Record of Chaos

Chapter 8: Encounter Little Junior Sister

   In order to avoid disputes about the location, a stone futon was originally set on the top of the mountain. Each futon can be used for one person to meditate and practice. But there is no doubt that the number of futons is less than the total number of people. Although it is indispensable, it takes a lot of eyes and energy to find a free place in the darkness before dawn and among the crowded crowds.

   In such a tense situation, one person would have to occupy four people’s positions, and the pressure can be imagined. But Song Ruhai made sense to give him the task of occupying the seat. He is really like a piece of wood. As long as everything is handed over to him, he will act as steadfastly as a wood according to the original plan, and will never give in.

   “You **** occupy so many positions alone, you want to die!”

   “Don’t pay attention to him, can you just occupy it?”

   There are some who say coldly and threaten on one side, there are also those who light a fan behind, and some are really hard. They don’t care about the existence of wood at all, and they just step forward to occupy a position.

   “Dare! I will cut whoever comes!” The wood drew out the sword and danced on the four futons lined up in a square array. He has a dull personality and ordinary swordsmanship, but he dances wildly with his sword, and there is a lot of wind. If anyone comes up, it is not he who chops someone, but someone else takes the initiative to hit the sword.

   Mu Mu’s reckless aura really scared some people away. Among these outer disciples, there is no shortage of masters of triple or even quadruple foundation building. If you really want to make a move, the wood must be unstoppable. But everyone understands that this guy is likely to be entangled to the end, instead of spending time fighting him, it is better to go to other places honestly and quickly make alchemy in the sun.

   At this time, Dongfang shot a line of fiery red. Song Ruhai and Gouzhu were already seated, and even the unhurried fat cow had already sat down. The Chaoyang Peak, which was in chaos just now, suddenly became silent.

Facing the red sun and pursuing the rhythmic breathing of the breath of heaven and earth, Gouzhu can feel a warm pure Yang Qi is infiltrating into his meridians and gradually converging into the sea of ​​qi, which can obviously feel a kind of heat and expansion. a feeling of.

  The purpose of this kind of practice is to continuously expand one’s own qi sea. Only when the sea of ​​Qi expands, can it contain more pure Yang Qi. At the same time, only pure Yang Qi has the power to expand the sea of ​​Qi. But this kind of expansion cannot be accomplished overnight. Only by spitting out like this year after year, day after day, can the sea of ​​gas expand slowly. The pure yang energy enters the sea of ​​qi, and then it continuously diverges, circulates, and converges in the meridians. After repeated refining, it becomes the pure yang true energy that is easy to control.

   True Qi does not continue to expand the effect of the sea of ​​Qi, but it can be injected into the Jidan. The Jidan will turn red and have weight, and it will become a Pure Yang Pill.

   According to Gouzhu’s experience, with his current ability to build a foundation, the pure Yang Zhenqi that can be contained in the Qi Sea is the amount of Zhen Qi required for a pure Yang Dan. Alchemy once a day can produce at most one.

   In theory, he can produce 30 pieces per month, far exceeding the amount of 16 pieces he needs to pay per month for the second year. But in fact it is seriously insufficient. Because living in this jade palace, whether it is borrowing books, listening to preaching, or even eating and drinking, you must pay pure Yang Dan!

   What’s more, I have been in debt since the first year and have been profitable. The four members of their five schools have different qualifications, and their understanding of the method is different. Especially for Gouzhu, it took half a year to make the first pure Yang Pill. Their debts in the first year of the Wu Yuan have reached a huge amount of eighty-one.

   This is only the first month of the second year, and they are struggling with food and clothing, and there are still seven such huge gaps. The previous debts cannot be repaid, and the interest will continue to accumulate at the rate of every eight coins.

  The income and debts of each wuyuan are uniformly calculated. The brothers and sisters of the same Wuyuan moved forward and retreated together. If any one of them owes a thousand debts first, then all the members of the Wu Yuan will be downgraded to become disciples. So everyone will try to share all the arrears.

