Record of Chaos

Chapter 980: Gu Xuanzhen alone guards the mountain pass.

   (980 Gu Xuanzhen guards the mountain pass alone, Rong Thousand Purple’s peculiar plot breaks)

Most of the high-levels of the Cuiyu Palace are gathered in Danyang Pavilion. But there are two exceptions. One is the Rejuvenation Elder Mu Jia, who is stationed in the Rejuvenation House. The other is Gu Xuanzhen from Baicaotang.

   At the beginning of this battle, he actively asked Lian Ling for his orders and led the elite disciples of Baicaotang to garrison Cuiyang Hall.

   Cuiyang Hall is the southern gate of Cuiyu Peak. In theory, under the siege, I took the initiative to garrison the city gate. This is an active invitation to fight. But this is not the case.

   Gu Xuan Zhen is an old fritters that existed in the era of Gui Xuan Yin. He naturally knew that the site of the Cuiyu Palace was a hundred miles around, and there were places with weak restrictions, but it was not in the Cuiyang Palace where mortals went up the mountain.

   If the flames of war broke out, others must have hit Danyang Pavilion, the center of Cuiyu Peak. Cuiyang Temple is still dozens of miles away from Cuiyu Peak, but it is the safest place.

   Once there is a real situation, it is convenient for him to escape. Instead, he was too close to other elders, and it was inconvenient for him to slip.

   After the prohibition was activated, there was an invisible barrier in front of the Cuiyang Palace. The entire Cuiyang Temple has also become part of the prohibition. At this time, Gu Xuan really led his disciples to patrol the top of the Cuiyang Hall.

   Such a tour is naturally very easy. It is raining, and it is between late night and early morning, and no one will go up the mountain at this time.

   Even if someone came, the Cuiyang Temple would no longer exist in the eyes of mortals. All they see will be the jungle of chaos and the winding road back and forth.

   Gu Xuanzhen and several proud disciples were sitting on the roof tiles, looking boredly at the dark woods illuminated by the lanterns under the eaves of the gate.

   These lanterns were also shrouded in prohibition and became one-way. It was still pitch black from the outside.

   At this moment, a rustling noise caught his attention. At this moment he looked carefully and was taken aback.

   There are actually a few mortals wearing short coats of civilians on the street, carrying their hands on their shoulders, and carrying some things they don’t know, to the gate of Cuiyang Hall.

   They actually lit incense in the rain… although they were wiped out by the rain in a short while.

   After a while, they set up the offering table again, spread tributes, and burned paper money. Then he killed the rooster and the black dog and spilled blood everywhere. This is actually doing a ritual?

   Are these people crazy in the middle of the night? Gu Xuanzhen thought irritably. In fact, he can just ignore it. If these people have the ability to attack the prohibition, see if they can break through?

   But at this moment, the direction of Cuiyu Peak Danyang Pavilion was blazing, and most of the sky had already been reflected red, and it was obviously a fierce attack.

  What’s terrible is that even the entire Jade Jade Palace’s prohibition against the mountain has been weakened, not even a bit.

   “Could it be that these mortals noticed the abnormality of Jade Jade Palace and came to burn incense to pray for peace?” Gu Xuanzhen’s disciple asked guessingly.

   He made sense. The monks in the Jade Palace have always been worshipped by Jinzhou mortals as gods burning incense. Now that such a big event has happened in Cuiyu Palace, it is impossible for ordinary people not to worry.

   But I can’t just let them mess around like this. With the outer restraint becoming weaker, it is a certain coincidence that they scattered all those dog-blood and chicken blood, which may contaminate part of the inner restraint.

   Once those things are dirty, part of the entrance is prohibited from being damaged. Although it is not enough to allow the enemy to drive straight in, he, the gatekeeper elder, is also responsible.

   “You guys go and let them go.” Gu Xuanzhen ordered to be safe.

   Dealing with mortals is the most troublesome. If the power of prohibition is used, those people will die immediately, and they can only be sent to drive them away.

   Gu Xuanzhen watched the disciples go down to open the door on the roof, and went out to drive people in the open space outside the gate.

   The two groups had a few unpleasant conversations, and then they started fighting. Several people rolled on the muddy ground and fought a mud battle.

