Scheme of the Official Descendant

: A generation male god

Xiao Yan’s heart softened, thinking that maybe he accidentally leaked his whereabouts and had nothing to do with others.

He gently and resolutely broke A-Lian’s hand away: “I’ll be back soon, don’t be afraid.” He was about to lift up and jumped out, but he didn’t want his chest to be stagnant, and then he weakened his legs and sat down on the carriage. .

Alian cried.

Xiao Yan’s face was as cold as ice, but he didn’t look at A-Lian. He just stared blankly at the cup of tea he had just drunk, his eyes a little blank and a little gloomy.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” A-Lian cried out, covering her face.

Xiao Yan didn’t ask why. There can be many reasons for betrayal, but he has only one sincerity. He may only muster the courage and impulse this time in his life.

The guards outside fell down one by one, and Xiao Yan picked up his sword once again. From a young age, he felt that if he would die one day, there was only one way to die besides the death of his life, and that was death in battle.

Xiao Yan didn’t look at A-Lian again. He didn’t even give him a glance. He was carefully calculating how many people could be killed based on his current situation. Xiao Yan knew that he was bound to die today, but he was not afraid. As long as the sword was still in his hand when he died, he would still be a descendant of the Xiao family.

The guards outside couldn’t resist it. When Xiao Yan supported himself with a sword and struggling out of the carriage, suddenly an arrow shot over. Xiao Yan thought that the enemy was still in ambush, but later found that the opponents were all falling down. people.

Xiao Yan turned his head in surprise, and saw a hundred people rushing towards them, their horses hooves were covered with cloth, and the movement was very small, but Xiao Yan recognized that they were elite soldiers in the Yanbei Army.

Although I don’t know why there were elite soldiers from the Yanbei Army here, Xiao Yan knew he was saved.

When the assassins were killed and fleeing, Xiao Yan could see clearly that it was his friend Zhao Ninghe who had brought troops to rescue him.

Zhao Ninghe’s grandfather followed the old prince on the battlefield. He, Zhao Ning and the two grew up together and worked in the military together. Sometimes they were good enough to wear the same pair of pants, and sometimes they bury each other.

Recently, Zhao Ninghe and Xiao Yan didn’t deal with them very much, and they didn’t give a good face when they saw him.

Zhao Ninghe’s sweetheart is Yun Chuxue.

Zhao Ninghe walked over and glanced in the carriage. Without asking anything, he gave Xiao Yan a fist with his fist. Instead of hitting him in the face, he smashed it on his stomach, making Xiao Yan’s face hurt. One white.

Xiao Yan was unwilling to get on the carriage again, and struggled to get on a horse to follow Zhao Ning and back to Yunyang City.

“How did you come?”

Zhao Ninghe said coldly, “Are you still alive if I don’t come?”

Xiao Yan smiled: “Thank you, Master Zhao for your life-saving grace.”

Zhao Ninghe glanced at Xiao Yan: “Don’t worry, the prince and others don’t know that these are my soldiers, and they happened to be training near here recently. After you go back, be honest, just assume that nothing happened.”

Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t afraid of being scolded by his grandfather and father. He would at best get a board, but he couldn’t afford to lose him. Fortunately, it was Zhao Ninghe. They had done all the **** things together, and they had seen each other’s most embarrassing side. If it was someone else, he would rather die.

However, Xiao Yan’s tone was too early. When he saw Yun Chuxue’s carriage waiting at the gate of the city after he entered the city, his expression could not be described as ugly.

Zhao Ninghe looked at Xiao Yan’s carriage that had not moved since the beginning, and then looked at the Yun family’s carriage. He bends the corner of his mouth, showing a malicious smile, and apologized without any sincerity: ” Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to tell you. It was Miss Yun who asked me to inform me so that I could rush to save your dog’s life in time.”

After finishing talking, Zhao Ninghe waved his hand and left without turning back, holding his horse’s head.

Yun Chuxue got out of the carriage, walked to Xiao Yan’s horse, and looked at him carefully. When he saw that he was okay, he said, “It’s fine if you are not injured. I remember I reminded you that it is best not to travel far recently.”

Xiao Yan was choked by her words and almost didn’t come up.

“Why are you here! I mean how did you come out so late!” Xiao Yan didn’t feel weak at the moment, and came down immediately and gritted his teeth.

