Record of Chaos

Chapter 7: Introductory monasticism

  007 Introduction to Monasticism

   Lian Ling didn’t move. What grabbed the back of the hook pig’s neck were the two Asura stalks sticking out of her fingers. This kind of stem is bent and twisted, like the tentacles of an octopus. It is extremely tough and can absorb the nutrients from the earth’s energy and flesh and blood through the body. Her body was dead, but as long as Shu Luolan could survive, she could easily grow a body that was exactly the same or even better. So she urged Xiu Luolan to absorb the nutrients involved in the dead body. Her “corpse” gradually shrank until it disappeared.

   She is the fusion body of Celestial Asura and the human body. The two complement each other. If Asura is fully grown, she can almost become an immortal body. It’s a pity that he was seriously injured in less than a year, and was poisoned by arsenic. Pi Hanzhi was not harmful to Xiu Luolan, but it was a devastating blow to her body. If the body is destroyed, Xiu Luolan will lose the soil for growth and will wither to death. The only way to save is to seize a body to live temporarily.

   Seizing a house is not an easy task. Not to mention whether she could activate the soul-suffering technique in this state, even if it was successful, the incompatible body and soul would contradict each other, and eventually decay and die.

   Fortunately, the human puppet witch Gu technique made her and the spirit of the hook pig have been connected as one, and there was no longer a problem of conflict. Shu Luolan only needs to get into the hook pig’s body, which is equivalent to finding a new flower pot.

   After a while, Lian Ling disappeared completely. Gouzhu touched the back of his neck, the wound had healed unexpectedly, and his body did not seem to be abnormal.

“In the end what happened!”

   He fell from a dream to a nightmare, then woke up completely, and found himself back to the original point, still in a state of nothing. Where’s the silver? What about women?

   He still has nothing.

   “You must form a pill within six years. Otherwise, the arsenic poison will corrode your body and there is no cure.” Although Lian Ling’s body disappeared, a kind of magical consciousness still spoke in his mind. The sound was gurgling like running water and cold like frost, but he felt very comfortable listening to it.

  砒 cold poison, the poisonous dagger from Chen Xuanfang is half a foot cold. This sharp thing, less than five inches, was originally sealed by blood. Fortunately, the Xiuluolan cultivated by Lian Ling was originally a body of plants and trees. This kind of poison is highly toxic to the human body, but not harmful to plants.

   But Shu Luolan is parasitic in the hook pig body, it is impossible not to have the potential danger to the hook pig.

   More importantly, Shu Luolan needs to absorb the true qi in his body to gradually recover. Otherwise, more arsenic poison will be released.

   “Six years? Pill formation?” The Gouzhu at that time was still very ignorant of this. What he understood was that there was a six-year period for the transaction between Saint Biluo and him. If the six-year time limit has passed, he has not completed the goal of “consolidating alchemy”, then the two grasshoppers on this rope will still be the same, and both will die.

   In fact, the six-year pill formation is almost an impossible task.

  The Xuanmen children of Dongsheng Shenzhou generally count the day they enter the Xuanmen and start practicing as the beginning of “foundation building.” The realm of foundation building does not actually mean that one has the right way. The so-called foundation is just the foundation of practice.

   As the Dantian Qi Sea capacity expands, the true qi in the body becomes more and more abundant, and the level of foundation building will gradually increase to the point where it is enough to build a pill. It is generally believed that building the foundation nine layers is the standard for forming a pill. Starting from the place where the foundation is built, it is counted as one layer, and it is enough to form a pill to be counted as nine layers. Even if it is an extremely talented person, smooth sailing requires no less than nine years and ten years.

   “Yes, you are already an outer disciple, go to Cuiyu Palace Outer Court to report quickly. Not for me, but to save your own life.” Lian Ling said coldly.

   “What about you? Just leave me in the pit like this?” Gouzhu felt quite bad. Cuiyu Palace, the sect of gods, is now an unfathomable place of killing for him. He almost became a sacrifice first, and then saw four people killed. In the end, he was even more inexplicably poisoned by arsenic, and this **** wind was just one after another.

