Record of Chaos

Chapter 977: The poisonous ants were confused, Wang Jian wore his body

   (977 poisonous ants are in confusion, Wang Jian wears his body)

   It’s a pity that when he pulled the bow with all his strength, he suddenly felt a heart-piercing pain in both ears at the same time. The pain flowed through his body like an electric current.

   Don’t talk about shooting arrows, he couldn’t even hold the opened bowstring, so he immediately let go. This rare evil blood soul rocket, specially designed to deal with treants, buzzed and flew out together with his ebony dragon string bow.

   Although the magic weapon has been lost, he can no longer take care of it. The sharp pain in both ears burned like a fire and did not stop. Only then did he remember one thing.

   Just now, Mu Shi threw the bronze axe in his hand to the center of his eyebrows, and just touched it lightly. But there was a slight itching in his ears. It was just that at that time he was proud of his success in the “floating world”, thinking that it was the wind in his ears, and did not care.

   Looking back now, something weird got into my ears and bitten the pain!

   At this time, there is also an iron thorn bow in Mu Mu’s hand. He was good at bowing, and even though he was unreliable, he found the opportunity to shoot an arrow at Ao Zang.

   In the case of “floating world”, even if his arrow hits, it is meaningless. Because his arrow was lighter than a straw at that time, I’m afraid he couldn’t even shoot the opponent.

   But the “arrow” he shot disintegrated immediately after flying into the air and turned into countless flying fragments.

   These things should have no weight like wood, and they will disperse when blown. But they made a buzzing sound and flew towards Aozang.

   Aozang understands. These things have wings, even if they are lighter, they can still fly on their wings. It’s a silvery poisonous ant!

   Green Poison Ants were originally used by ghost owls to sneak attack on treants, and they are especially good at destroying treants.

   Aozang is knowledgeable, and of course he understands this method. He knew better that the dragons were essentially branches of the treants, so the beetle ant was as effective as the dragons. Even the dragon clan is weaker than the tree clan, and green poisonous ants are more likely to invade.

   But he couldn’t think that a tree man who seemed to be honest and honest would actually raise natural enemies on himself? How did he do that?

   With his golden core mana, it was possible to kill these green poisonous ants halfway when they were flying over the sky.

   It is a pity that the sharp pain in his ear disturbed his mind and made him lag for a moment. In this instant, countless green poisonous ants have covered him.

   “Senior Brother Gou said that if you step on someone else’s trap, don’t panic or force your counterattack. But you must pretend to be angry and secretly send the green poison ants out. But the first time you don’t have too many, you must not be found.

   Mu Mu mumbled to himself. At this time, the light and fluttering feeling on his body was rapidly diminishing, and his ability to walk in the air was quickly restored.

   And Ao Zang’s body was swallowed by the green poisonous ants he released in an instant. But this is not the worst thing for him.

   Not to mention the hard scales of the dragon body, the Donghai elder robe he wore is also a good defensive magic weapon. No matter how powerful a green poisonous ant is, it is impossible to gnaw through it instantly.

   If he can fully arouse mana, he still has a chance to kill most of these flying ants.

   The really bad thing is that the two in the ears have penetrated deep into his seven orifices. At this time, he could easily damage himself by killing with magic force. But if you don’t kill it, this bug won’t be polite, and it’s completely possible to gnaw through your skull and eat your own brain.

   was in a dilemma, he lost his square inch for a while, and then realized that he had learned the rich five cars, and has studied the unique knowledge for many years. At the critical moment, it was useless!

   He had to expand his whole body mana, and tried his best to expel the green poisonous ants from his body, while risking the danger of burning jade and stone, he exploded part of the mana that had invaded his ears.

   It’s like igniting two explosions in my ears. With two bangs, he was immediately shocked, his eyes blackened, his eyes and tongue were almost blown out, and he almost lost consciousness on the spot.

   At the moment when the masters are fighting, he naturally knows that there can be no slack for a moment. If I just fainted like this, I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait until I wake up.