   “Idiot! I can’t even handle a few mortals!”

   Gu Xuan is really angry from the heart. The Jade Palace does have a prohibition against mortals not to use any magical powers, but at critical moments, it must be wise.

   He jumped up and appeared in the chaotic fighting arena. He was about to use the power of his divine consciousness to restrain these mortals, when he suddenly realized something was wrong.

   Several thin hair-like needles shot out silently from the mortals. Fortunately, his Purple Mansion Shenjue promptly issued a warning sign, and his figure immediately became ethereal and teleported out.

   “A Thousand Miles of Soul Needle?”

   Had it not been for Miao Qizhong, who was the initiator of the Thousand Miles Soul Needle, who was serving as Elder Keqing in the Jade Palace, and had demonstrated this trick to them, he would probably not be able to avoid this disaster.

   As for the disciples who fought with the “mortals”, I am afraid that they were controlled by the Qianli Soul Needle at the beginning. All subsequent scuffles were just scenes of deliberately creating chaos to lure him into the bait.

   “Xuan Tiewei?”

   Gu Xuanzhen was shocked. Either the soul sect or the Xuan Tiewei can use the Thousand Miles Soul Needle, and these two can be said to be the same, because at least half of the members of Xuan Tiewei are disciples of the soul sect.

   It was reasonable for Xuan Tiewei to attack Cuiyu Palace, but he didn’t understand why Xuan Tiewei, who had always been secretive, would choose to attack from the South Gate?

   He has decided to escape back to the Cuiyang Palace first, and then slip away. But you can’t slip away directly, at least you have to stop the enemy first. Therefore, as soon as he had mana in his hand, a wave of air was overwhelmed.

   Those “mortals” suddenly made a creaking sound, and then they disintegrated into countless parts. No wonder these weak auras are treated as mortals by him, it turns out that they are puppets driven by meagre aura!

   At this time, he was going backwards to enter the Cuiyang Hall restriction by the counter-sitting force of this air wave. When only a few steps were left, he felt a force as hard as a wall blocked him!

   “The old man Xuan Tiewei commanded the envoy Rong Qianzi, I have learned.”

   After a weird and hoarse low voice, Gu Xuanzhen felt a strong heart palpitations. The person behind him is introverted like a dead wood, but his true strength is much stronger than him.

   The other hand pinched his neck. He felt as if he had a heavy iron hoop around his neck and he couldn’t move at all.

   Gu Xuanzhen originally only wanted to escape by himself, and didn’t even want to ask Danyang Pavilion for help. At this time, he wanted to send a message but it was too late.

   There was a slight tingling pain in his eyebrows, his world suddenly stagnated, and the raindrops that had fallen in front of him stopped in the air.

   A Thousand Miles Soul Needle just hit his Yintang. Although his thoughts were so stagnant at that point, his flesh became more active.

   After a while, an invisibility prohibition was removed, and dozens of people tightly wrapped in hooded black robes came out.

   Gu Xuan really guessed half right. These people are Xuan Tiewei, but not from the Soul Sect.

  , in addition to Rong Qianzi and Meng Yu, there were Zhou Ta, the dean of the Jinde Academy of the Five Elements Sect, Su Yuxin, the master of the Divine Art Hall, and Chen Ang, the master of the Feijian Hall, all with a group of disciples.

   Hao Ming saw that he couldn’t believe in the eldest son Hao Tong after taking over Hao Han’s body, so he deprived him of the authority of Xuan Tiewei and let Rong Qianzi take Xuan Tiewei’s commander.

   But Rong Qianzi can only command the half of the Five Elements Sect Confucianism. He couldn’t control the other half of the soul cultivator.

   But it’s okay. Because the half of the soul sect mysterious iron guard was led by the soul sect master Fang Taiming to support Haozhi’s southern expedition army. It has nothing to do with his mission.

   Their mission was determined when Tang Su’s descendants of King Izumo from Wuxia were about to be born in Huichunyuan.

   Their plan is to take advantage of the weak restrictions of the Jade Palace to enter the Jade Palace, take these people straight to the Huichunyuan, and take the descendants of King Yun who are about to be born as hostages to threaten King Yun!

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