Record of Chaos

Chapter 6: Life and death bargain

   “You are indeed… amazing!” Chen Xuanfang broke many bones all over his body, and he couldn’t stand up. At this time his plan was already in a mess. In the valley of the three elders, the master’s line was lost. Even if he left the valley alive, his master would have to strip him alive. But as long as he breathes, he will never give up. The combined value of the three elders is no better than a blue saint.

   He was still struggling to crawl on the ground, approaching the saint step by step, “Unfortunately…you still…you still have to die…no…” He inflated himself and crawled forward with determination.

   The saint did not move on the ground. I don’t know if she is really unable to move, or is accumulating this last strength. The two are like two dying bugs on the ground, one is still, the other is still wriggling desperately. At the last breath of the mysterious disciple’s fighting method, it was no longer a mysterious fighting method, but a desperate fight with the worm in the dung pond.

   Gouzhu has no breath, but he is not dead. He pickpocketing for more than ten years, this is the first time he has attacked a fairy. He found that although the immortal had great magical powers, he was as slow as a mortal when he was pickpocketed. He took the key from Chen Xuanfang’s sleeve, and Chen Xuanfang didn’t feel it at all.

   But he didn’t dare to unlock and escape immediately. Seeing the four masters sitting around, as if they were performing some spell, he quietly took out the key, and the fetters opened with a click. This sound broke the silence of the night and scared him to death.

   Fortunately, nothing happened. Chen Xuanfang and the three black-clothed weird people still sat around, deaf. He made a decisive decision and opened both locks. The rest is where to escape.

  He hid in the green dragon’s saliva in the cracks of the stone. The fierce water hit him dizzy, but he knew this was his only chance to survive. The water flow completely washed away his breath, coupled with the formation of witchcraft, he was in a coma for a while. The four people outside didn’t feel his presence at all, and fell into panic.

   From the moon to the middle of the sky, a bright moon appeared over the narrow canyon, and the cold and dark moonlight cast down, and the green and secluded valley presented the atmosphere of the ghost world. Four people lay in the weeds and mud on the ground.

  Besides the three men in black, the most obvious one is the Biluo Saintess. Excluding the blood stains, her skin was as pale as snow, like a piece of white jade placed in the dark, still bright and translucent. At this time, a zombie-like monster crawled out of the stream, holding a bright dagger in his hand, struggling like a worm on the muddy ground to climb towards the saint, as if to give her the last knife.

   Gouzhu made some calculations in his head. It was like seeing a wealthy man with a pocket full of money in front of him, but he was not sure about the risk, whether he should start. But he immediately came to the conclusion that as long as this Chen Xuanfang is still alive, he will not stop dying! Even if he ran away now, it would be difficult to guarantee that the surname Chen would not go to him to chase his life.

   “You but me!” Gou Zhu picked up a rock the size of a pot and slammed it on Chen Xuanfang’s head.

   It’s not that he has never thought about the hardness of the fairy’s head. If it is too hard to break the rock, then he is in danger. But if the other party is unfavorable to him, and if he doesn’t dare to fight back when he catches such a good opportunity, even a mortal can’t swallow that breath.

   Fortunately, this person’s head is no different from a pig’s head. He smashed it a few times, and it broke like a watermelon, and his brain was all over the floor. This resourceful disciple of Jade Jade Palace’s true biography was so vainly killed in the hands of a small bastard.

   There are many ways in which Xuanmen disciples can practice the physical body so that they cannot penetrate the water or fire, but these are not the directors of the Cuiyu Palace. The disciples in the Jade Palace all used body guard zhenqi to protect their bodies. When the true energy is exhausted, the body is not much different from a mortal. Chen Xuanfang was previously successfully attacked by Biluo’s vine twisting technique. He was seriously injured and his true energy was exhausted. It is no surprise that he could be killed by a hook pig.

   Chen Xuanfang has stopped moving. Gouzhu put down the stone, only then did he feel that the stone was surprisingly sinking, and his arms went vacant. It’s a **** life! Poorly, he didn’t even know how he died.

He felt guilty in his heart for a long time, and then thought: “It’s really not the big brother that I won’t save you. Who told you to provoke these fierce gods, I can’t save it if I want to! Surviving is already a waste of eight lifetimes.” Of course, if he has accumulated virtue, it must have nothing to do with this life. He has never done anything in this life except for sneaking around.