   Therefore, before killing the two green poisonous ants, he had already wrapped part of his soul power and protected it in the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness. After the ups and downs of the explosion, it was released immediately.

   was like a piece of clear light shining down, allowing him to regain clarity in an instant. Although the pain in his mind was still cracking, the scene in his eyes quickly became clear, and his consciousness became sharp again.

   But this keen sense of consciousness first brought him the same screaming warning signs of life and death crisis!

   Only then did he see clearly that the short, brawny man who had been burnt in the sea of ​​flames and was constantly resurrecting, and his muscles all on fire, had arrived in front of him. He didn’t feel it at all when he looked far away, and he didn’t notice the abnormality until he got to his eyes.

   This man like a copper cast, every wound and every pore, not only bursts with fire and blood, but also erupts with a pressure that makes him extremely horrified, and even kneels down at any time.

   Bloodline suppression! Blood of the tree king?

The    tree royal family is the royal family of all the descendants of the Shura tree family. Not only does it naturally suppress all tree people, it also has the same suppression power on the East China Sea Dragons.

   It’s just that the dragons in the East China Sea seldom go ashore in the deep sea, and the treants in Mian’eshan never go to the sea, and the two sides can’t touch them, so the dragons have never returned to the tree emperor. Ao Zang will of course be shocked when he meets the tree emperor in person.

   Although the new tree emperor was recognized by the tree people and the demons after Kino, there was very little information about the tree emperor’s identity before he became king.

  The demon only know that Muluo is the queen of the tree, and the tree emperor controls the tree clan through the tree clan, and controls the demon clan through the tree clan. Some people think that this new tree emperor is just a puppet used by the Muluo Ministry to make princes.

   The tree emperor, who was originally the demon emperor, actually lives in the human world, and is also the palace owner of the Jade Palace?

  Then they attacked the Jade Palace, weren’t they attacking the tree emperor, were they enemies of the Muluo tribe, the tree clan, and even the entire demon world?

   This is not the same as the promise that Emperor Kun Yuan made to the Longhai Dragon Clan. Emperor Kun Yuan said that the Jade Palace had no support except King Yun!

   No, this matter is related to the survival of the East Sea Dragon Clan, and must be transmitted to Ao Mian immediately.

However, his thoughts turned too Just established a sound transmission channel with Ao Mian, and even a complete thought was not conveyed. The other party had already flew a punch and only hit his chest. .

   “Senior Brother Gou said that he would kill me whenever he had the opportunity, otherwise they would come back and kill me as soon as they got over.”

   Mu Mu is still muttering to himself. He actually knew this very well, and it was the same as his hunting. The wild boar that didn’t shoot to death should not be too crazy to counterattack.

   When he devotes all his energy and burns all his blood, his fist will not only lignify, but also turn into the shape of a wooden black epee. This is one of the ultimate authority of the tree king, the wooden king sword!

   Wood King Sword is nothing special when dealing with other races, that is, it is just a relatively sharp sword. But against the tree clan’s own people, it is simply invincible.

  Because the wood king sword can arouse the power in the opponent’s tree core. No matter how powerful your body guard is, no matter how powerful your defensive weapon is, you can’t stop your tree core “rebellion” and take the initiative to hurt yourself!

   At that time, Gu Wentian transplanted the tree king’s core, and was able to display the Mu King Sword, almost killing Mu Fei. Fortunately, his realm was not high enough at that time, and controlling the bloodline of the Emperor Tree as a human race also resisted and failed.

   But after changing the wood of the Golden Core Realm, it is the body of the authentic tree emperor, and the blessing of the bloodline power, it is truly shocking to the world.

   Under the stimulus of this life-and-death crisis, the “dragon robe” on Ao Zang’s body glowed with a strong blue light, and the side of his chest, which was able to withstand Jindan-level attacks, also lit up.

   But when the **** sword touched his chest, he only felt that the tree core inside his body moved slightly, shooting out a strong spirit beyond his control, like a sword piercing out of the body from the inside out!

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