Record of Chaos

Chapter 976: Meier has stepped on the zero mountain, and Muluo tries her fist ten thousand years

   (976 Meier stepped on Qianzhong Mountain, Muluo tried his boxing ten thousand years array)

   After a wave of violent waves calmed down, Lin Meier carefully probed the ground. This is her habitual action after each transmission.

   The ground is firm and solid, which means that the teleportation of the sky rotation and the earth rotation is really over. This step has already passed the mountains and rivers of the demon world, from the Taibai Forest to the Mian’e Mountain. She can safely take the next step.

  Mian Evil Mountain’s teleportation formation is the largest teleportation formation in the demon world. Surrounded by dense and tall trees, only a piece of sky like a canyon gap is exposed in front. Only in this night, the sky is also black.

   Different from the human world’s teleportation array that is closed at night, the demon world is used to too many creatures that go wild, so the teleportation array is open day and night, but it will be regularly stopped for maintenance.

   There are people around her, including tree people, camel demon merchants, Xijia caravan, and even blood refiners.

  Kinobe became extremely conservative and closed after the demon world coalition attacked Mian’eshan, unwilling to communicate with others. This is because the tree emperor abandoned them and went to the Muluo Department. Their strength was weak and they were guarding the Mian Evil Mountain for fear of being coveted.

   But Mian’eshan’s normal external communication is inevitable. Especially after the land traffic is closed, all access can only rely on the teleportation array, let alone close it easily.

   Lin Meier did not reveal the identity of the Crane King, but was mixed in with a bunch of camel clan demon merchants, first came out to see the situation.

   Sure enough, when she arrived at Mian’e Mountain, she had not yet developed her spiritual consciousness, as if she heard a continuous drumbeat from a long distance. With this sound, the earth seemed to tremble again and again.

   She couldn’t help feeling sweat dripping down her forehead. Muluo is really cruel enough to attack Mian’eshan’s mountain guard formation!

   If it is not in Lishan, but in any other big tribe with a teleportation array, it can be directly teleported to Mian’eshan.

   But the tribes of the Demon Realm are far away from each other, and they are separated from the wilderness filled with wild monsters and beasts, and transportation is extremely inconvenient. Once Li Shan’s teleportation formation was broken, it would be difficult for her to transit to other tribes.

   But the two trees of Lishan and Mian’eshan are similar in blood, and they are not far apart geographically.

   So Muluo didn’t have the patience to wait for those hours. She had concealed the information from the Wood Phoenix, and flew by herself, and arrived at the foot of Mian’e Mountain in half an hour.

  Mian Evil Mountain is a mountainous mountain with a radius of more than 800 miles, and the surrounding areas are full of small tribes.

   There is only one way to reach Kinobe, which is a long gorge that stretches for dozens of miles, called Nangmen Valley.

   On both sides of the Changmian Valley are cliffs with a height of one hundred meters high. The cliffs are covered with weeds and vines, and the trees above them cover the sky.

   Decades ago, this was the most important way for tribes from all over the country to travel to and from Kinobe. But since Kinobe closed the access roads, the roads were already covered with rotten leaves and it was almost impossible to walk.

   It was late at night again, strange roars in the dark gorge. I don’t know any fierce wild demon has long regarded this unwalked canyon as its own territory.

   Muluo came here alone, because she felt that no one else could run her so fast, and coming here was just a hindrance to her. Her mother, Wood Phoenix, had no idea that she had come out.

   Tree people cannot fly. Except for a small number of treants like Mu Fei who can generate “wood wings” in their blood, no other treants can fly against the wind.

   But when you reach the Jindan Sanhua realm like Muluo, you can’t use the Qi to protect the wind, and you can jump hundreds of feet into the air. And she can step into the air with her feet, and run wild on foot.

   She stepped on her air force with great strength, and every step she stepped on, there was a crackling explosion in the air. She ran so fast, walking through the canyon like a cannonball, violently rubbing against the air, with a scream of fire and tearing air.

