Record of Chaos

: New book for support

   Please vote for my new work.

   Here, let me introduce my new work.

   I really wanted to write a fairy man in the same universe for a lifetime. But I now quite agree with what a reader said: Xian Xia has finished writing, Xian Xia is a dead end.

   This is actually nothing arbitrary, just like Peking opera, the once-popular martial arts, and the mystery novels that have made me obsessed for many years. You can’t say that they are not great, but the decline is after all.

The type of    genre novel is actually just a shell. I don’t care what the shell looks like now. It is the same with any shell, and the core of writing is still what I want to express.

   I used a popular and friendly title “I can fix all bugs” (well, I actually had a more elegant title, but it was rejected by experts). This book is now searchable.

   In addition, I will also change my language style to become more relaxed and lively.

   Whether you like this type of urban light novel or not, I assure you that I will still uphold rigorous logic to express what I want to express, writing real novels, and creating characters and universes that can truly “live”.

   It’s not just to make up something absurd and nutritious just to attract attention.

   Please support my new book, ask for recommendation tickets and collect it. But for now, please don’t be too emotional to read…

   Because I will adopt a different strategy this time. Once the editor still does not sign with me, I will cut off the rewrite without hesitation, until the editor is willing to sign with me.

   I will not write like “Chaos” for free for three years.

   This is because I am now seriously planning to become a professional writer. How can a professional writer eat without signing a contract?

   “The Chaos” I will finish. I have written the details of the idea to the end. But during the time when I am getting a new bookmark appointment, I will first ensure that the new book is updated.

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