Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 16: Aunt

The fifth wife Lin and Aunt Fang had known each other since they were young, and in name they were cousins.

It’s just that Lin, as the main room, is self-reliant on his identity, and has always disdain to interact with Aunt Fang and others.

Ren Yaoqi stayed here with Lin for a while, and what he said was nothing but a hint that Ren Yaohua was behind the frame of Ren Yaoyu.

After Ren Yaoqi left, Lin invited his confidant grandmother to investigate the matter in the outer courtyard.

The grandmother Sun was also a face-to-face grandmother in Ren’s family, and she soon became clear about this relationship.

“Madam, these three young ladies are too vicious, and they have resorted to such methods!” Grandma Sun said angrily.

Lin was tapping Xiaoji for a long time: “I see it’s not as simple as the surface.”

“What does the madam mean?”

Lin said slowly: “My grandmother once said that it was not a business that was catching up. The news that people want you to know is mostly not the truth. Today, Mother Zhu will not encourage the five girls to come this time. It’s not necessarily true if you believe it.”

Grandma Sun was taken aback: “My wife meant that someone deliberately provoke your relationship with that side?”

Lin’s skin smiled and didn’t smile: “Is it deliberately instigating or wanting to take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, we might as well wait and see. With that woman’s scheming, there will definitely be a later move after a shot.”

Grandma Sun pondered for a while, and she suddenly said, “The wife said Fang…”

Lin carelessly fiddled with the incense ash in the bronze three-legged Sanskrit incense burner with a copper drill: “When I was a girl, I hated her attitude the most. It was obviously the fate of the concubine, but Pu’er was showing off. It’s bigger than anyone else. It just happens to like to play yin. Look at my cousin aunt, she is also amazing, isn’t she? A house of concubine and concubine, which one was not cleaned up by her and bowed his head to her and didn’t even fart. Dare to put one? It happened that both of their siblings have done well, and now her brother has achieved the seventh-grade magistrate.”

Grandma Sun smiled and said: “The slave and maid felt that this aunt was a kind and gentle person. It is said that the young master of the Fang family also lost her upper and lower management to get this job. Change to be the mistress of another family. , It’s not bad if you don’t change the pressure.”

Lin gave her grandmother grandmother a smile: “You really can’t be a vegetarian when you be my cousin? Although she herself only gave birth to a silly son, but she has five or six concubines. Why did you choose to be alone when you were she? Auntie’s brother is easy to cultivate?”

“Why is this?”

Lin curled his lips, extremely disdainful: “Isn’t it because Fang Yaru ran to his aunt to show his heart, and rushed to Ren’s family to be a concubine? You know that being a concubine is tantamount to handing over your wealth and life to others. The old lady and Fang Yaru’s aunts are sisters of the aunts. She did this to tell the aunts that she would never be able to run out of her palms in her entire life. She said that she was in the arms of her aunts, and her brothers were among the many aunts in Fang’s family. Stand out from the crowd.”

“Speaking of which, this auntie Fang is very good to her brother, and she is willing to sacrifice for her brother’s future.”

Lin heard the words and shook the brazier in his hand: “You, you don’t know her. My cousin has six concubines, but they are all married. Only one is married. My son, that man is still a stubborn ghost! She alone, because she came to Ren’s house to be a concubine, the cousin gave her more than ten times more dowry due to affection than other concubines. And our old ladies also watched. Treat her cousin differently in the face of her. Her brother has inherited her love and is now the biggest backing for her in the Ren family. Look at her calculations, can you calculate that she is so good?”

Maternal Sun sighed and shook her head: “The slave can’t, the slave is a slave.”

Lin sneered: “She is a disregard of fate. Not only disagreed, she also likes to earn and rob, but she wants to pick herself clean. To put it in a rough way, she has to be a **** and set up an archway! “

“Then, let’s take a look at this matter first?” Grandma Sun hesitated.

Lin frowned, her worries in her eyes: “I’ve made arrangements for Yu’er, but I don’t know when the old lady will die.”

Speaking of this, Lin’s complexion was ruthless, “My mother repeatedly told me not to confront her easily, saying that she was too deep in her thoughts, and she was afraid that I would suffer. But if she really dared to hit my daughter with her idea, I must Make her look good! Keep staring at the outer courtyard. If there is anything wrong, report it to me immediately.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

In the afternoon, Xi’er came over and told Ren Yaoqi that the arrangements had been made according to her instructions.

Ren Yaoqi had already sent Xi’er back to serve Li earlier this morning, and she came here to preach for Ren Yaohua.

While talking, Xi’er did not forget to look at Ren Yaoqi curiously, but her expressions were truly joyful.

The people around Li are not upset about the current harmony between the two sisters.

