Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 17: Win or lose

“Exactly.” Aunt Xiao nodded in response.

Mrs. Ren was a little surprised: “When they first moved here last year, our old man also condemned the housekeeper for sending some congratulatory rituals, and the Han family also sent back gifts. It’s just that the female relatives in their house rarely go out, so we two Although the mansion has some courtesy and reciprocity, I have never met the Han family. Why is the Han family still related to the Yanbei Palace?”

Aunt Xiao thought for a while and shook her head: “I haven’t heard of this. I have been to the Han family twice, and I have met the old lady and wife of the Han family. The old lady is kind, and Mrs. Han is also very capable.”

“I heard that the old Han who is now in charge of the Han family hired a patriarch?”

Old lady Ren was also really curious about the Han family. It stands to reason that the son-in-law has always been looked down upon, and he has no place in his wife’s family. However, this old lady of the Han family took over the Han family after the death of the former head of the Han family. He is not the patriarch but is better than the patriarch.

There are many rumors about the Han family in Baihe Town. Some people say that the Han family was originally a rich family in Jizhou, but it was just a little asset. It was the current old man Han who had a unique vision and persuaded his father-in-law to sell a few fields to start a business, and he made a lot of money.

It’s a pity that the Han family has always been low-key. The men go out for business and the women stay closed, and they have little contact with people in the town.

Aunt Xiao was about to answer, Ren Yaohua walked out with the curtain in the east.

“Grandma, I’ll take care of everything…Huh? Do you have a guest?” Ren Yaohua has been favored since childhood at the old lady Ren, and she is more casual than other granddaughters when she speaks. It was only halfway through that she saw Aunt Xiao being there.

Old lady Ren glared at her and said to Aunt Xiao: “This girl is spoiled by me. There are no rules. Auntie don’t be surprised.”

Aunt Xiao said hurriedly: “The girls of the Ren family are either gentle and friendly or lively and lovely. Everyone knows this.”

Ren Yaohua came up to Aunt Xiao with a smile, and then said to the old lady Ren: “Grandma, I have to go back to the Ziwei Academy again, so I won’t disturb you in hospitality.”

Mrs. Ren nodded: “You can eat lunch over there at night. I’m going to be vegetarian with Aunt Xiao today.”

Ren Yaohua responded and turned and went out.

Aunt Xiao smiled and watched Ren Yaohua leave: “This is the third lady in the mansion, right? I haven’t seen you for a while, and I’m getting better and better.”

The old lady Ren laughed and said: “You are too off-tempered, just a skin monkey.”

“I see it as a well-measured person.” Aunt Xiao said, suddenly stretched out her right hand to pinch, frowning slightly, and then retracted her hand, calmly took a sip of the tea on hand.

Old lady Ren saw her movements in her eyes.

Old Mrs. Ren knew that Aunt Xiao could read Feng Shui and fortune-telling, and she was very accurate, so she couldn’t help but hurriedly asked: “Was Auntie just there?”

Seeing Mrs. Ren’s question, Aunt Xiao hesitated for a moment, and then said: “I remember that the third lady of Fu Shang was born in the year of Geng Wu?”

“Auntie has a good memory. Hua’er was born in August in the year of Gengwu, twelve this year.” Old lady Ren nodded.

Aunt Xiao thought about it for a while, and said in deep thought, “Why not this year happens to be your birth year?”

Old lady Ren frowned: “But what’s wrong? I remember aunt, you once said that Hua’er’s fate is extremely suitable for mine.”

Aunt Xiao shook his head: “It was not wrong to be like this. Grandpa Ren was born in the year of Bingxu. You were born in the year of Geng Yin. Bing Geng was originally against each other, but the third lady was a tiger. Because Yin Wuxu would become a fire situation, which coincided with this Ren family house. The gossip fortune of this is a good luck. But this year, the third lady is in her birth year. If you commit a Tai Sui, this good omen will become a bad omen.”

The old lady Ren was anxious when she heard the words: “Then how can we break this game? Auntie please give me some advice. I must thank you again.”

Aunt Xiao said hurriedly: “The old lady is too serious. I don’t take care of the mansion on weekdays. These are all things that should be done. You shouldn’t be thankful. It’s not difficult to break this situation. Let the third lady not move this year. When you come to Ronghua Academy, you can find another underage girl who was born at the moment.”

“Born in Zishi?” Old lady Ren frowned and thought.

“Old lady, Miss Nine was born at Shizheng.” Mother Gui was born reminded.

“But the ninth lady who twins with the sixth young master?” Aunt Xiao asked.

“Auntie has a good memory, it’s her.” Old lady Ren nodded.

Aunt Xiao said, forget it, and smiled slightly: “Then there is nothing wrong, Miss Nine’s life style is also very good. She is also the five elements of wood, this Ronghua Yuan is just in the position, away from fire, wood can flourish… …Just right.”

Mrs. Ren breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good. It’s just that if Hua’er has passed the year of her life…”

Aunt Xiao hurriedly said, “When the third lady passes her birth year, naturally everything will be fine.”

Mrs. Ren thought for a while, then turned her head and told Mother Gui: “If you go to the Ziweiyuan, just tell Huaer not to move in for the time being. I’ll talk about it this year. In addition, I will go to Fangfeiyuan and talk to Aunt Fang. With a bang, let her help Ying’er clean up, and then she will live in the warm house inside.”

Mother Gui bowed her head in response, turned and went out.

Ren Yaoqi and Ren Yaohua were talking to Li in the main room of Ziweiyuan when they got the news. Ren Yaohua’s face suddenly sank, and the people in the room didn’t dare to say anything when they saw it, and the atmosphere was choked.

Grandma Gui took the old lady Ren’s meaning behind her, and gently backed out.

