be able to do it. So he will not die yet. But the opposite is different, the three souls are forced out of the body by the chasing curse and die immediately.

   Fortunately, when he died, he was in a good mood. I thought the master was teaching some exercises, and soon became a god. So although his expression was terribly painful, his heart was still very happy.

   Chen Xuanfang plunged the three souls of the opposite eye into the water, and then said hello: “I still need three elders to help me urge the water to flow against the blue dragon.”

   Although the waterfall of Qinglongxi is not wide, it rushes down thousands of feet in the crevices of the stone, and it is so powerful that it is not easy to let the water go upstream.

   Although Chen Xuanfang is a true disciple who has already formed a pill, he does not have this ability. That’s why he called the three elders. The four people sat in a circle, fully stimulating the true energy in the body, and immediately entered the realm of turning a blind eye to hearing. The water spirit entered the stream, and was mobilized by the true energy of the four people, and turned into a hidden stream, sliding like a snake in the rapids, and it really went straight up against the current.

   After a while, all four of them were almost exhausted. But everyone can feel that the water has gone against the current and entered the Ziyun Hot Spring, and they even felt the heat in the hot spring and the faint body fragrance of the blue saint.

   “If I guess right, the witchcraft has been done.” Chen Xuanfang wiped his sweat. Running this thousand-year water apparition cost him a lot of true energy, but it doesn’t matter, “Now only need to kill this puppet, Biluo will undoubtedly die.”

   “If the witchcraft doesn’t succeed, you will start, isn’t it a big deal?” The thin man hesitated a little.

“This is easy. The witchcraft is formed. Both the human puppet and Biluo will be temporarily unconscious, and will wake up after a while. The human puppet can also feel the spirit of Biluo. As long as he is unconscious, the sword will go down. The great cause is done.”

   Chen Xuanfang spoke lightly, but his heart was drumming with excitement, and his heart almost jumped out of his chest. You must know that he has practiced in the Jade Jade Palace for more than 40 years, and he is still only a true disciple. Several of the disciples who started in the same year as him are now elders.

   He thinks that he has good aptitude, especially resourceful, and he has become a true disciple after ten years of entering the school. His path to immortality should be the same. Unexpectedly, a Biluo Hengdao killed and became the head.

   From then on, his teacher’s line has never been as strong as it used to be, and he is so tired that he is still just a true disciple. But his master’s line of fighting with Bi Luo for so many years has never been able to hurt Bi Luo a single hair.

   If he completely wiped out Bi Luo with a single move, and made such a great contribution in the line of Shimen, his prestige would far exceed these elders. Even if the master abdicated, it is not impossible for him to become the head of the next generation of Jade Palace. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help shaking.

   Success or failure in one fell swoop!

   pinching a mortal to death is easy for him, even without using any weapons. But when he turned to the two tied butchers, he couldn’t help being stunned.

   The idiot boy who was locked on the ground just now disappeared! Only the corpse who looked at each other was still lying on the ground.

   “It’s impossible!” He was shocked. The mortal fetters he gave to this kid weighed a thousand jin, and he couldn’t even move it, let alone force it open! This kid has to run unless he cuts off his feet. But once the feet were broken, there was naturally no way to escape. How could he disappear?

   But the mortal shackles remained in place, except that the two iron buckles had been opened. There was a key in one of the keyholes. Chen Xuanfang was shocked and touched his chest. As expected, the key was gone!

   Chen Xuanfang was secretly surprised. Although he was scheming, he despised the street and used to steal. This person is not only smart, but also extremely tough.

   He took advantage of Chen Xuanfang’s lock to leave the moment and stole the key, but he could hold back and wait for the opportunity, and he remained motionless even when he was subjected to witchcraft. It wasn’t until the four masters all went to urge Shui Po that he quietly opened the lock and slipped away. This is really not what ordinary people can do!

   But this deep and remote valley, where can he escape? Even if he jumped into the stream and drifted away, as long as he breathed out from the water, he and the three elders would definitely be able to feel his breath. In this short moment, he couldn’t run three or five miles away even if he was flying.

   But what really stunned him and the three elders was that they couldn’t feel any breath. Several people looked around in a panic, but there was no trace.

   “Maybe he was in a coma and drowned in the water?” One of them made a hypothesis with fear.

