Record of Chaos

Chapter 981: The treacherous tricks confuse the porch, slander provokes the old officials to complain

   (981 treacherous scheming and confounding the entrance gate, slander instigating old officials to complain)

   So they have to be absolutely secretive in this round. Once there is a turmoil, King Yun will definitely try to get rid of the princess who is giving birth.

  The calculation-savvy Miki thinks that entering from the front door is the most secretive. Because after the start of the war, the front gate will be a place that no one cares about and is easily overlooked.

   Moreover, the Dragons and the Yin-Yang sect attacked the Cuiyu Palace one outside and one inside. Sooner or later, the prohibition on protecting the mountain of Cuiyu Palace would be destroyed. They don’t need to worry, they can wait for the restriction to become weak before trying to break through.

   So they have been watching around here since the beginning of the war, and they noticed that the gate control of Cuiyu Palace Mountain became weak before they started to do it.

   “Elder Gu, lead the way.”

   Rong Qianzi issued an order coldly, and Gu Xuanzhen immediately bowed his hands and took the command. This is just a ritual, and Gu Xuanzhen now has the Thousand Miles Soul Needle and has become a puppet that they can play with.

   Other people took off their black robes one after another, and all of them revealed the costumes of the disciples of the jade palace inner gate that they had worn for a long time.

   There are still other disciples guarding the top of Cuiyang Hall. But from the moment Gu Xuanzhen went out, what they saw was no longer the real situation, but the illusion that they saw when they were disturbed by the magic weapon brought by Xuan Tiewei.

   After they saw Gu Xuanzhen drive away the mortals, they didn’t know where a group of disciples from the Jade Palace, who had similar costumes to them, came. When Gu Xuanzhen arrived at the door, he directly released the restriction and led them in.

   “Elder Gu, these brothers are…” Seeing Gu Xuanzhen leading the group, someone couldn’t help asking.

   Gu Xuanzhen replied without looking back: “They are disciples in the inner courtyard, who have been withdrawn from Qingyang Town, Yuntian City. I will take them back to the inner courtyard to rest, and you will take good care of the door!”


   Yuntian City has the inner disciples of the Jade Palace to assist in guarding the teleportation formation. This is well known. Besides, Gu Xuanzhen personally led it, so naturally his disciples didn’t have the slightest doubt.


  Kinobe, which has long been torn apart, has an important cave in the depths of the lofty mountains, called “Deep Root Cave”. There were originally as many as six elders.

   Now there is only one person sitting on the big throne that is connected to the fairy tree and shaped like ganoderma lucidum.

   His surname is Huai and his fame is Sheng. He was originally a neutral sect between the main battle sect and the royal sect. Besides the Rong Qianzi, the only elder in the Kinobu with the Jindan Sanhua cultivation base.

After    Rong Qianzi defected, only him and Tong Feng were the only elder Jindan who reigned in name from the entire Kinobu. Tongfeng is suppressing some rebellious affiliated tribes outside, and Mian Eshan is in charge of the overall situation.

   The deep root cave is a rock cave, cold and humid, without sunlight, and it is not the environment that tree people like.

   But the “Xianyun Genzhi” he was sitting on grew directly from the fairy tree. He can absorb the essence of the fairy tree by meditating on it, which is far more effective than practicing outside with sunshine and rain.

   At this time, a heart palpitations interrupted his cultivation. He opened his eyes and saw that the shadow-transmitting artifact in the dark had glowed with illusory light, reflecting the panicked figure of the guards at Nanshan Gate.

   His first reaction was anger. The Nanshan Gate has been closed for many years, so whoever comes to break through and ignore it, this kind of trivial matter actually interrupts his cultivation?

   But when he found out that the person who came was Muluo, who was still hitting the wall with a heavy fist, he hesitated.

   Its solid wood dill can walk in through the teleportation array. They will not have any obstacles. Since she claimed to have the imperial decree, no one dared to stop her when she ran directly to the Demon Emperor Hall.

   But why did she go on the Shanmen Road? This is expressly prohibited by Kinobe.

  Kinobe now has only two golden core monks left. People are distracted, and he is guarding a thriving treasure land to sleep on the evil mountain. Therefore, he is extremely worried about the coveting of other races.

   If Muluo comes, she will be open to her. If the rules are broken, don’t any other demons who are blocked have a reason to refuse?

   But Muluo holds the imperial decree again. Kinobe has the rules of Kinobe, but these rules are not binding on the king. Using Kinobe’s rules as an excuse to block entry from behind the tree, wouldn’t it be against the decree?

  Thinking about this, he decided to pass the Nanshan Gate immediately and let them prepare to greet the tree and drive, and he would release the restriction as soon as possible.

   But his order has not been issued yet, a figure in the darkness sighed: “Kinobe has ruled the demon world for a hundred thousand years, but it is a pity that the throne of the imperial family has been given away.”

   This made him angrily replied: “Nonsense! My Kinobe is not the emperor of the demon world, who else would dare to say so?”

   The dark shadow sneered and said, “The current Kinobe is nothing more than a false name. Everyone knows that Muluo is the emperor of the demon world.”

   The so-called imperial clan is the tribe where the demon emperor belongs. In theory, the current tree emperor is the son of the predecessor tree emperor Muye, so he is also a descendant of the Muye tribe. Logically, Kinobe should have been renamed after the new king.

   But this is not the case. Because the new tree emperor followed Muluo after he became the throne in the Demon Emperor Hall, and has never lived in Kinobe since then. Is he a member of Kinobe?

   They have also tried many times to welcome the King of Trees back, UU Reading www.uukā, but each time they were shunned by Muluo for various reasons. This person, Muluo, obviously hopes that in time, the Muluo will become the recognized emperor of the demon world!

   By the way, she did not violate the ancestral system of any tree tribe. Because the ancestral system did not stipulate which tribe the tree king must stay in.

   Even if it is purely based on the relationship between the tree and the emperor, the Muluo part of the Lishan line is not much worse than the Kinobe.

   Sitting in the dark, the black shadow talking coolly on the other smaller Ganoderma lucidum is a clone of Withered Wood Rong.

   “Withered Wood Rong, I let you practice here is already open, but I didn’t let you talk nonsense.”

The number of elders in Kinobe’s golden core is too small, and Huaisheng has no objection to Witherki Rong’s obsession to revive Kinobe. Therefore, he and Tongfeng acquiesced to Witherki Rong to occupy a small fairy cloud here. Genzhi has been practicing secretly for many years. .

   It’s just that although he regards Wither Wood as a hidden hole card of the tribe, he does not allow Wither Wood to expose his identity outside at will, or to interfere in the internal affairs of Kinobe. After all, this guy has an old hatred with Muluo.

   Withered Wood Rong ignored his warning, but sighed coldly:

  ”For 100,000 years in our Kinobe, how many generations have been loyal to the Emperor’s line, and how many have given up their lives for this. The result?

  ”The result is not that the Murobe took everything. Do you think that after the Chaos, can I reappear in the world?

   “The current tree emperor is not the previous tree emperor. He has forgotten us now. After the catastrophe, Kinobe will be wiped out forever.”

   At the same time that these words came to my ears, Huai Sheng felt strange emotions of injustice and resentment inexplicably. It’s hard to say that this emotion was originally there, but it was triggered by Wither Wood Rong’s words.

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