Ren Yaohua suddenly got up from the chair.

Li hurriedly persuaded: “Hua’er, your grandmother told you to move in next year, so you shouldn’t betray her. Your grandmother has always believed in this feng shui fate.”

However, Ren Yaohua looked at Ren Yaoqi and said with a cold face: “You come with me.” He said and went out.

Li yelled at her anxiously: “Hua’er, what does this matter have to do with your sister, don’t let your anger be on her.”

Ren Yaoqi smiled and shook Li’s hand: “Mother, don’t worry. Third Sister, she has other things to tell me, not to let me get angry.”

Li’s disbelief, Ren Yaoqi said to Mother Zhou who was on the side: “Mother Zhou will come with me, so my mother can rest assured?”

Mother Zhou nodded to Li, and Li released Ren Yaoqi’s hand, still a little worried: “If your sister bullies you, you…you just run.”

Ren Yaoqi couldn’t help but smiled, got up and blinked, and said naughty: “Don’t worry, mother, I run fast, the third sister can’t catch up with me.”

Ren Yaoqi and Mother Zhou followed Ren Yaohua to the Dong Cijian.

“This is the original purpose of that bitch? Let Ren Yaoying live in Ronghua Academy?” Ren Yaohua stared at Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi sat down on the other side of the kang table in the aisle and said quietly: “She sets up this game, which can make you and the fifth aunt mother and daughter enmity, but also make the ninth sister raise your value.”

“Now that Miss Fifth has done so, not only has the Third Miss cleared it away, but also made Auntie Fang meet her with the Fifth Lady.” Mother Zhou was overjoyed.

Mrs. Fifth has always been a retribution, if she hates someone, she will definitely be endlessly dying.

“It’s just that, how did Miss Wu know that Aunt Xiao would agree to help? And when you asked me to send someone over, you told me not to reveal her identity. You must know that Aunt Xiao has always had an excellent reputation, and she would never do anything that she said. “Mother Zhou asked in confusion.

In fact, in the previous life, Ren Yaoying was able to move into the Ronghua Yuan because of Aunt Xiao’s visit to Ren’s family.

It’s just that Aunt Xiao appeared in the last life after Ren Yaohua was exposed by the fifth wife and moved out of Ronghua Yuan. At that time the fifth wife had already pinched Ren Yaohua.

Ren Yaoqi guessed that Aunt Fang and Aunt Xiao might have reached a tacit understanding long ago. So she asked Mother Zhou to send someone to let Aunt Xiao enter the mansion ahead of time in the name of Aunt Fang, so that Aunt Fang would not want to stay out of the matter.

Aunt Fang didn’t know if it was because of her prudent temperament or some consideration, Aunt Xiao didn’t personally contact the maid who was close to her in person, and this gave Ren Yaoqi a chance.

After receiving the news, Aunt Xiao appeared immediately, and she really compiled a set of rhetoric according to her instructions.

But he couldn’t say this, so Ren Yaoqi only accidentally heard the conversation between Aunt Fang and the maid, and guessed something.

Ren Yaohua’s face was still not good: “What about Ren Yaoying? Is it so cheap for her?”

If Ren Yaoying is raised under her grandmother’s knees, she will increase her worth a lot when negotiating marriage. This is also a good calculation for Aunt Fang.

Ren Yaoqi smiled: “Standing high is indeed farther, but it is bound to become a target for others.”

Ren Yaohua thought for a while, and couldn’t help but sneered: “With Ren Yaoying’s temperament, I am afraid that the higher you are, the heavier you will fall. Aunt Fang has been so smart for a lifetime, but she has given birth to such a product, but she is still there for trying her best.”

Ren Yaoqi’s eyes flashed when he heard the words, and he smiled suddenly: “Wait, maybe you will see something interesting.”

Ren Yaohua frowned: “What do you mean?”

Ren Yaoqi smiled, did not answer, only turned around and told Mother Zhou: “The things moved in this morning, let people move back later.”

Mother Zhou bowed her head and responded, after thinking about it, she was a little worried: “But now that Miss Fifth is away from the old lady, will she have a chance in the future?”

Ren Yaohua glanced at Ren Yaoqi.

Ren Yaoqi knew what Ren Yaohua meant by this look, and couldn’t help but smile.

Presumably Ren Yaohua still thinks she can’t see her. Both deal with Aunt Fang, and don’t want her to take advantage.

Thinking of the things in the previous life, Ren Yaoqi suddenly couldn’t help but asked in a low voice: “Do you really believe that as long as grandmother’s favor, she can consider everything for you?”

Ren Yaohua sneered and looked at Ren Yaoqi: “What do you want to say?”

Ren Yaoqi sighed in his heart, stood up and walked outside, and said softly without looking back when he lifted the curtain: “I just feel that it is better to beg for yourself. Put all your hopes on others, and finally said It may only be despair.”

Ren Yaohua was taken aback for a moment, looking at the cotton curtain that had been put down, pursing her lips in silence.

Aunt Fang, who was originally “ill in bed”, was shocked and suddenly sat up from the bed when she heard the message from Mother Gui: “What? You said Aunt Xiao is here? The old lady asked Ying’er to move to Ronghua Hospital today? “

Madam Gui smiled and said, “That’s the case. Congratulations to the maidservant aunt and Miss Nine.”

Aunt Fang didn’t look happy, she said blankly: “Why is she here today? I obviously…”

Madam Gui was a little puzzled when she saw this: “Isn’t this a good thing? Auntie made such a round, isn’t it just for Miss Jiu to get ahead?”

Aunt Fang smiled bitterly: “Yes, but the timing is wrong…”

When Mrs. Five received the news, she shivered with anger: “Fang Yaru! Hello! You are so kind!”


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