Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 12: unambiguous evidence

As soon as the words came out, everyone looked at the two maids who were kneeling on the ground.

Old Mrs. Ren frowned: “Can you hear clearly? It’s not true to call it!” Her voice was not harsh, and her expression was not cold enough, but it made the teeth of the two maids tremble. Because the rules in the Ronghua Academy have always been extremely great, the maids will suffer a lot of skin and flesh if they violate the rules, and it is normal for them to be sold.

Mrs. Ren Wu glanced at the Lu’an’s house, her eyes turned slightly, and she suddenly asked Mother Gui with a smile: “If this is the case, the burden must have been found? Why not take it out and see what it is.”

Mother Gui looked a little embarrassed.

Mrs. Ren Wu raised her eyebrows slightly: “What? Can’t find the burden that the mother-in-law said?”

Madam Gui lowered her head slightly: “Going back to the fifth wife, the maidservant is looking for a decent person, but I haven’t found it yet.”

The fifth wife showed anger on her face, and turned her head to a little aggrieved to the old lady: “Mother, the wife knows that you have always loved Yaohua and Yaoyin more than Yu’er. The wife always teaches Yu’er that the two older sisters are older. Be more pampered, we Yuer have always been sensible and treat her sisters courteously and never jealous. She is dull and unpleasant. The wife knows that, but there is no cat or dog that can bully her, right? It’s just that an old-eyed and dim-eyed outer courtyard minion cheered up on it, and wanted to use the opportunity of confusion to please the master and ask for rewards. How can they be credulous? Although these two maids are stupid, they are after all. We Yu’er served close by, and so unfounded and unfounded gave them a reputation for stealing. This will tell us how Yu’er will behave in the mansion in the future. How can we raise our heads in front of our brothers and sisters?”

Mrs. Fifth said, tears came, as if she was made of water.

The old lady was a little displeased when she saw her, she whispered: “Okay! I haven’t said anything yet! It’s just calling the maids to ask questions! You are crying like this in front of the younger generation. What is it!”

The fifth wife took out her veil and wiped it, but her tone was still a little unbalanced: “You haven’t asked this clearly, so we convicted our Yu’er maid. Obviously, she believed this woman’s words. If you really look down on Yu’er this granddaughter, I will take her back and send her to Yunyang City and throw her to her grandmother! You should leave Yaohua here as a companion for your old man. She is articulate and human. Also clever, always pleased you.”

“Mother… I won’t go to my grandmother’s house…” Ren Yaoyu gently pulled the fifth wife’s clothes with a grievance.

Mrs. Fifth pushed her daughter gently and cursed: “Who wants you to be dull and not please the elders!”

Ren Yaoyu was wronged and wiped tears.

The old lady Ren watched them jump with blue veins on their foreheads, and finally slapped the kang with anger: “Who said I’m going to send Yaoyu to Yunyang City! She is the granddaughter of my Ren family, and she won’t go anywhere!”

Seeing that Mrs. Ren’s family was going to make trouble, she wouldn’t stand up at this moment, and when the old lady couldn’t get off the stage, she had to settle the account with her, so she went forward to pull the fifth wife and mother and her daughter gently, “Who said The old lady doesn’t love Yu’er anymore? If she doesn’t love this granddaughter, can her elderly take Yu’er with her to discipline herself?” She lowered her head and calmed Ren Yaoyu softly, “Good boy, you are good, don’t listen to your mother’s angry words. The elders in here don’t like your modest, polite, lively and lovely? Please persuade your mother.”

The fifth wife saw that the big wife had come out to complete the game, and she knew the truth about accepting as soon as she saw him, so she gradually stopped. But his eyes looked at the Lu’an house standing in the middle.

The eldest wife and the fifth wife have been concubines for many years. Knowing her temper, she took the initiative to help her and said to the old lady: “Old lady, what the fifth younger siblings said is not unreasonable. Early in the morning, the old woman looks bad. It’s not impossible. Why not let Mother Gui lead someone to count the valuable things in the house to see if there is anything missing? If you don’t lose anything important, then it must be a misunderstanding.”

Mrs. Fifth also agreed now: “The wife also agrees to count the valuables in this house. Let’s see if it is our Yuer’s maid, or this tricky woman who is talking about it!”

The old lady looked at the old lady Ren questioningly.

The old lady Ren turned her head and said to Grandma Gui: “You take someone to check the list.”

Mother Gui answered.

About half an hour later, Mother Gui came back with a few big maids.

“Back to the old lady, everything in the room was checked against the booklet, and nothing was missing.”

