Revenge of the First Daughter

: Yun Xiao (Reunion)


Since the founding of the Kingdom of Yan, a group of people suddenly appeared in the empty Wangyou Valley.

Every day, there will be a string of laughter in Wangyou Valley.

It really responded to the name, forgetting worry.


After the sound of the door opening sounded, Yun Xiao walked out of the bamboo house and looked at the moonlight rising in early spring. He looked softly at his high and bulging abdomen, and there was a hint of gentleness in the depths of his eyes.

Three years have passed since they came into this Valley of Forgotten Worry in the blink of an eye. During these three years, they have changed a lot, and their daily lives have become more and more comfortable.

In the past three years, Rong Jin has personally treated her body. Her body has recovered very well, but she didn’t want to, she was pregnant with a second child.

Looking at the house opposite, Tie Qinglan and Rong Xun had just given birth to a brother a few days ago, and she was looking forward to the baby in her belly even more.

Suddenly, a gentle arm was wrapped around his waist, and the faint fragrance of magnolia blossoms immediately entered his nose.

Yun Xiao relaxed and lay in the arms of the man behind him, looked out softly, and said softly, “I just received a letter from Daddy. Daddy said that he went to sea for a few days ago. The scenery on the sea is really very good. Mei, I am longing for it, husband, when I give birth to this baby, will you take me to the sea to see if you can?”

In the past three years, Yun Maozhe has not been idle either. He has made the business of the Yun family into the north and south. It can be said that he is the number one merchant in the country of Yan. His eldest brother Yunlan has become the founding general of the country of Yan, his mother, Lu family. Bring Han’s brother to study at home, and in a few years, Han’s brother can also take the exam for children.

Thinking back to the previous life, more than two hundred people in the Yun family died unfavorably. In the heavy snowfall, all blood was stained on the ground. She was bullied by people holding her father’s bones in her hands, and she saw her Lin’er being trampled to death.

Today’s Yun family, it can be said that grace is always there.

Although Dad’s business expansion will arouse many people’s suspicions, but no one knows that the Yun family’s business is supported by the royal family. Otherwise, Yun Maozhe alone wants to expand the business within three years. It is really difficult to spread all over the country.

Of course, the final dividend for the Yun family’s business, the royal family gets 70%, and the Yun family gets 30%! Although it was only 30%, the Yun Family was already satisfied. After all, since participating in the Great War between the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the West Vietnam, everyone had an extravagant hope to survive, and the Yun Family hadn’t looked at money.

The Yun family has always been interested in using the money to protect the family from being bullied. Now, no one dares to underestimate the position of the Yun family in Dayan! So that there is no use for money.

Thinking of this, Yun Xiao’s eyes became softer.

Rong Jin wrapped Yun Xiao’s waist, with a faint smile on his warm face, and said softly, “As long as you want, as you wish, when our child is born, we will take the confinement. Xun and Yinyin and Xiaoxi went to the sea to have a look.”

“Okay,” Yun Xiao’s eyes had a little expectation. Now all the days are what she expects, and she lives very comfortably. “By the way, a few days ago, Zhou Jingxu wrote to me and asked to marry Yinyin. Now it’s almost time for Yinyin, can you see when their marriage will be finalized? There is also Xiaoxi, and the marriage is also on the agenda. “This man, it is better to choose earlier, but , Yun Xiao thinks that the relationship between the two is the best.

Early on, Zhou Jingxu and Yin Yin had a letter exchange, which proved that the two of them are happy, otherwise they would not agree to be so simple. What’s more, Zhou Jingxu’s character, Yun Xiao is very clear, he will take care of him. Yinyin, Yinyin will definitely be happy for the rest of her life.

A faint smile suddenly appeared on her eyebrows, “By the way, next time we go to the sea, we also want the creek to see if there is a man who can be seen. Our Rong family daughter, but we have to choose a man!” In a few days, Yu Jue had already begged to marry Jiang’er, and the two had a brother. The life was very happy.

Even the brothers Jiang Li and Jiang Qing are now married and have children, but Jiang Li’s family gave birth to a brother, but Jiang Qing’s family gave birth to a sister.

Rong Jin responded softly, “Okay, our Rong family’s daughter wants to pick a man.”

With a sound of “squeak”, a man and a woman walked out of the bamboo house opposite. The woman was wearing a thin shirt. She walked out with the help of the man. Seeing Yun Xiao and Rong Jin, she smiled and said, “You guys so early Woke up.”

“Yes,” Yun Xiao asked Rong Jin to help him and walk forward. There was a pavilion not far away, and they often sat in and talked and chatted.

The four chatted for a while, and the others came one after another. Yinyin and Xiaoxi circled Yunxiao’s belly. Seeing that the baby was not yet born, they ran directly to Rong Xun and Tie Qinglan’s house. After reading the little nephew.

A few people laughed, and Yun Xiao suddenly felt a pain in her abdomen. After giving birth, she knew immediately that she was about to give birth. Her complexion changed slightly, and she subconsciously squeezed Rong Jin’s wrist. , I…I may be giving birth…”

After listening, Rong Jin showed nervousness on his face, quickly hugged Yun Xiao, and ran into the room, while constantly instructing people to prepare things for production.

Tie Qinglan was a mother at first, and naturally knew that when she gave birth, she was the most painful and happiest time in a woman’s life, so she hurriedly asked people to help. Even Yinyin and Xiaoxi ran out anxiously when they heard the movement, knowing that Yun Xiao was about to give birth, and they were both happy and worried. After all, how dangerous it is to have a baby, they have seen Tie Qinglan once. Up.

