Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 14: Sister consultation

“This…this is not made by my Yu’er!” Mrs. Fifth opened her eyes and raised her head.

Mrs. Ren’s eyes were obviously disappointed: “Did she do it? She admits it, so what else do you defend for her?”

“Grandma, it’s really not me!” Ren Yaoyu’s face was full of tears, aggrieved.

The old lady Ren looked at her without looking at her, and sternly ordered to Mother Gui: “Send the eighth young lady to the ancestral hall. She is so innocent and vicious at such a young age, can this be done?”

Mrs. Five was so frightened that she immediately knelt down and begged: “Mother, it’s so cold, and there isn’t even a stove in the ancestral hall. What should I do if Yu’er is cold?”

“I let her think about it! I didn’t let her enjoy the blessing!” Old lady Ren was unmoved.

Mrs. Fifth wiped her tears: “Mother, last time Yuer was ill, my grandmother was worried that she could not eat and sleep. In the end, she personally sent a maid next to her to see her to see her. The elders are worried.”

The fifth wife’s grandmother is the old lady’s aunt, and every time the fifth wife moves out of this grandmother, it will play a role.

Sure enough, although old lady Ren still had a bad face, she frowned and said nothing.

Upon seeing this, Ren Yaohua sneered at the corner of his mouth, and was about to say a few words.

Ren Yaoqi, who was standing next to her, quickly pulled her clothes from behind.

Ren Yaohua turned his head in anger, and Ren Yaoqi winked at her asking her to stay calm.

Originally, Ren Yaohua didn’t want to talk to her, but saw the older lady suddenly speak softly: “Fifth younger siblings are not appropriate. Everybody knows that Mrs. Lin loves great-granddaughters, but our old lady has always been fond of younger generations. It’s a plus. Today’s punishment of Yu’er is just for the elder’s painstaking efforts towards the younger generation’s hope for success, not deliberate embarrassment.

Old lady Ren looked a little better: “The eldest wife still has a clear mind.”

The fifth wife glanced at the big wife. Even though Ren Jiaming was the big wife headed the house, with the love of the old lady, she also held several real powers in the house. The eldest wife is very temperamental, and she has always been able to let her go, and she has always played the role of rapport when she encounters anything.

It’s just that I don’t know why today and didn’t speak for her.

The fifth wife was thinking about it. The eldest wife walked quickly to her, and whispered: “The old lady is getting angry, so you should be soft. You have to wait until her elders are angry. Self-defeating?”

Although she said this in a low voice, she could be heard by the people around her. Not only did she persuade the fifth wife in public, she seemed to be biased towards her, but did not let the old lady be disgusted with her behavior.

Mrs. Fifth knew what she said was reasonable, and she reluctantly suppressed it, thinking about waiting for another idea.

Mother Gui asked the maid to help Ren Yaoyu, who was in tears, to go out.

Because the old lady was in a bad mood, everyone retired temporarily.

When Ren Yaoqi brought the maids back to Ziweiyuan, he saw Ren Yaohua standing under the eaves of the East Chamber, as if looking at her, and as if admiring the ice hook hanging upside down on the pomegranate tree in front of the door.

Ren Yaoqi stopped walking, did not go to the corridor connecting the West Chamber, but turned in the direction of the West Chamber.

When she was about to walk to Ren Yaohua’s side, Ren Yaohua cast her head and gave her a cold look: “Come in.” Then she turned and went to her room.

Ren Yaohua followed her in, and the two maids behind her looked at each other and wanted to follow, but it was Ren Yaohua’s maid Xiangqin who stopped them.

“Did our three young ladies let you in?” Xiangqin squinted at them with great momentum.

The maids in the crape myrtle courtyard were not aware of the three maids, and the two maids shrank their necks and dared not to stand under the corridor.

The layout of Ren Yaohua’s house is indistinguishable from Ren Yaoqi, but Ren Yaoqi rarely comes here, so it is still very strange.

Ren Yaohua walked straight to her inner room, sat on the kang, and did not entertain Ren Yaoqi, but looked at her with that kind of scrutiny gaze.

