Record of Chaos

Chapter 9: Offend Brother He

   are all recruited by the same batch of Wuyuan, everyone knows each other. The girl’s name is Wu Xia, and she also comes from an economically urgent Wuyuan. It happened that she was the most attentive, so she listened to the lecture. Compared with those old female disciples who have been in the Jade Palace for many years and are proficient in beauty and beauty, she is certainly inferior, but it is also a rare flawless jade with a natural beauty.

   For Gouzhu, he is used to seeing the fat cow’s body like a potato, and seeing any woman feels beautiful. But he didn’t have any ideas. Although he was no longer a thief, he couldn’t change the natural thief eyes and the seemingly thin face. Except for the fat cow Murongqing who is quite sympathetic to him, the other teachers and sisters have a contemptuous attitude towards him.

   “Boy boy, this is the seat occupied by our Wu Yuan, do you dare to start?”

   “It’s you? The woman our boss is fond of, do you dare to be moved?”

   I patronized the girl, and Gouzhu realized that there was a strong man sitting on the left, and a big hand came over and grabbed his wrist.

   There are six seats in this row. In addition to Gouzhu, there is a five-yard house with two men and two women already occupying four, just to prevent others from getting in again to grab the empty seat next to Wuxia.

   They are not at the same level as Gouzhu, and they are a two-year old home. It stands to reason that they have heard this kind of talk a long time ago, and there is no need to come back. This time the whole hospital was dispatched, in fact, it was for the witchcraft.

   Wherever Wu Xia sits, they surround him. Wu Xia was forced to be helpless and had to sit against the wall so that at least he would not be besieged by the left and right sides.

   Gouzhu aroused a strong backlash from the four as soon as he sat down. For them, Wu Xia was the woman their boss fancy, whoever dared to sit in this seat was to grab a woman from their boss.

   Gouzhu smiled and ignored it. He was pickpocketing for so many years, and occasionally he was caught by the wrist. At that time, he had such a hippie smile, and dead pigs were not afraid of boiling water.

   A sharp pain came from his wrist. The brawny man was exerting his strength and wanted to drive him away. But Gouzhu’s expression remained unchanged. This little pain is nothing to him.

   The torment of arsenic to him over the past year can be far more painful than this. He concluded that although this person’s skill is far better than him, it is not enough to break his hand bones.

Another person walked in from the door. He was not tall and had dark skin. His square face was slightly wrinkled, and he looked young and mature. Although he was rustic as a farmer, his eyes were full of arrogance beyond his age. .

   Seeing that the seat next to Wu Xia was occupied by Gou Zhu, he suddenly tilted his face with anger. He directly pointed at Gou Zhu with a trembling finger and said, “Go away!”

   This person’s name is Kakura Mi. The name is rustic. He came from a real poor peasant family, and he was farming at his home before being discovered by a certain inner disciple of Cuiyu Palace. In the first year of joining them, no one could afford him.

   In a blink of an eye, more than two years later, he has reached the triple of foundation building. In addition to his rare aptitude, his almost paranoid diligence is also one of the reasons.

   Now he is a rare Tianjiao in the outer courtyard, and he is destined to be promoted to the highly anticipated role of the inner disciple. Among them, he has become the well-deserved boss.

   But some lost things are difficult to retrieve. For example, even though he had a good impression of two fellow juniors when he first entered the Wuyuan, he was like a pile of mud stuck to his shoes at that time, and naturally he was not favored by them.

   Although he is a Tianjiao now, the two juniors are already famous. The river has entered the sea, and it is impossible to change its course again. He had no choice but to focus on the disciples of the new entry generation. Although Wu Xia is not a stunning beauty, she is petite and cute, which is more in line with his self-feeling needs of “equal value”.

   The two pairs of men and women in their Wuyuan, of course, fully support the desire of the boss at all costs.

   An insignificant-looking Gouzhu in front of him dignifiedly occupied the seat of his tianjiao, so how could he not be angry? He believes that if he takes a shot, he will be able to seriously hurt the hooking pig within three strokes. The non-smiling expression on Hook Pig’s face made him hate it even more.

   But he can’t make a move. A wave of coercion came along with the sound of footsteps behind him. That is definitely not something that outer disciples can bring. That is a true disciple, the lecturer has already come. He Cangshi couldn’t do it, and couldn’t bear to go back, riding a tiger with difficulty, and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

   “Boss He, one of our Wuyuan has not come, and the seat is given to Boss He.” Someone in the second row spoke. In order to please this Tianjiao, the people in the second row moved for a while, vacating the seat behind Wu Xia.