Yun Chuxue’s tone was calm: “I am going to the Baiyun Temple to burn incense today.”

Then wait here to watch my fun? Xiao Yan thought sadly.

The two stood quietly for a while, and Yun Chuxue said warmly: “Today you go to Zhao’s house for one night. It’s not good to go back so late and disturb the prince.”

Xiao Yan said angrily: “Where I live is my business, you don’t have to worry about it!”

Yun Chuxue nodded, and said warmly: “Oh, then I’m leaving. Be careful yourself.”

“Wait!” Xiao Yan stopped with an ugly expression.

Yun Chuxue turned his head in doubt, and thought for a while and said empathetically: “Cousin, don’t worry, I won’t tell you what happened today.”

Xiao Yan still had eyes not eyes and nose not nose: “Who knows if your words count, you are always sinister!”

Yun Chuxue frowned, and then wondered: “Why did my cousin say this? When you were eight years old, you took advantage of Mr. Zhao’s dozing off and dyed his beard with ink. When you were ten, you stole the princess’s luminous cup. Buried next to the latrine for half a month and went back. When you were eleven, you broke the lord’s favorite snuff bottle and blamed Xiao Heng…”

“Grass!” Xiao Yan roared angrily and pointed at Yun Chuxue: “How do you know these! Did the **** surname Zhao tell you? No, how could he know!”

Yun Chuxue calmly continued: “I’ve helped you keep secrets about things like this. I didn’t tell anyone, and naturally I won’t be this time.”

Xiao Yan twitched the corners of his mouth, thinking that if he really married a woman like Yun Chuxue, this day would not be possible.

Yun Chuxue turned around after speaking, Xiao Yan stopped again: “Wait!”

Yun Chuxue turned her head in a good temper.

Xiao Yan took a deep breath and said, “Where are you going? Didn’t you go to Bai, Yun, Temple, today?”

Yun Chuxue said kindly, “Cousin, don’t worry about me. I rented a yard, which has already been arranged.”

Xiao Yan really couldn’t see through the woman Yun Chuxue. She was well-known and reasonable since she was a child, and she can be regarded as a model boudoir, but which well-known boudoir lady dares to lie to her family without changing her face and staying overnight? Which woman can guess that the fiance will run away with other women in danger, and then arrange for rescuers without making any noise or making a noise?

Yun Chuxue is simply bold, or lawless!

Xiao Yan said irritably, “Where? I’ll go with you!”

Yun Chuxue nodded when she only glanced at Xiao Yan. She didn’t say shyly that living in a yard was unreasonable, and she didn’t talk about her reputation and reputation.

Xiao Yan was frustrated again.

At this moment, there was a noise from the carriage that had not moved just now. Xiao Yan’s body became stiff, and when he turned his head, he saw A-Lian getting out of the carriage.

Xiao Yan didn’t move where he was standing. He deliberately didn’t think about A-Lian’s affairs. He planned to wait for someone to look after A-Lian first and try again tomorrow. He was very tired today and didn’t want to deal with A-Lian.

Yun Chuxue heard the movement and looked over.

A-Lian was stunned when she saw Yun Chuxue, then she said in a daze: “It’s you…”

Xiao Yan exploded as soon as he heard it, staring at Yun Chuxue suspiciously: “How does she know you?”

Xiao Yan instantly made up for the scene where Yun Chuxue went to find A-Lian carrying the eldest lady’s frame, and then threatened her to leave her arrogantly.

Yun Chuxue ignored Alian, but gave Xiao Yan a faint glance: “You think too much.”

Xiao Yan is sad and angry: Do you know what Lao Tzu is thinking?

Yun Chuxue didn’t need to be arrogant or arrogant to A-Lian, she just stood there casually, and there was an insurmountable sky between her and A-Lian.

Yun Chuxue’s tone was flat and gentle: “You said you have a sweetheart. I went to see it a few times without worry, but I didn’t step forward to bother you.”

Xiao Yan just wanted to choke on Lao Tzu’s sweetheart, you don’t worry, but think about today’s result, Xiao Yan can’t say this.

Yun Chuxue said: “I originally thought that if it was really suitable, I would help a group of cousins ​​to fulfill their wish, but I didn’t want to but saw that this girl had some problems.” That’s why today’s arrangements are made.

“Then you hide in the dark and laugh at me, right?” Xiao Yan roared.

