Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 15: layout

Turnip’s words made Ren Yaohua’s face slightly cold.

“Who is it?”

“The Lu’an family came up from Zhuangzi not long ago. She and Mrs. Xu, who is on duty at the concierge of the outer courtyard, are concubines.”

“Mr. Xu in the concierge?” Ren Yaohua was taken aback, and said in amazement, “Ying’er’s mother-in-law?”

Turnip nodded: “It’s her. The dog that Lu’an’s brought in today was borrowed from Granny Xu.”

When Ren Yaohua heard the words, the expression on her face was unpredictable. Suddenly she turned her head and stared at Ren Yaoqi: “It really made you guess right! In this way, it would be hard for the fifth aunt to doubt me.”

“The fifth aunt of this relationship can also be found soon.” Ren Yaoqi smiled and looked at Ren Yaohua.

Ren Yaohua narrowed her eyes and took a few steps in the room.

“How is Ying’er’s relationship with her mother-in-law?” Ren Yaoqi was not as anxious as Ren Yaohua, but inquired about irrelevant things.

Turnip hurriedly said, “Sister Zhu’er said that Sister Ying’er was lucky that day, her in-laws valued her very much, and her men are also honest. Sister Ying’er is always the best at home.”

“Say no two?” Ren Yaoqi raised his eyebrows slightly, chewing these words carefully.

“Heh!” Ren Yaohua sneered, “It’s a good one!”

Ren Yaoqi glanced at Ren Yaohua and smiled: “If it weren’t the case, how would this spoil be planted on you? You must have secretly instructed your former maid to mobilize her family to give you a helping hand.”

“What’s going on now? I can’t just let the **** succeed and hide in the dark to make a profit?” Ren Yaohua gritted his teeth.

“A way… of course there is.” Ren Yaoqi thought for a while and said slowly.

Ren Yaohua glared over.

After Ren Yaoqi came out of the main house, he called Mother Zhu.

When Li and Ren Yaohua went to Zhuangzi, the biggest maid in the crape myrtle courtyard was Madam Zhu, which made her really beautiful for a while.

But since Ren Yaohua came back, she couldn’t get in any of the things in the Ziwei courtyard. Therefore, these few days, Mother Zhu’s life is extremely difficult, she even thought about going to Aunt Fang.

It’s just that Aunt Fang hasn’t seen anyone in the past few days.

“Why are Mother listless?” Ren Yaoqi looked at Mother Zhu a few times and frowned.

Mother Zhu looked around, and leaned to Ren Yaoqi’s side, tearing her nose and tears: “Oh! Miss, you don’t know! The days of slaves and maids have not been easy these few days! The three young ladies don’t like you. , How can you have a good face when treating us who are finally your minions? Just say yesterday, Guan Shixin moved a few plum bottles out of the warehouse, and the servants looked at one of the azure and misty ones that you once wanted to show. In the hall, the plum branches were used in winter. But the steward said that the plum bottle was found for Miss San. The servant girl begged a few times, but was finally humiliated by the tricky maids around Miss San. ! This old face of the servant girl…”

Ren Yaoqi was furious: “It makes no sense! Ren Yaohua really deceived people too much!”

Mother Zhu took a peek at Ren Yaoqi, and she was relieved to see that she was really angry.

She heard from the maid in the yard that the relationship between Miss No. 3 and Miss No. 5 is not as tense as before. But she knew Ren Yaoqi’s temper the best, especially when she was still slapped by Ren Yaohua, it was impossible to swallow this breath.

“Isn’t it! Miss, you are also a direct daughter of the wife, but you are not as good as a concubine in the third Miss!”

Ren Yaoqi thought for a while and suddenly smiled.

Mother Zhu was taken aback, somewhat inexplicably: “Miss?”

Ren Yaoqi beckoned to Mother Zhu, and Mother Zhu moved her ear closer.

“Mother, don’t worry, I’ll help you out! Originally I wanted to see my mother’s face and tolerate her. I didn’t want Ren Yaohua to come back for a few days and she was so arrogant. If I want to scold me, I don’t want to bear her anymore. I must get her to Zhuangzi again in order to relieve my hatred!”

Mother Zhu was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Miss, do you have a way?” No wonder there has been no trouble in the past few days. It turns out that Miss Wu is looking for an opportunity.

