Record of Chaos

Chapter 977: The dust of the floating world is unloaded, the blood evil ghost fire breaks the heavy armor

   (977 floating world dust unloads the Wanjun, the blood evil ghost fire breaks the heavy armor)

  In the sea of ​​fire above the Cuiyu Peak, the mana collision of the two golden core masters, Nanwanci and Gouzhu, lasted only a moment, and then the two disappeared together, and their breath disappeared.

   Only a floating jade stele remained in the chaotic space of the psychic, surrounded by a strong cold air, emitting a blue light, like a star in the sea of ​​fire.

   “That monument is a rare treasure.”

   Aozang couldn’t help licking his lips. The two men were obviously sucked in by this monument. The magic weapons that are bounded within are extremely rare, and their grades will definitely not be low.

   But he also knows that it is unwise to get that thing now.

   There is now a battle between the two. Neither the Nanwan Ci of the Yin Yang Sect nor the demeanor of the Cuiyu Palace are compatible. He is going to pick up the treasure now, one bad thing is that the two people join forces to deal with him.

   He once again turned his gaze to Mu Shi who turned a blind eye to him. When he first kills Mu Shi, Nan Wanci and Gouqi’s fighting method should be about the same. If the two of them were killed and injured seriously, he was not completely without a chance.

   It’s a pity that the “Diamond Hairpin” he used to deal with this half-tree man has been severely damaged. Fortunately, his method is still there.

   He chanted a spell in a low voice, then took a big mouth in the blood basin and spit out a piece of light dust.

   These flying dust are not affected by the wind and fire outside. Once he vomited them out, they floated past and contaminated the wood.

   The wood was going down with axe and it was progressing smoothly at this time. But when he cut down with an axe, something strange happened suddenly.

   He felt his surroundings suddenly lose support, and his body floated lightly. At the same time, his axe slashed on the Xuantian ratchet, bringing a rebound.

   In the past, this strength was the most numb to him. But this time it feels very different. He only felt that the strength was great, but his body was extremely light. When the axe went down, he was even bounced back to the sky with the axe.

   The wood drifted to the sky all of a sudden. He felt that there was no problem with the strength of his hands and feet, except that the weight of his body disappeared completely.

   just around and without any support, so he could only be blown into the sky inexplicably.

   Ao Zang watched the half-tree man struggle and roll in the air with a sneer.

   After the Asura Tree Clan in the heavens fell to the East Sheng Divine Continent, the body of the Dragon Clan that adapted to the aquatic life had more changes, but in terms of strength, it was far inferior to the Mian Evil Mountain Tree Man who stayed on the land.

   But the tree man is just stronger. As long as he managed to restrain his power, it would be no problem to win him.

   The fine dust he spit out is called “Floating World Mote”. Once contaminated, most of the “weight” of the contaminated object disappears.

   This is actually a kind of virtual escape technique, which blurs the opponent’s “weight” and moves it to another world where it is unknown.

   No matter how strong you are, if you lose weight, you don’t even have a support, you can only float in the air with the wind, then what use is your strength?

   Wood couldn’t control his position in the air, and there was nowhere to focus, and his heart was extremely depressed.

   He suddenly saw this old man in a large silver scale robe standing in the air sneering at him, and suddenly anger rose from his heart, and with a wave of his hand, he shook the black copper axe in his hand.

  Although his body has almost lost weight, the strength of his arms is undiminished. With this swipe, the axe spun into a compact disc in the air, hitting Ao Zang’s eyebrows directly.

   Ao Zang raised his head fearlessly and laughed, deliberately letting go of his body protection mana. I saw that big axe bounced off with a light touch on his forehead, and it didn’t hurt him at all.

   The weight of everything contaminated by his floating world dust will suddenly become lighter, not only Mushi himself, but also the axe in his hand, and even the air contaminated on the road.

   This axe is just an ordinary magic weapon in the Jade Palace, he has no interest in this thing.

   The opponent can throw this light axe so far, it is already shocking the world. You know that a stone is easy to throw, and it is not easy to throw a straw far away.

   What’s the point of throwing a straw farther away? It’s not that he doesn’t hurt But now he has to show his true ability. Although Floating World Qingchen is powerful, the effect is not infinite. As time goes by, it will quickly weaken. He still has to have the means to completely take this man down.

   With a wave of his right hand, the air around him seemed to become muddy. A kind of white mist condensed in the air into filaments that do not know where the head and tail are.

   Wood stretched out his hand, these filaments were obviously stretched, and the longer they pulled, they couldn’t be broken.

   This silk is called “amorphous silk”. Amorphous silkworm is a different kind of silkworm that lives in the void. They spin silk to fix themselves in the void.

  The silk refined by him became a magic weapon, just used to fix the wood real flying with the wind in the void.

   At this time, he had a large black bow in his hand. The long arrow was blood red as if it had just been fished out of a pool of blood, and the tip of the sword was burning with a little green ghost fire.

   This ghost fire blood arrow is even more excellent when used to deal with the tree people. Tree people are just physically strong, and their souls are weaker than humans. It’s just that tough skin that protects the soul, so it is difficult to deal with.

   The blood arrow is covered with evil blood, which is suitable for the vitality of the dirty tree man. The vitality is filthy, and the flesh is festered instantly. At this time, as long as an arrow is shot in, the soul fire at the tip of the sword will ignite its soul.

   The spirits are all lit, and the tree-man’s body is no longer useful.

   The reason why he didn’t use this trick early is because he is not good at using bows and arrows. If the opponent dodges or resists when he shoots an arrow, he has no chance of hitting.

   But the opponent has been entangled in the void and struggling in vain, becoming a living target like a butterfly on a spider web. If he can’t shoot yet, it’s better to give up!

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