Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 1: Return

The winter of the seventeenth year of Emperor Qiangqian’s reign came earlier than usual.

Only a few days after the Double Ninth Festival, several counties to the north ushered in the first heavy snow of this winter.

The day before was still airy and the sky was high. As soon as noon arrived that day, the sky was suddenly shrouded by a rolling curtain of gray and orange. After a short indication, dense snow swept across the whole world.

However, in one night’s effort, all the areas north of Yanzhou changed their costumes, and they were all covered in silver.

In the wing of the burnt earth dragon, Ren Yaoqi lay on the hot kang with his eyes closed, the quilt pressing on her was a little heavy.

Her forehead and neck had been soaked with fine and dense beads of perspiration, her cheeks were also blushed by the heat on the kang, and her breath was full of the smell of menthol.

Across the thick cotton curtain of the inner room, two maids were talking quietly.

“You look so beautiful, it doesn’t look like you described it yourself, where did it come from?”

“This is what I asked for sister Kumquat next to Aunt Fang. I heard that it is the most fashionable flower in the southern part of Kyoto, even in Yunyang City.”

“Sister Jinju? How can you get something from her?”

“Hehe, I said it was used to embroider the shoe upper for Miss Wu, dare she give it?”

“You treacherous girl, be careful that Miss Fifth finds out and let Auntie Fang pull you out to serve as a servant!”

“Okay, you bad hoof… See if I won’t tear your bad mouth.”

Across the curtain is the romp of two maids chasing around the table. The tea set on the table was slammed, and the sound suddenly went quiet, but after a short pause, the noise came again. It was finally scrupulous to enter the inner room. People, the sound is much smaller.

Suddenly, a stern scolding came in: “What are you doing!” It was the voice of an older woman.

Suddenly there was silence outside.

“Mother Zhu made atonement, slave servant…” The two little maids eagerly defended.

Mother Zhu interrupted impatiently, “Is the young lady awake?”

Her voice was not deliberately lowered, and she was a little anxious. Although she asked, her footsteps came to the inner room without stopping.

“I just drank the medicine and took a break, I must be sleeping deeply right now.” A maid hurriedly replied, and quickly followed, seeming to help the maid to raise the curtain of the inner room.

“You go out and guard, don’t let anyone in.” Mother Zhu stopped the maid’s movements.

“Yes.” The two maids halted and retired neatly.

Ren Yaoqi lay there with his eyes closed and did not move, as if he was asleep.

The cotton curtain separating the inner room and the bright room was lifted, the sultry air in the inner room was stirred, and the wind that was slightly cooler than the inner room flowed in.

“Miss? Miss? Wake up soon, Miss…”

The man rushed over to the Kang, yelled a few times and saw that Ren Yaoqi was not moving, and reached out and pushed her arm through the bedding.

Ren Yaoqi finally opened his eyes, but a little sleepy.

“Grandma Zhu?” Her voice was a bit dry, and she lay on the hot kang for a long time, taking in some tea from time to time.

“Hey, it’s a slave girl, would you like me to drink water?” Madam Zhu’s round face immediately squeezed a smile, but there was an anxious look in her eyes.

Ren Yaoqi nodded.

Mother Zhu immediately walked to the long, short table with a set of famille rose teapots and tea gu on the north wall of the inner room, and poured a tea gu water back.

She put the tea gu on the kang table, and then helped Ren Yaoqi to sit up, propped her back with one hand, and brought the tea gu to her lips to feed her with one hand.

It’s just that she was a little anxious, Ren Yaoqi tilted her head, and the water in the tea gu dripped onto the quilt she was covering, and the satin surface of loose green was immediately wet.


Mother Zhu hurriedly put the Tea Gu down and patted her on the back: “Miss, are you okay?”

Ren Yaoqi was completely awake. She pushed away Mother Zhu’s hand and glanced at her sideways: “The water is cold…”

Mother Zhu hurriedly said with a smile: “Oh, it must be those two maids on duty who are playing slippery and lazy. They forgot to change the hot tea. The old slave will teach them later.”

Speaking, Mother Zhu took the jacket next to Ren Yaoqi and put it on Ren Yaoqi’s shoulders, saying: “Miss, just now my auntie received the news that the third wife and the third young lady are on their way back home. Although the heavy snow came suddenly, several roads outside the city were blocked overnight, but the riding guards of the Yanbei Palace opened the way, and the carriage could move forward to the city by this evening at the latest.”

Ren Yaoqi had a meal: “Mother and Third Sister are back?”

She lowered her eyes, making people unable to see the emotions in her eyes, but her fingers around the flap could not help but tremble.

Mother Zhu’s tone finally did not hide her anxiety: “Yes, I heard that the frame of the old princess of the Yanbei Palace was escorted back. I set off from Zhuangzi yesterday morning, and the house only received the news early this morning. Miss, What can I do now?”

Ren Yaoqi blinked quickly, concealing the water glow in her eyes. She took off the jacket she was wearing and wanted to wear it on her body. Madam Zhu immediately came up to help. Bian muttered: “I don’t know what the third lady used to persuade the old princess of Yanbei. Miss Fifth, when the third lady comes back, where can there be a place for you in this Ziwei courtyard?”