Ren Yaoqi nodded: “This is natural. I discovered Ren Yaohua’s secret today!”

“What’s the secret?” Mother Zhu was taken aback.

Ren Yaohua smiled, “Do you know what happened in my grandmother’s yard today? The eighth sister was forbidden.”

Mother Zhu thought for a while, and said carefully: “I heard that the two maids around Miss Eight brought the dirty things into the inner courtyard?”

“In fact, it’s not about the eighth sister at all, it’s Ren Yaohua behind the scenes!” Ren Yaoqi insisted.

Mother Zhu’s eyes rolled: “Miss is serious about this?”

Ren Yaoqi gave Aunt Zhu a slanted look: “Naturally, it is true. I heard that this morning that the eighth sister’s wife is Ren Yaohua. As long as I go to tell the fifth aunt, you guess the fifth aunt will forgive me. Was it her? She did this kind of framing of a sister when she came back, and her grandmother will definitely send her to Zhuangzi again! This time she wants to go back to the house, it’s not that simple.”

Mother Zhu pondered for a while, thinking that Mrs. Yiwu’s temperament would not make Ren Yaohua feel better.

“Miss is right, after taking away Miss Fifth, you are still the biggest in this yard!”

So Ren Yaoqi took Mother Zhu to the fifth wife’s yard.

The fifth wife had just returned from the ancestral hall after watching Ren Yaoyu secretly, and she was worried about how to get her daughter out. Hearing the news that Ren Yaoqi came over, it was a bit strange.

After Ren Yaoqi finished the ceremony, the fifth wife was too lazy to greet her, and said directly: “You are a rare visitor.”

Knowing that the five wives didn’t like them, Ren Yaoqi repeated what he had said to Mother Zhu in a straightforward manner.

Sure enough, after the fifth wife was stunned, she gritted her teeth bitterly: “Ren Yaohua! How dare she!”

Ren Yaoqi and the fifth wife share the same hatred: “Why didn’t she dare? You don’t know, since she came back, I was bullied by her! She slapped me for no reason, and called me over again today. A tough lesson! I Ren Yaoqi is at odds with her!”

Mrs. Fifth saw that she was more excited than herself, but calmed down. She glanced at her and said, “But, why did Ren Yaohua do this?”

“Naturally to drive the eighth sister out of the Ronghua Academy, she lives in by herself!”

Mrs. Five frowned, touched the teacup and groaned for a moment: “Where did you know this?”

Ren Yaoqi seemed to hesitate when he heard the words, and quietly glanced at Mother Zhu. Mother Zhu blinked at her encouragingly, and Ren Yaoqi coughed lightly: “Oh, this…this is myself I heard it from Ren Yaohua’s maid.”

The interaction between their master and servant seemed to the fifth wife, but she had other ideas.

The fifth wife thought, could it be that Ren Yaoqi’s words were actually heard from Mother Zhu?

“Is this Mother Zhu next to you?” The fifth wife’s gaze turned a few times around Mother Zhu.

Mother Zhu hurriedly bowed her head and made a respectful gesture.

Ren Yaoqi nodded, a little heartless: “Aunt Fifth, if she has anything to say, she is my confidant and she helps me a lot on weekdays.”

The fifth wife smiled when she heard the words, bowed her head and took a sip of tea without comment.

Ren Yaoqi didn’t know who this Mother Zhu was from, but she did.

“Aunt Fifth? When are you going to expose Ren Yaohua in front of your grandmother?” Ren Yaoqi said eagerly.

“Oh, this… don’t worry, I have to check it out.” The fifth wife said perfunctorily.

Ren Yaoqi glanced at Mother Zhu again, and then said, “Yes, it’s a big deal. I really have to check it out by myself. This Lu’an family is Yinger’s aunt, and Yinger is my mother People who used to listen to Ren Yaohua’s words when they were in Ziweiyuan, you can find out this matter by just inquiring!”

Mrs. Fifth heard a little carelessly, but she asked about other things: “I haven’t seen your aunt for a long time. What is she up to lately?”

Ren Yaoqi said: “Auntie, she has been ill these few days and has not been out yet.”

Mrs. Fifth smiled, somewhat meaningfully: “Oh…I’m sick again? It looks like her temperament.”

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