  Similarly, any one person first reaches the excess of 10,000 and is refined into the six-layer foundation, no matter how much debt the other people are in, all of them immediately become inner disciples.

   And regardless of whether the Wu Yuan is a disabled house or not, whether there are five people or not, the required share must be calculated as five people.

   That’s why Song Ruhai urged everyone to exercise in the morning. If it’s just himself, he doesn’t worry at all. He was born in a wealthy family, and he had reached the realm of double foundation building long before he entered the Jade Palace. He could condense two pure Yang Pills every day, and paying his share was enough. The problem is that he must make up for the non-existent quota and the shortfall caused by overslept from time to time or the late arrival of fat cattle. This made him angry and helpless. According to the rules of the Jade Palace, Wu Yuan can be formed and cannot be separated. He has no chance to re-select teammates.

   But Gouzhu doesn’t think so. He felt that debts were not only normal, but also a matter of time.

   Even if a monk has cultivated to the nine-layer foundation, he can refine nine pure sun pills in one day at most. Gouzhu had already calculated countless times, even if he was promoted at the rate of a genius every year, he would never have the chance to be promoted to an inner disciple.

   The growth brought about by the level of foundation building is simple growth, but the number of coins that needs to be paid each year is doubled. But among the outer disciples, how can there be a realm of building the nine layers of foundations? This level is enough to become a true disciple. As for the formation of pill, it is an elder-level cultivation base. They don’t have to think about it.

   Those 800 inner disciples, where did the 10,000 Pure Yang Pills they overpaid come from? It is by no means such a simple breath adjustment. There must be a special method or method.

   I have stayed in the Cuiyu Palace for more than a year. No senior has ever taught me where to get a lot of Pure Yang Pills other than his own practice, but Gouzhu generally wanted to get it.

   For example, buy with money. Those wealthy disciples have money. If they buy directly with money, they can indeed buy some from the outer disciples or inner disciples who have extra medicine, and they can even purchase them directly on a large scale. Therefore, the wealthy children certainly do not worry about these ten thousand pure Yang Pills. They can devote themselves to cultivation. But it won’t work if you put it in their Wuyuan. Although Song Ruhai’s Song family is rich, it is said that he swore a poisonous oath before leaving home to practice. In the Jade Palace, he would never spend a couple of silver from the Song family.

  Others, either waiting for someone to deliver it, or snatching it, or stealing it. Gouzhu believes that Cuiyu Palace must have a huge warehouse of pure Yang Pill. If he can figure out the location, then his old line…

   He didn’t come up with any conclusions, but knew that this early Qi refining was over again. The more thoughts in the mind, the worse the effect of refining qi. Therefore, wood and fat pigs can reach the level of one pill a day, but he can’t. I must be scolded by Song Lao again tonight.

   When the sunlight turns from red to yellow and becomes fiery, the morning exercise is over. After a moment of leisure, the tension faded a lot. The disciples of the five schools gathered in twos and threes to discuss plans for this day.

“Today’s Taoism said, “Fat Niu took out a yellow paper from his sleeve and opened it carefully. It was densely covered with tiny letters. “It is a true heir, Lian Ping’s female crown. It is a magic weapon for escape. The tuition fee is two Pure Yang Pills, do you want to listen?”

  Since there was a deficit, they have set the rules. All expenses must be decided by Song Ruhai himself, and no one can spend money without authorization.

   “Empty escape?” Gouzhu knew that the five elements escape technique was golden, wood, water, fire, and earth, but he had never heard that there was still time to escape.

   “Two…” Song Ruhai couldn’t help sweating on his head. When four people listen to a lesson, the cost is as large as eight coins, and the deficit is growing infinitely, which is simply impossible to contain. If you choose not to attend the class, it is tantamount to sitting and waiting for death, failing to learn Taoism, it is no different from everyone going straight to the mining coolies.

   “It’s still the old rule, Gouzhu go alone. The others go back to the Wuyuan and practice behind closed doors!”

   This is one of the last resort to save money. Since it takes eight pure Yang Pills for four people to attend the class, only one can use only two. After one person listened to a foreigner’s lecture, he came back and relayed it to the other three, and six pills were saved in this way.

