Record of Chaos

Chapter 5: Green Emperor Dragon Snake

The body of    Shui Po is water. It has no fixed size and will spread along the water body. Moreover, the water spirit is not a poison. It is colorless, tasteless, and has no breath. There is only spiritual energy in the body without meridians, which is no different from normal water. It wasn’t until the witch curse spread to her spirit consciousness along the soul of the water that she was suddenly shocked, but it was too late. When the witch curse broke out, she immediately fell into a coma in the hot spring and sank underwater.

   Biluo Saint has already cultivated to the perfect state of the Purple Mansion, she can achieve the golden core in just one step, and her physical body protection is extraordinary. Although he couldn’t breathe when he sank in the water, he could not die for a while with the Aoki Zhenqi body. It’s just that she and Gouzhu have become witch puppets of each other, and the other party can kill him no matter how far away they are from Gouzhu.

   Soon after she was submerged, the calm water in the hot spring became agitated like it was boiling. It seemed to have turned into a big hand, grabbing the unconscious Bi Luo, crossing the stone wall beside it, and entering a stream. The stream pushed her down the river, into a huge rock gap one person wide, and then flowed down a thousand feet.

   In the sound of the rumbling water, she was slapped heavily on the rock at the bottom of the valley. If she were a mortal, she would have been photographed as a meatloaf. But Biluo’s protective body was running wildly, even if the injury was not light, but it was not dead. It’s just that her soul was still tightly controlled by witchcraft, and she still didn’t wake up.

   She fell into the pool under the blue dragon’s mouth, and then was hit by the water and flowed into the stream in the Dragon Skeleton Valley. Her black and turbulent hair covered her snow-white back, and her black and white were distinct, which was particularly conspicuous in the night stream. Chen Xuanfang has been waiting nervously for a long time here.

   As long as there is a little error in this process, for example, they have a little problem with the control of the water or the blue sky is stuck in the rock, then after a while, all of them will undoubtedly die.

   “Uncle Master, the disciple is disrespectful!” Even though he was in a coma, there was still a strong pressure around Bi Luo, and Chen Xuanfang could feel the pressure that made him breathless. However, he had been prepared, and without hesitation took out a white half-foot sharp blade from his arms.

   This dagger is called “Half Chi Han”, sharp and extremely poisonous. However, its cutting edge is not poisoned, and its blade is made of “arsenic stone”, which itself is highly poisonous with blood in the throat. This dagger was also specially prepared by him, and one was hidden close to the bottom of his clothes, and had never been shown to outsiders. He had deduced in advance the various possibilities of this night’s big plan, but the sudden disappearance of the hook pig made him mess up, and it took a long time to get over.

   Without the existence of this Ban Chi Han, even if they joined forces for a while, they might not be able to break Biluo’s body protection innocent energy.

   “It’s a pity, what a stunning woman…” Chen Xuanfang felt envy spontaneously. He also imagined having such a companion, but it was only a fantasy. He quickly annihilated the heart of pity and jade, aiming at the back of Biluo, and the gap between the two ribs, suddenly pierced half a foot of cold. The knife entered three inches and was blocked. He couldn’t tell whether it had penetrated into Bi Luo’s heart, so he pulled out the dagger. Suddenly, blood was flowing like a spring, like a red silk floating along the water. He puffed and puffed two more. Every knife seemed to go deeper, but he was still not so relieved.

   He was about to stab him again, when suddenly a consciousness came into his mind.

   “Chen Xuanfang, I didn’t expect you to be so mean…”

   The half time he calculated in his heart has not yet arrived, but after a few stabs, under the fierce stimulation, the spirit of Bi Luo finally broke free from the control of witchcraft.

   Chen Xuanfang was shocked, and shouted: “It’s not her who died today, it’s us…”

He did not have time to say the last word, his whole body was already entangled with a snake-like green vine, which suddenly tightened and became so powerful that he heard the sound of his ribs breaking, a smelly blood. It was forcibly squeezed out from the nose and mouth.

   At the same time, the magic weapons and supernatural powers of the three elders, like a violent wind, whizzed towards the Saint Biluo. But the water shadow moved slightly, and the blue sky had disappeared, leaving only a stream of blood stained red by her. These **** waters contained her vitality and true energy, like burning oil, wherever she went, a green fire suddenly rose up. A sudden spell came into everyone’s ears out of thin air:

   “Xuanzong of heaven and earth, the root of Wanqi! Extensive cultivation of thousands of tribulations, proof of my supernatural powers! The body has blue light, reflecting my body! It encompasses the world and nurtures the crowd! The Qing emperor’s life, the dragon and the snake, the hurry!”

   Azure Emperor Dragon Snake is the top-level magic in the wood escape, and only the real Jindan can activate it. Saint Biluo only cultivated into the Purple Mansion to perfection, and there was still a line of distance from the golden core, but she launched it forcibly at any cost, obviously because she was injured too badly and couldn’t last, and she had to kill all enemies in a short time. Moreover, this technique was originally initiated at the cost of a blood sacrifice. The more blood shed, the greater the power, and now her blood is flowing into a river, just to use it to fight to the death.

   This technique is based on its own blood, blended into the surrounding land and vegetation. Then she was urged by wooden escape, heaven and man are one, the vegetation within a radius of a few miles will become her clone, absorbing the earth’s energy together, growing violently, and being controlled by her divine consciousness like her limbs. It is equivalent to using all the ruthless vegetation between heaven and earth as a weapon, especially in the place where the water and soil are abundant and the vegetation is prosperous, the power is boundless.