Seeing that the two were worried, Tie Qinglan said softly, “Sister-in-law’s fetal position is very correct, coupled with the elder brother’s good medical skills, their mother and child will be safe.”

In Wangyou Valley, because Yun Xiao is busy with production.

In front of Wangyou Valley, the two carriages and several horses slowly stopped. Seeing the unusual appearance in Wangyou Valley, Zhou Jingxu and Yun Lan looked at each other, and they both became vigilant secretly.

Before I could speak, two small figures emerged from the carriage. Hitomi was even more excited and said, “Go slowly, Nono, hurry up and take me to see my brother.” She has always been the youngest. This time, she finally has a younger brother.

Nuonuo immediately put Tongtong on his back, moving slightly under his feet, and hurriedly moving towards Wangyou Valley at a very fast speed.

Yunlan was worried about catching up. Rongruo, who was chasing out of the carriage, frowned and said softly, “You take care of your grandmother and them, I’ll take a look.”

After he finished speaking, he quickly moved up and chased him with light work.

Before the three of them approached, they heard the worried voice coming from inside. Rong Ruo felt that something was wrong and frowned. Seeing the familiar figures in front of him, Rong Ruo swallowed the words that came to his mouth. In the past three years, The number of times they met was only a few. At this moment, there was more anxiety on his face, and he finally acted like a nine-year-old child.

But Hitomi and Nono didn’t care so much, they flew to a crowded place quickly, and said loudly, “Where’s younger brother?”

Two more milky voices came out hastily, causing the anxious person guarding the door to immediately forget to come over. Upon seeing this, he was stunned, “Why are you back?” Only Nonohe With the look of Tongtong, they knew it was Rong Jin and Yun Xiao’s children at a glance, and the Rong Ruo behind them, between their eyebrows, looked very much like Rong Jin and Rong Xun. You don’t need to ask about the identity of these three. I already know who it is.

Hitomi smiled and said, “Second aunt, I’m here to visit my brother, where are my parents and brother?”

Tie Qinglan pointed to the house and said softly, “Sister-in-law is giving birth inside, and your dad is helping deliver babies inside.”

Hitomi was stunned when she heard this, “Second aunt, my mother is going to give birth too? It’s great, second aunt, you take me to see my brother first, and after seeing my brother come back, the mother will be born.”

Seeing Rong Xun nodded, Tie Qinglan immediately took the second elementary school to visit the newborn child, whose name was Rong Hao.

Tongtong and Nono looked at the long pink jade-cut baby, they couldn’t love them immediately, and they gave Brother Hao the meeting gifts they brought with them without money.

Outside the house, Rong Ruo looked at the door worriedly, then walked to Rong Xun, who was wearing a black robe, and said softly, “Daddy.”

Rong Xun glanced at him, stepped forward and patted Rong Ruo on the shoulder, and said arrogantly, “You did a good job!” I have to say that Rong Ruo was well-trained and is also a rare master. , In the past three years, he took good care of both Nono and Hitomi.

Rong Ruo was praised, and there was a slight blush on her white cheeks.

At this moment, the two carriages also came slowly. Yun Maozhe, Lu’s and brother Han just got off the carriage, Yun Lan and Zhou Jingxu also turned over and walked over. Zhou Jingxu saw Yin on one side. Yin, there were two blushes on her gentle face.

Knowing that Yun Xiao was producing in the house, they couldn’t help worrying too.

Soon, when everyone was agitated, I heard a loud cry from a child in the room.

Hearing the cry, these people rushed in regardless of the fact that they could not enter the delivery room, and saw that Rong Jin was wrapping the newborn baby in a soft thin sheet at this time.

Tie Qinglan said with a look of excitement, “Sister-in-law, is it your brother or sister?”

Yun Xiao hugged the child in his arms a little, and said with a face of dozing, “I am a sister.” Since learning about Hitomi’s temperament, Yun Xiao has especially wanted a daughter, and she made up her mind. Teach this daughter to be a beautiful lady, and now she really has a daughter, Yun Xiao’s inner excitement is undisguised.

“Congratulations, sister-in-law for getting what you wanted,” Tie Qinglan said briskly.

“Mother, mother, we want to see my sister!” There were two milky voices, Yun Xiao’s body stiffened slightly, and she looked forward, and she saw the child she was thinking of standing next to her. Next, she looked around, but she never saw another figure, and said sternly, “Why are you here? Ruoruo?”

Rong Ruo, who walked in later, heard Yun Xiao’s words, and a trace of warmth flashed in his obsidian eyes. He was afraid that his mother would punish Nono Tongtong, so he hurried forward and said softly, “Mother I asked them to come. Not only that, I also invited both my grandmother and grandfather.” This mother, although not her own mother, makes Rong Ruo feel more heartwarming than her own mother.

Yun Maozhe, Lu’s family, and brother Han all walked in. When they saw Yun Xiao holding the baby, tears couldn’t help falling. They quickly took out the gift for the child they were carrying and wiped the tears. He whispered, “Your father and I thought you were about to give birth, so we came to see you with the emperor.”

Yun Xiao held Lu’s hand tightly, and Gu Jing Wubo’s eyes were full of emotion.

As far as I can see, they are the people I care about most in my life, and these are my relatives! Each of them lives in front of them peacefully, and nothing is happier than that.

Gu Jing Wubo’s eyes looked at the man wearing a moon-white robe on his side. She was already satisfied to marry him in this lifetime.

Reaching out to hold Rong Jin’s big hand, looking at each other, even if they didn’t say anything, they knew each other’s intentions.

“Thank you.” Thank you for being with me in this life.

“Thank you.” Thank you for coming to me in this life.

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