Mrs. Five suddenly became angry, and pointed to the disturbed Lu’an Jia and cursed: “Oh, you are a masterless slave! Are you looking at our Yuer’s temperament and bullying? You don’t slander other people’s personal maids. You want to slander us Yuer! Don’t you slap me in the face!”

Seeing the result of the tossing for so long, the old lady Ren had a bad face. She was about to speak, so she was so scolded by the fifth wife that she almost bury her head in the neck of the Lu’an family and knelt down. , Anxiously defended the old lady Ren.

“The old lady is observant, how can the slave and maid dare to fool you with such a lie? The slave and maid did see it, and did not dare to make a false statement.”

Mother Gui frowned and said in a low voice: “Without proof, how do you want the masters to believe you? I even believed that you reported the matter for you. Now I will be tired of you too.”

Hearing the words of the Lu’an family, it seemed that he suddenly remembered something, and said anxiously: “Slaves, slaves have a way to find evidence.”

The fifth wife gritted her teeth with anger: “Do you want to fool the masters again?”

The Lu’an’s head shook his head like a rattle: “No, no. It’s the servant girl who knows that a woman in the outer courtyard has a dog with a very good nose. A few days ago, when his man was out of the house, he was slapped with money. The bag was picked up, and the dog led the person to find the money bag at a family in a shabby alley five streets away.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this.

The old lady Ren said, “Is there really such a spirit?”

“If it doesn’t work, you can tell the slave and maid to try it. The slave will go to the outer courtyard to borrow the dog. Let it sniff the smell of the two girls, and then follow it to the garden to find it.” The settlers are holding a ticket.

“Absurd! So many minions can’t be found, what can a beast do? Is it true that an adult is not as good as that beast?” The fifth wife objected disdainfully.

The Liu’an family hurriedly said, “The slave and maidservant dare to guarantee that it will be done. If the slave cannot find it in the end, the slave is willing to accept the crime.”


The fifth wife turned her head to face the old lady Ren and what else she wanted to say. The eldest lady glanced at the old lady, but suddenly took the fifth wife and persuaded her gently, “Since this lady dares to make such assertions, let her try. Right. If you can’t find it, you will have the innocence of the two maids so that Yuer’s face is also preserved. As for the lying woman… Then she will sell the board and see who else will dare to grow old casually. The wife said nothing in front of her.”

The fifth wife wanted to say something when she heard the words, but the old lady had already spoken: “Let her go! See what she can do. Yuer is my granddaughter, so I will naturally call her the shots. Don’t want to go to her casually. Dirty water splashed on her maid!”

“Thank you, old lady.” Liu’an’s family was overjoyed and kowtowed his head and thanked him before leaving.

“Look at the slave girl?” Madam Gui asked for instructions.

Old lady Ren nodded and let her go.

After about two quarters of an hour, the people in the room heard a dog barking outside, and they knew it was a big guy.

The juniors in the room turned their heads to look at the curtain of the door curiously, but they were blocked by the curtain and could not see anything.

Only Ren Yaoyu’s face was very disturbed. Although the fifth wife’s face was not good-looking, she still held it back, and winked at her daughter to make her feel calm.

After a while, Mother Gui lifted the curtain and came in, and the barking of dogs outside the curtain became clearer and more audible.

“Old lady, please also ask these two maids to go out and let the dog sniff.”

The two maids turned pale upon hearing the words, and looked at the fifth wife subconsciously.

Old lady Ren nodded, and Mother Gui winked at the two women behind her, and the two women quickly stepped forward to mix up the two maids.

Seeing that they were a little unsteady, Mother Gui kindly comforted her: “Don’t be afraid, although the dog looks big, it doesn’t bite.”

The two maids screamed almost as soon as they left the main room door. The people in the room were startled when they heard it, and the old lady’s hand holding the bowl lid shook.

“what happened!”

Mother Gui has rushed in and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, those two maids are timid. But the masters don’t want to come out, so as not to be disturbed. The dog has such a long body.” Mother Gui said. He gestured with his arms, and he was as long as a six or seven year old child.

The eldest wife hurriedly ordered: “Arrange a few people to hold the door with their hands, and don’t let the dog break in,”

Mother Gui answered.

The people in the room breathed a sigh of relief until the dog barking outside ran away.

This time, in less than a quarter of an hour, Mother Gui came back.

When she came in, she carried an autumn-scented baggage on her hand, and walking behind her were two supported maids with gray faces and a relieved Liu’an family.

Miss Eighth Ren Yaoyu’s face turned pale, and she tightened the hem of her mother’s clothes. The fifth wife Lin immediately took her daughter’s hand and gave the two maids a fierce look.

But the two maids were so scared that they couldn’t feel her eyes.

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