Yun Chuxue shook his head and sighed, “Why does my cousin think so? I always miss you.”

A-lian stood three steps away and looked at Yun Chuxue for a while, then looked at Xiao Yan, and suddenly walked towards them. Yun Chuxue Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Alian’s hand touching the cuff, her face changed, and without thinking, she grabbed Xiao Yan’s arm and tried to block him in front of him.

Xiao Yan’s reaction was faster than Yun Chuxue’s. He put his arms around Yun Chuxue and retreated, and then flicked his wrist, a silver light flashed, and a lancet “poof–” shot A-Lian’s throat with a knife. Wear the throat.

A-Lian clutched her neck and fell to the ground, the curvature of her mouth was a bit bitter, and then she swallowed without saying a word.

Xiao Yan only glanced at Alian and turned his head, but he stood there for a long time without moving, still holding Yun Chuxue in his arms.

Yun Chuxue didn’t move either. After a long time she was a little curious and said: “Cousin, are you crying?”

The sadness that Xiao Yan had just brewed was instantly replaced by anger, and he pushed Yun Chuxue away: “Look clearly, I’m a big man crying for a woman!”

Yun Chuxue looked at his eyes carefully, then smiled her head: “Well, I didn’t cry.”

Xiao Yan was dull.

Yun Chuxue glanced at Alian who fell on the ground: “Don’t you look at what is in her sleeve?”

Xiao Yan paused, and then said, “Everyone is dead, what’s so interesting.”

In fact, with Xiao Yan’s eyesight, his self-defense lancet had already seen what was in A-Lian’s sleeve when he shot it. It was not a murder weapon or a hidden weapon, but the jade pendant he had previously given to A-Lian.

But Xiao Yan didn’t tell Yun Chuxue.

Xiao Yan thought, it would be good for A-Lian to die in his hands like this. He has a good hand, and A-Lian should not feel pain when he dies. Otherwise, no matter if he can get news of her colluding with the assassin from A-Lian’s mouth in the future, A-Lian will not be more relaxed than today.

Have you let Alian? That’s impossible.

Is he cold-blooded? Xiao Yan thought it might be so.

He only committed stupidity to A-Lian once, and he only made stupidity to people he liked. After committing, he was still the heir of Yanbei Palace, and he was never merciless when he should be cruel.

On the way back, Xiao Yan and Yun Chuxue got into a carriage. He was a little embarrassed today and didn’t want to be seen by others.

“Hey, am I really that bad?” Xiao Yan couldn’t help asking.

Yun Chuxue’s gentle eyes stared at him: “Huh?”

Xiao Yan turned his head and said uncomfortably, “I mean, in this life, there are no women just because I am a person? Everyone has a fancy to my identity, but has a ghost?”

Yun Chuxue thought for a while, and then said: “I don’t know, maybe there is, but even if you have you, I don’t know if she likes you more or likes your identity more.”

Xiao Yan felt melancholy, and then felt that he had not been hit enough, and asked, “What about you? Why are you trying to marry me?”

Yun Chuxue glanced at Xiao Yan, and didn’t care about the phrase “to die or live” with him: “If you don’t have your surname Xiao, I won’t marry you, don’t you think so?”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched, you know!

But when he heard Yun Chuxue say it himself, he was still a little sad.

“But…” Yun Chuxue said slowly.

Xiao Yan unconsciously straightened his waist and raised his ears: “But what?”

“However, among the marriage partners acceptable to the elders, I still want to choose my cousin you.” Yun Chuxue spoke calmly in Meng Lang’s dialect, and it seemed very serious when she said it out of her mouth.

The corners of Xiao Yan’s mouth finally turned upwards, pretending not to care, “Oh, why? What is better than others?”

Yun Chuxue continued calmly: “My cousin once said that he didn’t want to marry a woman he didn’t like as a daughter-in-law. In this life, he will only marry the one he likes. One pair of people in the whole life is the luxury of all women in the world. If the cousin really does it, The woman who married you is the happiest person in the world. Chuxue is also an ordinary woman, and naturally has the extravagance of an ordinary woman.”

Xiao Yan snorted softly after hearing the words: “If you marry one, you will marry one. Lao Tzu is a man of indomitable spirit. Of course you can do it. You should want to marry Lao Tzu if you want to live and die.”

