Record of Chaos

Chapter 978: Lei Mang went down Ao Zang Road and died, Ao Mian burned the sky in anger

   (978 Lei Mang goes down to Ao Zang Road, Ao Mian burns the sky in anger)

When    Ao Zang suffered severe pain in his body, his blood and Qi were immediately disturbed. The magic weapons outside of his body originally needed his blood to stimulate the mana to activate. This time, it was like drawing a salary from the bottom of the tank, and the light of the defensive magic weapons dimmed.

   Wooden King Sword easily pierced his dragon robe, and then pierced his breastplate directly, and finally pierced the thick dragon scales on his body with a chuckle, and pierced directly into his body.

   He felt a hot red soldering iron inserted into his chest, and it was like an extremely cold popsicle, and the fluctuating pain spread from his chest to all parts of his body.

   But after all, he is an old-fashioned Golden Core Demon, not a person who is waiting to die, so he immediately sprayed a mouthful of green blood.

   This blood foam contained his essence and blood. As soon as it sprayed out, it stained the tree emperor’s face, and then a green fire rose.

   While driving his whole body of mana to repair his injury, he grabbed the wooden king sword with both claws to resist its continued attack, and said calmly:

   “Your Majesty Demon King, if you really want to kill me, my life and blood will not be wasted for thousands of years. At most, we will burn all the stones.

   “Take a step back! As long as you take this sword, Lao Long, I will immediately go back to the East China Sea for a casual repair, and I will have no grievances with you, whether it is the Jade Palace or the Tree Clan.”

   The green fire was born from the burning of Ao Zang’s essence and blood, falling on the wood, constantly releasing pure vitality. This can repair the injury in Ao Zang, but for him it repels his own vitality and is constantly corroding his physical body.

The meaning of    Aozang is very clear. I have such blood in my body, especially in my heart. If you really stabbed my heart with the Wood King Sword, I would burn all my body and blood and die with you!

   Mu Mu’s expression remained unchanged. As long as he recognizes a goal, he will do it like a bull without looking back.

   It is not that he is not afraid of the consequences, but that he will not even think about it until the immediate matter is completed! Even the more you obstruct, the greater his brute force.

   Ao Zang’s body also actively lignified due to the intense painful stimulation. However, although the wood of his body is tough and can continue to regenerate, it obviously can’t stop the Mu Wangjian.

   Ao Zang can’t hold on for a long time, he will puncture his heart and die. Even the beast core in his body has been cheering forever, just waiting to go to the tree king.

   Ao Zang finally realized that this time he really must die. Since we must die, of course we have to put on a cushion. He mobilized his whole body’s energy and blood, and with just one thought, he could be wiped out with the tree emperor.

   At this time, a thunder light flashed across the sky, and it was in the middle of his sky spirit cover.

There is still a little space in the air caused by a small teleportation. A female nun who is wrapped in a dark blue robes and lined with a sky blue skirt, as fat as a fleshy ball, appears in the air. A handle of ice pointing directly below is suspended in front of her. Blue long sword.

   Aozang can’t see this scene. The lightning from Lei Xuan Sword is the nemesis of the dragon clan. Being hit by Thunder Mang without the slightest precaution, Ao Zang’s consciousness was instantly frozen and motionless.

   This is exactly the “dragon slaying technique” Lian Ling prepared. But even though the Lei Xuan Sword in Murong Qing’s hand restrained the dragon clan, she did not have a golden core and could not compete with an old golden core dragon.

   So she has been lurking in the distance. When the opportunity came, he used a small teleporting talisman to send a key blow to the old dragon.

   Needless to say, inspire the spontaneous combustion of qi and blood and die of the wood. Ao Zang can’t do it even if he continues to resist the Mu King Sword. Mu Mu suddenly felt that the tip of the sword passed through like tofu, as if it had pierced a balloon.

   A cyan light flashed in the sky. That was the aroused sight of Ao Zang’s energy and blood instantly releasing back to heaven and earth.

   Although this release was swift and violent, it had no intention of attacking. It did not damage Wood and Murong Qing, but it dyed most of the night sky into a strange blue color, and then faded sharply.