Ren Yaoqi faintly glanced at Mother Zhu, who was bowing her head and anxiously buttoning her, but she couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. As expected, there were a lot of ghosts and snakes in the Ren family ten years ago.

For the past two days, she has been watching coldly, wanting to take a closer look at the stubbornness behind these thick and colorful painted skins.

Mother Zhu didn’t notice Ren Yaoqi’s strangeness, she helped her buckle the buttons and raised her head and said: “The old lady always likes Miss San more than you, and the third wife depends on her in everything. Our yard matters. No matter how big or small, she has the final say, but she sees you not pleasing to your eyes, and makes you embarrassed everywhere, so that the third wife will not take your daughter to heart, and only believe in her bewitching…”

Speaking of this, Mother Zhu took her eyes and looked at Ren Yaoqi quietly. What surprised her was that Ren Yaoqi was just leaning on the back of Fang Shengwen, the big red base of Kangtou, and looked at her quietly, her clear eyes were as good as above. Colored glaze, quiet and clear.

Ren Yaoqi remembered that his third sister, Ren Yaohua, fell into the lotus pond in the fall of the 16th year of the Qiang Emperor’s 16th year because she pushed her sixth brother Ren Yihong into the lotus pond, and was punished by the old lady to go to Zhuangzi to think about it.

Their mother, the third wife of the Ren family, went to the old lady to plead and was rejected out of the courtyard. Finally, she accompanied the third sister to Zhuangzi. The nine-year-old was left at the Ren family.

Mother Li is a cowardly woman.

Li’s cowardice is not only derived from her experience of being displaced in her childhood.

She married Ren’s family in Qinglong forty-seven years, and had nothing to do for the first two years. In the third year, she gave birth to a daughter but died within 100 days, and she gave birth to another daughter in the fifth year.

At this time, the old lady of the Ren family was already very dissatisfied with Li, but fortunately, Li was pregnant again in the second year of her next daughter.

It’s a pity that Li was hit without a child, and the third child was born as a daughter. This is the fifth Miss Ren Yaoqi.

Because of this, the old lady of the Ren family was completely cold on the Li family. Three days after the birth of Ren Yaoqi, she took the lead in taking a concubine of her maiden sister’s concubine for the third master of Ren Yaoqi.

Your concubine Fang, who was pregnant within half a year after entering the house, gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses in October, establishing his position in Ren’s family.

The birth of Ren Yaoqi not only made his mother’s position in the Ren family precarious, but also an existence that disgusted his grandmother.

From the beginning of Li’s pregnancy into the Yao period, the old lady Ren had hoped for her birth. She was able to find an eminent monk for fortune-telling, an experienced midwife to touch the baby, and even a wizard to divination. Those people all agreed that the baby was a male baby, so the old lady also believed in the wife. The third child is pregnant with a son.

So after the birth of Ren Yaoqi, the old lady Ren believed that the new-born granddaughter was a wicked evildoer, and squeezed her original grandson’s position away, and she didn’t like her.

On the contrary, Ren Yaohua, the third young lady from the same Li family, was treated differently by the old lady because she looked like the old lady Ren when she was young and was smart and smart.

“Miss Fifth?” Mother Zhu saw Ren Yaoqi staring at her without speaking, thinking she was sleepy, so she tried to push Ren Yaoqi gently, thinking about whether to pour another glass of cold water.

Ren Yaoqi glanced at the hand that Mother Zhu put on his arm.

Mother Zhu became stiff, and concealedly raised her hand to caress her sideburns. She smiled and said, “Miss, Auntie Fang said that your illness has improved greatly, and she was worried that the medicine was too effective. Strong, I will ask the doctor to enter the mansion later to give you a new pulse.”

Ren Yaoqi let out an “um” and did not object.

Grandma Zhu was muttering to herself in her heart, why did Miss Fifth look a little different these past two days? It’s just a child who is only ten years old, and the look that occasionally shows in those quiet eyes makes people feel flustered?

Most of Ren Yaoqi had no impression of the maids around him. Because they didn’t wait for long by her side, they would be sent out soon after.

This Mother Zhu still remembers that in her impression back then, Mother Zhu seemed to be a very kind and caring woman, who would give her a plan and be regarded as her confidant.

She remembered that she even had a quarrel with her third sister Ren Yaohua over this Mother Zhu, and finally almost got into a fight.

However, judging from her current experience, she didn’t think this mother Zhu had any merit.

She didn’t care enough to serve her, and neglected to discipline the maid in her yard. The words seemed to be for her master, but in fact, she broke the relationship with Ren Yaohua everywhere.

Ren Yaohua is domineering and strong, but when she was a child, she was stubborn and willful. Under the instigation and instigation of those who are interested, where can the Ziwei courtyard be peaceful for these two people?

This time, she would never allow those people to use the discord between their sisters to make a fuss and calculate them.


Ren Yaoqi muttered in his heart, in this life, you must live a long life.

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