   Kakura Shit was so entangled that his face twitched, and he reluctantly accepted the choice.

The seat behind    seems to be about the same distance from the seat next to it, but the effect is quite different. As long as the person in front doesn’t look back, he will never be able to talk. According to Wu Xia’s character, he knew that Wu Xia would never take the initiative to look back. In the resentment, he could not help clenching his fists.

   Gouzhu has no intention of caring about this now. All the male disciples in the hall of hundreds of people didn’t even care about it. There was a slightly lowered exclamation in the classroom.

   Accompanied by the strong coercion of the true disciples, there is a faint fragrance similar to a certain plant. Even if she does not appear in the field of vision, all male disciples will involuntarily pursue her source.

   Besides, she is standing in the center of the podium. She wore a light green deep dress. Because it was midsummer weather, the dress seemed to be thin and thin, and it clung to her exquisite figure, like a beautiful and boundless canna.

   She has a long body, but it is a pity that she has a pair of wonderful and unparalleled legs, hidden under a long skirt that is as light as a cloud.

   Gouzhu stared at her long hair falling like a waterfall on both sides and her delicate face like mutton jade, suddenly the shadow of a blue saint appeared in her heart. One of them is called Lian Ling and the other is Lian Ping. They seem to have some kind of blood relationship no matter from the name or appearance.

   Are they sisters? Even Ling was so cautious that such a big thing happened that even his sisters didn’t believe it?

   Although they are similar in appearance, their temperaments are completely different. Compared to Lian Ling’s elegant, indifferent and even a bit sluggish face, Lian Ping’s face was filled with crazy gazes, but there was a gentle smile on his face, and there was a hint of mischievous charm in his eyes.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped! Unexpectedly, the first movement of the true master uncle who I saw for the first time in the lecture was to pull out a thorny soft whip and wave it from the air, making a sharp crackling sound.

   “What are you looking at! Class is in! Quiet! What about you? Deaf!”

Regarding the empty escape technique, what Gouzhu only knows about the “Xuanmen Zong” lesson he has heard when he first started, the lecturer has taught that there are five major sects in the Xuanmen faction of the East Sheng Shenzhou, namely the Spiritual Source Sect. , Yin and Yang Sect, Soul Sect, Five Elements Sect and Extreme Wu Sect.

   Each sect has its own strengths in the mysterious powers of Xuanmen. For example, the Five Elements Sect where the Jade Palace is located, the director is the wood escape technique among the five escape techniques of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. On the other hand, there are eight kinds of escape techniques that the Yin-Yang sect is good at, which can be remembered with a phrase: “Wind, thunder and cold, extinguishes emptiness.” These eight escape techniques are basically arranged from easy to difficult. UU reading

   The so-called empty escape is probably the last empty word in these eight characters. This kind of difficulty is second only to that of Void Escape, far beyond the ability of this group of foundation-building disciples.

   “If you want to get into the void escape technique, you must at least cultivate to the realm of the Purple Mansion.” Looking at the disciples in the audience who hadn’t even touched the doorway, Lian Ping couldn’t help but want to see their shocked expressions.

But many people still stared straight at her face, and a wretched guy stared at her breasts, which was especially unsatisfactory to her, which made her feel like she could not open or lift the pot. So he furiously whipped the whip in his hand.

Snapped! A sharp explosion occurred on the top of Gouzhu’s head, as strong as thunder, and even sparks were splashed. Wu Xia was so innocent that she covered her ears.

   Gouzhu came back to his senses. In fact, the focus of his attention was not the empty space, but the color of the jade pendant hanging on the neckline of the female crown. If it was the kind of thing hanging on a mortal, he estimated that he could get at least fifty taels of silver in the pawnshop. But things about immortals are hard to talk about.

   “Our Jade Jade Palace is all practicing wood escape, why do we talk about empty escape?” a disciple in the audience asked.

“Good question!” Lian Ping cast approving gazes at the man, “Empty escape is a technique that changes space. Although our five-element sect disciples do not practice empty escape, it does not prevent us from mastering and controlling empty escape. The magic weapon of the art. For example, my’Bilian Pei’,” she said while removing the jade pendant from her neck, and all the male disciples’ eyes were straight.

  Bi Lianpei reached the palm of her hand, and began to emit rippling patterns like blue waves. This light pattern is like an erect mirror surface, which reminds Gou Zhu of the huge stone gate on the top of the hanging door, and similar light flashes.

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