   Ao Mian on the ground suddenly felt a pain in his heart, as if he had been stabbed by someone.

   All the dragons surnamed Ao are connected to a certain degree, only the difference between strength and weakness. Ao Mian immediately realized that Ao Zang had already died. He even knew that he was killed by Thunder Mang.

   In fright, he stood up instantly.

   “The old guy is dead!”

   Although Ao Mian did not consider the life and death of this dragon when he was sent out. But in the East China Sea Dragon Palace and an elder by his side were killed by people from the Jade Palace, he still felt deep anger.

   Even Ao Le died, he was just a young Dragon King, and his cultivation was nothing more than the Purple Mansion. The young and promising Zifu Dragon has gone too much.

   But the Jindan elder of my East China Sea Palace, they dare to kill? And what was used is such a despicable and shameless means as Lei Dun’s sneak attack?

   looked up, the blue light on the top of his head had not completely faded. There was a faint smell of disgusting smell floating in the air, as if filled with the blood of the dragon clan, showing the shame of the dragon clan.

   Ao Mian pointed to the black and crushed Cuiyu Peak in front of him and cursed: “Cuiyu Palace, you are deceiving too much. If I Ao Mian doesn’t level this peak, I promise not to return to the East China Sea!”

   After he finished speaking, he stroked his brows with his dragon claws, and the wooden dragon skin was cut open, revealing the disastrous flesh. Cyan blood oozes out instantly. He used the tip of his claw and pointed towards the air.

   At the same time as his fingertips lit up a blue flame, the hanging ratchet immediately stopped rotating, and then burst into flames like a lighted bamboo cage.

   The flame from the ratchet, which was draped in the fire cloud jacket, instantly expanded more than doubled.

   “Your Majesty…”

   Ao Ye suddenly numbed his scalp. The use of these two treasures was already close to the limit, and now Ao Mian actually used his own blood to urge them to explode.

   But he immediately swallowed the rest of the words back. Because he thought that if Ao Mian did this, didn’t he just want to destroy these two magical weapons?

   Even if Ao Mian urged these two magic weapons to explode, it would be impossible to use this to end up with Cuiyufeng’s mountain protection prohibition.

  The magic weapon is only a magic weapon after all, no matter how strong it is, the formation method Qin Zunyang laid out five hundred years ago is not as deeply rooted. And this formation has roots and life. If you temporarily burnt the branches and leaves outside, you can’t stop it from coming out But after putting these two things together, don’t need it, temporarily restrain the formation. It can be done.

   Wood has no longer cut the Xuantian ratchet. Because that thing had already started to burn violently on its own, even the tree emperor’s body, which he could regenerate infinitely, couldn’t stand the temperature.

   But since it burns so violently, it will turn to ashes without cutting it.

   The fire cloud jacket draws every hint of inspiration it can draw from the sky and the earth, even the clouds are lightened like ink paintings soaked in water, and even the starry sky above the clouds has become gloomy.

   But it’s still not enough compared to the raging fire it started. So it began to burn itself and the origin of the Xuantian Ratchet.

   The origin is what they exist as soon as they are created. Of course, after the burning is finished, they will no longer exist.

   Cuiyu Peak is still restricted, and it is still safe from the mountain to the height of tens of feet.

   But it was enveloped by a very bright fire. The flame covered the entire sky, and the sky was full of tumbling flames, making people unable to open their eyes. Even if you stay indoors, the room is full of hot fire.

   If it weren’t for the cool water vapor of the fairy tree still enveloping the mountain surface, everything that could burn would have already burned.

   In this case, Cuiyu Peak and even all the restrictions in the entire mountain range, the inspiration is used in the confrontation with the flame, and other areas are naturally thin.

   But this time is limited. According to Ao Ye’s estimation, these two magic weapons would be wiped out in half an hour at most. After another half an hour, Cuiyufeng’s prohibition will return to its original state.

   “Come with me, and slaughter all the people on Cuiyu Peak!” Ao Mian gave a passionate order, his eyes seemed to be full of blood. The four old dragons immediately stirred up dust and smoke, bursting into the air!

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