Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 13: Kill two birds with one stone

“Old lady, this was found from the cracks in the rock under the rockery.” Mother Gui lowered her head and brought up the baggage.

The old lady Ren’s eyes swept across the faces of the fifth wife and Ren Yaoyu, and she signaled Mother Gui to open the burden.

Madam Gui put the burden on the kang table, turned her back and untied the burden, and suddenly she gasped in horror from the room.

Old Lady Ren frowned and glanced, then her pupils suddenly shrank and her face turned pale.

Everyone looked at the kang table curiously, but saw that the autumn-scented furoshiki had been spread out on the kang table. Among them was a white puppet. The two adult slap-sized puppets were actually The messy symbols painted by red cinnabar are shocking at first glance. It’s no wonder that Mother Gui, who has always been calm, took a breath at first sight.

Everyone here can see that this is a curse circulated among the women in the backyard.

Wrap the dried yin and yang grass with a white cloth to make a human shape, sew the birth date of the cursed person on it, and draw the curse with dog blood.

The cold gaze of the old lady Ren looked at the two maids who had been frightened and knelt down with a “puff”: “You have the courage to do this kind of dirty business in the house!”

The two maids tremblingly lay down and begged for mercy: “The old lady is forgiving, the old lady is forgiving…”

This kind of evil way is the most taboo in large families, especially those who are in charge of the family, they are the least able to forgive such behavior. If the subordinates are involved, they will be sent to the government office with a hundred scepters in public.

The one hundred boards in the yamen are actually killing people.

The eldest wife also looked ugly and said: “You are too confused, how can you do this kind of thing! Our Ren family can’t tolerate this kind of private means! You… hey…”

The maid with a mole on that face seemed to react, and suddenly turned her head to look at Ren Yaoyu who was not looking down, and suddenly walked a few steps on her knees and rushed up: “Help, Miss Eight—”

When the fifth wife was angry, she kicked the maid’s heart when she saw it and cursed, “Shut up!”

The maid confided her heart, and yelled, “This is Miss Eighth’s thing. The maid was only ordered to take it out and bury it, and she didn’t know what was going on!”

Another crying maid also hurriedly sobbed and said: “Old lady, how dare the slaves and maids curse the master with this kind of thing? The slaves are really just acting on orders.”

If the Eighth Miss was dragged into the water, Ren’s family would not send them to the Yamen because of their face.

The old lady Ren looked at Ren Yaoyu coldly: “What do you say?”

Ren Yaoyu’s legs were soft, and she burst into tears when she asked, “Wow–“.

Mrs. Fifth became so angry that she stepped forward and kicked the two maids to the ground, no longer caring about her own image and scolded: “You two eat things inside and out! You dare to pour this kind of dirty water on your master. I am impatient to live!”

Ren Yaoyu was already frightened by the atmosphere in the room and was almost mentally broken: “I am just having fun, I…I…I am not using dog blood but cinnabar… Third sister, she won’t die…”

But this is an admission that she did the things.

Ren Yaohua, who was mentioned by name, looked stunned, and subconsciously looked at the doll on the Kang table.

Mrs. Fifth was so upset by her daughter that she really wanted to slap her and call her “idiot!” But now it was too late for her to curse.

Seeing that everyone in the room looked at their mother and daughter with complex expressions, the fifth wife barely managed to endure the anger in her heart, turned her head and smiled at the old woman: “Mother, Yuer, she is young and doesn’t know the severity. Between sisters It’s just playing around. She was just provoked by the people below, but she didn’t understand what she was doing. This time it was also the daughter-in-law who was not strictly disciplined. Please forgive me this time.”

The curse was said to be a slapstick between the sisters in a few words.

Seeing Mrs. Ren calmly and silently, Mrs. Fifth turned her gaze to Ren Yaohua, who had a cold complexion, and said in a good voice: “Yaohua, this time your sister is ignorant. You are a elder sister. If you have a lot of adults, don’t be with her Don’t care about it, she is just a child’s disposition, and has no malice towards you. The fifth aunt has personally apologized for you.

Ren Yaohua didn’t want to eat her, with a mocking expression on her face: “Aunt Fifth, Yaohua doesn’t understand what she said. I forgive her eighth sister is a large number of adults, but if you don’t forgive, it’s a chicken belly? Gui personally came to apologize to my junior. If I don’t obey you, I will have no respect? This hat is really big, and Shu Yaohua’s head is too small to wear.”

There was a trace of anger and anger flashed in the eyes of the fifth wife, but today it was her daughter who was in the wrong place, she had to hold back her anger, and was about to say a few more soft words to stabilize the scene, but Mother Gui said “Huh” over there. Pulling out the piece of cloth with the birth date written on the back of the puppet, it turned out to be horrified, and he subconsciously glanced at the old lady.

The old lady Ren noticed her movements and swept over the piece of cloth in her hand, her face changed a lot, she turned her head and pointed at Ren Yaoyu angrily and cursed: “Beast! Kneel down!”

Ren Yaoyu was sobbing. Seeing the old lady Ren suddenly furious, she knelt to the ground with a fright.

The fifth wife who was still talking with Ren Yaohua was taken aback for a moment, then turned around: “Mother…”

“Don’t call me mother! Look at what good stuff you have!” The old lady gasped for breath, picked up the puppet and threw it towards the fifth wife, which happened to fall on her face.

Mrs. 5 was taken aback, and then she felt a little humiliated, and her eyes immediately turned red.

This is the first time she has received such accusations from Mrs. Ren since she married to the Ren family.

When she was a girl at home, she was loved by the elders in the family, and she had never been aggrieved at all. After marrying to Ren’s family, the old lady Ren also treated her like a daughter, always supporting her between the concubines.

This time, she smashed her face in front of the eldest wife and so many juniors.

Mrs. Fifth was so wronged that her tears were like golden beans. She raised her sleeves and wiped her tears to express her dissatisfaction, but when her eyes were on the puppet on the ground, her body became stiff. Can’t tell.

Everyone in the room also saw clearly the puppet on the ground marked with the birth date, and the room was silent for a moment.

The birth date was written with a cinnabar pen, which was shocking, but it was not Ren Yaohua’s birth date.

Ren Yaohua was born on the sixth day of August in the Gengwu year. The time written on it was correct, but it was the Gengyin year.

Everyone in the Ren mansion knew that the reason why the old lady Ren looked at the third lady Ren Yaohua differently was not only because Ren Yaohua was like her when she was young, but also because Ren Yaohua’s birthday was on the same day and the same hour as her.

The birth date on the puppet used for cursing was obviously from the old lady Ren.

From start to finish, Ren Yaoqi saw that the surprises on the faces of the fifth wife, mother and daughter, and Ren Yaohua were not fake.

Now she finally understood why the fifth wife of the previous life would insist that Ren Yaohua framed Ren Yaoyu.

Judging by Ren Yaoyu’s performance, this puppet should indeed be made by her, but the birth date she wrote was Ren Yaohua’s, but in the end she somehow became Mrs. Ren’s.

In the end, Ren Yaoyu was disgusted by Mrs. Ren, and Ren Yaohua was re-qualified to live in Ronghua. Who else has more motivation to frame Ren Yaoyu than Ren Yaohua?

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