   After a while, he gradually returned to normal. Then I remembered that there was another woman on the ground. He vaguely knew everything about this woman, but it was very vague. At a certain moment, his soul seemed to be connected with this woman, and in that moment countless memories poured into his mind. But a moment later, as if his mind couldn’t hold so many things, he quickly forgot like a dream after waking up for a while. But he still has some memories. This woman is called Lian Ling, and Bi Luo is her honorable name. She seemed boundless, yet weak as a thin bean sprout.

   “Is it the head of the Jade Palace I saw during the day?”

The head of    Cuiyu Palace is the big head of the fairy on Cuiyu Peak! Gouzhu, who has been pickpocketing in Qingshi Street for so many years, quickly realized the value of it, “If I save this big female fairy, how much will I earn!” Maybe this person would be grateful and reward him with a hundred taels. One thousand taels of silver is not necessarily! if not? How much is a life worth?

   The thought of hooking pigs here is surging, but if she dies, it will be nothing! There is more than a emptiness. You must know that there are five immortals dead here, and one of them is the head. After Cuiyu Palace was investigated, how could he get away?

   Gouzhu hit the courage to pinch the woman’s middle point. I want to try whether she is dead or alive. Unexpectedly, Bi Luo opened his eyes suddenly, and he jumped back in shock, knocking his head several times:

   “Master, you know! The youngest is not a disciple of this fairy surnamed Chen, but he was arrested!… But don’t worry, he has been crushed to death by the youngest…!”

   “Come here.” Bi Luo did not move, nor did he speak, but a sense of consciousness came into his mind like this.

   Gouzhu walked over tremblingly.

   “Don’t be afraid, I have a clear sense of grievances and grievances, and I will repay my favor.”

  Bi Luo Sheng Nu is the honorific name given to her by the disciples of Guan Nei, but she does not like to use it. She herself still likes to use her name.

   Gouzhu approached honestly. He didn’t believe that even Lingyou’s kindness would be repaid, but he felt that he couldn’t escape the Jade Palace even if he pulled his legs and walked away. On the contrary, he jumped into the Yellow River. What’s more, this time I was caught and suffered a lot, and even my younger brother died. With such a huge loss, how can I make it back without making a fortune?

   “What you want, as long as I can do it, you can say it, but only once. If it is an endless request, I can’t meet it, and I won’t bother it.”

   This is any wish! Gouzhu was overjoyed in his heart, but instead, a sense of entanglement surged in his heart. In fact, pickpocketing usually makes him go to heaven with joy if he can get a couple of silver. But suppose a wealthy family takes out all the gold and silver jewels in the house and shows them to him, saying that you take them as you like. This is actually troublesome! Which is the most valuable? The ghost knows.

   Gouzhu thought for a long time, how much silver? One hundred taels? One thousand taels? Ten thousand taels? Is ten thousand taels too much? What if the lion speaks loudly and the woman cannot afford to pay, and becomes angry and kills herself? She can kill three immortals in a row, maybe killing him is to choke an ant…

   He will suffer as much as possible. Because he couldn’t know if he could add a zero after the number. But there is a wish that he absolutely wants and will not suffer. UU Reading www. is the illusion that came to my mind when I walked through the lotus pond in the daytime, and when I first saw this woman who was astonished by the sky and the crowd. But if you marry such a wife, you will die without regret! Happy to die!

   It is a pity that such a wish killed him and he dare not say it. This is ridiculous, he will really be killed to say it! Gouzhu stayed for a while, and then another sentence came to his mind:

   “Okay, I already know what you want. You now look back at your back.”

   Gouzhu feels strange, I haven’t said my wish yet, how did you know it? Why let me look back? Is what I want is now behind me? A pile of gold? Still a stunning beauty?

   He turned his head to look involuntarily, but behind him there was only the sound of blue dragon drooping water and the dark valley under the moonlight, nothing else. He immediately felt fooled, but he couldn’t turn his head back. Some kind of sharp claws gripped the back of his neck tightly, like two sharp blades between the left and right sides. A fierce sting seemed to have directly penetrated his brain. He couldn’t help screaming in pain.

   “A man, are you afraid of this pain?” Lian Ling’s consciousness still spoke in his mind.

“What do you want to do!”

   “This is a fair deal. I give you what you want, and you save my life. In fact, you and I are each other’s witch puppets. If I die, you have to die. So saving me is also saving yourself. You don’t suffer.”

   Gouzhu scratched his back with both hands, but Lian Ling’s body had disappeared. What he caught was something resembling a vine, entwining behind him. What’s more terrifying is that this kind of thing is getting into the back of his neck like a snake. In fact, there is no pain other than the freshly pierced wound on the back of his neck, but the feeling of getting into the flesh and blood by a foreign body is extremely terrifying, making him creepy.

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