Scheme of the Official Descendant

Chapter 19: Daddy

Mrs. Fifth stopped immediately, the color of surprise in her eyes instantly filled her with vitality, and the grievances and grievances she had had before disappeared immediately.

“Sister-in-law, see if my eyes are swollen?” Lin asked her a little shyly, pulling her elder wife’s sleeve.

The eldest lady hadn’t spoken yet, but the maids in the old lady’s room covered their mouths and laughed, and the tension and depressive atmosphere just disappeared.

The old lady looked over: “Why are you still here?”

Lin looked at the old lady imploringly: “Mother, Shi Mao is back, I…”

Everyone in Renfu knew that the fifth wife and the fifth master had a small friendship. Although the young couple had quarrels at the head of the bed after they got married. As long as the fifth master is at home, the two are as good as one person.

Mrs. Ren loves the youngest son, and the wife is also a maiden, so she turns one eye and closes another.

But this time, Lin clearly offended the old lady severely, and the old lady scolded with a stern face: “You are the wind in my ears?”

The elder lady pulled the overjoyed fifth wife in a low voice: “Fifth siblings, your eyes are swollen like peaches, and your makeup is spent…”

Lin stretched out his hand and touched his face, anxious: “Mother, then I will go back and wash my face first.” As he said that, he ran out in a hurry. I simply forgot what the old lady asked her to think about in the shrine.

The old lady Ren became angry again, and pointed to her back and said to the big lady: “Look at her, look at her, where is the slightest rule? Lawlessness!”

The eldest lady lowered her head and smiled, and the commander’s maidservants stepped forward to withdraw the table, and said gently: “Fifth younger siblings know that you have always loved her. This is the only way to be close to you.”

The old lady snorted coldly, “I don’t even care about me now even if I let her lose her footing!”

As soon as the words came out, a loud voice answered: “Who dares not put you in your eyes? My son is the first to not forgive him!”

Immediately after the curtain was lifted, two men almost tall and short walked in.

The round face and round eyes walking ahead, the two deep dimples on the cheeks are exactly the same as those of the old lady, making him look a little childish, but he looks like a weak-crowned boy at the age of twenty-seven and eighteen.

The man walking behind him was much more mature than him, with handsome eyebrows and slender eyes. In such a cold weather, he only wore a white wide-sleeved single gown. His actions were as elegant as an immortal and his posture was elegant.

The old lady Ren glanced at the baby-faced man, and said coldly: “You said this! Don’t deny it then!”

Ren Shimao, who just took the conversation casually, saw it and knew that something was wrong, and his eyes rolled, he immediately pulled Ren Shimin forward, and kowtow to the old lady Ren with a grin, exposing the previous topic.

The old lady turned her gaze to Ren Shimin’s clothes, frowning and said, “What are you wearing? Are all the people around you dead?”

Ren Shimin looked up calmly: “Back to my mother, this is called Wangxian robe. It was recently fashionable in Beijing. Shilin celebrities have one. My body was sewn by Mu Yingniang, a masterful lady in Beijing. Five My brother also has a similar one, except for the blue brocade.”

“Go back and change it for me! When your father sees you, you have to go to the ancestral hall again! Get up all the time,” the old lady was unhappy.

Ren Shimin didn’t argue, and stood up elegantly. Knowing his particular temperament, the maid on the side hurriedly came over and knelt at his feet to tidy up his slightly wrinkled robe.

There, Ren Shimao had already sat on the kang and talked to the old lady about the things on the road: “…It was originally going to be delayed for a few days, but I happened to meet the Han family father and son. Many of their caravans specialize in opening the way. Just came back behind them.”

“Since I have inherited the love from others, I will remember to ask the housekeeper to prepare a thank you gift for a while.” Mrs. Ren explained.

Ren Shimin walked to the side chair and sat down, and took the tea brought by the maid: “I have given Master Han a calligraphy and painting.”

“What calligraphy and painting?”

“Gongzi Han saw the calligraphy and paintings of the third brother, and liked it very much. The third brother gave him one of his recent proud works.” Ren Shimao blinked at Ren Shimin.