Xiao Yan didn’t remember that Yun Chuxue was already his fiancee.

Yun Chuxue lowered her head and smiled: “Well, I believe in cousin.”

Xiao Yan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

However, Yun Chuxue did not give Xiao Yan a chance to think clearly. She continued to gently and honestly said, “Can my cousin tomorrow go to the Star Picking Tower in Hot Spring Villa with me?”

Xiao Yan frowned: “What are you going to do there?”

Yun Chuxue sighed as she looked at it, and a little longing to say: “I heard that there is a Sanskrit formation in the Zhanxing Building, which was passed down by an ancestor of the Xiao family. A man from the Xiao family can only take one woman up in his life. If you read those Sanskrit scripts in old language, you will be blessed by your ancestors. At the same time, this Xiao family man can only have one woman in his life, otherwise the Xiao family will…

Xiao Yan: “…”

Yun Chuxue leaned over and looked at Xiao Yan with a soft smile: “Cousin, can you take me there?”

Xiao Yan stared blankly at Yun Chuxue unable to speak. This was the first time Yun Chuxue spoke to him in this tone! Why is he so… so beautiful in his heart!

Xiao Yan turned his head away when he recovered, and said coolly, “Well, then go.”

Yun Chuxue smiled, and then sat back.

Xiao Yan looked at the distance between the two, suddenly felt as if he had been deceived…

But before he got angry, Yun Chuxue said gently: “It’s not easy to understand the true heart of a woman in my cousin’s position. It’s the same for me, so instead of trusting other strangers who know people and do not know the heart. , It would be better for us to trust each other and support each other. At least I believe in the character of my cousin, and when my cousin grows up with me, naturally I also know that all my things are bad, even if I have any purpose, I spread it out. In front of you, I can at least guarantee that I won’t deceive you or deceive you.

Xiao Yan stopped talking.

Yun Chuxue took the initiative to hold Xiao Yan’s hand and looked at him and said, “If we think about it this way, isn’t it so difficult for us to get married?”

Xiao Yan thought for a while and felt that what Yun Chuxue said also made sense. Moreover, when Yun Chuxue held his hand, he felt different from when he held A-Lian’s hand before. Yun Chuxue’s palm was warm and comfortable, and he didn’t hate it.

But Xiao Yan wondered, did he forget a very important thing?

As for what it was, Xiao Yan was a little confused now, and couldn’t remember it for a while.

It was not until the next day that Xiao Yan took her to the Star Picking Tower as Yun Chuxue wished. After he sold himself out, he remembered that the reason why he died and did not want to marry Yun Chuxue was because of a secret that was ashamed to tell.

Glancing at Yun Chuxue, who was smiling faintly beside him, Xiao Yan was sweating and wondering whether it was too late to regret now?

“Cousin, what’s the matter? Are you hot or something uncomfortable?”

Xiao Yan shook his head with a gray face, “No.”

Yun Chuxue looked at Xiao Yan carefully, and then smiled mildly and pointedly: “Oh, that’s good. But cousin must tell me if something is wrong, because I won’t laugh at anything. You will not embarrass you by this.”

Xiao Yan felt chilly in his heart, and thought: Do you know it again?

This! Absolutely! Do not! can! can!

Xiao Yan didn’t have a chance to know if Yun Chuxue knew his secret about cripples, and he couldn’t ask it now.

When Xiao Yan finally married Yun Chuxue…

Xiao Yan suddenly felt that his previous worries were in vain, because he wittily covered Yun Chuxue and himself with a quilt from head to toe when doing errands, and sat in the quilt.

Although it was summer, he covered himself and Yun Chuxue with prickly heat overnight.

On the third day, Xiao Yan still planned to cover up the quilt when he was working. Yun Chuxue gently and forcefully stopped him: “Cousin, there is no need to light the dragon and phoenix candles today. The candles can be blown out.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes lit up when he heard this, yes, he was worried about fart without lighting a candle!

Xiao Yan kissed Yun Chuxue happily and went to blow the candles.

Of course, this is Xiao Yan when he was a teenager, with a thin face. When he grew up to become a shameless old hooligan, he took some of the ideas that he was ashamed to show as private|confidentiality|interesting.

Yun Chuxue step by step cautiously and easily tuned for the camp|teached the Yanbei generation of male gods. Compared with her son Xiao Jingxi’s later play, they are not enough.

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