Ren Yaoqi didn’t care about her gaze, and sat on the other side of the Kang table by himself.

“Do you have someone in the outer courtyard?” Ren Yaoqi knew that Ren Yaohua was waiting for her to explain, but she didn’t talk about it straightforwardly. Instead, she asked an unrelated question first.

Ren Yaohua squinted slightly, her eyes sharp: “What do you mean?”

“If you don’t want others to bring this matter to you today, you can quickly send someone to check the Lu’an house that popped up suddenly, and the dog before.”

Ren Yaohua heard that there was something in Ren Yaoqi’s words, and her Meifeng frowned: “What does this matter have to do with me?”

“There is no relationship right now, but there may be a relationship soon. Some people don’t want to let go of this good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. On the puppet, the old lady’s character is not written by Ren Yaoyu at all.” Ren Yaoqi is not in a hurry. Speaking softly.

Ren Yaohua was startled when she heard the words. She was a smart person after all. After thinking about it, she felt that this matter was indeed a bit weird.

She knows Ren Yaoyu’s temperament, and it is possible to make a curse to disgust her, she really doesn’t have the courage to ask her to kill the old lady, although she often complains privately that the old lady is partial to her and Ren Yaoyin.

“The person Ren Yaoyu wanted to harm was me, but the birth date was changed into a grandmother?” Ren Yaohua concluded.

As expected, her sister was extremely smart, Ren Yaoqi smiled slightly.

“What if someone makes the old lady and the fifth wife misunderstand that you did this trick?”

Ren Yaohua’s pupils all night, turned his head and stared at Ren Yaoqi.

“With the temperament of the fifth wife, our Ziwei Academy is afraid that we won’t have a good life in the future.” Ren Yaoqi sighed.

The fifth wife, Lin, eats everything, but doesn’t suffer.

“Turnip!” Ren Yaohua called out to her maid.

A girl about Ren Yaohua’s age came in: “What’s your order, Miss?”

Ren Yaohua said, “Have you contacted Yinger and Zhuer?”

Ying’er and Zhu’er were originally the two big maids by their mothers. When Ren Yaohua and Li went to Zhuangzi, Aunt Fang thought to give them to the little servants in the outer courtyard.

Turnip nodded: “The slaves visited them the day before, and they knew that the lady and the lady were very happy to be back.”

Ren Yaohua nodded and was about to explain, but Ren Yaoqi suddenly interrupted: “There is no other person to use except them?”

Ren Yaohua frowned: “They have been in Ziweiyuan for many years and they are the confidants of their mothers.”

Ren Yaoqi did not refute, but said in a low voice: “Yes, everyone knows that they are from the Ziwei Academy, so it is not easy to use them casually. Let’s change another one, and be careful.”

Ren Yaohua looked at Ren Yaoqi for a while, and then said to Turnip: “Didn’t you recognize a godmother when you entered the mansion? I remember the last time you said she was working in the tea room of the outer courtyard?”

Turnip nodded hurriedly: “Yes, Miss, the year before her son was ill and asked me and Parsley to borrow some silver from her. In the end, it was Mother Zhou who asked her husband to collect the silver.”

“You go to her to inquire about something.” Ren Yaohua exhorted Turnip a few words carefully.

Ren Yaoqi waited for her to finish, then added a few more words, and finally said: “Before noon, I want to know the news, go.”

After taking the turnips down one by one, they hurried away.

Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua had nothing else to discuss, so they went to Li’s place together.

Seeing the two of them coming together, Li and Mother Zhou were very happy. They didn’t say much, and only said something with Li without a word.

Turnip came back before lunch at the Ziwei Courtyard, and Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua called her to Dongshaojian for questioning.

“Miss, that Lu’an’s was originally responsible for the tea in the Outer Court’s Department of Affairs. The servant godmother happened to recognize her. I really made Miss Wu guess right. She really has something to do with our Ziweiyuan. And it’s not just that. She, even the owner of that great wolf dog has something to do with us!”

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