Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 18: Home

Since the birth of Mrs. Fifth, it has always been smooth. Now that a concubine she had never taken a close eye on put one on her face, how could she swallow this breath?

When even angrily ran to the Ronghua Yuan to find the old lady Ren to complain. At that time, the old lady Ren was having lunch with Aunt Xiao.

The fifth wife didn’t care so much, she started crying when she broke in, and accused Aunt Fang of hiding her evil intentions and designed Ren Yaoyu to get her daughter out. Finally, Aunt Xiao, who was sitting aside, also scolded him.

Mrs. Ren immediately sank her face: “Presumptuous! Who allows you to sprinkle everywhere? Ren’s face is lost to you! Go back to me!”

Lin had never seen the old lady Ren who was so harsh to her, she started crying after a daze.

At this time, the wife rushed over when she got the news, and pulled Lin aside to comfort her.

Aunt Xiao looked embarrassed and stood up to leave. The old lady was very annoyed by Lin’s ignorance. She embarrassed her in front of outsiders. After saying a few scenes to save Aunt Xiao, she winked at Mother Gui. Mother sent Aunt Xiao out.

Madam Gui understood what the old lady meant, and whispered to the maid Jin Lian to get the silver, and then accompanied the smiling face to send Aunt Xiao out.

As soon as people left, the old lady Ren had a seizure: “I usually let you go too far to make you so disproportionate! From today on, you will go to the ancestral hall for me to think behind closed doors with Yuer! When will I figure it out? , When will you come out!”

The fifth wife was wronged. The reason why she was so presumptuous in front of Mrs. Ren was because Mrs. Ren treated her like her daughters. Occasionally, she was wayward for so many times, and Mrs. Ren would still help her with her sisters and juniors Cover up in front of us.

Her mother, Mrs. Lin Da, had reminded her many times that she had a dim look, no matter how good her mother-in-law was, she couldn’t be a mother-in-law, and asked her to act cautiously at her in-law’s house, which she always disagrees.

“Mother, if it wasn’t for Fang Yaru’s **** who designed my Yuer, why would I be anxious?” The fifth wife said softly, crying.

The old lady Ren was so angry that he slapped the table and said: “What bitch? Even if she didn’t marry my Ren’s family, she is still your cousin! You said Fang set up Yu’er, but there is evidence or material evidence? Yu’er is already herself. Acknowledged that the doll was made by her!”

The fifth wife is speechless, she really can’t produce evidence.

But she has been dealing with Fang Yaru for more than 20 years, and she knows Fang Yaru’s personality better than her elders. If Fang Yaru didn’t mix things up this time, she wouldn’t believe it.

Why is it that others are unlucky and she has benefited? This kind of bridge has been repeated countless times in Fang Yaru’s life, and she has risen to the top by constantly stepping on others.

“Let someone take the table down, I won’t eat!” Seeing that she didn’t speak, the old lady believed that she was a mess, very angry.

Seeing that the vegetarian dishes on the table had not been moved, the old lady accompanied him and gave a few words of caution.

But the fifth wife over there was unwilling to say: “Mother, I have no complaint if you sent me to the ancestral hall. But Yuer is weak, can you let her come back first? As for the evidence you said, I… I can’t get it yet. Come out, but I’ll let someone go to my mother’s house to send a powerful woman over. I don’t believe if anyone has moved the puppet, I can’t find out!”

The old lady Ren’s forehead bounced with blue veins: “The eldest daughter-in-law! Put her in the ancestral hall! If anyone dares to leave the house without my permission, if he finds out, he will be beaten to death with a stick!”


The eldest wife hurriedly stepped forward to hold Lin’s family, and whispered: “Fifth siblings, why are you so confused? Although you used to be the Lin family’s daughter, you are now the housewife of Ren. There is a sense of family ugliness. How can you let your natal family intervene? Isn’t this telling your natal family that you were wronged at your in-laws’ family?”

The elder lady took a look at the old lady, and said: “Furthermore, the elders of your natal family are naturally wonderful, but… those women are not necessarily all good. You still remember the people around you before. Is that Mother Chen?”

Lin was taken aback, his face turned white as if thinking of something.

As the most favored daughter of the Lin family, how could Lin have fewer dowry wives and maids when she gets married? This grandma Chen was picked out by her mother who had so many choices.

Grandma Chen is also really capable, and all the things she knows about Aunt Fang were heard from Grandma Chen.

But a few years ago, this mother Chen was found a thief, and she quietly let a man into the inner courtyard to steal|huan. This incident almost hurt her and her reputation, and in the end it was the old lady who used iron and blood to help her in the aftermath. It was also because of that time, the women and maids around her were either dead or sold.

The Lin family also didn’t dare to send someone over again because of this matter.

Fortunately, the old lady Ren loved her very much, and she hadn’t suffered any loss in the Ren family, so the Lin family was relieved.

Now that the elder wife brought up this matter, the Lin family was naturally uncomfortable, and he didn’t dare to say that he would go back to her family’s house to rescue soldiers.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you hear what I said?” Old lady Ren drove away with a cold face.

“Yes, mother. I will take the fifth younger siblings out now.” The old lady said respectfully, and then pulled the aggrieved fifth wife out.

Just then, Mother Gui ran back in a hurry, and said with joy: “Old lady, the third and fifth masters are back! The carriage has arrived at the door!”

Mrs. Ren looked a lot better: “The third child is back to the fifth child? Didn’t it mean that the road was blocked by the heavy snow and it would be delayed for a few days?”

The Zhou dynasty couldn’t help people from merchants participating in the imperial examination. It’s a pity that I couldn’t get it right after repeated attempts, and in the end it was just a talent.

Fortunately, in his generation, the Ren family is not short of money. The old man made a lot of money to get his younger brother to get an official position. Although there is no serious errand, he has also become a member of a large chamber of commerce in Beijing. President.

Ren Shiyuan, the eldest son of the second house grandfather, ranked second in the Ren family and stayed in Baihe Town to serve his mother. The fourth-ranked youngest son, Ren Shiyuan, was in Beijing with the second grandfather. He was married to a fifth-tier Beijing official’s daughter. With the help of the Yue family, he got an errand purchased by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The fifth master of Dafang, Ren Shimao, spends several months in the capital with his uncle every year, learning some official social interactions.

The third master Ren Shimin is considered to be an unusual number in the Ren family. He does not like to be an official or an official, but he is only interested in such elegant things as poems, paintings, piano, and swords. He went to Beijing this time to participate in the five-year painting conference in the capital, and has been away from home for half a year.

Today the two brothers returned together.

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