Record of Chaos

Chapter 979: Stand firmly on the green mountain

   (979 stands firmly on the green peak to welcome guests, sits in the fire pit and waits for the king to return)

   It’s just that they are only mid-air, and they feel a terrifying pressure that makes their heart palpitations.

   This pressure is not how high the opponent’s realm is, but a deeper level, as if some kind of fear they had been awakened from their birth. So that the four menacingly stopped in mid-air for a moment.

   Ao Mian suddenly remembered that the state of mind that Ao Zang had passed to him before his death was filled with similar fear.

   It’s just that before he could say what he wanted to say, he was in great trouble, and then he died.

   Could he be reminding something? Is there anything wrong with the death of the old guy? But he was obviously killed by a sneak attack by a monk in the Jade Palace with Thunder Dunge.

   This kind of sneak attack can only succeed once, not the second time. Therefore, Ao Mian is not worried that such a sneak attack will happen again.

   But what he didn’t understand was how could there be the fear of bloodline suppression? A half-tree man who has crossed with humans has blood to suppress his thoroughbred dragon?

   It was as if the sky had fallen above his head, and the weight of the sky was weighing heavily on him. This is a psychological illusion. When he thinks about it this way, the weight really exists.

   When he swept away this thought with the concentration of ten thousand years of cultivation, the weight also dissipated like a breeze.

   The figure of a giant suddenly appeared after the heavy fire cloud, which shocked his eyes again. What is this? When did Jade Jade Palace begin to raise this behemoth?

   At first glance, this is a huge black monster standing in front of the four of them.

   It is like a giant walking out of a nightmare, with countless thick arms extending in all directions, waving like a group of struggling worms.

But if you look closely, this is actually a giant tree. Its two thighs are two thick roots tightly tied to the steep Cuiyu Peak, while its main body stretches out on the cliff, stopping by four dragons. In front of.

  Since the opponent dispatches a giant tree, the old dragons will naturally no longer fight in person. After a golden light flashed, the four old dragons turned into four dragons of different colors, with their scales flying and roaring upward without falling.

   Then in front of them, countless giant arms clenched fists one by one in the mid-air, and they were full of strength, and then giant fists surged like a rainstorm, a real head-on blow!

   Cuiyu Palace is not the northern dust clan, of course it does not raise any giant beasts. The weird thing that suddenly appeared was a wooden tree body.

   Mu Mu was ordered to fight, holding on to the obsession to defend Cuiyu Peak. Regardless of what you are here, whether four old dragons or 10,000 old dragons, he will never let one go.

   But he has only one person, how can he block the four dragons?

   Under the double impact of his own obsession and the strong murderous aura of the four old golden core dragons, the tree emperor bloodline in his body was activated. The body of the tree emperor is first exposed, just first exposed!

   Under this situation, Ao Mian, who was so bruised and swollen from the hammer, also understood. But even if the opponent is the tree king? What about bloodline suppression? He has been away from the tree clan for one hundred thousand years, and he has not recognized the tree king for one hundred thousand years.

   The tree king is obviously still very young, and his realm is not high. The reason why he was able to violently beat the four Golden Core Great Monsters temporarily was because of the shock of blood, and the other was because the restraint of the Jade Palace was helping him with all his strength.

   But the prohibition of the Jade Palace is rapidly weakening in the burning. The four golden pill and old dragons joined forces, and as long as they could overcome the natural fear in their blood, they would be more than enough to kill the tree emperor.

   “A young tree emperor, the realm is not high, kill him now, otherwise there will be endless troubles!” Ao Mian roared angrily in the chaos of fists and blood.

   In the Danyang Pavilion at this time, the atmosphere in the Chamber of Commerce seemed to have been roasted by the surrounding flames, and it became extremely anxious.

   The black curtain blocked the strong fire outside the window. The main seat on which Lian Ling was sitting stretched out many veins like tree roots, glowing green under the floor, making the entire room flooded with turquoise light.

   Many illusory red fires appeared around her from time to time, which made her seem to be sitting in a fire pit. But every time she would immediately transport the mana to suppress these flames.