   “This is impossible. If he dies, then Biluo is also dead. But on the water soul, you can clearly feel the spirits of these two people, and there is no sign of weakness…”

  Half a moment! They only have half a moment. Once Bi Luo wakes up, he will surely find the curse of the witch Gu, if she kills to the bottom, none of these four people will survive! In fact, it’s all about the death of these four people. Bi Luo is as careful as a message, and will trace a little clue to the end. This is probably an excellent excuse, she can completely clean the door, and clean them and all their allies!

   Chen Xuanfang knew how big this matter was, and the three elders also knew. For a while, the four people were like ants on a hot pot, unable to advance or retreat.

   “I have a way!” Chen Xuanfang suddenly waved his big hand, “The three elders hurry up and shake the water with me! Ride the blue sky before waking up, and **** her into the green dragon’s saliva!”

   Chen Xuanfang couldn’t find the puppet, so he thought of a second way. It was they who urged the water together, and directly rolled the Biluo saint from the hot spring, causing her to fall into the Dragon Skeleton Valley from the green dragon. Then they will kill them! Although her strength is far superior to the four of them, as long as they succeed in the witchcraft in the saint before waking up, they still have a great chance.

   The body of the Virgin Biluo was soaked in the hot spring, and it was as white as a lotus root washed in clear water.

The top of    Cuiyu Peak is not a place of commonplace, and this hot spring is not an ordinary hot spring. In this hot spring, there are auras of heaven and earth from the top of the mountain, especially the aura of water and soil. It is the best nourishment for her wood cultivation base. Soaking in this spring for an hour and a half is equivalent to an average monk’s absorption of three years. Of course, such top-level resources can only be enjoyed by the masters of the Jade Jade Palace.

   With the infiltration of the spiritual energy, under her skin that can be broken by a bomb, a vein like green vine appeared, which seems to be extending and growing everywhere. This is a wonderful skill she has carefully practiced in the past year. She planted a seed of “Heaven Asura Roland” into the flesh and blood of her body, and nourished her with Aoki True Qi. Xiu Luolan gradually sprouted and grew, becoming one with itself. When needed, Xiu Luolan can also grow out of the body, spread indefinitely, and absorb the aura of heaven and earth in a wider range. In this way, her practice will be faster.

   Not to mention the need to practice, the time to soak in this hot spring every day is also the most relaxing and comfortable time for her. Without the shackles of clothing, she seemed to get rid of the troubles of life all over her body, UU reading www. only has the soothing warm water of the hot spring.

   On this day, she always seemed to have a feeling. It seems that something unusual has happened, and if she ignores it, the consequences will be uncontrollable.

   She closed her eyes and filtered everything that happened that day, flashing pages of pictures in her mind. She suddenly saw a large lotus pond and the covered bridge she had walked. A scruffy, sloppy-looking skinny boy originally followed Chen Xuanfang. Suddenly, he ran over and knelt before him. Bi Luo thought about it for a moment and shouted:


   Danyang Pavilion usually has only Bi Luo living alone, and there is no one in front and back, and all around are forbidden and protected. There is only a small attic at the entrance, named Hezui, where a few Biluo’s personal maids live. But unless Saint Biluo uses the technique of sound transmission, they cannot enter Danyang Pavilion without authorization. One of them was called Lian Ping, and he hurried to the hot spring.

   “I ran into Chen Xuanfang today and he recruited two new disciples.”

   “Senior Brother Xuanfang usually recruits very few disciples, this time I am afraid that I have discovered the Pearl of the Canghai.” Lian Ping is also one of the true disciples, and he is known to him as Senior Brother Chen Xuanfang.

   Bi Luo shook his head in the hot spring, and said, “This is weird. Go find out the details of these two people and tell me as soon as possible.”

   “Master, don’t worry, my disciple will check tomorrow morning.” Lian Ping retreated.

   After Lianping stepped back, Bi Luo felt calmer. As the head of a large faction with nearly 10,000 people, her daily affairs, large and small, are intricately messed up, especially the struggles within the faction make her tread on thin ice. She longed to be able to practice so quietly every day without asking about the world, the years are as peaceful as this warm spring, but this is just a wishful fantasy.

   She didn’t feel it at all, she was surrounded by thousands of years of water.

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