   “I will fall into a deep sleep. After a year, if you come back here, I will wake up, and then I will try my best to help you build a pill.”

   Then this verbal consciousness disappeared from his mind. Gouzhu didn’t know how to wake her up. Yelling is of no use anyway. Next, he has to rely on himself for everything.

   He cleaned up all the traces, as if nothing had happened, even the four corpses were cleaned up.

   He wouldn’t be so stupid to find someone that you have four immortals dead and your palace lord is now living in my body—that way, he’ll be dissected.

  He really got into the outer courtyard of Cuiyu Palace honestly and became a genuine disciple of the outer courtyard.

   The so-called years in the mountains are easy to pass. A year passes in the blink of an eye.

   Now is the day when the Saint Biluo will awaken.

   Gouzhu has been thinking about that stunning woman, which is like a dream that makes him unforgettable.

   Outer Court is the residence of all the outer disciples of Cuiyu Palace, and is managed by Huo Yun, the elder of the Outer Court.

  The disciples of the Outer Court live in groups of five and are called “Wu Yuan”. But he is in a special place in Wuyuan, in fact there are only four people.

   Now he lives in a large tree hole, ventilated from north to south, and a cool breeze blows continuously from south to north, like cold water splashing in the air of this summer night. There were no mosquitoes, they all seemed to be driven away by the woody incense emanating from the tree hole.

   This time not only the buzzing sound remained constant, but also a scorpion-like creature with pincers, which severely clamped his ears.

   “You are not awake yet!”

   Gouzhu opened his eyes in confusion, and saw a handsome and tough face that was a little crooked because of his madness. This is a handsome man who is one or two years older than him. He grabbed one of his ears with both hands, and shook it violently:

   “Do you want to die! There are still seven missing this month! Seven! Now there is only one day left! Do you want us to do hard work for a lifetime!”

   “Pure Yang Dan?” Gouzhu suddenly woke up when he thought of this. This is his biggest worry now.

   He is now a genuine disciple of the Outer Sect of Jade Jade Palace. It is this small pea-sized wax pill that most of the outer disciples worry about.

   The wax of this kind of wax pellets is extremely light, as light as nothing. If it is thrown into the air, as long as there is a trace of wind, it may even drift away with the wind. It is made from the secretion produced by a kind of wax worm on the wax tree. There are large tracts of Lingwa Forest on Cuiyu Peak. One or two Lingwa can make tens of thousands of such wax pellets, which is extremely cheap. This wax pill does not contain any aura, it can only be called Jidan.

One of the most important tasks of the outer disciples of the Cuiyu Palace every day is to fill these Jidan with pure Yang aura. Every month, every disciple of the outer sect had to hand in a certain amount of pure Yang Dan. This number continues to grow according to the number of years in the Jade Palace.

   Starting from the first year, each person must hand in eight pure Yang Dan every month. Sixteen per month in the second year. In the third year, thirty-two, and so on.

   Gouzhu has been taught by famous thieves since childhood, not by nameless gangsters. He uses the means of doing business to be a thief, and arithmetic is better than technique. He understood this rule the first time he heard it. Starting from the second year, the number of requests will always be double the previous year.

   Within ten years, this number will grow rapidly to the point where it is impossible for humans to complete it. For example, in the eighth year, there will be more than 10,000 pure Yang Dan that needs to be paid each year, and the next two years will be more than 20,000 to more than 40,000!

  If the payment is insufficient, the monthly arrears will be regarded as loans by Jade Palace. If the monthly profit is one point, it will be profitable. After a few months, it will never be paid off. This is exactly the same as the common practice of loan sharks on Bluestone Street.

Those who owe more than a thousand debts are no longer outside disciples, and because they owe debts, they can’t leave the division. They can only become “selling disciples”. They will lose their freedom and become coolies. They will dig some kind of minerals under Cuiyu Peak to repay the debts. , From now on it is difficult to stand up forever.

