Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 11: Confrontation

At that time, she had just recovered from the illness, and heard that Mother Zhu and Aunt Fang said that Ren Yaoyu’s two maids and sisters-in-law who were sold out of the house were looking for them, and they were asking people to help them with the two maids. The private houses that have survived over the years are taken out, and they promised to give some of the money to helpers.

I didn’t want the private rooms of the two maids to be raided by the women in the old lady’s yard long ago, taking advantage of the opportunity to search their residences, not even a copper plate was left.

At that time, people in the mansion rumored that the two maids around Ren Yaoyu were sold because they stole the valuables from the old lady’s room. Mother Zhu also lamented that she didn’t know how many good things were given by the people in Ronghua Yuan. Concealed it.

Kumquat sneered. The two maids were not driven out of the house for stealing, but because they made some dirty things in the old lady’s house and violated the master’s taboo.

Mother Zhu was about to ask another question, but someone from outside reported that Ren Yaohua had been driven out because she had offended the old lady.

At that time, she felt ashamed because of being slapped twice by Ren Yaohua and couldn’t pretend to be sick. When she heard the news, she was secretly happy.

Afterwards, Mother Zhu helped her find out that the reason why Ren Yaohua angered Mrs. Ren was because the matter of framing Ren Yaoyu was exposed by the fifth wife.

It’s just that Ren Yaoyu was not rehabilitated for this, until she left Ren’s house, the old lady was always indifferent to this granddaughter.

Thinking about it now, what she overheard was not necessarily true. Aunt Fang’s maid, Jinju, has a compatriot sister named Jinlian, who is the first-class maid in the old lady’s room.

It’s just that this matter may not be the work of Ren Yaohua, Ren Yaohua is likely to be a gunman.

Think of the only person who will profit in this matter later…

Ren Yaoqi was thinking this way, and the old lady Ren had already said in her hair: “Go and let the two maids from outside come in, and also go and call the old lady.”

Mother Gui, who was next to the old lady, hurriedly responded.

After a while, the two maids who had been kneeling outside were kicked in by the four maids.

Xu had been kneeling outside for a long time, and the two maids were so cold that they couldn’t stand up. When the women let go, they fell to the ground.

“When Grandma Gui asked you something before, you refused to say it. Now that I have knelt for so long, I must be a little more sober.” Old lady Ren looked at the two.

Mrs. Fifth also scolded with a stern face: “Some people say that I saw you quietly letting things go out of the Ronghua Courtyard in the morning. Now in front of the old lady, just tell the truth. Don’t make your eighth young lady fall out of exhaustion in the end Blame. You know my temperament, and the most tolerant is the slave who deceives the master! If you look at the kindness of the old lady but don’t realize it, I won’t forgive you lightly after leaving this Ronghua Academy!”

Lin’s words were very righteous and serious, but the two maids buried their heads even more when they heard the words, and their knees were still swinging unconsciously.

However, Ren Yaoqi glanced at the fifth wife. Could it be that Ren Yaoyu really did something that would irritate the old lady? Lin’s words were clearly a secret warning to the two maids to weigh when they spoke. If they dared to involve Ren Yaoyu, she would never be merciless.

Old lady Ren lifted her eyes and glanced at Lin, then looked at the two girls: “One more chance with you.”

“Back, back to the old lady, the servants did not take anything out of the Ronghuayuan.” One of the maids stammered.

The old lady Ren never looked at them again.

The atmosphere in the room is a bit strange. The two people kneeling on the ground were trembling all the time, and their stiff posture could tell that they were terrified. Ren Yaoyu was also extremely uneasy and pulled her sleeves tightly.

The rest of the people felt the displeasure of Mrs. Ren at this time and were afraid to speak.

“Mother…” The fifth wife glanced at her daughter and had to come out.

Just then, Mother Gui lifted the curtain and came in, and behind her was a woman in a crow-green quilted jacket.

“Return to the old lady, Lu’an’s family is here.” Grandma Gui stood beside Luohan’s bed.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the woman who was a little cautious and kowtow.

When Ren Yaoqi waited for her to get up, he took a closer look at her, and it really didn’t make any impression at all.

The fifth wife looked at the Lu’an family with a very critical gaze and said, “Where are you from? How come you look at such a stranger?”

Hearing this, the Lu’an family shrank his head and rubbed his hands, then glanced at Grandma Gui.

Mother Gui explained hurriedly: “She was originally responsible for the tea in the outside courtyard. Because the two women who cleaned the courtyard in the Ronghua courtyard broke their waist yesterday when cleaning the frozen snow in the courtyard, the old lady let the outside The new steward of the company has brought in someone to temporarily take over the work of the two wives.”

“It turned out to be from the outer courtyard.” The fifth wife Lin said to the old lady with a smile, “Mother, this lady in the outer courtyard enters the second door the first time, and the distinction between east and west is not clear, plus these little girls are all one. Shui’er’s indigo cotton-padded jacket, it’s normal to get it wrong.”

The old lady waved her hand, stopped Lin’s words, and asked Lu’an’s family: “Are the two people you saw this morning here?”

Lu’an’s left and right looked around, his eyes fixed on the two maids who were kneeling not far to her right, pointed at them with stubby fingers, and said, “Old lady back, here. These two girls.”

“Did you see clearly? This is served by Miss Eighth.” Lin frowned.

The Lu’an family glanced at Lin tremblingly, then moved to look at the two maids at close range, and nodded at the old lady: “The maidservant must be these two girls. The maidservant was tapping under the porch with a stick. As a result, the ice edge fell on the neck, and the servants hid in the tea room next to them to clean up. They walked past the door of the tea room at that time, and one of the girls had a black bean-sized black on her right cheek. mole.”

One of the two maids kneeling on the ground had a mole on his face.

“Do you see clearly what they are holding?” Old lady Ren said coldly.

The Lu’an family rubbed his hands and shook his head embarrassedly: “It’s an autumn-scented satin baggage, which was carefully held in their arms. The servant didn’t see it, only heard that the girl with a mole on her face asked the other to move forward. Go to the wife who opened the door. The servants and servants heard that something was wrong, so they followed quietly. Later, I saw that they had lifted the baggage into the garden, and the servants also heard them discuss that the masters were about to get up and hide things first. , Wait until the morning is free.”

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