In the evening, when everyone went to the Ronghuayuan to be unconscious, the old lady Ren said in public that Ren Yaohua should move to the Ronghuayuan.

The fifth wife Lin, who begged for her daughter and was ignored by the old lady, glanced at Ren Yaohua, and her doubts about her became a little vacillating.

She asked Ren Yaoyu, that the puppet and even the birth date were from her hands, and only one word was changed by someone, so she couldn’t justify her daughter.

Originally, she suspected that Aunt Fang wanted to use her hand to remove Ren Yaohua, but it would not be impossible for Ren Yaohua to cause Ren Yaoyu to make land for herself.

Everyone knows that the reason why Ren Yaohua walked sideways in Ren’s family relied on Mrs. Ren’s love. This time she walked for a year, just when she needed to make up for the love between her grandparents and grandchildren.

Ren Yaohua over there happily responded.

Lin was unhappy, thinking about whether to drag Ren Yaohua into the water first, but Ren Yaoqi next to her quietly took a half step towards her, and a little anxiously winked at her to make her stand out.

Lin changed his mind to think about it, he really didn’t want to be a gunman for Aunt Fang, so he simply turned his head and pretended not to see it.

Early in the morning of the second day, Ren Yaohua’s maidservants began to gather clothes and utensils in the Ronghua Courtyard with great fanfare. That posture seemed to be afraid that the people in the mansion didn’t know that Miss Ren’s third lady had regained the favor of the old lady.

In the morning, the concierge of the outer courtyard reported that Aunt Xiao was here.

“Aunt” is regarded as a kind of honorific name, it refers to the kind of women who have a high reputation in a specific circle and have one or another ability. Such women are often either unmarried after the age of marriageable age or widowed. They often haunt the inner courtyards of wealthy families and are regarded as guests.

Every family dare not offend such a person easily. Not only because they are highly skilled and popular, but also because as long as she says something bad about you, the streets and alleys will know it the next day.

Just like the midwives and matchmakers who often divide their own territory, “aunts” also have their own “territories.” Aunt Xiao is known to everyone in Baihe Town. Of course, such famous aunts only haunt the rich and wealthy, and ordinary people do not come to their homes.

“Why did Auntie come here today?” After she took her seat, the old lady greeted with a smile on her face in a very polite and warm manner.

Aunt Xiao is also a frequent visitor to the Ren family. She is just over 30 years old, with a delicate face, simple and neat clothes, and no accessories on her body. At first glance, she is a very upright and decent person.

“Today is here to send next year’s emperor’s calendar to the mansion.” Aunt Xiao had a decent smile on her face, speaking at a moderate speed. It does not make people feel that her attitude is high, and it does not make people feel humbly. It is very easy to win the favor of the superior.

Old lady Ren smiled and patted her forehead lightly: “Look at my memory! Forget about it.”

“It’s not that the old lady has a bad memory, it’s that this year’s emperor’s calendar was printed half a month earlier than in previous years.” Aunt Xiao motioned to the woman who followed her to present an exquisite red lacquered wooden box.

The old lady asked Mother Gui to take it forward: “I remember what you said like this. In previous years, you only delivered it in early October. Why is it so early this year?”

Aunt Xiao said: “In previous years, the emperor’s calendar was issued by the Qin Tianjian and printed by our Yanbei bookstores, but this year is a bit special. It passed the eyes of the Yanbei Palace.”

The old lady was taken aback when he heard the words, and smiled: “I only heard that the imperial calendar was issued by the imperial court, but there is no…” At this point, the old lady realized that this was not true, and smiled and picked up her teacup. tea.

Aunt Xiao pretended that she hadn’t heard Mrs. Ren’s gaffe, and only said: “Last year, Yanbei’s emperor’s calendar was wrong in several places, which resulted in several bookstores being copied.

No one knows this matter in Yanbei.

“After what happened last year, who else would dare to touch this this year?” Old lady Ren said strangely.

The emperor has always been printed by the bookstores of various states and counties after the imperial court’s Qin Tianjian issued it, and there is generally nothing wrong. Last year, for some unknown reason, Yanbei’s almanac was wrong in many ways compared with the one issued by the Qin Tianjian. In the end, he was sued to the court and many people lost their lives. Others impeached the Yanbei Palace to condone this move, in order to change the dynasty.

“I heard that the bookkeepers in the Yanbei Palace have checked it no less than ten times this year, so there can be no mistake.” Aunt Xiao said with a smile, “and this time the almanacs of the Yanbei prefectures were all printed by the Han family. “

“The Han family?” Old lady Ren thought for a while, “but the Han family that moved from Jizhou to our Baihe Town last year?”

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