   It is also simple and rude to want to promote the inner disciple: as long as you reach the sixth level of the foundation and pay the excess of 10,000 pure sun pills, you can immediately be promoted to the inner disciple, and get rid of the nightmare of pure sun pills.

  The inner disciple needs to pay another thing called Xuanyin Pill, which is more difficult to get, but this is a new chapter in the story. Compared with the outer disciples who are exhausted, the inner disciples have a lot of resources to obtain, and if they have enough time for cultivation, they are more likely to reach the realm of pill formation and are one step closer to the immortal freedom.

   Gouzhu has no doubt that the ancestor of the Jade Palace started using usury on the rivers and lakes, and all the methods are exactly the same.

   “Where is the wood?”

   “Occupying a seat, you quickly get up for Lao Tzu, I’ll call Fat Cow!”

   It was Song Ruhai, the boss of Wu Yuan, who urged him to get up. He was seventeen years old, half a head taller than Gouzhu. He is the son of the famous Jiangnan Song family, his family wealth is billions, and he is the richest in the Wuyuan. No matter in terms of height, appearance, property, or even cultivation level, he is the well-deserved boss of the Wu Yuan.

Hook pig tied the robe on his body almost in a mess, put on his trousers, stepped directly into his shoes with his feet, and then ran out of the house. As for Xiaoyao towels, belts, hairpins, etc., they were already in his arms, in terms of details. It can be adjusted slowly on the road.

   “Fat cow, get up and exercise in the morning!”

   The window hole of another tree house flashed with fire. This is the spark that the stone thrown by the boss hits the ban on the tree hole. The light in the window was on, and a soft female voice came out: “Oh.”

  A Wuyuan is a big tree. This big tree has two branches, one thick and the other thin. There are wide tree holes in the thick branches. There are male disciples on one side, and female disciples on the other. As the name suggests, a five-member house lives in five people. Normally, there are three men and two women.

   But there are also cases of failure to compete for the female disciple quota, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com has become three men and one woman. This is called a disabled home, because the lack of numbers also greatly impairs the strength, which is similar to the disabled. However, what the three brothers really wore was not desperately fighting for the name tag of only one female disciple, but that the junior girl was a big fat girl.

   One white covers one hundred ugly, one fat destroys everything. These two are just occupied by this woman. Calling Fat Niu directly is an insult and not very good, so it is called Fat Niu. She was originally named Murong Qing, but no one would admire her Rong, so this name was almost forgotten.

   There is a huge forest between these two mountains. Every tree is a five-yard house. Just after the fifth shift, the sky was just a little bit bright, the forest was full of rushes to get up, and the small stone steps were full of panicked disciples. Gouzhu is best at running around in the crowd, but here Song Ruhai can’t catch him.

   They must rush to Chaoyang Peak, no one stopped to wait for the fat cow. Because you can never tell how long it takes a woman to get up and put on makeup.

   There is a wide practice square on Chaoyang Peak. Facing the east, it happened to be the place where the first ray of sunlight hit the red sun. This orange-red light of the first sun is almost a clean and clear pure Yang aura. Once the sun rises, the sun is strong, the earth’s Qi rises, and the Yang Qi is no longer pure. It is said that masters can purify this mixed yang energy, but this is not something these outer disciples can do.

   Therefore, it is necessary to occupy a favorable position on Chaoyang Peak early in the morning. If it weren’t for the Cuiyu Palace’s outer gate to ensure the sleep of the disciples, it was strongly stipulated that no one should leave the Wuyuan without permission before the five shifts, I am afraid someone would come to occupy the seat the night before.

When    Gouzhu rushed to Chaoyang Peak, the east was dimly white, but the red sun had not yet broken out. On the hundreds of meters wide platform on the top of Chaoyang Peak, thousands of disciples had already occupied almost no place to stand.

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