   Wherever this shell went, the wild monsters who had been roaring and moaning in the canyon swearing on the ground, all fell silent obediently.

At the end of the canyon is a towering wooden door nailed together with a thick layer of brown-red paint. It is several meters wide and several tens of meters high, like a ladder to the sky. .

   On top of the wooden door is a fence made of sharpened wood, and inside it is guarded by the city guards of Kinobe.

   Before the Muluo people arrived, the sound transmission had covered the entire city gate: “I am Muluo after the tree, and the holy goal is in my hands. I want to go to the Demon Emperor Hall. Open the door for my old lady!”

   The Xuncheng guards on the top of the castle are all dumbfounded.

   Although it is said that we should respectfully invite us to enter the city when the phoenix is ​​driving, but the city gate was ordered to be blocked by the tribe decades ago. We can’t open it even if we want? Why don’t you leave the teleportation array and have to go through this door?

As soon as the sound transmission arrived, they saw a group of fire lights on the horizon like the sunrise accompanied by explosions, together with strong pressure and strong winds, and the ancient city gates that had not been opened for many years were shaken by it. After a few shakes.

   After a short while, the dust and smoke outside the gate of the city suddenly rose and dissipated quickly. A woman wearing a dark red short robe, with turquoise hair, and her eyes blazing red, stood under the city gate and looked up.

   “If you don’t open the door anymore, I will do it myself!”

   The city guards on the city gate all knelt down, and slammed their heads to transmit the voice: “My mother, forgive me, I didn’t have the key to open the door at all. I really can’t open the door.”

   “Oh, then I have to do it myself.”

   Muluo’s face turned gloomy. After she became a tree, she has been listening to her mother’s teachings, to restrain her hot temper and unscrupulous murderous intentions, to treat others with courtesy rather than with strength, but the situation is always not as she wants.

   It was as if an invisible beast stomped down fiercely, the area where Muluo was standing sank silently, and the dust that had already settled rose again.

   All the guards on the city gate felt a terrifying pressure pouring down like the sky, converging towards the area where Muluo was.

When    Tree Clan’s physical cultivation reaches a certain level, the blood in the body can mobilize the power of heaven and earth, which is equivalent to blessing the body with the power of heaven and earth.

   “It’s not good, I want to attack the prohibition!”

   The guards of the city are If Muluo hits the sky with a punch, it really breaks the Mian evil mountain protection formation, what should I do? No matter how the queen is the queen, no one will put the blame on her. Until then, they are not the gatekeepers to carry the pot?

   But before their thoughts turned around, they saw a bright fireball exploded in the air just in front of them.

   The shock of terror shook the invisible wall, and the ripples were like a halo that grew larger and larger, spreading and spreading around the fireball.

  Although they were still separated by the wall, they were also pushed back with a violent force and backed a few steps. Several low-strength young trees have already vomited blood.

   Muluo stood in the air, and that place was the weakest point in the protective formation she found by feeling.

  Mian Evil Mountain has a ten thousand years of history. It is said that it was built by the third generation of Demon Emperor Mu Xun with the help of the spiritual source sect. Muluo has never tried how strong this thing is.

   So she just gave her a punch to see if she could penetrate the weakest place.

   She was a little disappointed in the end. This punch against the battle wall really felt like a mountain of difficulty.

   This ten-thousand-year formation is definitely worthy of the test of how many wars it has experienced. Without hundreds of thousands of bursts of thunder bombing indiscriminately, I am afraid that there will be no gaps.

   Suddenly she regretted a little, and she came by anxiously, and she never thought about what to do if the prohibition cannot be broken.

   I changed to the guy who chuckled me. I’m afraid that before setting off, I’ve calculated all the obstacles I will encounter along the way and how to solve them until I finally succeed, right? It’s a pity that the last name is not there.

   Alas, leave him alone. If one punch is not enough, then two punches, if two punches are not enough, then ten punches, one hundred punches!

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