   This seat is directly connected with the fairy tree. As long as someone with authority sits on it and gets the approval of the fairy tree, he can connect with the consciousness of the fairy tree and control the entire formation around Cuiyu Peak.

   It’s just that once the seat is opened, she can’t get off easily.

   Now it can be said that she is the fairy tree, and the fairy tree is her. If the connection is suddenly interrupted, not only the entire array but also the fairy tree will lose control and be damaged.

   Ao Mian burned the Xuantian Ratchet and the Fire Cloud Jacket. The damage was directly on the fairy tree, which was equivalent to her. But her mana is also the same as the fairy tree, so she can still resist it.

   While most of the other elders of Cuiyu Palace are sitting around, they can enter and exit Danyang Pavilion freely. They just didn’t even dare to do anything without even Ling’s order.

   “Elder Tai, brother has not come back yet, let me go up and see!”

   The nineteenth sits on pins and needles, tears falling down, crying.

   After she killed Ao Le, she was here to watch the goblin go up and talk with Nan Wan. But now that the discussion on the Dao is over, Nan Wanci walked out of the Huoyun back to the flying boat of the Yin Yang Sect, but went missing.

  If the situation is normal, this can only mean that the deceitfulness and theory have been defeated, and it has been wiped out, and there are no bones left.

   But the situation is different in terms of gossip. Gouzhu and Lianling are connected causally. If the deception is dead, even Ling will die. But Lian Ling is still alive, which shows that Goujiu is not dead.

   and Goujiu is the nineteenth “owner”, and there is also a connection in the spirit. If the deception is dead, she can’t fail to notice it. This is also the reason why she can sit still now.

   But waiting left and right, she hasn’t come back yet, so she naturally became more and more anxious.

   “Xiao Nineteen, peace of mind.” Lian Ling smiled and said, “Wait.”

   In fact, Lian Ling could not sit still. But she must sit again.

   Within a hundred miles, she can communicate with the hook at any time. But after they entered the stele, they were in different realms, and they couldn’t communicate divine will.

   In this discussion, what she could see came to an abrupt end after Gou Zhuo and Nan Wanci entered the monument together. After that, Nanwan’s speech came out, but Goujiu never came out.

   Although it is said that the goblin is not dead, it does not rule out other possibilities. For example, he was trapped in the monument and lost the ability to act, or even controlled his mind?

   She remembers what Goujiu said to her: “Whether or not I am long as I am not dead, you must believe that I have my way.”

   That is, if he is in danger, he will send a message back. If he did nothing and didn’t die, then it would be right to believe that he was okay.

   If the Yin-Yang Sect is used to catch her, it must be used to blackmail her. There is no news now, it should be that Yin Yang Sect has not yet decided what kind of conditions to make.

   Before they decide and give the conditions, the life of the deceit is not hindered.

   When she couldn’t get away, it was the same whether she sent the nineteenth, Huo Yun or Lian Ping, or even Miao Zhongzhong, Mu Fei and others.

   They all only have the strength of the Purple Mansion, and it is impossible to compete with the Yin-Yang Sect who has many golden core masters.

   The only wood with the strength of the golden core has to stand alone against the four old golden core dragons, and she has to urge the prohibition and help.

   Now only she can control the situation.

   All she has to keep calm, even if she is no longer anxious.

   If she panics, others will panic more than her.

   If she doesn’t care about it right now, she just gives up the formation to find the hook, she will lose all the games.

   Wood was the first to die at that time.

   Next, everyone in this Danyang Pavilion must die.

   Then there are nearly ten thousand disciples from the Jade Palace. With the vengeful anger and bloodthirsty nature of the dragon clan, there must be none.

   So she has no choice but to wait.

   Even if she is suffering internally, she must wait.

   She wants to wait for the people of the Onmyoji sect to make an offer to exchange deliberation.

   She had to wait for Muluo and Lin Meier to arrive with reinforcements from the demon world.

   She has to wait for King Yun’s army to come back.

   She has to wait for Goujiu to come back alive!

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