Record of Chaos

Chapter 982: Bisha iron fist destroys the wall, Feixue goddess holds the cold stele

“Chaos (

(982 Bisha iron fist destroys the wall, Feixue goddess holding a cold monument)

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Withered Murong’s eyes flashed a strange light. In fact, it does not matter whether what he said is true or not. Even the same facts can have completely different interpretations.

What he used was a magical power that he learned from the few dream raccoon parasites in his body, called Qianxiang Silence.

This trick can silently replace one of the opponent’s thoughts with a small amount of the power of the soul, and the person who is hit can not even notice that the other party has used the magical power.

But this has a prerequisite, that is, we must try to arouse some negative emotions in the other party. It is impossible for a determined person to be recruited. Therefore, every sentence of Ku Murong cut to the pain of the elder Huai.

“Then what do you think should be done?” Huai Sheng asked.

“You don’t have to personally intervene with this matter, let the guard elder Hua Ren take care of it, and try to hold Muluo for a while.” Withered Murong’s eyes flashed with different lights, and said in a low voice.

Huaisheng is more rigid. If he is allowed to participate in the series of things such as slaying the tree and revising the imperial decree, he will only turn his face and kill people on the spot.

But at this time he had already hit the “subliminal change.” Withered Wood Rong made a seemingly harmless suggestion to replace his original decision, but it was no problem. Not only would he not ask the reason, he would never remember it afterwards.

Sure enough, Huai Sheng just nodded slightly, and then transmitted the meaning back, and then he couldn’t ask any more.

Therefore, the guards of Nanshan Gate called for a long time in fear, and finally came the stern-faced patrol elder Huarui, and a mighty group of at least 500 people of the Kinobe patrol team.

At this time, Muluo still slammed into the protective barrier at the mountain gate with one punch and one punch.

This prohibition is not a purely sturdy pure Yang prohibition, but is filled with wood vitality, as tough as a ball of beef tendon.

With a punch, the restraint can sink in a large area, and the strength is removed. As soon as she received her punch, the restraint was restored. Unless she can punch through the prohibition, it is almost impossible.

But if she doesn’t penetrate and gives up, then she is not Muluo. Knowing it was useless, she still bombarded with one punch. And in the process of constant punching, she is also pondering the key.

Each of her punches caused a certain amount of damage to the ban, but before the next punch, the damage was automatically repaired.

This means that every punch of her is useless. So even 10,000 punches are just as useless.

But if every one of her punches can leave a little defect in the restriction, even if it is only a temporary defect, then these defects will accumulate, and she will be able to break the restriction sooner or later.

As long as it is temporarily broken, it will be enough for her to enter the Kinobe.

This reminded her of the Bisha Bead that she got when she destroyed the king’s house in Yuntian City.

Bisha Pearl is a blood sacrifice magic weapon, composed of many blue sand grains, each of which is made by the flesh and blood sacrifice of the Wang clan.

It is impossible for these sand grains to directly invade Kinobe’s portal restriction, but they can completely intrude in the moment the restriction is broken by her heavy fist bombardment.

So every time she blows a punch, she brings some Bisha on her punch. When she closed her fist, the ban was immediately restored, but the Bisha was left in the ban.

The force of restraint works quickly and will quickly repel these foreign objects.

However, the Bisha spurred by Muluo’s energy and blood are also equivalent to magic weapons, not without the power to resist. They hadn’t been completely rejected yet, and Muluo’s punch came again.

In this way, each of her punches is no longer useless, but each punch leaves more Bizhusha in the invisible restriction.

The invisible prohibition has also become tangible, because a pathway composed of Bisha has gradually emerged.

This is the turn of the guards who guard the city to be anxious.

The reason why Hua Ren can be regarded as a guard elder by Huai Sheng’s character is like a stubborn iron. From his point of view, rules are rules, and any flexibility is not called rules.

The ban issued by the Minister of the Kino Association prohibits anyone from entering and leaving the tribe by land, and there is no exception to the tree queen.

If the tree king comes, he can issue an oral order to revoke the ban on the spot. But before that, he absolutely must stick to it.

“You go with me. If the restriction is broken, you will use your 500 lives to close the breach!”

“Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!”

The patrol team composed of more than 500 people raised their arms and shouted. This team has been formed by Hua Ren, and has been preparing for such a day to die for Kinobe.

Amidst the cheers of the disciples of the Yin and Yang sect, a cold wind mixed with snow flakes roared from the sea of ​​fire. The goddess of Guanghan, who was as white as snow, peerless and independent, walked out of the fire.

She didn’t give the cheering Yin Yang sect even a single eye response, but flew through the void like snow flakes, returning to the sea of ​​clouds in the night sky like a floating fish.

He Wuji, who was sitting in the main cabin with the many elders, hospital heads, and hall masters of the Yin Yang Sect, raised his head and looked at the proud female who had returned before him.

“It’s over.”

Nan Wanci just bowed slightly, exhaled four words with a chill, and then took a seat on his futon. She has always been so cold and arrogant, even to her master.

He Wuji’s neck turned bluntly, so that his eyes that could not be turned were aimed in her direction.

In his eyes, the female disciple in white clothes Shengxue looks exactly the same as before, but there seems to be something different. He could actually feel it, and that was the completion of the Golden Core Sanhua of Nanwan’s resignation.

This is not the completion of the defective Sanhua, but the entire Golden Core Sanhua is completely completed.

Her realm has now stood on the pinnacle of mortals. She only needs to gather the spirit and energy, and she can become Nascent Soul. U U Reading

The defect itself is a price. Paying the price qualifies for income. Once a big defect that is difficult to make up is completed, it is not surprising that the realm will immediately follow.

It’s just that most people don’t want to take such a big risk to take this road of first loss and then profit.

But her cold and arrogant character, I am afraid that she can’t get any willingness to become a fairy.

“What about deceit?” He Wuji asked.

“Naturally it is in my hands.” Nan Wanci said rudely.


He Wuji asked the end. It’s not that he doesn’t trust this female disciple, it’s really that this matter is too important. Gou Zhuo is Lian Ling’s Taoist companion and her biggest weakness.

Nan Wanci pursed her lips slightly, her eyes showed a disgusting expression of distrust. But in front of her was the respected Master, no matter how arrogant she was, she didn’t dare to neglect, so she stretched out her hand and opened her palm.

A white light flashed through the sky, and a white jade monument covered with blood stains appeared in her palm.

Others only felt that the cold was infiltrating, and could not see the scene inside the monument. Only He Wuji’s divine consciousness was allowed to enter the monument.

He saw a phantom, and he was continuing to fight with an enemy he had imagined.

His fighting method is not real, it is purely his imagination in the illusion, and it does not consume any mana. Even if he defeats or is defeated by his opponent, everything will start from the beginning, endless loop.

In this way, you will be trapped in the monument forever. Not only can you not get out, but you don’t even know what you are doing.

He Wuji nodded. This method trapped deceit, and it could be said that his life and death were completely in the hands of the stele owner, and it could not be better to negotiate with Lian Ling.

But he felt that there was one more thing to confirm.

“This is indeed a shame. But, do you still leave Nanwan?”

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