   Cuiyu Palace was originally a mountain full of forests, and Biluo has been operating here for many years. If she lives in Danyang Pavilion, she can control all the trees in the entire Jade Jade Palace as she wants without any preparation. Although she has fallen to the bottom, this spell is still undiminished, and it is by no means the four people can fight.

Among the five elements escape technique, Mu Dun does not have the fiery heat of Huo Dun, nor the sharpness of Jin Dun, but it has the strongest power of growth. Although the vegetation is fragile, it only needs to absorb the earth’s energy to grow endlessly, covering the entire space. When the grass covered the valley, even the gods would be trapped in it and unable to move.

With this magical power, all the vegetation in the entire valley grew violently, growing various deformed vines with the thickness of the mouth, like dragons and snakes everywhere, and huge spikes grew on the vines. The roots were a few feet long, and they spread all over the entire valley like a sharp sword, and the magic weapons of the three elders were all crucified. Seeing that these people will also be fixed, and then pierced into a sieve by the thorns on the vine.

   “Quickly, end the battle! She can’t last long!” Amidst the panic of helplessness, I don’t know who is using thoughts to transmit the sound.

   The three elders immediately connected, formed a group of people, formed a light net, forcibly pushed away the crazily growing branches, and made a space of dozens of steps in the valley. With three rivals and one, they shrink to this point, originally playing a deadly game. But everyone knows that Bi Luo was stabbed three times, the knife stabbed in the back, the blood flow continued, and death was only a matter of time. As long as they exhausted all their strength and held on for a while, the blood of Biluo ran out and their anger died, and they naturally escaped.

   The magical powers of the two sides are facing each other to death, and if they have to shoot, they can only rely on the flesh. Bi Luo obviously didn’t want to wait, she couldn’t hold it for too long, at most these four people would not be wiped out within 20 breaths at most, she would exhaust her energy and blood, and there would be no possibility of a comeback.

   can’t see how she passed through the barrier at all, the saint has appeared in the center of the barrier. She lost a lot of blood and was poisoned by arsenic. The skin all over her body showed a pale color, and her drenched hair was stuck to her body. She was beautiful and beautiful, her eyes were like stars, and she approached her like a ghost. , Appeared three steps away from the left side of the thin elder, with a knife in his right palm, and came with a whirring sound.

   The thin elder had the highest cultivation level among the three. He had long thought that Bi Luo might catch the thief first and pick him up. He had been prepared for a long time, and a long sword with a green body suddenly appeared, like a long snake spitting out a star, piercing the blue throat. The thin elder didn’t block Bi Luo’s right palm at all, because there was a three-step distance between him and Bi Luo, and if her palm no longer bullied him, she wouldn’t be able to reach each other at all. If she is close, the green snake sword of the thin elder will pierce her throat faster.

   “What the **** is this, where did she get the sword!”

  The thin elder hadn’t fully handed it out, but Bi Luo’s right hand suddenly appeared a strange sword that was three feet long. This sword is not a whole. It is like a spine. It is made up of many green sections from large to small. Each section has two sharp blades deep. The combination is like a wicker machete with sharp serrations on both sides. The blade greeted him directly to his neck.

   The thin elder couldn’t figure it out. Bi Luo’s magical powers were all in the Azure Emperor Dragon Snake Art. When she fell, she was bare-handed, how could she “transform” into a sword! But it is useless to think too much, so I can only go to the right and avoid this sword.

   Unexpectedly, Bi Luo’s left hand is also the same sword, a pair of double swords cut like scissors. It was too late to hide, the blue light flashed, he had no time to scream, his neck had been broken in half, and he fell back, his breath broke. The three beams of light formed a formation, and suddenly weakened by a third.

   Biluo’s figure didn’t stop, and he lifted up his swords like a white crane spreading his wings, using the wind and wood swordsmanship of the Jade Palace. Countless sword lights roared like a gale, thousands of trees swayed, and the shadows of the trees were heavy, and they rushed to the other two elders.

   The two elders also used the authentic Jade Palace swordsmanship, but unfortunately they are both single swords. Bi Luo’s heart is divided into two uses, with one enemy and two, without losing the wind.

   The Taoism of these two people was inferior to that of the thin elder. Although swordsmanship could have been fought, the sword of Biluo suddenly disappeared from time to time, and suddenly appeared in strange places. The tricks were like ghosts, magical powers rather than magical powers. And the magical powers of these two people were trying their best to resist the Azure Emperor Dragon Snake Art. They couldn’t tell the difference between the magical powers, but after ten breaths, the two were stabbed and fell into the blood mud.

   In fact, Bi Luo cannot use magical powers. It’s just that the other party doesn’t know that Celestial Asura is growing in her body. The sword she used was actually the leaves of Shu Luolan. These leaves were part of her physical body and did not need to be displayed through magical powers. Therefore, she was lucky enough to kill three elders in a row.

   The enchantment formation composed of three people has long been annihilated. She vented her breath and collapsed. The countless vines and thorns that had grown from the Azure Emperor All Things Art all around collapsed into ashes as her energy and blood were exhausted.

   She was limp in the mud mixed with blood and water, trying to absorb earth energy, circulate the meridians throughout her body, recover her injuries, and contain the poison of arsenic. But this is an impossible task. The vitality and blood are exhausted, and the poison has entered the marrow. Although she still has one percent of her anger left, it is only a matter of time before she disappears.

   There was a sound at this time, and there was a person who crawled slowly from the stream, and what he held in his hand was the chill that made people shudder. It was Chen Xuanfang who had been pretending to be dead after being seriously injured, waiting for the chance to come back.

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