Mrs. Ren glared at them: “That’s just a child’s plaything, how can you count? You remember to ask the housekeeper to prepare a generous gift. If you are free, take someone to the Han’s house, or let the people around you It’s okay for the close companion to accompany the housekeeper.”

Ren Shimin smiled and said, knowing, but Ren Shimin frowned and glanced at his mother, after all, he shook his head and drank tea by himself.

The mother and son talked for a while. Seeing that Ren Shimao had been leaning in for fun, the old lady Ren was not in her mind. She knew in her heart that she pretended not to know. Instead, she said to Ren Shimin: “Lee and Hua’er are back Yes, you can see you back.”

Ren Shimin was stunned, then nodded and said, “Yes, mother.”

Ren Shimao got up happily: “Let me go with my third brother, first go back and change clothes, and come over to speak with my mother later.”

Old lady Ren glanced at him faintly: “Did I let you go? If you stay, I still have something to say to you!”

Ren Shimao was a little disappointed, but sat down obediently and said with a smile: “Well, I want to accompany my mother more, as long as you don’t dislike your son, his clothes are dirty.”

The old lady snorted coldly when she heard the words, not to be fooled by him.

Ren Shimin put down the tea bowl and got up to leave. Before leaving, he paused in front of the maid who served him tea, and said slowly: “The water temperature is not hot enough. Next time you serve this kind of Wuyi tea, remember to use just boiling water.”

“The slave and maid remembered, the third master.” The maid responded with a bitter face and bowed her head.

Ren Shimin left freely.

When he walked quickly to the Ziwei courtyard, he saw a figure wearing a thick fur cloak standing in front of the courtyard, covering himself with a hood.

As he got closer, the man seemed to see him, and hurriedly greeted him two steps forward, but almost fell because he stepped on the empty stone steps, and the hood slipped down as a result, revealing a delicate little face.

Ren Shimin laughed when he saw it, and walked quickly over, a pleasant and clear voice echoed in the courtyard where the ice and snow were melting: “Yaoyao, are you waiting for daddy?”

Ren Yaoqi looked at the handsome man walking towards him, his eyebrows still flying, and his manners even when he walked, tears blurred his eyes.


She once blamed her father, that he was obsessed with painting and calligraphy, but did not care about Ren’s affairs, and had no right to speak up to the decisions of the elders.

But in the end, he used his life to fight for her.

Ren Yaoqi rushed up and hugged Ren Shimin, and buried his teary face on the placket of his chest.

Ren Shimin was still very happy at first, but now he was stiff, staring at his little daughter’s head with a tangled face, and finally couldn’t help pressing his hands on her shoulders and pulling the person away.

“Yaoyao, your daddy’s clothes are dirty by you!” Ren Shimin looked at the water stain on his chest with a look of disgust, and accused.

Ren Yaoqi smiled at his disgusting look, and couldn’t cry anymore: “Daddy, you are still like this…” she whispered.


Ren Shimin took out his handkerchief and wiped his clothes clean, then pinched the kerchief with **** and handed it to Ren Yaoqi.

“Quickly wipe your face, it is as dirty as a small cat.”

Ren Yaoqi glanced at the veil speechlessly, shook his head, and took out his own from his cuff: “No, you are back.

I am very happy. “

Ren Shimin threw the kerchief casually and patted Ren Yaoqi’s head: “Hey, dad remembers the clothes and jewelry you want, and he bought you two large boxes, and he will be sent to your house later.”

Ren Yaoqi was about to say something, but he was stunned when he saw Ren Shimin shifting his gaze behind her.

She turned around and saw Ren Yaohua, who was only wearing a rouge cotton-padded jacket and cotton skirt, standing behind the door, looking at her and Ren Shimin.

“Ah, Yaohua is back?” Ren Shimin nodded towards Ren Yaohua with a smile.

Ren Yaohua took a few steps forward and bowed his knees to Ren Shimin: “Father.” Her posture was upright, and her lowered head made her look a bit less domineering and arrogant.

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