   But whoever is sent to listen is very particular. Take wood, for example, this person’s head is similar to wood, and he basically doesn’t understand what the lecturer is talking about, let alone relay it to others. Fat Cow will make extremely detailed notes. The only drawback is that she writes too carefully and too slowly. Often the lectures are over and her notes are only halfway through.

   What is really surprising is Gouzhu. Although his aptitude is almost negative, his memory is amazing. As long as the lectures he had heard, he could almost repeat everything the lecturer said intact. Even the lecturer’s movements, facial expressions, magic weapons, and magic formulas used by the lecturer are just as good.

   For Gouzhu, listening to lectures is an overkill. Because when the Tao is preaching, he only needs to pay attention to the lecturer alone.

One or two years ago, he walked into a bazaar casually, and hundreds of people walked by in the bustling eyes, everyone’s clothing, origin, where is the wallet, what was said on his mouth, did he mention money… …He can remember everything. He walked on Bluestone Street, except for those who came from afar, there were basically no strangers. Otherwise, he would not recognize Chen Xuanfang in disguise at a glance.

  His predecessor called it the “Six Ways of Observing the Eyes and Not Forgetting the Jue”, saying that it was one of the basic methods of being a thief. This kind of memory records not words or pictures, but all the things seen, heard, and even smelled in the continuous scene.

   Gouzhu finds it strange. After the lecturer has finished speaking, some people will come back to ask some details of this sentence. It seems that their ears are a sieve, and they are leaky.

   Every time Gouzhu finishes listening to the Dao, he repeats it to Fat Cow. The fat cow will jot down detailed notes, and then copy two copies from wood. One for himself, one for Song Ruhai. Although Mu Mingzi is wood, it is also meticulous in copying. And after copying it twice, I can understand something. As for Song Ruhai, he was originally a wealthy man, with amazing aptitude, and he had a notebook to practice his own practice without any problems.

The only drawback of    is that every time they listen to the sermon, there is only one person in their Wuyuan. Then when tit-for-tat in class, he is alone.

The classroom of    Dao Speaking is a hall that can accommodate five to six hundred disciples from the outer sect. When there are many people, after being squeezed into dozens of rows of seats, you can’t even see clearly, let alone interact with the lecturer. If the Wu Yuan brothers cooperate with each other, they can occupy the dominant position.

   Lecturers are generally inner disciples or even true disciples. UU reading occasionally shows elder-level characters. If you can sit closer to the lecturer and get closer through some chance, you can get infinite benefits for your Wuyuan.

   If the lecturer notices his aptitude and accepts himself as a disciple, it will be even more impressive.

   The vast majority of the outer disciples of Cuiyu Palace were recruited by the sect. These disciples do not have a master, and only when they are promoted to inner disciple will they worship the true disciple or elder as their teacher.

   Gouzhu is an exception. He is an apprentice personally accepted by the true disciple Chen Xuanfang. It stands to reason that his status is far higher than other outer disciples. But Chen Xuanfang had already been crushed to death by his own hands in Dragon Skeleton Valley, so his master had the same effect as if he did not.

   It was a little late when he entered the classroom. The entire classroom was almost packed. For the first time in more than a year, there was a Dao talk involving escape techniques other than the five elements escape technique, which attracted the attention of all new beginner outer disciples.

   Although there are so many people, Gouzhu can still see a conspicuous vacancy in the right corner of the first row next to a female disciple against the wall.

   These seats are connected in rows. So if he wants to walk in normally, the brothers on the left have to shrink their legs to give way. But Gouzhu obviously didn’t have this patience. He jumped directly over the desk in front of him and sat on the seat with a snap. Fleeing over the wall is the instinct of a thief, and this is also very familiar to hook pigs.

   He just noticed that the one on the far right side against the wall, that is, next to him, was a beautiful, fair-skinned, elegant white dress, exquisite and compact body. This beautiful girl was shocked when she saw the move of Gouzhu over the desk. Then she frowned when she saw that she looked thin and had a little bit of a hooked pig.

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